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08 July 2020


Bill Tozer

Letters from the Revolution.

Pick your poison, any poison.



re: The crabbcomic.

Oof. Kind of a weak gag, although the group probably represents the entirety of the 'boogaloo boys' in the US. Kind of odd really. Dodge pickup buyers? Wolf in sheep's clothing? French version of Rambo?

Remember, the cartoonist code is to afflict the not very powerful. You'll never see a Mohammed satire or any kind of mockery of BLM.

I appreciate that it's tricky to draw a thing that people have actually heard of while avoiding a house fire. The conservative approach is usually the smart move.


I'm going to guess the SNMH still doesn't have metal detectors manned by armed security which makes them a "pretend gun-free zone". The honor system.

Yes, crabby found a weak gag on which to base a panel... but I've still seen no alt-right riots being threatened or performed... Just racist BLM Inc. (the parent group proclaims itself to be trained Marxists) and fascisti Antifa riots.

RL Crabb

Oh, I'm just getting warmed up, boys. It appears that these toy soldiers are just getting warmed up as well... https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/06/9869434/boogaloo-movement-hawaiian-shirt-meaning?fbclid=IwAR2SMuQE8EQLwgDHlHLeLt27_E-rY6soLVTq1jpBNbcfsDEbL1kzNVWBTLk
It must be very disappointing to see Nevada County embrace the Sierra Business Council, Greggy. Almost as disappointing as Parker & Stone apologizing to Al Gore.


Frisch's pond continues to dry up, Earl. Down to 15 worker bees, 87% of which are women... and the check from the county won't go far.

It still isn't a Council of Businesses. Its very name is a lie.


RL @ 9:18- My ears and nose are twitching; this looks for all the world (based on your posted so-called reference by an improbably named fraud) to be a false flag operation by Antifa to attempt to blame conservatives for mayhem they call.

Anything connected in any way to the SPLC is going to be a criminal enterprise and I've not otherwise heard anything about any such organization. Aloha shirts? Sure, that sounds like survivalist attire. Don't be such a sucker, RL, show those guts you brag of (...Just getting warmed up), hang one out there that mocks BLM and Antifa, just to see what happens. Where would you like flowers sent?

Having lived for five years in Hawaii, three on Molokai, I can tell you anything you'd like to know about racism there. FWIW, whites don't run the place and the natives are the dyed-in-the-wool haters.

Todd Juvinall

Honestly, people like Crabb crack me up. Bugaloo Bois? Now let me get this straight. Black Lives Matter and their pals ANTIFA and others are burning down the cities, murdering people and causing all kinds of chaos and the lamestream media calls them peaceful protests. But you get five white guys together and armed legally and they get arrested. What a load. And the race war is being pushed by the BLM who are blacks. These people like Crabb think in total reverse of a rational person.


re: ToddJ@11:57

The Boogaloos are dealing in deadly violence throughout the US.


Drumpf is silent on these groups but Crabb is 'Right On' when he combines his excellent drawing skills with these important matters.

You need to check your privilege.

Todd Juvinall

scenes | 08 July 2020 at 12:26 PM

I have been looking for those bugaloo bois rioting and looting but have not seen them yet. Could someone please provide the relevant links? LOL!

Paul Emery


You have expressed very explicitly your opinion of the popular media in covering the news in the current situation.

That said, do you consider President Trump to be a reliable and trustworthy source of information on the Covid19 pandemic?

Don Bessee

The peoples republic engages in its own form racism -

City of Seattle instructed White employees to forgo jobs, promotions, safety in interest of racial justice




punchy 215pm

thinking about presidents I've lived under...
Bush I
Bush II

I can't say any of them I would have trusted for "reliable and trustworthy" information on viral pandemic such as ours today. If the CIA and NSA weren't involved, Bush I, maybe, or Eisenhower, good soldier as he was. Carter, Trump and Obama I'd put into a cluster at the bottom.

HCQ as a subject has turned towards Trump. It still would have been better had he downplayed it enough to keep it from being attacked.

Paul Emery

Whose opinion do you trust Gregory for information about Covid19? I mean Trump said this was a war and he was Commander in Chief so it's a pretty bad situation if you cannot believe your elected leader in a time of war.

Greg Ouligian

Regarding KNCO's cancellation of Rush Limbaugh, posted by me today on KNCO website:

We were very disappointed this morning in your sudden cancellation of the Rush Limbaugh Show. Long-time listeners will recall how you handled the Sandra Fluke kerfuffle in 2012 with call-in time fielding comments from your audience. You had the courage to trust your community in an open forum. Your decision and the manner in which it was done is just another capitulation to the left's Cancel Culture mob. We and many of our friends will substitute 1530AM in our home and car radio presets. We apologize to your local advertisers for what will prove to be a loss to them at a very bad time indeed!

See the lame excuse given by KNCO administrator Tom Fitzsimmons at:


Punch 515

LBJ started a War on Poverty. Who won?

Don Bessee

Somebody needs a welfare check @ 515 LOL!


@523 It was purely a financial decision given the drastic drop in ad revenue and it was in conjunction with staff reductions.


Civil war on the left is in full view -

There is dissension in the ranks at Vox, the far-left opinion website, with co-founders Matthew Yglesias and Ezra Klein seemingly clashing over the former’s decision to sign the Harpers open letter against cancel culture.

Yglesias joined dozens of largely liberal-leaning writers, artists and academics in signing the letter, which criticizes a growing ” intolerance of opposing viewpoints” in the west.

The letter has already caused anger among the far-left, who are now condemning Noam Chomsky and other leftists who signed the letter for daring to defend free speech.

The presence of Matt Yglesias’ signature on the letter has also caused chaos at Vox.

In a letter to the company, part of which was posted to Twitter, transgender Vox critic-at-large Emily VanDerWerff declared that Yglesias’ decision to sign the letter “makes me feel less safe at Vox.”



