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17 June 2020



Just one of those things you run into. True? Dunno.


Bill Tozer

No links, no memes necessary. Reading the lines above, it is here. Reading between the lines from moves me from ‘So it begins’ to ‘It has began’. Irreconcilable differences.
In ancient times, Springtime was the time armies went to War. I can’t for the life of me see how to put E Pluribus Unum together again. Guess the United States will get a new motto. E Pluribus Unum is outdated. Lost it into the Boston Harbor. Year Zero, Scenes?

Headline: Sexton: It's Time to Rally Around the Concept of “Wartime Conservatism”

I hope to die a free man. If not, death come quickly.

Bill Tozer

Ted Cruz
The modern Left: they cancel Gone With the Wind...and then burn Atlanta.


"Year Zero, Scenes?"

Year Zero.

More on Atlanta.


Don Bessee

Typical socialist procedure, file the charges before the investigation is over -

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested by the Atlanta Police Department on Friday night, June 12th, to investigate an officer involved shooting at the Wendy’s Restaurant on University Avenue. We are in the process of conducting this investigation. Although we have made significant progress in the case, we have not completed our work. Our goal in every officer involved shooting case we are requested to review, is to complete a thorough, impartial investigation before we submit the file to the respective District Attorney’s Office.

The GBI was not aware of today’s press conference before it was conducted. We were not consulted on the charges filed by the District Attorney. Despite today’s occurrence, the GBI will complete its mission of completing an impartial and thorough investigation of this incident and we will submit the file, once completed, to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.



George Rebane

On Bob Crabb's pages you can see the baked in misperception by the Left who believe that we want to do to/with them what they are doing to/with us. The asymmetry of the Great Divide totally eludes them. They totally miss the fact that we don't want to live with them any more, as they very much want us to stay and work under their thumb.

Bill Tozer

Another sounds the alarm of time embrace Wartime conservatism. While the writer may be naive in the effectiveness of his solutions, he is among a growing chorus. As Young Buck just recently said, “We can’t depend on the Constitution to protect us.”

Trigger warning. From the racist publication The Federalist.

‘American Conservatives Face A Madisonian Moment’


Don Bessee

White liberals are saying screw the black neighborhoods -

The columnist added that much of the support for the "defund the police" movement comes from "white activists," who would be significantly less affected by a lighter law enforcement presence.

"If you look at the recent crime spike, it's happening primarily in black neighborhoods," she said. " That’s why these white activists are pushing this 'defund the police' idea, because it's not happening in their neighborhoods. If it was, they would want triple the police on their streets."

"When it's happening in white neighborhoods," she added, "we'll have these liberal white people decide that they do like the police."




"assuming the little darlins won't then denounce you to the authorities."

Speaking of which.



Well, of course typepad can't handle a web archive url....


Don Bessee

I had wondered when this might happen and where -

Todd Starnes tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: Georgia police sources tell me only two police precincts are staffed in the entire city of Atlanta. Entire zones of officers are walking off the job. Zones 1,3,5 and 6 have left their posts. Zones walking off the job. #BlueLivesMatter.”

Several Atlanta Police officers have reportedly walked off the job at precincts across the city. The claim comes hours after charges were filed against ex officer Garrett Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosnan in the Rayshard Brooks’ case.

The buzz of patrol officers staging walkouts and refusing to answer calls from Precincts 3,5,6 and others began circulating social Wednesday evening. CBS46 confirmed the walkout through sources at 8:30 p.m.




The sacrifice of the anointed......

Blackface incident at Post cartoonist’s 2018 Halloween party resurfaces amid protests

The intensity of feelings about race inside newsrooms is leading to surprising revelations. On Wednesday afternoon, The Washington Post reported that its own staunchly liberal political cartoonist Tom Toles allowed a woman to wear blackface at his 2018 Halloween party – mocking Megyn Kelly’s comments about children’s Halloween costumes on Today – and then lied to people who were upset, claiming he didn’t know who she was.

