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11 July 2020


Don Bessee

Antifa wont even let people back the blue in public -

Anti-cop 'mob' swarms Back the Blue event in Denver, bloodying several before shutting things down: reports

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli tweeted, 'These tyrannical, left-wing anarchists hate free speech. If you do not agree with them, they believe you must be beaten down – literally'




re: Redskins.

The t-shirt people are always ahead of the curve.



re: the upcoming campaign.

It would be fun to print up some of these signs and place them around.


Of course, Paul's folks would simply tear them down in a fit of 'free speech'. Gotta make pile of 'em.

Don Bessee

Time to cancel creepy grampa joe -

The presumptive 2020 Democrat presidential nominee, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, used the N-word 13 times in a 1985 hearing series, U.S. Senate transcripts reveal.



Don Bessee

Tru dat -

Chris Wallace on Trump interview: He took all the questions, Biden hasn't faced the same scrutiny



Bill Tozer

‘The Unintentional Racism Found in Traffic Signals’
Just because something doesn’t use an offensive mascot doesn’t mean it can’t reinforce a broken system

“I realize that White people like to exert control over nearly everything everyone does, I thought, but since when did this literally include trying to cross the street?

“Technology and necessity propelled the shift from verbal crosswalk cues to a lunar-white Walking Person. But my heart still sinks at the specter of teaching my sons to ask a White man for permission to do — well, anything.”



re: BillT@3:32PM

I ran into that a while back. The obvious answer is to have a black stick figure showing when to walk. It'll make nighttime driving more interesting of course, but anything for the sake of justice.

Bill Tozer

Supporting the police is dangerous to your health.

‘Michelle Malkin beaten by BLM thugs and prevented from speaking at Denver pro-police rally’

Journo Says All Trump Supporters Are Racist – Turns Out Her Mom Voted for Him


Bill Tozer

Buck Sexton
“Democrat prosecutors want everyone across the country to know that you must submit to threats of murder and arson in your own home from a BLM mob outside your door-

And if you show any signs of resistance, they will weaponize the law to ruin and imprison you”

BREAKING: Prosecutor charges St. Louis couple with felony unlawful use of a weapon for pulling guns on protesters at their mansion - AP



Every now and again there's a little sliver of sanity in the world.

"Red Bull Just Purged High-Level Execs Who Pushed for ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ "


Bill Tozer

re: The Great Divide, local edition. The comments found below a recent submission of opinion to the local fishwrapper disturbed me. You these people actually believe that Trump sent in the G-Men to snatch peaceful protestors off the street?? Yes, they do. The exact same ones that once argued about Michael Cohen’s secret rendezvous in Prague with the Russians...and of course, Trump is in Putin’s pocket so he can build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

The other disturbing trend is this complete willingness to turn a blind eye to street violence, lawlessness, criminal activity, unauthorized statue toppling, destruction of private and public property, vandalism, etc because of TDS. I am most saddened. Such ignorance is breathtaking.


Bill Tozer

@ 4:06 pm

After careful consideration, your team came up with the best name for the R*dskins: The Washington Woke. Belated kudos.

Bill Tozer

‘Broken Trust? FBI wanted to use White House briefings to spy on Trump, aides, memos show’
Former intel, FBI officials decry tactics as breach of intelligence briefing process.


Don Bessee

@355 -

Missouri governor says pardon likely if St. Louis homeowners charged
A pardon is 'exactly what would happen,' he says



Bill Tozer

More on the attack on pro-police rally. BLM has some violent bitches.



Bill Tozer


“Time for an update on peak craziness I think. I have figured out that the left’s strategy is simply to flood us with more and more crazy until we all give in, but I don’t think we should let them off the hook by ignoring their mental breakdown completely.”



Mad Max on tape making a racist statement.
"“They stopped a brother so I stopped to see what they were doing,” "
If I can't say that,, neither can they.

Bill Tozer

Gee Walt. And all this time I thought she was telling the Deplorables they are not welcome here, but now I know it was the police. Heck, they are already being driven out of restaurants.