Scott O

Greg O 5:23 - Really liked this bit:
"I also think that we do not need as much divisiveness in our community and I hope our programming changes can lead to healthier and more respectful discourse."

What a brain-dead concept. How does this idiot measure 'divisiveness' and exactly what parameters does he use to determine the correct amount? He seems to be tying this supposed excess of 'divisiveness' to the airing of Rush's show. Is he of the mind that if everyone is just fed a steady diet of the 'proper' information we'll settle down and all live happily ever after?
"Ignorance is strength!"

Scott O

Paul Emery 5:15 - More examples from a TDS sufferer.
"...and he was Commander in Chief..."
He IS commander-in-chief of the military, Paul.
You want him to order the military to take action against the civilian population?
If Trump doesn't take federal action, it 'proves' he doesn't care.
If he does take action, the left runs off with their hair on fire that he's a dictator.
We have yet to hear from Paul exactly what magic action Trump should take. Because Paul hasn't got a clue. Just a never-ending supply of rocks to throw at the passing cars.

Scott O

D.B. 5:55 - Matt Yglesias??!!
That's hilarious.
NOW he thinks 'they' have gone too far.

Paul Emery


Are you satisfied with Trumps war plan to attack the Corona Virus? He did declare war on the Pandemic.

Bill Tozer

Gloria Steinman signed the anti-cancell culture letter as well. I have warmed up to Gloria a wee bit (tin+ after the Hillary's gang asked where are all the young women missing from Hillary's audience and followers? Gloria answered over at the Bernie rallies because thats where the boys are. Yes. GLORIA remembered what it was like to be young and human years ago. She remembered how young people don't like to hang out with old dried up bags like M. Albright and Hillary. Young men don't like Sea Hags like Hillary either.

Speaking of Super Tramp wind bags...

'Socialist Seattle council member vows to replace capitalism with socialism worldwide'
'We are coming for you and your rotten system"

Her and Omar are a couple of gapping gashes on our Democracy.


George Rebane

PaulE 215pm - Yes indeed, immensely more reliable that the lying SoS (i.e. sacks of shit) at the NYT, WaPo, LA Times, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, ... . How about you?

George Rebane

KNCO's Fitz - "I also think that we do not need as much divisiveness in our community and I hope our programming changes can lead to healthier and more respectful discourse." So there you have it. Limbaugh, the only remaining voice of the Right, proved to be the source of unhealthy and disrespectful discourse. Now we will have only healthy voices that will be in total agreement with each other. What could be more soothing? How long will KVMR keep me as the sole remaining 'divisive voice' broadcasting in Nevada County?

Scott O

Paul 8:29 - Sure. Remember that when the Dems were telling everyone to do the worst thing possible (go out and freely mingle) Trump acted to close passenger traffic from the source of the disease. And Biden criticized him for doing so.
The first line of defense against getting sick from any communicable disease is your own personal responsibility. The bulk of govt action re restrictions and/or testing and treatment are properly done at the state and local level.
We live in a free (although less and less every day) society and if folks want to go out en mass and crowd together in protests and riots, there is little the president can do to stem an increase in the number of cases.
Our county's death toll (from CV19) as of April 6th was 6. I just checked and it's still 6. From a population of over 200K. And we share the same valley and general traffic with Ada county (pop over 400K).


Posted by: Paul Emery | 08 July 2020 at 08:29 PM


Are you satisfied with Brawny’s war on Dirt .....an attack on tough household messes? They did declare war on messy kitchen surfaces!

Bill Tozer

COVID-19 stuff.

Pittsburgh’s Phantom Pandemic, IV — Numbers you need to know

Everyone in Allegheny County — especially the local media — needs to know that number.
That’s how many people in Allegheny County under 20 years of age have died of Covid-19 — in four months.
Here’s another number you should know — one that the local panic media might want to mention now and then in their breathless daily stories about the “alarming” rise of new positive Covid-19 cases reported among the young:
That’s how many of Allegheny County’s 1.3 million people under age 60 have died of (and/or with) the coronavirus. Total. In four months. For the math impaired, that’s 1 death a week.


Paul Emery


Rasmussen has Biden up by 10 in their first Prsidental Election poll for this election

"President Trump trails likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden by ten points in Rasmussen Reports’ first weekly White House Watch survey for 2020.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds Biden earning 50% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Trump’s 40%. Six percent (6%) remain undecided.

The new survey finds Trump with 74% of the Republican vote. Biden has the support of 79% of Democrats. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, it’s Biden 48%, Trump 36%".


Bill Tozer

re: KNCO.

“PaulE 215pm - Yes indeed, immensely more reliable that the lying SoS (i.e. sacks of shit) at the NYT, WaPo, LA Times, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, ... . How about you?“
Posted by: George Rebane | 08 July 2020 at 08:57 PM
While digging around the net, I came across piece that brought it all back. Well, most all of it back. Nothing Democracy Now and Punchy hasn’t breathlessly covered here and when it was all the fakenews dust settled, Rush was right.

PaulE 215pm - Yes indeed, immensely more reliable that the lying SoS (i.e. sacks of shit) at the NYT, WaPo, LA Times, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, ... . How about you?

Posted by: George Rebane | 08 July 2020 at 08:57 PM


Bill Tozer

re: Gun violence in minority neighborhoods.

‘Are Minneapolis’s Police Protests Causing a Crime Wave?‘
The specter of the 'Ferguson effect' rears its head amid Floyd protests



Paul Emery: "Rasmussen has Biden up by 10 in their first Presidential Election poll for this election"

That is excellent news. Joe Biden is an obvious choice for those who don't wish to collude with the dominant power structure but instead are asking to side with marginalized populations.

It's only the start though. The US is filled with problematic racists and homophobes that need to be deplatformed whenever possible. The work is just beginning.

Scott O

Paul E - Were the Ras poll results for Joe Biden or Joe Biden's husband?

