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30 July 2020



Supervisor Hall had airtime on Capradio this morning during the locally sourced segment of Morning Edition. It was lifted from yesterday's Insight.

She didn't say much and I chuckled softly by hearing reeducation every time she said education.


Dunno why, but I thought RL was smarter and had a little more class than he apparently does. It would be real smart for those who are prepared to destroy the US to unseat Trump to consider the possibility that he's not necessarily wrong about everything.

If you've followed the HCQ flap, its now quite apparent that it is very, very effective in conjunction with zinc and an antibiotic when dosed properly at an early stage of the disease's onset. That much can be gleaned, so far, from following the story closely.

So, unfortunately for bigoted ppundits like RL, there'll be plenty of crow when the dust settles. Dr. Immanuel (weird beliefs notwithstanding) will have the findings of her clinical practice confirmed and the folks who have deliberately prevented this medicine from being used will be seen as the negligent killers that they are. Nice company you keep, RL.


Bigots like Crabby rely on friendlies like yubanet to do their thinking for them ...

Here's an alternative peer-reviewed view:
"Substantial fractions of physicians treating Covid-19 patients in Europe and elsewhere report use of HCQ+AZ: 72% in Spain, 49% in Italy, 41% in Brazil, 39% in Mexico, 28% in France, 23% in the US, 17% in Germany, 16% in Canada, 13% in the UK (45), much of the non-US use in outpatients. HCQ+AZ has been standard-of-care treatment at the four New York University hospitals, where a recent study showed that adding zinc sulfate to this regimen significantly cut both intubation and mortality risks by almost half (46). The French physicians are insistent that with careful clinical judgement and supervision, these medications are safe and should be used as early as possible for outpatients, and they provide a detailed clinical guide to their use (20)."

George Rebane

Re the intellectual breadth and depth of Steven Frisch demonstrated itself again on RL Crabb's site today (link above). I just had to bring it here on outside chance that Bob might pull this absolute ton of horsecrap, yet that is the best that Frisch could ever do is have a debate with himself as he talks for both sides.

Steven Frisch says:
July 30, 2020 at 4:08 pm
More “plausible deniability” from George…’

….hey, they are not my people… …I am just asking the question… I’m just demonstrating that testing and contact tracing don’t work…I just watched and liked and praised “Plandemic”… I am against rioters in Portland but for armed militia taking over federal lands…I am not a separatist, but I just want people to be able to live in their own self defined cultural enclaves of lie people and be left alone without being bothered by things like fair housing laws or fair employment laws…but I not a racist.’

Don Bessee

Interesting that the NBA is so socialist woke and all in on BLM but it also appears to believe that yellow lives dont matter -

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., joined "The Story" Thursday to discuss a bombshell ESPN report alleging that Chinese coaches at three NBA training academies in the Asian country physically abused their players and failed to provide them with promised schooling.

"It's a very disturbing report," Cotton told host Martha MacCallum. As one of the [NBA] employees said, these were basically sweatshops for young Chinese kids. And the NBA employees saw the worst kinds of child abuse.

"They even," Cotton said later, "had one of these camps in northwestern China, where China is running reeducation gulags for a religious minority ... they liken it to Nazi Germany in World War II. I understand the NBA has deep financial ties to China, but you have to ask at some point, what's wrong with the NBA?"

ESPN's report detailed how the academies, which the NBA launched in 2016, appeared to be largely under the control of the Chinese government.

"For those of us who grew up watching the epic battles of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and then watched them put on the red, white and blue for the [Olympic] Dream Team in 1992, the NBA's stance right now is very disappointing," Cotton said.


"The NBA could take a strong stance here and call the Chinese Communist Party's bluff and ask them to stop these horrific practices," the senator added. "Unfortunately, too many of its stars and executives seem to be more concerned about making a few more bucks in a Communist country than standing up for basic human liberty and dignity."