Don Bessee

So much for the left wing St. Louis prosecutors grand standing -

Missouri AG moves to dismiss charges against couple who pointed guns at crowd
The brief supporting the dismissal says 'the right to use firearms to defend one’s person, family, home, and property has deep roots in Missouri law'



Don Bessee

Instead of begging the antifa for a moratorium on rioting how about you demanding the city let the police do their job???-

Portland community leaders plead for 'moratorium' on street violence as police targeted
Rioters sparked a fire inside the Portland Police Association building over the weekend



Don Bessee

A little perspective -

The family of the man who created the Washington Redskins logo is no different.

In 1971, Walter "Blackie" Wetzel, a well-respected former chairman of the Blackfeet Tribe who dedicated much of his life to advancing Native American civil rights, met with executives from the Washington football team and persuaded them to drop the team’s “R” logo in favor of an image of a Native American warrior.

In the past week, as the franchise has announced it’s doing away with the logo and nickname, a handful of Blackie’s children and grandchildren have expressed conflicting feelings over the change. To some, the logo was a longstanding point of cultural pride for their family and the Blackfeet Tribe. To others, the logo was a divisive image that threatened to obscure Blackie's more significant accomplishments.

As Wetzel served as chairman of the Blackfeet Nation and president of the National Congress of American Indians, he befriended President John F. Kennedy, Montana senator Mike Mansfield and others within government circles. Those connections gave Wetzel the clout to approach the NFL team in Washington with a proposal in 1971.

Wetzel urged ownership to remove the “R” from the team’s helmets and replace it with an image of a Native American. At a time when Native American activists sought to protect their legal rights and religious freedoms, and to restore tribal lands, Wetzel viewed the helmet design as a way to promote his people and shine a spotlight on those causes

“From what I understand, my grandfather wanted honor and representation for the native community,” grandson Justin Wetzel told Yahoo Sports. “His intent was to bring some recognition to the Native community in a positive manner.”

Regardless, Wetzel was happy to honor a Blackfeet chief who fought to hold the federal government accountable for unmet treaty agreements. Over the next 30 years, Wetzel and his Redskins cap were often inseparable.

In an interview with the Washington Post the year before his 2003 death, Wetzel said, “It made us all so proud to have an Indian on a big-time team.” When asked about the opposition to the Redskins name and logo, Wetzel said, “It’s only a small group of radicals.”



Bill Tozer

Don @ 6:14 pm

Screw the 90% of Native Americans who are not offended by the portrait of the Blackfeet brave and approve of it with pride. Screw them and listen to the 29%ers.


Don Bessee

Those slavers at the NYT cant even remember what the truth looks like -

Gov. Newsom pushes back on claims that federal coronavirus aid was tied to praising Trump
Newsom said that 'no one told him to express' his thanks



Don Bessee

He probably wouldn't have chanced it if it was a live event. The socialist dem delegates would rip him to shreds before he got to the stage. Hell he probably would have been picked off by antifa before he got in the building. -

John Kasich is a man who signed a 20-week abortion ban and opposed anti-LGBTQ discrimination laws based on the notion we should “just get over it” in the last GOP primary. To give him a platform at the Democratic convention because he’s anti-Trump is silly and insulting.



Bill Tozer


Our health policy experts' greatest contributions to the fight against covid-19 so far have been telling us versions of "keep your distance" and "cover your mouth"

They've been woefully wrong about pretty much everything else. Why so many treat them like gods remains a mystery

Buck Sexton

“This incompetent thug has taken nearly unlimited powers- when businesses can open, where you can go, who you can see, what you can do- into his hands, but he's a Democrat, so the watchdogs of our fourth estate just clap for his low IQ tyranny”

Stop calling them “anarchists.” They don’t even know what actual anarchists believe.

They’re Democrats. What you see in Seattle and Portland are the shock troops of the Democrat party. They are Biden voters.

Don’t let media hide that fact

Bill Tozer

Daily reminder:

FBI knew ‘collusion’ was a nothing-burger, but kept fake scandal alive anyway
By Andrew C. McCarthy


Interesting sidenote; Steele's source never heard of the name Paul Manafort and did not know who he was.