Bill Tozer

"Apparently it was “listen to the science” and “believe the experts”
until the biggest association of pediatricians in the U.S. came out in favor of opening schools-

Then suddenly we have Democrat politicians telling us we need more time

Somehow, it will be “safe” in November"



Just one of those random video clips.

Jordan Peterson: From Victimhood to Genocide

Bill Tozer

The Left has gone stark raving bonkers. Browse headlines.


Bill Tozer

More headline browsing, aka, Letters from the Revolution.

Jan, Year Zero: ‘Nancy Pelosi Suggests Mitch McConnell Under Russian Control, Says Senate Leader Has ‘Russian Connections’

Jun 28, Year Zero:

'As bad as it gets': Pelosi, Democrats take aim at Trump over Russian bounty intelligence

July, Year Zero

“WikiLeaks, which had become a front for the Kremlin, and the Trump campaign, which reaped the benefits of WikiLeaks’s publication....”

Think we circled that barn before, but, by golly, let’s do the Timewarp again.

Bill Tozer

Opps @ 10:17 pm

More headline clickbait from the Front, Year Zero;


I liked this one:
‘You can’t express views like that’‘



from news aggregator offered up by BillT


I'm struck by the line:

"Ever hard to please, leftist activists and commentators who were outraged by the fact that Facebook prioritizes “free expression over all other values” were unsatisfied with anything less than total submission to their demands. "

look at those words...'total submission'. In the final analysis, that's what this is all about. If not to advertisers, then to activist employees. Prediction: a major effort to not allow Trump to run ads on all major media, not just Facebook. Some figleaf like 'fact checking' courtesy of the SPLC will be used.

another: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llci8MVh8J4

Once again, don't listen to the words, she's just rotating through the same half dozen or so bullet items in a fit of logorrhea, but look at the body language. Question: will my family be safer under a Trump or Biden Presidency? Don't think too long on that one.

Given the surveillance economy and government that's been set up, this next election is more important than it might seem. Screw the Chinese 5G, I'd worry more about GoogleNSAFacebookCIATwitterVISA. Trump seems light on the privacy front (his major fault in my opinion), but the alternative is a figurehead President backed by the 17 intelligence agencies, the internet monopolies, and a street army with infinite emotional and material demands. Choose yer poison.

Bill Tozer

Cancel culture: Absolute power corrupts absolutely *UPDATE*

“When it comes to cancel culture, conservatives have been the canary in the coalmine. Because they’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening on America’s college and university campuses, they’ve been witnessing the rise of cancel culture since its inception. For a long time, conservatives were the only ones paying attention and, when they tried to inform their leftist friends, they were told that they were being hysterical and paranoid. Now, though, everyone is paying attention, including a handful of worried leftists, because cancel culture is taking over America.”

‘It Wasn’t My Cancelation That Bothered Me. It Was the Cowardice of Those Who Let It Happen’

“As a columnist, I had strong editors to back me up. And I wrote at a time when you could speak your mind. In the last few years, by contrast, the window for even mildly controversial opinions has shrunk dramatically. It has shrunk the most at places that have traditionally prided themselves as champions of free expression. As ideological correctness becomes the modern currency of spiritual virtue, rational dissent has been cast as heresy.

I wish the folks at Massey College well. But they’ll have a hard time turning their 1960s take on Oxford into a woke utopia that will satisfy their critics. And the sight of their panic is blood in the water for the same folks who came after me. There is no way they can cleanse themselves of the stain of white privilege. Ultimately, the only way they’ll be able to atone for their sins is to cancel themselves.”


Bill Tozer

“The most striking thing is the cognitive dissonance. Even as statues continue to fall, these people claim there is no culture war against the values of the past. Even as likenesses of George Washington are burnt and abused and monuments to Christopher Columbus are decapitated and daubed with slurs, they insist there’s no culture war – except from those who say ‘Leave the statues alone’, of course. Even as JK Rowling continues to be subjected to a slurry of misogynistic insults – telling her to ‘suck a lady dick’ or ‘fuck off and die’ – they claim there is no serious culture of intolerance. Even as people literally lose their jobs for criticising BLM, they say PC cancellation is a myth dreamt up by right-wingers.

It’s remarkable. And revealing. Such levels of self-deception, such a Kafkaesque ability to be simultaneously engaged in a war against history and wrongthink while publicly insisting that these things only exist in the fevered imaginations of the likes of Trump and the people who vote for him, speaks to the dangers of life in the echo chamber.“......

“ For when you inhabit a ‘safe space’, when you inoculate yourself against what you consider to be difficult, challenging or simply divergent points of view, a number of bad things happen to you. You become dogmatic, since you increasingly cling to your beliefs not because you have tested them in the public sphere (that’s too scary) but because you just know they are right. You become less adept at critical thought and critical self-reflection. After all, as Cardinal John Henry Newman put it, ‘The human intellect does from opposition grow’. Force-fielding oneself against opposition stunts one’s capacity to reason and change.

And you become unworldly. Divorced from reality. So blindly convinced of your own righteousness that you do not even recognise your censorship, your fury and your hatred for what they are. To you, they’re good, normal things. To you, it’s bizarre when someone accuses you of being engaged in vicious crusades of intolerance against people who merely disagree with you, because you believe that cancel culture is a decent thing, the right response to those who are morally fallen and who refuse to speak the language, perform the rituals and recite the mantras of political communities like yours. Life in the self-reinforcing chamber of correct opinion warps the human intellect to such a degree that the chamber’s inhabitants come to mistake their dogma for truth, their censorship for a public good, and their extraordinary cruelty against dissenters for essential moral correction.”



You do have to admit the brilliance of the Blue Mob approach. Not just the taking over of school systems or the endless slide threads from our local poll expert, but simply the matter of the legitimacy of force.

What better way to start a revolution than to castrate not only the cops, but the ability of individuals to protect themselves.