This is the same Tom Toles who did a cartoon comparing Obamacare opponents to segregationist Alabama Democrat George Wallace, and the same cartoonist who mocked opponents of political correctness, claiming they thought ‘I am so sick of not being able to insult and belittle women and minorities.”

* * * * * * * *

Sean Davis of The Federalist tweeted out this story, tsk-tsking: The blackface is coming from inside the Washington Post. These are the people who’ve appointed themselves the arbiters of who is and is not racist.”

WashPost Exposes Its Own Cartoonist Tom Toles Lying About Friend in Blackface at His House

The Post goes on to note that the woman who wore the blackface has since been fired after being outed by the paper:

Schafer said she has learned in recent weeks, as protests have sparked new conversations about race, that racism “runs so much more deeply than I’d thought. I should know. I’m Jewish and my grandmother was a child slave for two years. I’ve hung my head for months. I hurt people in my carelessness.” She said she understands Gruber and Prince’s “pain and their consternation and their hurt. Clearly, I didn’t understand the history of blackface enough. I failed completely, but I’m not a malicious person.”

A full recitation of her piety (gun control, climate change, Trump hate, etc.) was insufficient. Her “friends” still threw her into the volcano in an attempt to appease the Gods of Progressivism.


Scott O

George 7:48 - "On Bob Crabb's pages you can see the baked in misperception by the Left who believe that we want to do to/with them what they are doing to/with us."
I assume you are referring to this bit of horseshit -
"Can cooler heads prevail? I’d like to think so, but when the extremes are obsessed with winning it all, it seems unlikely."
Bob knows he is welcome to show up here and explain just what the 'extreme conservatives' are doing that would come even close to 'winning it all'.
Free speech?
Civil discourse instead of rioting and looting?
Equality of opportunity?
Pretty scary stuff.
Perhaps Bob could provide an example of these 'cooler heads' he claims to want.


GR 748pm

If you mean the dribblings of Kenney J, he's a combination of hard left and bloody stupid that's easy to ignore, once you get the hosts to erase the more egregious examples of argumentum ad hominem.

Bill Tozer


“So Uncle Ben is racist and getting rid of him is part of the “collective effort from all of us” to “fight for social justice.” Why, exactly, is Uncle Ben “racist?”......

“Why, exactly, is this “racist?” And by the way, Uncle Ben, like Aunt Jemima, has been with us for many years. When did the corporate suits at Pepsico and Mars decide that these product brands were “racist?” Have they been racist all along, and the suits just now noticed? Were Pepsico and Mars pro-racism until this week? Or is the whole thing just corporate bull***t, trying to climb on a trendy bandwagon with no concern for the practical effects of their decisions?

I vote for the latter. The effect of these instances of corporate pandering to the mob will be that two positive and longstanding images of black Americans will disappear from view. How is this good? If you were trying to stimulate racial conflict, it would make sense to remove all positive images of African-Americans from grocery stores and other public places. Otherwise, it is hard to see what the motive might be.”

“The Indian girl has vanished, become invisible, soon to be joined by Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. And if you are a liberal, apparently you think this represents progress.”


Bill Tozer

More of the same; Kill, crush, destroy. Danger Will Roberson, danger.

‘Why can’t you get canceled for anti-Semitism?’
As careers are ruined for often-wrongful accusations of racism, Ilhan Omar remains untouchable, despite her anti-Semitism. The same will be true for Chelsea Handler.

“The practice of shaming, shunning and silencing those with unpopular or even offensive views is antithetical to democracy and the free exchange of ideas. That is especially true when it involves actions or statements that are not actually racist.

At the same time, it says something truly ominous about our society and culture that questioning the BLM movement—even while avowing that, of course, black lives matter—can destroy a career, while endorsing anti-Semites and even engaging in Jew-hatred is not considered a big deal. We already know that the consequences of giving anti-Semites a pass can lead to horror. Apparently, those who pose as the supposedly enlightened guardians of our culture have either forgotten that or no longer care about it.”