Don Bessee

The long play is working against creepy grampa joe -

CNN is sounding the alarm for the Democrats, warning in a piece on Tuesday that former Vice President Joe Biden is underperforming while President Donald Trump is over-performing with black voters.

“Joe Biden’s advantage over Trump with Black voters is currently smaller than Hillary Clinton’s was,” read the headline on Tuesday from CNN’s Harry Enten.




"The long play is working against creepy grampa joe"

It's an interesting problem. Pre-plague, Trump was looking to be sort of a shoo-in, which makes sense...if things are going well, why change.

Now that there's a virus afoot in the land, the potential for a stock market crash, unemployment, and then (of course) the communists are making a play, the Democrats have an interest in keeping things just bad enough that some new guy will save the day. Team Blue has absolutely no interest in things improving on the ground until November, regardless of the cost to everyday people.

George Rebane

re scenes 1201pm - all such latter day epiphanies re the Dem election year strategy (that explains ALL their plans, proposal, policies, and political pandering we have witnessed) have long been preordained. The most interesting part of it all (at least to us squiggly pushers) is that the entire thing was succinctly summarized by the utility function graphic presented here way back in April -



Joe Biden speaks:



"Rutgers English Department to deemphasize traditional grammar ‘in solidarity with Black Lives Matter’"


What can I say?

Don Bessee

OH ya, i remember 0's jobs he said were not so shovel ready after all, wink wink -

Trump campaign mocks Biden for vowing ‘shovel ready’ jobs: ‘Where have we heard this before?’
Biden said his plan would help create jobs that are 'shovel ready'




Well,, gotta thank the Kung Flu for small favors. It's doing what the justice system has been unable to do.... Get the job done on death row.
"7th California death row inmate dies; COVID-19 suspected"


Posted by: Don Bessee | 21 July 2020 at 04:55 PM

Joe Biden and “Shovel Ready”.....in the same sentence......his minders need to get him back into his basement.


"Joe Biden and “Shovel Ready”.....in the same sentence."

lol. I'll say. Brutal.

rant o' the day from someone.


George Rebane

The local livery stable's offal and Bumblebrain's copy are basically one and the same, and both are equally shovel ready.


One for the anti gun crowd.

"Chicago shootout at funeral sends at least 14 to hospitals"

How come you're not screaming and yelling to disarm the gangs?
You're real quick to demand the honest citizen have their guns taken when some crazed LIB goes on a rampage,,what gives?
How bout the "BLM" crap that we have been beat over the head with day in and day out? Black lives matter?, Really? Apparently not so much.

George Rebane

Walt 733pm - I don't think any Democrat or progressive wants the gangs disarmed and the shootings in black neighborhoods stopped. This would bring peace to the countryside and remove the 'gun violence' stats that have been repurposed to support disarming the law-abiding gun owners whose gun violence numbers are insignificant. All these killings are needed for the fundamental transformation, doncha know? You gotta keep them African-Americans doing what they've been doing for decades. Disarming the gangs? No, no, no, no, ...

Bill Tozer

Quotes from this time in space:

Insight: “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” —George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Upright: “We can’t shield everyone from everything. We need to work to mitigate the risks, take rational steps that allow schools to open, be prepared with containment plans for potential outbreaks, and understand that there will be cases that happen whenever we open. It’s a communicable virus, yet somewhere along the line, a significant portion of society started believing that ‘beating the virus’ meant eradicating it to where no one ever caught it. That’s not even logical, no less tenable.” —Peter Heck

For the record: “Let Biden sit through an interview like this, he’ll be on the ground crying for mommy. He’ll say ‘mommy, mommy, please take me home.’” —Donald Trump to interviewer Chris Wallace

This week’s Trump Derangement Syndrome Award: “I can only imagine the envy with which [Donald Trump] watched Derek Chauvin’s casual cruelty and monstrous indifference as he murdered George Floyd. I can only imagine that Donald wishes it had been his knee on Floyd’s neck.” —rich celebrity leftist Bette Midler