In 500 years, when civilization become a thing again after the interregnum, history books will have a paragraph on the genius of this move.


Year Zero in the News.


"Sunrise Park Middle School Principal Christina Pierre sent a message to parents Friday morning, explaining their media specialist had put outdated library books in the recycle bin after "weeding through the collection."

You can imagine the philosophy used for culling.

Bill Tozer

re @9:18 am; Year Zero in the News, aka, letters from the Revolutionary front:


“Why did Amazon ban China Virus? Because “Due to the rapidly changing nature of information around the COVID-19 virus, we are referring customers to official sources for health information about the virus. As a result we are not offering your book for sale.” This despite the fact that China Virus, according to its author, reached #1 in Canadian Kindle sales.

Amazon’s position makes no sense, obviously. China Virus is not a medical tract, it is a critique of the policies of Canada’s Prime Minister. But Amazon’s response is chilling nonetheless. Only “official sources” can be heard, apparently. It is the execrable Dr. Fauci or nothing.

This is one more reminder of why big government loves big business. If the U.S. government tried to ban China Virus legally, it would have a problem with that pesky First Amendment. (I assume something similar would be true in Canada.) But Amazon, as a private company, like Facebook and Twitter, can ban to its heart’s content in service of “official sources.” Anyone who doesn’t find this frightening fails to understand how the modern world works, and where it is trending.”


“The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support,” Tschann said in a statement. “As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through.”

Walz’s request for aid was made under the Stafford Act, and I haven’t researched that law to assess the appropriateness of the request under whatever statutory standards apply. As a matter of fairness, however, it would be outrageous for taxpayers in other states to be forced to subsidize the ineptitude of Minnesota’s political leaders.


What do you mean “we”, paleface.

George Rebane

BillT 245pm - We must remember that Amazon is already a poster-child corporatist enterprise. If we become the Socialist States of America, then Amazon and its ilk are already prepared to behave exactly like the Third Reich corporations in the 1930s.


I've often thought that the take-over by Socialism in the US was more likely to resemble 1933 than 1917. Fascists leave production in the hands of the producers and direct them what to produce for whom. If production falls short, they blame the corporations and not themselves, marginally more successful than the true commie ploy.

We'll know they are firmly in the saddle when the brownshirts (Antifa) are disposed of.

George Rebane

L 906pm - Right on the mark Bro.

Bill Tozer

Until the Brownshirts are disposed of, Minneapolis is number one. Move over, Portland. Ilhan Omar is beaming with pride

“Every night for the past six weeks in Portland, Oregon, antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters, looters and vandals have turned what used to be a nice neighborhood in downtown into a war zone.”

Six weeks! .....”

“More than $23 million worth of damage has been done to downtown businesses since the antifa and BLM insurrection began in earnest.”

A mere $23 million? In Antifa’s home base? Are you kidding me?! What pikers! The Minneapolis arson toll is around $500 million, pretty much all of it due to incompetent (if not frankly sympathetic) politicians, most notably the Boy Mayor of Minneapolis and the Governor of Minnesota.”

The discrepancy is stunning. Portland, hand over your crown! Minneapolis is now number one when it comes to catastrophically incompetent left-wing governance.



I just had to love this:

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is seeking to limit the president's pardon powers after President Trump commuted the sentence of longtime adviser Roger Stone on Friday."


The US Constitution: (referring to the President) " he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."

Looks pretty clear to me. Perhaps the plan is to have the Supreme Court in the future, all 17 of them, use some tortuous language to give exceptions. It seems to work with the Bill of Rights.

Of course, Pelosi&Co. have zero respect for the Constitution and founding fathers. In Year Zero history and culture are merely barriers to constructing a permanent utopia on Earth.

Bill Tozer


That’s why we have separation of powers. Nancy has already infringed on the executive branch way too much, thinking she has say over all, even the Senate. She is just one member of the House. Stay in your lane.
Osama Bin Laden would be proud.

‘Vandals Attack 9/11 Memorial, Tear Down Flagpole Flying Old Glory’


Bill Tozer

‘Why Do So Many White Women Hate Themselves?’
Amid societal unrest, woke white women are proving to be a brainwashed force to be reckoned with.



‘Why Do So Many White Women Hate Themselves?’

A decent article, but still oddly unsatisfying in the way that it (like other similar writing) doesn't answer the question.

I can't help but feel there's an answer somewhere in evolutionary biology. This business of living in truly large groups is somewhat new and I expect that a deeper answer might be found in older, tribal living arrangements.

For all I know, it's a bug, not a feature. Something to do with the way that humans (uniquely, or nearly so) build internal models of the world rather than dealing with objective reality. That, and a huge interest in new shoes.

George Rebane

scenes 1207pm - for a more deeply researched answer, I recommend to your attention Charles Murray's 'Human Diversity'.

Don Bessee

A useful idiot he be -



Don Bessee

New red guard = nazis -

Economist and author Thomas Sowell told "Life Liberty & Levin" in an interview airing Sunday evening that the left's claim that America is beset by "systemic racism" has no definitive meaning and cannot be "tested" in any empirical manner.

"You hear this phrase, 'systemic racism' [or] 'systemic oppression'," host Mark Levin told Sowell. "You hear it on our college campuses. You hear it from very wealthy and fabulously famous sports stars. What does that mean? And whatever it means, is it true?"

"It really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses," answered Sowell, who added that the currency of the phrase reminds him of the "propaganda tactics" of Nazi Germany, where Sowell claimed that if a lie was "repeated long enough and loud enough" it would be widely believed.



Don Bessee

You let them burn it down and then you want us to pay for it, no way sucka -



George Rebane

DonB 203pm - And is it not more than amazing that our leftwing contingent - especially our locals - neither understand nor acknowledge any of what Sowell so elegantly lays out?

Bill Tozer

Just when you think you heard it all, they go back to Reagan, W, Mitt, and Trump are racists. It’s their comfort food.