Don Bessee

Well the TDS crowd has not convinced Americans that it the Trump flu as we roll up to the election -



'Stupid on Steroids' is how Bob Crabb has branded me and all conservatives for the above sentiments.

Yeah but I'll always be in his debt for posting the photo of the brown haired girl (the one taking the selfie)!

Oh is she a cutie!

Bill Tozer

Stupid on steroids is not how I would describe the Eco-Nazis. Best to refer to them as Evil on Steriods.

‘I Was Invited to Testify on Energy Policy. Then Democrats Didn’t Let Me Speak’

Silly me, I thought witnesses are called in Congressional hearing to hear them speak. Like, listen to the witness. But noooo. The Evil Dems call in witnesses just to yell at them and yell at them and yell some more at them.....and then cut them off, aka, Barr. Answers from witnesses are now forbidden. Oh my.

Barry Pruett

One death. One. Kids need to go back to school and we all need to stop being pansies. 😂


Ahhhhh.... Crabby brings back Joe Camel?

Crabby is the one "blow'n smoke" (up his Proggy skirts)

Don Bessee

The head of the socialist jihadi congressional caucus should go tell it to the lepers -



You can bet the ranch a LIB or LIB spawn is responsible.

Don Bessee

Well lookie here, the CDC agrees there is a problem with the death reports as if we didnt know already -


Don Bessee

Stick this peaceful protester in you pipe and smoke it socialist team TDS. His family tree sure looks light on intelligence to say the lest. -

A Portland, Ore., man was charged in a criminal complaint Friday with allegedly throwing an explosive device at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse.

Authorities say security cameras caught 18-year-old Gabriel Agard-Berryhill throwing an “incendiary object” into the entrance of the building near midnight on July 28, causing an explosion inside the downtown courthouse.

The explosion started a fire inside the courthouse, prompting federal officers to collect samples of the fragments to be sent to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) laboratory for analysis.

ATF further reviewed videos posted on social media and located the individual that threw the incendiary object. The man officials later identified as Agard-Berryhill was reportedly dressed in a green vest with camouflage pants and wearing a mask.

“Investigators observed the person in other protest-related videos posted online wearing the same vest and attempting to hold a shield in front of a naked woman,” a Department of Justice (DOJ) statement said Friday.


Investigators said they were able to figure out the identity of Agard-Berryhill after finding a product review on Twitter, written by a supposed relative of the assailant -- along with a picture that matched the description of the individual in the footage.

“I got this [vest] for my grandson who’s a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says its does the job," the alleged relative wrote.

Investigators further found the same picture on Facebook and said they were able to positively identify Agard-Berryhill.


Don Bessee

The idiots who are writers at the nyt continut to try to prove they are insane. Could you imagine what one of their wokster guild meetings are like! LOL -

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., whose op-ed calling for the military to quell nationwide riots sparked a major backlash among Times employees, chided the guild's suggestion.

"'Sensitivity reads' for op-eds? And extra compensation for censoring?" Cotton asked.

He added, "New @nytimes motto: All the news that's fit to print and assessed for sensitivity by well-compensated woke censors."

"What if we just fire everyone who demands a sensitivity read because it is childish bulls---," Ben Shapiro suggested.

"Imagine swashbuckling journalists of a previous era begging their management for an additional layer of nit-pick editing ('sensitivity reads')," journalist Michael Tracey tweeted.

Earlier this month, Times opinion editor Bari Weiss wrote a scathing resignation letter to publisher A.G. Sulzberger, revealing she was constantly bullied by her colleagues and suggested that Twitter has become the paper's "ultimate editor."


Bill Tozer

Oh, Mr. Crabbie has it lucky. Some got hit by the jig law and then unbelievably C-19 killed what was left of their work. What are the odds? Pretty damn good. Source of income goes puff, long time no come see. At least Earl is still pumping them drawings out and he has declared war. He is hunting for bear. I hear what he is saying. He’s all riled up and fit to be tied.

