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24 July 2020



"If you can command popular compliance with a lexicon that reorders—or even inverts—the widely understood meaning of political terms, you can remake society as much as you can with any law, mandate or act of force. "


mic drop.


COVID 19.... we are in this ‘Alonetogether’. Pretty ugly real fake news to me. Orwell indeed.


A nice answer to our pro ANTIFA LIBshit lovers.
"Sherman "peacefully marched" into the south to protest the Democrat Confederacy"

Bill Tozer

Ngo lines it and sums it up.

“Portland protests have no goal except violence and anarchy“
By Andy Ngo July 24, 0000


paul emery


If Trump is doing such a great job providing leadership in the Federal C19 response why is it several European Countries, an example being Germany, are up and running pretty near full strength and we are averaging around 1000 deaths a day and cannot even visit most European Countries without undergoing a two week quarantine just to get in the Country. My niece has a Federal job and was just transferred to Germany, She emails back that everyone is so relaxed there compared to here. We have four times the death count per million compared to Germany and have the 9th highest death count out of 148 countries listed here :

George Rebane

PaulE 516pm - Ever consider what a large and culturally diverse country we are, and now one with thousands in the streets protesting and rioting?

paul emery

It's astonishing that South Korea, for example, has only 5.77 deaths per million compared to our number of 440 per million. Doesn't sound like much leadership from the top here George unless you have another explanation.

same link.


re 5:16

I don't see how so called rioting in the streets has anything to do with the skyrocketing numbers in Florida, Texas and Arizona. What is the connection you are trying to make with that comment in relation George.


Golly, punchy... then why did Belgium, the UK, Spain, Italy and Sweden do so much worst than the US?

Is that because of Trump being so much better than the best of Belgium?

It isn't leadership from the top, Punchy, as much as it is people willing to be led and some luck.


So Emery in saying that the rioters are immune from the Kung Flu... Not one case can be attributed to the Chinese Flu.

It's right up there with that hydroxy being no good.

Nope the only spreaders of the bug are open businesses. Right Emery?

paul emery


I have to remind you that we have the 9th highest death rate of 148 countries included on the link I provided. Do you believe that's something we should be proud of and a reflection of good leadership from our President?


Now that you mention it, Paul... It does seem as if the Wuhan virus targets Caucasians preferentially- Europe and North America (India got off lightly (perhaps because CQ was already widely taken), with a follow on now against mixed Caucasians/Asian that so far isn't quite as severe (Mexico, Latin America, the Philippines).

African-Americans (who are nearly all partly Caucasian), seem to be the only Africans so far suffering unusually severely, tho the lack of infrastructure in Africa may be delaying things somewhat for now.

East Asians- Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Thais seem almost immune and considering that Red China was the (undoubted) origin, yet got off very lightly given 1.4 billion customers, it's not that much of a stretch to see it as the perfect weapon developed, and wielded by your good friends and friends of Antifablm orcs, the Chicoms. How many deaths were there at ground zero, again?

Perhaps the would-be hegemon is the most racist bunch of all


I'd love to have Dr. Rebane 'crunch' the numbers on that one...


Emery trying to make something up out of arbitrary.
How many variables Emery? More than the hairs in that jerryatric ponytail.
Sure just six feet will do it? How bout upwind VS downwind?


1787 per million - New Jersey
1680 per million - New York
1238 per million - Connecticut
1228 per million - Massachusetts
946 per million - Rhode Island
823 per million - District of Columbia
800 per million - Louisiana
641 per million - Michigan
599 per million - Illinois
595 per million - Delaware
569 per million - Maryland
562 per million - Pennsylania

So Punchy... punch yourself out of that sack. Which of the above are Trump's fault?

Don Bessee

This may come as a shock to the koolaide drinkers but we knew it all along -

Leaders of Portland’s NAACP chapter are calling for protesters to bring demonstrations back to form. Chapter president E.D. Mondainé recently called attention to what he believes is a “white spectacle” brought on by leftist agitators, such as Antifa.