“I know, we reached absolute zero in TDS a long time ago. How can things possibly get worse? I don’t know, but USA Today is trying, via, perhaps, the dumbest “fact check” in history:”


Bill Tozer

Letters from the Revolution: ‘IS DISUNION IN OUR FUTURE?’

“Until the last few months, the idea of disunion as anything but a historical relic had barely occurred to me. But lately, I have begun to wonder. Is there any basis on which we can share governance of America with people who hate our country and our traditions, institutions, culture and freedoms? Why, exactly, should we want to do so? Is there any set of shared assumptions and values that will allow normal Americans and leftists to work together as fellow citizens? One begins to wonder.”


Hmmm. More questions than answers. I have no desire to live with Liberal Supremacists, but I have learned to adjust and do my social distancing. Heck, even their co-exist bumper stickers have the symbol of two (only two) sexes, the circle with the arrow and tee. And they tell me it’s homophobic to say there are two genders, two sexes, Mars and Venus. Like bi-sexual. Not is it only homophobic, it’s bigoted and discriminatory and backwards and a whole bunch of deplorable things to think such thoughts.

Hey, they slapped that co-exist bumper stickers all over their cars, not me. Co-exist stickers replaced “Save the Whales”, “Free Tibet”, and “Get the US out of El Salvador.” I do miss the visual “Whirled Peas” counter revolutionary bumper stickers. Oh well.

George Rebane

BillT 813am - "But lately, I have begun to wonder. ..." Such epiphanies, no matter how belated or paced their advent, are a joy to behold Mr Tozer.


"Is there any set of shared assumptions and values that will allow normal Americans and leftists to work together as fellow citizens?"

Probably not since destruction of shared assumptions and values (both the good ones and the bad ones) are essentially all that's on the menu.

The thought problem of two separate countries brings up an interesting question to me. What would be the glue in the United States of Blue America? My best guess is that the vultures just keep on swarming on the carcass, until there are two Blue America countries, and then three, etc.

I'm afraid that simply increasing states rights is out of the question. Team Blue is all about control and you'd simply see the feature creep of the European Union.

As I'm perfectly ready to move at any time, there's no point in fighting our local bolshies as they produce an economy based on coffee shops and weed growers, but all I really ask is one thing. Team Red needs some sort of access to ocean on it's western flank. Perhaps San Diego or a quick invasion of Puerto Penasco is in order.

Don Bessee

No coverage by the ministry of propaganda -

A slew of Catholic churches from Florida to California were burned and vandalized over the weekend as police continue to investigate whether or not they are connected to protests targeting symbols and statues.

Meanwhile, people on social media point out the lack of mainstream coverage of the weekend incidents.



Bill Tozer

Just when I think I cannot stand to read another article on rioting, view another video of the Mob burning and defacing things, hear and see endless demanding, lawlessness, and blatant hypocrisy, I pulled the skin off the scab once again and am disgusted once again.

‘Portland Police Clear Streets After Fire; Protester: I Hope ‘Someone Kills’ Your Family, Burns Precinct With ‘Y’all Inside’

I will stop here. Gotta think good thoughts and focus on writing thoughtful letters from the Revolution front. Ok, breath.
Darn it, that did not last long!! I just had a relapse: AOC and Bernie are setting Biden’s economic policy, with Beto (loser) becoming the Gun Czar. These are bad bad people. And some wack job BLM leaders not only wants to defund the police, the enlightened one also wants to defund all military at home and abroad. We are in too many African counties!!,

They will never ever grow tired of being control freaks and demanding things they have not earned and will never ever grow tired of telling everybody what to go.


All bars and indoor dining restaurants in California are closed, effective immediately. Also indoor malls and offices for noncritical industries.


re: Restaurant closing. I'm not seeing anything on the NC .gov website, but it shows up on sacbee, yubanet, etc. Maybe the website guy isn't back from lunch.

"While law enforcement officials moved people out of the area, an anti-police protester screamed obscenities at officers, at one point telling one of the officers that she hoped that someone would kill him and his family."

I'm something of a student of crazy hateful Blue Mob videos, so I'm not surprised. I'd post up more of them, but even a person expecting the end of the world gets sick of this stuff and I can't imagine that the RR readers really need all the Blue Sewage infiltrating their minds.

Barry Pruett

Closing of local restaurants and bars and tasting rooms can’t be good for business if you really on restaurants and bars and tasting rooms for advertising dollars. 🤷🏻‍♂️


I'm assuming that the only media outlets left standing (so to speak) at the end of the day will be KVMR and Yubanet, our local Izvestia and Pravda. The Blue Mob will determine which bars and restaurants are acceptable via Yelp, and the rest of the above-board economy will consist of government offices, healthcare, and Briar Patch. No need for advertising at that point.

Bill Tozer


The Union is closed on Mondays due to budget restraints. About a couple months now, FYI. Another FYI: My comment about having my fill of videos was not directed at you or Fish. You should see my newsfeeds. I got one link that just shows the Mob doing their anarchy and Hate America First dance from multiple feeds. It’s getting harder to find a new cooking recipe I might be interested in with all this highchair spoon pounding and food throwing going on. Heck, I got 13 more videos that came in since morning.

Keep the videos coming. We need to have them on record saying and doing exactly what psychopaths do. I may grow weary at times, but that quickly passes. :). Bet there are enough folks out there sick and tired of my postings. Well, there are many out there who are sick, if nothing else. Sick people do sick things.

Back to Letters From the Revolution!

‘Leftists go berserk at protest, surround and smash up car — and it turns out driver has cerebral palsy‘
'”I thought they were going to kill me”


They will never stop. I got a taste of blood and they like it too much, Trump or no Trump.

Bill Tozer

Long read if you got the time.

One man’s opinion.

‘The Great Awokening and the Second American Revolution’


A sample chosen at random:

“.....The new cultural revolutionaries have constructed our emotional and conceptual reality.