Braying jenny: “Whether he knows it yet or not, [Trump] will be leaving.” —Nancy Pelosi

Braying jackass: “[Mitch] McConnell does not mean black people any good. He does not care.” —Rep. Maxine Waters

Nope: “The timing is right for reparations discussions.” —U. S. Conference of Mayors president Greg Fischer

Yes — we should address its subjugation and extremism: “I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith.” —Joe Biden

And last… “Monday: 1. NYT doxxes Tucker Carlson. 2. St. Louis gun couple indicted. 3. KY couple sentenced to ankle monitors for refusing quarantine. 4. CNN’s Stelter dismisses Portland riots as unnewsworthy. 5. Teachers unions keep schools shut. If you want Dems in charge, you’re nuts.” —Liz Wheeler

Don Bessee

The never trumpers are the swampiest of the swamp creatures -




So our Constitution day parade has been CANCELED... The Left celebrates.. The only thing better would be to find a way to finish the job, by "canceling" the document the day honores.
If there were a statue somewhere of the Constitution they would be looking to tear that one down too.

No parade,, but riots, looting, and mayhem are still OK and a scheduled event.


I spoke with a 30-something adult yesterday about STEM in elementary school... he said, "I don't remember any science I had in elementary school and I turned out OK". He remembers reading, writing and arithmetic.

Don Bessee

The chi coms new dam is already in trouble -



Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes and maybe a meme or two.

Insight: “The only shape in which equality is really connected with justice is this — justice presupposes general rules. If these general rules are to be maintained at all, it is obvious that they must be applied equally to every case which satisfies their terms.” —James Fitzjames Stephens (1829-1894)

Upright: “If we tear down every statue of every person whose viewpoints and whose behavior wasn’t always ideal, wasn’t always perfect, we’re … not going to know about many of the historical figures who, for better or for worse, shaped who we are and how we got here.” —Senator Mike Lee

For the record: “When the police pull back or when the police are condemned, you have the kind of violence we’ve seen, unfortunately, in the last two months across the country.” —Senator Tom Cotton

Nailed it: “Here’s what teacher’s unions want: the pay, benefits and recognition of being an essential part of the workforce, but none of the responsibilities. Pick one. You’re either essential or you’re not. If you believe you’re not, if you think education is optional, choose a new career.” —Bethany S. Mandel

Theater of the absurd: “The first thing we should be doing now is understanding what the president is already doing to the U.S. Postal Service. He has sent his henchmen over to run it, and I’m already getting complaints from people who are saying that they believe that the president of the United States is managing the delivery systems, slowing it down, interfering with people being able to get their mail. … We are not going to allow the president of the United States to dismantle the United States Post Office and undermine the possibility that absentee votes could be used in the next election.” —Rep. Maxine Waters

Verbal gymnastics: “We have a whole group of lawyers who are going out to every polling, every voter registration physician in the states, the secretaries of state, making sure that they in fact have a game plan as to how they’re going to allow the voting to take place.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis: “Cancel rent. Cancel mortgage. Cancel student debt.” —Rep. Ayanna Pressley (“Yes! And then we should also cancel sadness, diabetes, asteroids, the law of cause and effect, hunger, tummy aches, and gravity (so we can fly!).” —Matt Walsh)

Alpha jackass: “Well, I think with the president’s comments [Tuesday], he recognized the mistakes he has made by now embracing mask-wearing and the recognition this is not a hoax. It is a pandemic that has gotten worse before it will get better because of his inaction. In fact, clearly, it is the Trump virus.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Braying jenny: “Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.” —Mayor Lori “Fiddling While Chicago Burns” Lightfoot

Grand delusions: “Portland, Oregon, is not out of control.” —Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Meanwhile…[insert video]

And last… “I don’t know how in the WORLD anyone can look at what’s going on in Democratic cities and ever vote blue again.” —Allie Beth Stuckey

and finally....Tom Cotton his it out of the park:

Tom Cotton made liberal heads explode when he analogized Portland’s criminal Antifa to Confederates of the 1860s:


If the shoe fits...