He claimed these left-wing organizations have hijacked demonstrations




"So Punchy... punch yourself out of that sack. Which of the above are Trump's fault?"

Heck, I'd simply like to see him give us a timeline of Federal COVID policy. It doesn't have to be too complicated, just a 10k foot view of what happened over the last 8 months or so.

(Hint. He doesn't have any idea. Heck, I tried to track of this stuff and I'd be hard pressed to write it down and would likely be wrong. Orange Man Bad is not much of a philosophy, but you go with what God grants you).


Paul Emery sez:

"It's astonishing that South Korea, for example, has only 5.77 deaths per million compared to our number of 440 per million. Doesn't sound like much leadership from the top here George unless you have another explanation.

same link.


Let's pretend that you really care for a minute and this isn't just more Biden 2020 chatter.

South Korea is filled with, well, Koreans. Not really comparable. Lower BMI I expect. S. Korea has the lowest heart disease rate in the world. Fewer black people (which might partly explain their lower crime rate). Probably more immune to Chinese generated viruses. Not really comparable. Big genetic component maybe.

I see that the US has a better mortality rate than Belgium, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, UK.

So you are basically saying that the Tangerine Tornado is a better leader than they have in those countries? Could be.

A better question is why Russia's is so low. 89/100k. Maybe Putin should be the leader for us.


Pardon, not 89/100k, 89/1000k.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe wants to build high density (read slum like tiny boxes) in your R1 neighborhood -

Kurtz called the move a "brilliant stroke on the part of the Trump administration, and a "courageous action" that illustrated a "radical dichotomy between what Biden is going to offer the suburbs, which is AFFH turbocharged... and President Trump," who essentially told the suburbs, "I'm not going to mess with your fundamental freedoms."

"Joe Biden is," he asserted, "And there's going to be choice like night and day."

Levin observed that the latest reversal by the Trump administration garnered little media coverage, and accused the left-leaning media of sweeping it under the rug to protect "Biden and its agenda and the Democrat Party.

"They know what he has in mind when it comes to the suburbs. They know what Obama started," Levin said, "and they also know that he needs the suburbs to win again."



L : ' It does seem as if the Wuhan virus targets Caucasians preferentially-'

That doesn't look to be true. Looking at apples to apples, ie. in the same country, Whites have roughly the same death rate as Asians in the US. 32/100k vs 30/100k.
( https://www.apmresearchlab.org/covid/deaths-by-race )

A more interesting question would be to compare something like Germany (109/M) vs Switzerland (231/M). Using something I'll call Paul's Rule, that the head of state determines the death rate from pandemic, what makes Merkel better than Sommaruga?

Don Bessee

Ya i like that , trojan horse for the socialist -

“Joe Biden is an empty vessel. He’s a Trojan Horse candidate that the extreme left will use to fill and advance their radical agenda,” Murtaugh told SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Breitbart News Political Editor Matthew Boyle.

Murtaugh noted that Biden recently had to “link arms” with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on a “unity platform” that he said had “insane ideas in it.” He said:

It really is the complete wiping out of our borders, they’re not going to prosecute illegal border crossings — it won’t be illegal anymore, they won’t be detaining people at the border, they’re going to encourage sanctuary cities, and if illegal aliens get to America, they’ll give them free health care and they’ll give them work permits so that they can compete with Americans and legal residents for jobs

He’ll impose the Green New Deal and the mountain of regulations that go along with that. He’s got a terrible track record — he voted for NAFTA, he has been coddling and appeasing China every step of his career, and so we have to draw the contrast between the great achievements of the president and how he built the economy up to unprecedented heights and he’ll do it again versus Joe Biden who has a record of failure and really some terrible and frightening ideas — especially economically for the future.

“People have to focus on the binary choice. On election day, you have to make a decision,” Bossie said. “You want to make a decision between open borders and border security. Law and order versus anarchy. Higher taxes versus lower taxes.”