Once “harm”, “racism” and other concepts become unmoored from reality, more of the world is remade. Statues which were long ignored become offensive. Complex historical figures like Jefferson or Churchill, who embodied the prejudices of their time, or elites like Columbus or Ulysses Grant, whose achievements had both positive and negative effects, are viewed through a totalizing Maoist lens which collapses shades of grey into black and white. If a historic personage transgressed left-modernist sacred values, their positives instantly evaporate and activists myopically focus on their transgressions.

Suddenly, an entire Orwellian world opens up: place names, history books, statues, buildings. When you’re equipped with the anti-racist hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. In this brave new world, it doesn’t matter whether a symbol like the Rhodes Scholarship has acquired a completely different meaning, or whether a statue has become a symbol of something completely different. All must be levelled to bring forth utopia.

What has occurred across the West, especially in the English-speaking world, is a steady left-modernist march through the institutions. Beginning in the 1960s, former radicals entered universities and the media, capturing the meaning-producing machines of society. Once boomers became the establishment in the 1990s, the ethos of institutions started to shift. For good and ill, equality and diversity rose up the priority list. As these ideas filtered through Schools of Education and into the K-12 curriculum, older ideas of patriotism faded and the new critical theory perspective began to replace it. Sixty three percent of millennials (aged 22–37) now agree that “America is a racist country,” nearly half say it is “more racist than other countries” and 60 percent that it is a sexist country. Older generations are less radical, but 40–50 percent of boomers and Gen Xers agree with these statements, reflecting the long march of the New Left through American culture.”

“The deculturation of America......”
In other news from the Revolution, this bothers me and I am not even Catholic or have ever been. Many on the Left will be standing on their chairs cheering and applauding the good news from the front.

‘Catholic churches burned, vandalized over weekend as police investigate: 'Where's the outrage?'

“A slew of Catholic churches from Florida to California were burned and vandalized over the weekend as police continue to investigate whether or not they are connected to protests targeting symbols and statues.”


Not the San Gabriel Mission, too. I always wanted to visit a mission on the El Camino Real route before they are fall down or get cancelled. One day’s mule ride apart going up the CA coast. Before my time (or before my memory) the CA legislature had bells placed at every mile on the entire route. Vandalism, theft, and mechanical problems put an end to that. Oh well. At least I saw Glacier National Park and Jasper in BC before all the ice melted.


"When you’re equipped with the anti-racist hammer,..."




Year Zero. Coming soon to a town near you.


...and the beat goes on.



Scott Adams is willing to take some heat. RL Crabb should take notes.



Bill Tozer

Push back begins. Baby steps, but better than nothing. No means no in Español or Inglés.

“Hell no. Hell no,” Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue said when asked if he planned on bowing to cancel culture mobs and apologizing for his recent praise of President Trump.


Don Bessee

Eating their own -

But Weiss found herself a victim of, and witness to, intolerance at the liberal paper of record, as she recalled in her letter Tuesday:

lessons that ought to have followed the election—lessons about the importance of understanding other Americans, the necessity of resisting tribalism, and the centrality of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society—have not been learned. Instead, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.

Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions. I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history. Now, history itself is one more ephemeral thing molded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative.

My own forays into Wrongthink have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. They have called me a Nazi and a racist; I have learned to brush off comments about how I’m “writing about the Jews again.” Several colleagues perceived to be friendly with me were badgered by coworkers. My work and my character are openly demeaned on company-wide Slack channels where masthead editors regularly weigh in. There, some coworkers insist I need to be rooted out if this company is to be a truly “inclusive” one, while others post ax emojis next to my name. Still other New York Times employees publicly smear me as a liar and a bigot on Twitter with no fear that harassing me will be met with appropriate action. They never are.

There are terms for all of this: unlawful discrimination, hostile work environment, and constructive discharge. I’m no legal expert. But I know that this is wrong.




The Los Angeles Times speaks:

"It's time to cancel 'The Star-Spangled Banner.' Here's what should replace it"


Bill Tozer

Don @ 12:13 pm.

I liked the headline on this one that is most revealing: a letter from the Revolution.

'Twitter has become its ultimate editor': Opinion editor Bari Weiss resigns from New York Times



Posted by: scenes | 14 July 2020 at 01:01 PM

Here's what should replace it"

Paywall....not paying......might as well jus tell me!


"Paywall....not paying......might as well jus tell me!"

Probably an updated version of 'Kill the Boer'.


Posted by: scenes | 14 July 2020 at 01:55 PM

Well if there is a song that gets me excited about baseball......


re: Bari Weiss...and it begins.


Bill Tozer

Pick a card, any card.


Don Bessee

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in woketown -

A Los Angeles police officer who once served as part of Mayor Eric Garcetti's security detail claims one of his advisers sexually harassed him for several years in the presence of the mayor, who did nothing to stop it, according to a lawsuit.

Officer Matthew Garza alleges in the complaint that he was subjected to unwanted harassment from Rick Jacobs, a senior political adviser to the Democratic mayor.

Garza began working as part of Garcetti's protection detail in October 2013, KTTV-TV reported. Officers assigned to the team would routinely accompany the mayor to and from functions and various engagements in and outside Los Angeles.

The lawsuit noted several instances in which Jacobs allegedly made inappropriate comments or behaved unprofessionally toward Garza.

Between 2014 and 2019, Garza alleges Jacobs would hug him without consent and make unprofessional remarks like: "you’re so strong and handsome," "your muscles are so tight" and "I love me my strong LAPD officers."

Other instances included Jacobs pulling Garza toward him for tight hugs when both men shook hands, according to the complaint. Garcetti was present for around half of the occasions when Jacobs engaged in inappropriate behavior but remained silent, the lawsuit said.

The complaint claimed Jacob's behavior was "silently condoned by the Mayor and City of Los Angeles."