Bill Tozer

“Fun news today that Planned Parenthood in New York has decided to remove the name of its founder, Margaret Sanger, from its local headquarters building because they’ve figured out that she was a deeply racist supporter of eugenics. The New York Times reports:”


Bill Tozer

On the lighter side


Don Bessee

Now they are keeping him in the basement locked and not even letting interviews in the room for too long. Sorry got to cut you off it time for his ensure IV. -





Anybody else see this one........

St. Louis Prosecutor's Office Busted Altering Evidence; Reassembled Non-Operable McCloskey Pistol To Classify As Lethal

Another crooked Soros backed political DA (Dumb Ass) in this instance.


Don Bessee

The problem for the hard left dems letting antifa run amok is the regular people are suffering and they are not going to put up with it. That will be an interesting post election study. Trumps black support is still about 15%. You have to wonder how many black voters wouldnt tell a stranger they are voting for trump. Trump only needs a couple of points to upset the socialist dems electoral plans.



Robert Cross

Grump Trump shows support for Epstein's procurer Maxwell...translation 'keep your mouth shut and I will get you a 'get out of jail free' card just like Stone and Flynn and all the goombahs who keep their mouths shut, get it?

Don Bessee

Too weird even for the left -

Critics mock Hillary Clinton 'alternate history' TV series reportedly in development for Hulu
'Spoiler: James Comey still gets fired,' one critic joked

A new television series that is reportedly being developed about an "alternate history" of Hillary Clinton was widely panned on social media.



paul emery

So on Trumps official Facebook page. he shows a photo that is supposed to be an example of a riot in this country but is actually one that was taken in the Ukraine in 2014. Another lie from our liar in chief.

"A post by Donald Trump's official Facebook account purports to show violence in the US but is in fact of an event in another country.

"The advert shows one image of Mr Trump in a calm setting talking to police officers beside another of a security official being surrounded by protesters, saying: "Public safety vs chaos and violence".

However, the image is a photo from a pro-democracy protest in Ukraine in 2014.

Facebook have told the BBC they won't be taking any action against the post but gave no further comment."


Don Bessee

Hey don't hold your breath and stomp your feet oh great pony tail of ignorance there are tons of live riot videos from your idyllic socialist paradises if you feel deprived.

You sure wouldn't see any on lamest stream media don't ya know.


Scott O

Poor Paul - "he shows a photo that is supposed to be an example of a riot in this country..."
No Paul, there's no indication of any sort that the 'riot' is supposed to be of any particular place or time.
As you quoted it - "...vs chaos and violence."
It is indeed a photo of 'chaos and violence'.
TDS causes all sorts of problems in the human skull.
Even imagining things that don't exist.



WELL, THAT’S HER M.O.: Is Kamala Harris Planting Evidence on Her VP Rivals? “Harris clearly wants the gig. Pretty much everyone does, given the likelihood that the elderly and cognitively declining Biden might not even serve a full term in office.”

Enough to be shopping oppo about the other black women under consideration?




Are we sure that Trump isn’t surreptitiously funding BLM and not Soros......?

I WAS TOLD THAT BLACK LIVES MATTER IS “ANTI-HATE:” This Black Lives Matter Activist Thought KNEELING on a White Baby’s Neck Was a Good Idea. “A shocking and deeply disturbing image posted to Facebook has led to the arrest of a Black Lives Matter activist. A black man, identified as BLM supporter Isaiah Jackson, took a picture of himself kneeling on the neck of a 2-year-old white child in diapers. The image shows another person holding the child’s arms back, and the child crying. The caption read, ‘Blm now mf.'”

Another in-kind contribution to Trump 2020. Thanks, BLM!


Don Bessee

By the way ya all kool aide drinkers -

“It is clear from our polling that the reports of President Trump’s impending electoral doom are greatly exaggerated,” said Terry Schilling, executive director at APP, a nonprofit dedicated to the Constitution



paul emery

Oh Don you are such a doly. AAP is a Republican political operation that is so out of date they have this statement on their website:

"Current Races

With the 2018 midterms quickly approaching, APP is currently evaluating the races to determine where we can have the most effective impact."