Maybe this should be put in Sandbox?





"The effect of these instances of corporate pandering to the mob will be that two positive and longstanding images of black Americans will disappear from view."

Huh. That's an interesting point.

Next thing you know we'll have the Scandinavian-American Association getting the Land O' Lakes people to put a blonde, ever-lovin' blue-eyed valkyrie on the box in honor of the Danish and Norwegian settlers in the region. It could be a funny side effect of white washing the supermarket shelves. Aunt Olga fake syrup stuff, Uncle Sven's rice.

I wonder what the next objective of the Blue Cultural Revolution is going to be. Statues are in hand, lotsa money flowing to the right people, an increasing number of business owners will be mobbed up on by looking at their political bonafides (thanks to opensecrets if nothing else). I can just imagine the official 'struggle sessions' that are going to start up in bureaucratic, scholastic, and corporate America. Pretty wild.

Sadly, every town has it's own Children of the Corn plus adult enablers. Lacking a strong culture or church, folks were always going to find some new, improved thing to belong to.

Scott O

The latest victim appears to be the chef on the Cream Of Wheat box. We are already going through this purge with team mascots. My high school's mascot was an Apache warrior. There was never anything cartoony or disrespectful about his depiction. It was an image taken from a formal portrait done in the 1800s.
Needless to say, he went bye bye.
But who cares if Notre Dame's mascot is the 'fighting Irish'?
Everyone knows the Irish all just get drunk and fight.
There are plenty of intelligent and dignified blacks for the youth of America to look up to. The left calls just about all of them 'Toms' and 'sell-outs'.
They are rarely given exposure on national broadcast media.
Anyway - after all of this latest round of corporate CYA, self-flagellating by lefty whites and general virtue-signalling in the media and govt - how, exactly, will the lives of blacks in America be any better?
They will be worse.

Bill Tozer

Liberal white whine crowd.

• Just about every business or civic organization is abasing itself to sign on to what I call the White Guilt Confessional, but some efforts really stand out.

“Yes, inequality at wine tasting tables is a crucial problem for the country right now. Excuse me, but I need a drink stronger than Cabernet right now. Also, I think we need to adopt quotas for wine tasting rooms, and discounts for customers of color (except white whine customers—they pay full price; white Zinfandel customers pay double).”


Bill Tozer

In deference to Scenes’s 7:15 am, Daily Quotes go here.

From the Apocalypse: Sadly, every town has it's own Children of the Corn plus adult enablers. Lacking a strong culture or church, folks were always going to find some new, improved thing to belong to.”—Scenes

The nitty gritty: “The founding vision for unity presupposed a flawed human nature: People were capable of sin individually but capable of the greatest sin when backed with the power of federal force. The founding vision for unity also presupposed an agreement on the nature of rights and liberty: No man had a right to demand anything from his neighbor. Furthermore, the founding vision for unity presupposed that our strongest bonds would exist outside of government — in our families, our communities, our churches. The founding vision has now been abandoned in pursuit of something more fulfilling: a communitarian vision of reality in which the will of the mob is perceived as virtuous; in which every man has the right to protect himself from the vicissitudes of life and the cruelties of history by demanding redress from his neighbors; in which our strongest bonds are forged at the most centralized level.” —Ben Shapiro

For the record I: “Lawlessness is the hallmark of many black communities. Ultimately, the solution to this lawlessness rests with black people. … Unfortunately, politicians who call for law and order are often viewed negatively. But that makes little sense. Poor people are more dependent on law and order than anyone else. In the face of high crime or social disorder, wealthier people can afford to purchase alarm systems, buy guard dogs, hire guards and, if things get too bad, move to a gated community. These options are not available to poor people. Their only protection is an orderly society.” —Walter Williams