Garza's job duties required him to frequently interact with Jacobs, who often talked about his young male lover and about having "rough sex" with his partners and being attracted to younger men, the lawsuit said.

The suit said Garcetti "took no action to stop the comments from being made or even identify the comments as being inappropriate."

During several trips out of town with Garcetti, Jacobs allegedly made inappropriate comments directed at Garza, such as asking him to sit on his lap and asking him what size condoms he used.



Don Bessee

Well that's what comrade deblasio intended, give the streets to the gang bangers -

NYPD union leader calls out de Blasio, NYC council; accuses them of giving 'the street back to the criminals'

'When a criminal hears from City Hall there's going to be a "soft touch" on crime, they know exactly what that means'



Don Bessee

You let 6 weeks of rioting go unchecked, want to defund the police and graffiti is your main talking point???

Defiant Portland mayor tells feds to 'stay inside' or 'leave' city, asks DHS to clean up graffiti



Don Bessee

They really are the new nazis and brook no wrong thought -

At a moment in American cultural history when even a hint of opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement can result in jobs being lost and people hounded out of the public square, the muted reaction to open expressions of anti-Semitism is striking.



Don Bessee

A glimmer of hope or just too way over the top bad racist?




"A glimmer of hope or just too way over the top bad racist?"


Nick Cannon gets 'ties severed' from Viacom

"“The people that don’t have [melanin] are a little less,” Cannon said, adding that “when they were sent to the mountains of Caucasus … The sun then started to deteriorate them so then, they’re acting out of fear, they’re acting out of low self-esteem, they’re acting out of a deficiency.”

“So, therefore, the only way that they can act is evil. They have to rob, steal, rape, kill in order to survive. So then, these people that didn’t have what we have — and when I say we, I speak of the melanated people — they had to be savages … They’re acting as animals so they’re the ones that are actually closer to animals. They’re the ones that are actually the true savages,” Cannon added."

SFMOMA Senior Curator Gary Garrels (who I expect is a strong liberal) thrown out for saying:

"Don't worry, we will definitely still continue to collect white artists"


I'm not sure if that Cannon guy stepped over some line, or that the problem is his being a follower of Louis Farrakhan. I doubt that the Redstone family is big on Farrakhan.

Generally, the Left is so batshit crazy that I'm not surprised by anything anymore. Hopefully Paul can pop by and explain how our situation and safety is improved by a poll in Biden's favor.

Which reminds me, it would probably make some sense to change party affiliation if one is a Republican in Nevada County. This has no appearance of slowing down at this point, especially if The Plague puts the screws down on everybody.


The ratchet turns one more click:

"EXCLUSIVE: 'We prepare to stop these murders by any means necessary.' Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police and group is 'training our people to defend our communities' in Black Panther style armed 'patrols'
Hawk Newsome, Chairman of BLM's Greater New York chapter, says the black rights group is 'mobilizing' its base, he told DailyMailTV in exclusive interview
The activist said BLM aims to develop a highly-trained 'military' arm to challenge police brutality head on in the wake of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis
'It's our obligation, it's our duty to provide people with a way forward. We want the immediate end of government sanctioned murder by the police'
'We prepare to stop these murders by any means necessary. We are preparing and training our people to defend our communities,' Newsome added
Newsome, 43, an imposing 6ft 6in, who wore shades and smoked a thick cigar for our photo shoot, believes his group can lead the 'war on police'
BLM will have 'Peace Officers' patrol black communities to challenge law enforcement and stop police brutality, reminiscent of the Black Panther Party"



I was just musing about the brilliance of the idea of 'hate crime' laws and the way they've been weaponized. In a lot of places, mostly urban areas, the law enforcement bureaucracy (bureaucrazy?) is using that for selective enforcement. Paint over a BLM 'mural' on the street? Bam. Extra jail time. In a more naive era, I guess that those laws sounded like a good idea.

Bill Tozer

Most of these news blurbs have been already listed by RR’s alert readers, but it’s nice to remember three days ago in this fast moving world we live in in Year Zero; the place that time forgot.



Bill Tozer

@ 6:45 am

“Newsome, 43, an imposing 6ft 6in, who wore shades and smoked a thick cigar for our photo shoot, believes his group can lead the 'war on police'
BLM will have 'Peace Officers' patrol black communities to challenge law enforcement and stop police brutality, reminiscent of the Black Panther Party"”

Just like Chop City! And if there and any white people under our protection, give up ten bucks to a brother to stay a night and to all you business owners, make sure you kick in your voluntary percentages to the extortion racket. Security is expensive, if you catch my drift. Another cost of doing business under my brothers’ protection.

Bill Tozer

Scenes, you covered a lot.

“Which reminds me, it would probably make some sense to change party affiliation if one is a Republican in Nevada County. This has no appearance of slowing down at this point,”.

Yep, makes sense. Might even be a wise move. But, I just can’t bring myself to register D, if only because of the steer determination to not give our news director or the Fat One any boasting rights. The Berkeley of the Sierra is Beautiful Blue!....it is, it is, it is...in our Red District. Look at the registrations! Confirmation!
Nope, it has gotten personal. Just can’t bend the knee, with or without old injuries.

I took a page out of the Mob’s playbook and now I say, “Resist!”. Note to self: Wow, too many exclamation marks. Need to tone it down.
“I was just musing about the brilliance of the idea of 'hate crime' laws and the way they've been weaponized.”

Aha. Since reading about the hate crime charges for painting over a freshly painted pavement art, moi has keep thinking of that Chicago incident awhile back.

In Chicago, a group of 4-6 young 19-22 year old black women and men in an apartment complex lured a retarded white young man from another apartment, held him hostage, and abused him terribly. Of course, being young and dumb, they put it on social media. Constantly slapping the young man, making him drink from the toilet, calling him every racist term for Caucasian in the book. Yes, hurling racial slurs and as well as every slur against the mentally disabled in the other book. Went on for several days.

