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03 June 2020


Bill Tozer

re: “This is what we see on the streets, and what the Democrats and the lamestream refuse to denounce.”

Denounce? Heck, they are all in with both feet. Imagine a post law enforcement world. Cue John Lennon’s Imagine. Imagine no thin blue line, imagine all the people...


“So we see no criticism of any of the public officials who are responsible for the Minneapolis Police Department, nor do we see any acknowledgement of the fact that changing the department’s culture would require taking on a public sector union, the sanctity of which is a pillar of left-wing ideology. Instead, Gomez tries to take DFL politicians off the hook by proclaiming that improvement is impossible due to Minnesota’s history as–I take it–a slave state.

Even in the corrupt world of politics, we don’t often see dishonesty of this breathtaking magnitude.”

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

My my. Let’s pull the top bun up and see what’s in another Leftinista nothingburger, shall we? Oh goodness, lookie what we have here:

‘Nets Ignore Lauded Anti-Hydroxychloroquine Study Getting Shot Down’
‘CNN Gave Over 90 Minutes in One Day to Now-Retracted Hydroxychloroquine Study’

Psst. Mums the word. Let’s keep it our little secret.

Bill Tozer

International Systemic Racism is the card thrown down on the table. The trump card.

7 minutes of Dan Bongino, pretty good. What are you knelling for?

Bill Tozer

WHO Says Asymptomatic Spread Of COVID-19 ‘Very Rare’

Bill Tozer

The Lancet’s COVID Fiasco

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