They are two years too late and no one takes them seriously. A "Vanity" poll for sure.

Don, you are such a Chump. Do you bother to check out your sources at all? Oh this rhymes-Chump for Trump

check out this link:


paul emery

sp: Oh Don you are such a dolt


...and down comes John Muir


Bill Tozer

John Muir has been cancelled, that racist asshole.

Don Bessee

So who did the pony tail of ignorance hand the device to?? The world wonders??



A sad story, and a good example of the tsunami we would see with a Biden/Blue Mob victory.

"Campus Reform reporters, professor targeted with death threats, online harassment"

There's been a bit of this locally, and you can just imagine what would happen if they seize the executive branch.


Posted by: scenes | 22 July 2020 at 09:50 PM

.....and down comes John Muir

Margaret Sanger yesterday! Look at all the progressive luminaries fall!

Money on who is next....?


The Campus Reform article led me to this.



There's something evil that's been set loose.

Bill Tozer

“Money on who is next....?“

Well, my money has always been on MLK. Not next, but in line. Why? Because to judge an individual by his/her character is racist. Why is being “color blind” now racist? Elementary, my dear Watson. Because if one judges an individual solely on his/her merits, then one is ignoring race....and that’s racist!!! No more ignoring race. In fact, the term ‘rugged individual’ is not only problematic, it reflects white privilege and white supremacy, duh.
Michigan Teacher Fired After Tweeting ‘Trump Is Our President’

Protester At Black Lives Matter Event: ‘The White Man’ Is The ‘Common Enemy,’ ‘Get Rid Of Them’


Bill Tozer

ROFLMAO. How to bite the hand that feeds you.

‘Black Lives Matter protesters vandalize Oakland mayor's home; she accuses them of terrorism‘
They also shot projectiles and firecrackers according to witnesses

Now, a story about normal decent folk (non-Lefties)

‘Single Mom Has Only $7 Left, Buys Lottery Ticket. She Wins $100, Donates It To Cop Who’s In ICU.’


Bill Tozer

Another ROFLMAO. Where to they drudge up these insane sewer rats?



MSNBC Paranoia: Any Attempt to Investigate Biden Is a Russian Plot

Democratic Fear Mongering: CNN's Sciutto Suggests Trump Will Interfere with the Election


SICK: Joy Reid Laughs About Rising Crime as ‘Fairy Tale,’ But Fears DHS ‘Invasion’

And finally, the best headline of the last two days:

‘Portland’s Violent Anarchists Are Outraged Federal Agents Arrested Them For Merely Breaking The Law’


I see "Biker Bill" has been busy "tagging" The Union story
about the cancellation of the Constitution day parade.

Good job Sir... Keep up that fine work. Your doing the job the
hometown LIB rag won't. Local Proggys must be pissed.


"‘Black Lives Matter protesters vandalize Oakland mayor's home; she accuses them of terrorism‘
They also shot projectiles and firecrackers according to witnesses"

That seems like a tactical error. As long as the Blue Mob can keep a handful of elected officials, college presidents, corporate executives in their pocket (who'll be eaten last of course), they'll be given carte noire to do as they like.

Scott O

BT 10:55 - re 'Who's next'?
How about the grandaddy of White Supremacy?
because - SCIENCE!
ol' Charlie Darwin.


oooh, Darwin. That's a good bet.

" I happened to live opposite Darwin’s former lodgings when I was a student at Cambridge University, so I looked out each morning on a blue plaque hailing him as one of the greatest Britons who ever lived. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve that commemorative plaque, but I should point out that he wasn’t a British hero but a British villain. You don’t need to be a Bible-thumping evangelical to question whether Darwin’s thinking deserves to be given a bit more thought.

Whatever your views on origins and evolution, we can hopefully all agree that, at present, we give far too much honor to the British thinker who justified genocide."


To tell you the truth, given the modern Lysenkoism that all humans are born absolutely equal, have no innate abilities, and should have absolutely equal outcomes, I can see where the evolutionary biologists come under fire generally.