For the record II: “The president was the most presidential I’ve seen him talking to the families [Tuesday]. It was not about anything other than finding justice for the victims and their families. … We’re not a racist country.” —Senator Tim Scott

Upright: “I have an idea… For all these people who don’t want any police, I’d love to meet with American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest and make a deal to fly them to countries that don’t have police. I want them to be happy!” —Herschel Walker

Political futures: “Tucker Carlson, The Federalist, ZeroHedge … the left wants to demonetize / deplatform all non-leftist media heading into the election. They will not like the backlash.” —Jon Gabriel

Double standards: “Google’s decision to target The Federalist is transparently politically motivated. … While Google demands that it cannot be held financially accountable for unlawful speech on its own platform, it is all too willing to use its market power to hold a conservative media outlet financially responsible for allowing disfavored speech on its platform.” —Senator Ted Cruz

Race bait: “If you grew up in America, you came out of American soil, considering the history of this country … how can you not be racist? How can you not have racial blind spots? How can you not see that the factory reset in America is whiteness?” —CNN’s Don Lemon

And last… “You can fight with a cop and steal his taser after you’re busted for being drunk behind the wheel but don’t you dare go to the playground with your kids during a pandemic.” —Dana Loesch

George Rebane

re BillT 1010am - I want to underline the record here regarding Mr Tozer's Walter Williams quote. This statement of truth has been offered many times, including in these pages. It bears repeating for a number of reasons. An important reason is that it is yet another litmus test to identify a leftist. The American leftist totally rejects what Dr Williams has stated, and demonstrates it daily through uncaring public policies enforced by Democrats for decades on their ghetto plantation constituents - for them 'Black Lives Matter' only as political pawns. There they must be kept poor, disgruntled, uneducated, and deluded as to who their benefactors are.

Bill Tozer

Yep, the Left rejects everything that Walter E. Williams believes, to echo you.
When the riots broke out first in Minneapolis on May 31 and then spread by widely (140 cities) by the first days of June, it was either Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell that remarked his first reaction watching the fires, riots, and looting in the streets was, to paraphrase, ‘Look, that mob is the result of 70% of black children growing up in fatherless homes.’ Anyway....

More Walter Williams, if you got the time...12 minute interview

Thomas Sowell quote.

Springtime for Great Divide marches on. Their armies have gathered for war. They are many, we are few. They are big, we are small. They are loud, we are quiet. Yes, this time it’s different, yet familiar.


Bill Tozer

Today’s nominee for Stupid Moments In Political Correctness: the City of Duluth has banned the word “chief.”

“Virtue signaling is always worthless, and renaming things is nearly always pointless. But doing away with a city’s chief financial officer and chief administrative officer is a spectacularly stupid instance of the genre.”


George Rebane

BillT 840am - It is one more manifestation of the horrid disease of the Left's mindset, so well demonstrated in the USSR, Third Reich, and PRC. Ideologies that are based on the destruction of virtue must always and volubly resurrect virtue signals in the public square. And it works, as today's riots and protests (and echoes from our leftie locals) give witness.


...and the beat goes on.


my favorite part is how people spring to action with their emergency camera training.



re: moi@11:29AM

Looking at the video closely, 2:1 it's fake. I really did like the camera action though.


...and, score one for the Blue Mob.

I see that Katie Hopkins was permanently banned from Twitter.


sorry for all the posts, but a slow motion collapse has so many small stories making up the big one.


That Blue Mob, they be comin' for you. Sooner or later.

Bill Tozet

I am so sickened by the Portlandia mob pulling down the statue of George Washington statue that I feel nauseous. I must be careful not to think about getting down on the scums’ level or vent my disgust in words those Leftinistas use. It’s been posted twice now, but here we go again.

Portland Leftists Topple George Washington Statue, Burn American Flag On It — Twice.


Now they want the Washibgton Memorial torn down. We are so far beyond the tipping point that there is no turning back.