Now don't forget that the Libbys forced low income housing on us folk here in PV a long time ago. Now they are fixing to stick us with more.
They LIBS fingered we didn't have enough crime in this little valley, so as the saying goes,,"build it and they will come."
and the lowlifes did.
So of course Tuna finger Joe and his gang of flying monkeys will destroy suburbia with crap housing.


Scenes @ 7:42/5- the Ruskies are buffered on the east and south from the source by a huge mixed pouplation of Mongoloid-Caucasoids- The Turkish pepoles in their myriad tibes and, to the west, by their still-somewhat estranged relationship with this cultural kinsmen of Europe. There is also an inter-European cline running from east to west that could explain the lower rates of E and SE Europe.


Also note (Scenes @7:5) that the Iranians (Aryan, if there is such a thing) got hammered while their Semitic cousins (Arabs, Jews, some N.Africans) get off lightly.

Wonder what the E. Asian-American rates look like for native-born vs. immigrant vs. mixed E Asian-Caucasoid? Have to be careful to exclude S. Asians since they are predominantly Indo-Europeans.

Don Bessee

Ya know those socialist mayors, politicians who parrot the rioters propaganda ministry talking points that the Feds can not come in play is a semantics game. Since the public is ignorant about the rules lets be clear.

Pos·se Com·i·ta·tus Act
/ˌpäsē ˌkämiˈtādəs ˌakt/

a federal statute prohibiting use of the military in civilian law enforcement.

ALL of the response teams are all from Federal interior specials from the Department of Homeland Security, Federal protective services, fed marshals fugitive team, FBI and so on and so on.

Thank God they are tamping it down especially as they are picking off the travelers that aggregate in some cities.

You planed to riot across state lines, oh my, you are a fugitive from your own socials! LOL


Don Bessee

Hey comrade deblasio is so retro for the 70's he even brought the crime rate back. Like this -




A close run thing, luckily there was video.


You know darned well that the rioters would have lied their asses off about what went down.


Nothing to see. Hopefully everyone gets back on track with Presidential Poll slide topics.

"A federal law enforcement document reviewed by Breitbart Texas reports that “protesters” who attacked the Atlanta Field Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) embedded nails into commercial-grade fireworks. The devices were reportedly discovered after the protest ended Sunday morning."


Don Bessee

Screw us well screw you -

A citizen oversight commission last week directed Milwaukee’s police chief to publicly account for why the department used tear gas during protests in late May and early June after the killing of George Floyd and to change Milwaukee police policies to ban the use of tear gas and pepper spray. The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission said in its order that Police Chief Alfonso Morales could be fired if he fails to comply.

That order comes amid intense scrutiny of police tactics at protests in Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere.

Since the Milwaukee order was issued, police departments in Fond du Lac, Franklin and West Allis have backed out of assisting with providing security at the Democratic National Convention, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Tuesday . Their departure cast doubts on the viability of the program designed to bring about 1,000 officers from outside agencies to provide security at the convention, which is scheduled to take place Aug. 17-Aug. 20.




re: DonB@12:07 July 28, Year Zero.

I suppose if the cops won't show up, the Political Party of Peace(tm) could bring their own security. They're sure good at shooting at people (sometimes accidently) and blowin' up stuff.


Don Bessee

See its not that hard to keep people safe and protect your city -

Detroit police chief explains lack of violent riots in Motor City: 'We don't retreat here'
James Craig says city's mayor, community members have 'stood together' against street radicals



Don Bessee

The new red guard is well established in the newsrooms across America -

MSNBC host Chris Hayes appeared to be called out by one of his own colleagues for apparently mischaracterizing a viral video of an NYPD arrest as a "kidnapping."

On Tuesday evening, a video shared by journalist Michelle Ihooq showed what she described as a "trans femme protestor" being pulled into an unmarked van with other protesters shouting at the officers.

"NYC is taking after Portland," Ihooq wrote, noting the federal agents that were recently deployed by the Trump administration.