To translate loosely:

IF everybody would just pull their heads out of their f-bomb checks and put on a blankety blank mask when going out ..........or else....or else Earl and the Mrs. have to stay shut-in until it’s safe to go out on the town. You know, just a leisurely stroll down Broad Street. Maybe tip a few glasses, meet up with friends. Is that too much to ask? Have you no shame, no decency, no community spirit? I can’t even walk into that store cause I see someone inside not wearing a mask and their people walking towards me not wearing an mask.
I can’t venture out cause you butt holes out there won’t just put a on blankety-blank friggin mask. You self-centered anal cavities. Think of others for once in your blankety-blank pathetic lives. Put on a friggin mask!!!

I see his point, poor guy. Everyone has their own risk tolerance. Think of all those folks who have to fly to DC to testify to Congress or be a panel discussion on cable or CSPAN....all crammed in that confined passenger space on the aircraft.. Some take the risk. Our heros.

Hark, the footsteps of the Grim Reaper doth approach. They will never find the cure and this is the new normal. A heavy cross we all must bear.....some more graciously than others.


CALLED IT!!!! One of EMERY'S LIBshits.
"Officers located and arrested Adam Cockrell, 35, of Nevada City. He has been booked at the Nevada County Jail for felony vandalism, and remained jailed Saturday on $10,000 in bond, reports state"

Bill Tozer

re: George Rebane | 30 July 2020 at 06:09 PM

....”and be left alone without being bothered by things like fair housing laws or fair employment laws…but I not a racist.”—- Steven the White Liberal Supremacist.

So, this is what Steve was yapping about. Well, he ain’t the only one who got it wrong.

“ That’s the basis for claims by Democrats and their backers in the media that revoking the rule is racist. They are right that AFFH is about race, but they are wrong to assert that it’s racist to oppose preferences and quotas for Blacks.

To understand the race-centric nature of AFFH and, indeed, the likelihood that low income Whites will be disadvantaged, consider what happened in Dubuque, Iowa. The Obama Department of HUD pressured that city to direct its limited low-income “Section 8” housing resources, not to its own needy citizens, but to voucher-holders from Chicago.

Dubuque had many more Section 8 applicants than it could house. It therefore instituted a low-income housing point system granting preference to Dubuque residents, county residents, state residents, and out-of-state residents, in that order. But because most of the Dubuque applicants were white, HUD deemed the city’s point system discriminatory. It then required Dubuque to offer scarce housing units to residents of Chicago, some 200 miles away. Why? Because Chicago was where HUD could find Blacks to favor.

Low-income whites in Dubuque paid the price.

HUD’s behavior towards Dubuque meets Allahpundit’s test. HUD purported to act pursuant to the Fair Housing Act, and the effect of its orders was racially integrated housing.

But HUD’s treatment of Dubuque should disgust any non-leftist, “populist” or otherwise. President Trump’s efforts to end this sort of high-handed social engineering is entirely consistent with populism — as well as federalism and conservatism generally.”

Scott O

re Today's update and the report of the drop in GDP:
I have a relative that posts all sorts of inanities and links to lefty posts. This was one such link.
I seriously doubt you could explain the difference to them. They're trying to make us think things are worse now than the Great (Dem) Depression.


NO FFL required!! No background check! NO 15 day waiting period!!
"200 Watt car mounted laser!"

The Estonian Fox


You're right on your 2Aug20 update for GDP. I couldn't easily find a publication that reported a drop of -7.4% in only 2Q for the U.S. GDP. Sources reported the -32%, which was misleading.

The EU GDP drop was widely reported as -12.1% for just 2Q, without a hint of an extrapolated annual drop, which would be about -58%. A German site ( reported EU loss for 2Q only was greater than U.S. loss for 2Q only.

Newspaper people just can't do, or understand, math.


efox 930am

I suspect they'd somehow manage to figure it out if a Democrat was in the oval orifice.

Don Bessee

Speaks for itself and no surprise given the hard left platform -


paul emery

Hmmm Scott writes:

" They're trying to make us think things are worse now than the Great (Dem) Depression."