BillT@ 19 June 0000 at 2:23PM "Now they want the Washington Memorial torn down. We are so far beyond the tipping point that there is no turning back."

I'm rather surprised that there hasn't been a push to change all the 'Columbia' names yet (DC, Columbia River), but admit there's something much more grotesque about the defacing and destruction of monuments.

A rather long interview I ran into. Bret Weinstein (the Evergreen guy). As Leftish as you can get but no fool. There's things to argue with here, but he is well spoken.


George Rebane

re 223pm and 251pm - And there are plenty of functional idiots (many among us) who still deny that the Left wants total command and control of our society. I had a conversation with some of them on Bob Crabb's blog. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. And them that do know, are simply evil.

Bill Tozer


“So another minority becomes more invisible. I will hazard the wild guess that not a single Eskimo ever complained about Eskimo Pie. It is all idiotic pandering and virtue signaling driven by corporate suits in the marketing departments of conglomerates who couldn’t possibly care less about native peoples who live above the Arctic Circle, but care a great deal about their standing with fellow liberals. I deleted an adjective before that last noun.”


Bill Tozer

Call them the 1619 riots

“One is that “whiteness” itself is to blame, or at least “white privilege” and “white supremacy.” That is the explanation offered by the Black Power movement of the 1960s and by the likes of Louis Farrakhan and campus identity hucksters today. But the cruel thesis that the white race is “the cancer of human history,” as Susan Sontag once put it, is belied by history and reason.

So who else can they get at? Well, an easier target is one particular set of privileged, white males: the American Founders. The system at the root of systemic racism, the radicals argue, is the American one, beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. America, they claim, was born a racist nation and remains one today.

This slander is the dominant opinion among woke millennials and is on its way, alas, to becoming mainstream. Former President Barack Obama wrestled with it, not very successfully, in his 2008 speech trying to disentangle himself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who had preached “God damn America!” to the future president and his family for 20 years.”


Bill Tozer

The Green War on the working class; (same tactics used in RL’s cartoon).

‘The Green Civil War’


Bill Tozer


.So much for the idea that “Confederate monuments” are under attack. Last night in San Francisco, left-wingers pulled down a statue of Ulysses Grant, the man who did more than anyone except Lincoln to preserve the Union and abolish slavery. Grant also, as President, did all he could to enforce Reconstruction and protect blacks in the South. He sent the military after the Ku Klux Klan in South Carolina, worked to ensure passage of the 15th Amendment, and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1875.

Of course, the Left knows little and cares less about any of this. Leftists hate the Union and hate men like Lincoln, Grant, Sherman and Sheridan for preserving it. Slavery is only a pretext. The United States and our constitutional democracy are the targets.”

BTW, yesterday at the dent can store (Grocery Outlet) they had European Style Land O Lakes Butter with the Indian girl on the package, drawn by a Native American artist years ago.
I thought of buying it as a collectors item, but the bargain brand was a buck cheaper.
Driving home, I turned on the radio and the disc jockey was surfing the net and making calls to stores in search of a bottle (or case) of Aunt Jemima’s syrup bottles as a prudent investment in collectors items. Great minds think alike. Never let a crisis go to waste. :)

They replace the Indian Princess (all Native American daughters are princesses)....er....they replaced the Indian girl with a big nothing. A big fat zero. Typical and consistent for the mob.

Bill Tozer

‘Nikole Hannah-Jones Endorses Riots And Toppling Statues As A Product Of The 1619 Project’

“Nikole Hannah-Jones, staff writer at The New York Times and lead essayist in The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, just endorsed the nationwide destruction of statues as a product of her historically inaccurate work.”


Quite telling. Hannah-Jones herself said The 1619 Project Was written through a journalistic perspective, not as a historical text perspective. Quite telling? Yes because it nails down the perspective of journalism today...the Wokes have taken over the asylum and the eraser of our history marches unabated. Like Grant took Richmond.

