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19 June 2020


Scott O

re the topic of school choice - "And these idiots still claim the moral highground!"
They're not idiots. They're evil. They know perfectly well an educated child that has a well-rounded sense of history and can reason for themselves will not be a compliant prole for an abusive govt.
And where did Obama send his kids?
Surely you don't think he'd be evil to his own lil' darlings?


I like the idea of 'outrage hyperinflation', although increasing tolerance to opiates is probably a better physical model. The more outraged you feel the more outraged you need to get to achieve that same high.

FWIW, George Washington was toppled in Portland. God bless the Blue Mob, just imagine the utopia they will build.

James Howard Kunstler speaks:

"Historians of the future, boiling acorns over their campfires (a nice accompaniment to cattail tubers and milkweed pods in a squirrel-tail reduction), will marvel that the Democrats back in the woeful year 2020 thought that burning down the country would be a winning election strategy. Has anyone been fooled by the party’s straight-up support, comfort, and incitement of this season’s looting and arson? Now that all the old statues are torn down, beheaded, or drowned, will future statues of statesman Joe Biden portray him at his most heroic, with a face-mask dangling from one ear as he scours the vacant chambers of his prefrontal cortex for a fugitive homily?"



lol. This is a sweet one.

Then: https://www.theolympian.com/news/local/article243307636.html

"“Let me be clear: The City of Olympia supports the peaceful protests that highlight the racial injustices black people continue to endure at the hands of police in the United States.”"

Now: https://nypost.com/2020/06/18/democratic-mayor-calls-blm-domestic-terrorism-over-vandalism/

"Washington mayor calls BLM ‘domestic terrorism’ after vandals target her home"

Scott O

"One grocery store worker in Ohio told me recently, ‘I don’t feel essential. I feel expendable.’”
There you go - didn't have their 'feelings' validated.
When did this crap start? I had several jobs where I knew damn well I wasn't 'essential'. Actually - every single job I ever had. There are damn few people who are actually 'essential' to the operation of a company or corporation. That's kinda the whole point.
What if every manufacturer had to deal with each employee as if they were the prima donna of the opera production?
People should only be compensated according to their perceived value to their employer. Hard to know how anyone can argue against that on logical terms.

The Estonian Fox

Scott @ 7:20 PM-

"their perceived value to their employer"... Wait a minute, I thought that our beloved government determined the true, not the perceived, value for all employees? The employers, the ones who take the risk and bear the costs, don't get to determine wages anymore, that's what the bureaucracy is for.

Scott O

E Fox 9:00 - Well, of course some far removed paper pusher with no skin in the game and very little to no knowledge of the details would be the best judge of the value of someone's labor.
Silly of me.

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