Are you saying the Dems were responsible for the Great Depression Scott? Who was President when the Depression hit. Oh yeah Hoover, a Republican. The Republicans are responsible for the three great economic crashes in the last 100 years. The depression, the great Recession and now the current disaster.

If you want economic chaos, vote for a Repub President. History is the proof.


Hoover was president during a business cycle contraction, a mild recession. Bad luck to happen when you're facing reelection.

FDR rode that to an election victory and drove policy in exactly the wrong direction, further reducing the money supply and changing a mild recession to a full blown Great Depression.

The money supply didn't start to recover until WWII spending kicked in.

Bill Tozer

Somebody said,”If you want economic chaos, vote for a Repub President. History is the proof.“

Well, Grant sent in federal forces twice. Once as General, once as President. Thank you Bill Barr for your historical perspective with that nugget.

“Consider all this a preview of life under a Biden Administration.”


Posted by: Gregory | 03 August 2020 at 01:23 PM

Gregory are you saying there were multiple causes for the Great Depression and I can't just blame one side to score political points? Is that what you are saying?


punchy 1251pm

the Great Recession took place during GW Bush's presidency but was a collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, FDR era fiddlings in the mortgage markets, and the way they sliced and diced bad loans,mixing them with good loans. It took a long time to unravel their bad decisions.

The current disaster was cheered on by you and you'rn, desperate to crash the current economy before November.

Nice try, Punch.


punchy 134pm

If I had wanted to say that, I would have. But it was the Federal Reserve (created by the horrible racist and eugenics proponent Woodrow Wilson circa 1913) under FDR that screwed the US pooch into Depression territory.


Posted by: Gregory | 03 August 2020 at 01:43 PM

Sorry Gregory…that was me….I'm finding that lapsing into Punchyspeak is getting a little too easy!

George Rebane

PaulE - your 1251pm, as readers have pointed out, confirm you can have your own facts.

Paul Emery


Who was President when the Great Depression happenned?

George, who was President when the Great Recession happenned?

Who is President now when we just had the biggest quarterly decline in GDP in recorded history?

"32.9% drop: America’s economy just had its worst quarter on record"

The US economy contracted at a 32.9% annual rate from April through June, its worst drop on record, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said Thursday.

"The US only began keeping quarterly GDP records in 1947, so it’s difficult to compare the current downturn to the Great Depression. That said, in 1932 the US economy contracted 12.9%."

Bill Tozer

Perhaps someone should read this post's update, especially if one claims to be a news director. They say fake it until you make it, but there are those who simply for whatever reason cannot or will not back it to shore...not to mention make it out of the starting blocks.

2aug20 update] Another nail in journalism’s coffin.

Paul Emery

No excuses Gregory, the great recession happened under the leadership of Bush and he didn't have a clue what was happening. Unbelievable that you defend him. And according to you great depression was not under Hoovers or Calvin C's watch as well two Repub administrations. You go all the way back to Wilson to place blame (1913-1921). Apparently two Republican administrations were in capable of fixing whatever you claim Wilson did.


I stand by my factually accurate contention that economic disasters occur during Republican administrations. No excuses.

Paul Emery


This is from the Bureau of Economic Analysis who confirm the 32% estimate numbers.

"Gross Domestic Product, 2nd Quarter 2020 (Advance Estimate) and Annual Update

Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 32.9 percent in the second quarter of 2020 (table 1), according to the "advance" estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the first quarter, real GDP decreased 5.0 percent.

The GDP estimate released today is based on source data that are incomplete or subject to further revision by the source agency (see "Source Data for the Advance Estimate" on page 2). The "second" estimate for the second quarter, based on more complete data, will be released on August 27, 2020."


Don Bessee

Anyone notice that he pony tail of ignorance wants to talk about anything other than the polls this weekend.