My, my, my. Of all people, it’s the French who are protecting their history and culture. Go figure.

Who would have thought that sense and resolve against statue-toppling repudiation would come from the president of France, Emmanuel Macron. The Daily Wire reports:

“We will be inflexible when it comes to tackling racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination, and new strong decisions will be made to reinforce the egality of chances,” Macron said, according to a translation provided by TIME. “But this noble fight is perverted when it turns into communitarianism, into a false rewriting of history.”

“This is unacceptable when it is picked up by separatists. I tell you very clearly tonight my dear fellow citizens, the Republic will not erase any trace or name from its history,” Macron continued. “It will not forget any of its deeds or take down any statue. What we need to do is to look all together with lucidity on all of our history and all our memory. . .

I’m not sure this translation from the French is a good as might be, but who in our country, aside from President Trump, is offering any serious public argument against the repudiators in our midst?


Bill Tozer

Says it all.

CHAZ: Shooting Leaves One Dead Inside Leftists’ No-Cop Utopia; Police Investigating

“As previously noted by The Daily Wire, one of the protest leaders at CHAZ, Jaiden Grayson, told documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz that police and the prison system should be “abolished,” not defunded. She also emphasized that “by any means necessary” is not just a slogan but a promise.

“Every single day that I show up here, I’m not here to peacefully protest,” Grayson said. “I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met. You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down. Respond to the demands of the people, or prepare to be met with any means necessary. It’s not a slogans, it’s not even a warning. I’m letting people know what comes next.”

“A response to violence is not violence,” she added.


George Rebane

The true objective of the anti-American BLM and Antifa factions is not so much to erase the 'wrong history' of America, but to erase all American history that evokes a sense of belonging, tradition, continuity, patriotism, and love of the country as is, so that the public mind can be prepared to accept their new social order.

Bill Tozer

The Woke Scolds ain’t endearing themselves to Mexico.

United States Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau wrote last night to add to our chronicle of the tear down all the things phase of the leftist mob violence:

“I suspect this attack on an important Hispanic figure in US history will not endear this mob, or those who support it, to the many Americans who really care about Hispanic heritage in our country.”

Respectfully yours,

Chris Landau


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane replies

“The true objective of the anti-American BLM and Antifa factions is not so much to erase the 'wrong history' of America, but to erase all American history that evokes a sense of belonging, tradition, continuity, patriotism, and love of the country as is, so that the public mind can be prepared to accept their new social order.”
Posted by: George Rebane | 20 June 2020 at 01:21 PM
‘How Black Lives Matter’s Antagonism To Marriage And Family Hurts Black Americans
BLM seeks to dismantle’

“BLM’s antagonism to the family is glaring. On the organization’s website, Black Lives Matter proclaims, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

Beyond the mistaken assumption that the “nuclear family” is unique to the Western world, their position is profoundly concerning. BLM, as an organization, seeks to dismantle the very institution that mountains of published academic research has consistently demonstrated as most likely to strengthen and empower Black Americans and their children: the traditional, nuclear family.

But they don’t stop there. Black Lives Matter also advocates other family redefinitions long at odds with most African Americans’ views, stating, “We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual.”


George Rebane

re BillT 818am - Mr Tozer's research has introduced me to a new and useful word in our beloved, ever-encompassing English language - 'heteronormative'. Wonderful! Now I can efficiently describe myself as a heteronormative type of guy who confesses to lots of heteronormative thoughts.

Bill Tozer

Thought for today.

• What if all the cops come out as trans

Bill Tozer

The Benjamins


Bill Tozer

To Scenes (?) who recently wondered about what the statue beheading Mob was going to do with names honoring past men of distinction...like all the Columbias out there.

Need not wonder any longer. Petition to change the City of Columbia to ‘Flavored City.’ Is it still ok to mention the Columbia River? Trying to get more woke, but it’s a lot work.

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