A clear case of a hate crime, right? If I throw a punch at you, it’s battery. But, if I throw a punch at you while calling you a racial or ethic slur, then that is a hate crime. Big no-no.

The DA was charged of looking into the shocking incident because of an pesky outcry from those law and order types. They are the worse. Anyway, they did not charge the group on the usual racial or anti-queer scribblings usually associated with hate crimes, but on mocking the disabled, which, lo and behold, is unequivocally listed as a group protected (qualified) under hate crime statutes. Slapping around a mentally disabled person while calling him a retard and stupid and making him repeat horrible things they told him to say about himself to the camera...well, we got the Bastards dead to rights, right?
Judge dismissed it all. Say that he did not want to ruin the girls (mostly) lives. Heck, one living in the apartment had a 20 month old child, another was pregnant, and the guys involved....let’s forget the whole thing.

Don Bessee

WTF? -

The National Museum of African American History and Culture, part of the U.S. government-run Smithsonian Institution, includes a web page about “whiteness” in America that defines it to include individualism, science, and hard work.

The web page on whiteness appears to have been live on the museum’s website for just over a month, according to a search of the Internet Archive. It offers definitions and educational materials for explaining “systemic racism.”

One guide, drawn from “data” on a chart created in 1990, advises that features of “whiteness” include “rugged individualism,” the nuclear family, an “emphasis on the scientific method,” and a belief that “hard work is the key to success.”

According to the chart, other “Aspects and Assumptions of White Culture in the United States” include:


Protestant Work Ethic

Hard work is the key to success
Work before play
“If you didn’t meet your goals, you didn’t work hard enough”

Family Structure

Nuclear family (father, mother, 2.3 children is the ideal social unit
Children should have own rooms, be independent

“Whiteness,” the Smithsonian website declares (original emphasis), “and white racialized identity refer to the way that white people, their customs, culture, and beliefs operate as the standard by which all other groups of are compared. Whiteness is also at the core of understanding race in America. Whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity throughout America’s history have created a culture where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal.”

It includes a video in which Dr. Robert DiAngelo, author of the bestselling White Fragility, advises viewers about white racism, including the use of the word “sketchy” to describe dangerous neighborhoods, which she says is a racist concept within “the white mind.”

The website goes on to advise: “If you identify as white, acknowledging your white racial identity and its privileges is a crucial step to help end racism. Facing your whiteness is hard and can result in feelings of guilt, sadness, confusion, defensiveness, or fear.”

It advises “concerned citizens”: “Whiteness operates in covert and overt ways that affect all of us. It can appear as practices within an institution or accepted social norms.”

Breitbart News reached out to the National Museum of African American History and Culture for comment Tuesday morning; no response has been received yet.



Don Bessee

Comrade deblasio forgets that its people of color who suffer for his grand delusions -

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, one of the African-American voices calling for action on gun violence, criticized the police force’s decision to completely disband the unit. He deplored the recent deadly shooting of a one-year-old, one of the victims of New York City’s recent spike in gun violence.

“I think that a total elimination is something we need to reevaluate,” Adams said, CBS New York reported. “Right now, bad guys are saying if you don’t see a blue and white you can do whatever you want.”

Tony Herbert, an activist in New York’s black community, agreed and lamented the rise in violence, criticizing New York officials for their failure to address the situation.

“The guns keep going off and now we have a 1-year-old and the blood is on the hands of the mayor and the state Legislature,” Herbert said.

The decision to disband the anti-crime unit was also panned by Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch, who warned that consequences would follow if city leaders refused to deal with increased gun violence.

“Anti-Crime’s mission was to protect New Yorkers by proactively preventing crime, especially gun violence,” Lynch said in a statement. “Shooting and murders are both climbing steadily upward, but our city leaders have decided that proactive policing isn’t a priority anymore. They chose this strategy. They will have to reckon with the consequences.”

The city’s murder rate for the month ending June 7 has more than doubled from the same period last year, and shooting victims have increased by 45 percent. Meanwhile, arrests for illegal gun possession have dropped dramatically, with only 29 people arrested during the week that ended July 5, down from 70 during the same week last year, according to NYPD data.




re: DonB@12:10 July 15, Year Zero.

Well, I can't say that I hate the concept.


Maybe we could have those posters printed up.

George Rebane

DonB 1210pm - Good catch Mr Bessee. What our racial denigrators miss is that the listed attributes are cultural NOT racial. The describe a culture with such values whose members can be made up of people of any color.

But what they are really denigrating is people of color who, according to them, are members of cultures that do not share/practice such values. Since it is through living these values that people become independent, risk tolerant, entrepreneurial, ..., and cooperative wealth creators, their attribution to whites only is a damning assessment of non-whites - truly a most racist and pejorative message.


I thought that Antifa didn't exist. Silly me.



The Democrats are ramping it up.


Don Bessee

Gee is there a connection? You think there will be more of this? -


Protester attacks NYPD officers, including chief of department, as they made arrest




Another article on NY.


I keep meaning to compliment Paul on the general strategy. Put your people in the Mayor's office and City Council by promising free stuff for everybody and Trumphate, tell the cops to stand down, no bail/no jail/no charges, arrest anyone who tries to protect their business or home, charge people with Hate Crimes if they clean up any holy BLM signage, federal cops are verboten, send street armies out to raise hell.

It's really pretty brilliant. Just imagine if the 1967 riot organizers had city government in their pocket, we'd probably all be hunting and gathering in 2020. Here's what a home owners association meeting would look like... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ1KZvzXpKI

Don Bessee

Turning into judg? i think comrade deblasio was already there after years of hard core socialist policies -

Judge Jeanine condemns protesters' attack on NYPD chief, other officers; NYC 'now like a Third World country'
'Justice' host says Brooklyn Bridge incident part of 'all-out effort to destroy law enforcment'



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