George Rebane

PaulE - Your citing of the presidents and the depressions/recessions both omits and simplifies - e.g. once again, under FDR the 25% unemployment rate did not improve until we got into war production. Yet his prolonging and deepening the depression never makes it into your litany.

And if you'd only read what I write, you'd really save yourself trouble and embarrassment. My criticism was of the media and political reporting of the GDP data. Nowhere did I claim that the difference between quarterly rates and annual totals are unknown to the various bureaus and departments dealing with the economy. It is only the lying that is done for public consumption.

Isn't it neat to be taking these laps around the same old barn again?

paul emery


You do have to acknowledge that we went into the depression after two Republican Presidents. Also Bush had his hand on the wheel for nearly eight years before the economy crashed and now Trump has presided over what will likely be a 7 trillion dollar deficit in his four years and currently he's President with a catastrophic economy that may well lead to a depression. Why do you think is it always Republicans at the helm when the economy crashes?

George Rebane

PaulE - Ever hear of business cycles and their politicized interpretations? BTW, in your 203pm you again demonstrated the acumen of leftwing constituencies, by blithely comparing GDP rates and amounts. And aren't you with guys who tell people that tax rates don't impact economic behavior, and that you get more of something if tax it more?

Barry Pruett

Black Lives Matter protest today at the corner of Sutton and Brunswick. And aa old lady in support of BLM was flipping off drivers, screaming at people, and flashing her breasts at them. Yuck. Liberals are so nasty.

paul emery

So George it weems you are not concerned about the GDP numbers published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.


irrationality reigns at Punchy's.

Paul, there was an 8% drop in GDP after the economy was throttled in the 2nd quarter. What did you expect would happen?


51% approval/47% disapproval at Rasmussen this morning.

Movement! Happy, Paul?

George Rebane

PaulE 553pm - Paul, I have no idea what you're talking about now, other than I think your logic in this conversation thread has gone off the rails. It now appears that you never understood the update to my commentary in the first place. But you are corroborating the public's assessment of journalists. Go back and start from the beginning.

The Estonian Fox

Barry P @ 5:48PM:
I disagree with you on the lady. I thought Hillary RC looked fairly good. Bet you didn't think they could sew maternity flaps onto that blue dress she keeps.

Bill Tozer

re: Dems new big lie (although its not new, just re-phrased).

'Mail-in voting update: Due to massive postal failures, New York will count many mailed-in ballots even if they're not postmarked by the deadline, or postmarked at all'

Bill Tozer

"Democrats aren’t going to get mail-in voting, but their demands for it (despite huge deficiencies) are meant to create a narrative in advance of the result-

No matter what happens, if Trump wins, libs will insist the election was unfair and illegitimate. Guaranteed"

Bill Tozer

Silent majority.

‘Is antifa the greatest movement against free speech in America?‘

“The answer is that antifa is not an ally to Black Lives Matter. It is all about revolutionary change and using demonstrations to trigger greater social unrest. It follows the same purpose mistakenly spoken by former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley following those riots during the Democratic National Convention in 1968, “The police are not here to create disorder. They are here to preserve disorder.” Antifa causes such violence.”...

“Silence hurts free speech. Antifa knows that. It is the silence of professors who watch as their colleagues are harassed, investigated, or threatened. It is the silence of students who watch as others are attacked for dissenting ideas. It is the silence of reporters who watch as other journalists are fired or forcibly retired for challenging orthodox views. Finally, it is the silence of those politicians who dismiss the destruction of property as a case, in the words of Pelosi, that “people will do what people will do.”

Antifa will do a great deal of damage if allowed. It is why, for academics and writers, its existence is frightening. As Virgil explained, Keyser Soze became the “spook story that criminals tell their kids at night.” Antifa has achieved the agenda against free speech to a degree that even critics like me never imagined possible. It simply took inaction from our government and silence from our citizens. Threats against free speech are reaching a critical mass in our schools and on our streets. We can either take action or remain passive bystanders to what inevitably comes next.“

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