The "All In" host was apparently unaware of that knowledge when he shared the video to his 2.1 million followers.

"This is...kidnapping," Hayes wrote.

Hayes' description of the incident was corrected by one of his colleagues, NBC News correspondent Tom Winter.

"It could also be undercover detectives from a warrant squad making an arrest with probable cause for someone wanted for 5 specific crimes wearing visible weapons and vests in a car immediately surrounded by uniformed police officers with NYPD written on the back," Winter told Hayes.

The NYPD addressed the viral video on its official Twitter "news" account.

"In regard to a video on social media that took place at 2 Ave & 25 St, a woman taken into custody in an unmarked van was wanted for damaging police cameras during 5 separate criminal incidents in & around City Hall Park. The arresting officers were assaulted with rocks & bottles," the NYPD said. "When officers from the Warrant Squad took the woman into custody in a gray NYPD minivan this evening, they were assaulted with rocks and bottles. The Warrant Squad uses unmarked vehicles to effectively locate wanted suspects."



Bill Tozer

Letters from the Revolution: The Commies try again and again and again.



Bill Tozer

Callous Hypocrites: Woke CNN Attacks Barr for Caring about Black on Black Crime

MSNBC Salivates Over Barr Testimony, Continues to Push Russia Hoax

Ah, pick a card, any card



DonB: 10:03PM July 28, Year Zero.

"trans femme protestor"

Mark my words, when the history of this era is written, perhaps in Chinese, an odd detail that will pop up is the heavy involvement of male transsexuals in the craziest of the craziness.

Perhaps I just have a heightened awareness of it, but it's a thing I run into over and over. Maybe it's just simply a sign of a culture on it's last legs.

Don Bessee

Ya sure throw the city to the gangs and antifa -

Oakland City Council approves resolution to keep city safe from 'Trump's federal agents'
The council also approved the creation of a task force to defund the police department by half



Don Bessee

Not so fast there gov -

Wolf vows federal agents won't leave Portland until courthouse at center of rioting is 'safe and secure'
Oregon gov previously announced that agents would begin 'phased withdrawal' Thursday



Bill Tozer

Mollie Hemingway: Democrats Don’t Like Barr ‘Because He Is Holding People Accountable’
Mollie Hemingway: Democrats Don’t Like Barr ‘Because He Is Holding People Accountable’


Bill Tozer

Reporter inside Portland courthouse posts viral Twitter feed on dangers faced by federal agents


I reckon the brave AP reporter hasn’t learned to lie as a second nature yet. Whatever, his journalism career is about to come to an abrupt end

Bill Tozer

The Revolution Turns On Itself: Portland ‘Wall of Moms’ Accused of ‘Anti-Blackness’


Bill Tozer

Woman angry at Trump 2020 flag outside pizzeria tells owner she'll put him out of business. But her plan backfires bigly.
'The phones have been ringi


Don Bessee

Antifa enablers abound -



Bill Tozer

‘As They Turn To Burning Bibles, Portland Rioters Show Their True Colors‘

While rioters previously attacked federal buildings, businesses, and even officers, this weekend, they found a new target: Bibles.

A video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows rioters holding Black Lives Matter signs tossing Bibles into a fire. Bystanders stood and watched as the flames licked away at the pages of the books.”


Hmm. Berry berry totalitarian of them. Can you say Cultural Revolution? Khmer Rouge?

Ah, heck, pick a card, any card.


George Rebane

The revolution is becoming more comprehensive.

Don Bessee

Riot, loot, burn it up and its just peaceful protest right? Chalk on the sidewalk that does not follow group think and you get locked up -



Don Bessee

Just so we remember what BLM is about -



Don Bessee

Trader Joe's is standing up to new red guard -

“We want to be clear: we disagree that any of these labels are racist," the popular grocery chain said in a statement posted on its website. It added, “We do not make decisions based on petitions.”



Bill Tozer

‘They prohibited us from getting on the scene’


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