Biden's Blue Guard can set off across this great land, no statue left unturned, no book left unburned. The Great Man from Delaware can be carried in a sedan chair with his head lolling, his mouth tenderly wiped by an assistant now and again.

Scott O

Ah, the 'new normal'.
"The group then made its way to the 1500 block of 11th Avenue, breaking more businesses’ windows along the way. Some people in the group then broke into a business, stole merchandise and put it in middle of the street, where they lit it on fire.
The owners of Likelihood Seattle, a local business selling men's and women's shoes at 1101 East Union Street, said their store was hit by the group, but police told them nothing could be done.
The group then went to Broadway and Madison Street, where individuals used baseball bats and pipes to break all the windows at a Whole Foods store. They threw fireworks into the store and then began looting."

"...but police told them nothing could be done."

Well, maybe not right then, but there ARE other cities to set up a business in.

Bill Tozer

Good read, not too long. Recommended, IMHO. Nothing that hasn’t been discussed here, but a refresher course can’t hurt in Year Zero:




"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove."

paul emery

RE Don Bessee 9:52

He writes:

"who did the pony tail of ignorance hand the device to??"

What "device" are you referring to Don? Does it have anything to do with the fake poll you cited?

paul emery


Trump down by 7 in Florida where he continues to drop. He MUST win Florida to have a chance in the election.


Bill Tozer

Did you hear the joke about the roofer? Ah, nevermind. It’s over his head.

Bill Tozer

“He MUST win Florida to have a chance in the election.”

Oh contraire. Trump would have won in 2016 without Florida. Not needed. But, what do I know living in this Red District?

Bill Tozer

‘Price Tag of Biden Campaign Promises Nears $10 Trillion’


paul emery

That was then, this is now Bill. Check this out-it's a summary of the averages of polling in all states and shows Trump at this time with 301 Electoral votes to Trumps 102. There are 136 tossups. That means in order for Trump to win he has to will ALL tossups and wrestle 33 away from the Biden leaning category to come up with the 271 needed to win. This is harsh but true at his time based on current polling. No wonder Trumps campaign team is freaking out and Repubs are starting to look for life jackets.


Don Bessee

Tru dat -

WASHINGTON – A top Trump administration official dismissed the uproar over the use of unmarked vehicles by federal agents during protests in Portland – saying it's "so common it's barely worth discussion."

"Literally, every police department in America has them," Department of Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said Monday on CNN's New Day.



Don Bessee

Time for the original gangster KKK slavers to be canceled -



George Rebane

DonB 254pm - where do I sign?

Bill Tozer

@ 2:38 pm

Kojak drove an unmarked Car. So did Starski and Hutch. And, of course, Dirty Harry Callahan. Inspector Callahan to you.
“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”
“You forgot your fortune cookie. It says, ‘You’re shit out of luck.'”

Don Bessee

Looks like that beef is still going strong, remember "if you vote for Trump you aint black" from creepy grampa joe? -



Todd Juvinall

Trump approval today at 49-49.

Bill Tozer

@2:54 pm

Rep. Louie Gohmert sure says the darnest things.

@ 2:28 pm. And don’t forget about Beretta. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the crime. The Mod Squad too, along with Beverley Hills Cops and who can forget Dennis Weaver in McCloud.

‘WATCH: Small Children In Portland Encouraged To Say ‘F*** The Police’’

“On Wednesday, Portland’s City Council unanimously passed two resolutions barring members of the police from working with federal law enforcement; the moves also barred them from arresting or using force on journalists and legal observers. One resolution stated that any member of the Portland Police Bureau who “provides, requests, or willingly receives operational support from militarized federal forces” will be subject to discipline, Fox News reported.

U.S. District Judge Michael Simon has issued a temporary restraining order blocking police in Portland from arresting or using physical force against journalists or legal observers at protests. He wrote that police “are enjoined from arresting, threatening to arrest, or using physical force directed against any person whom they know or reasonably should know is a journalist or legal observer unless the police have probable cause to believe that such individual has committed a crime. For purposes of this order, such persons shall not be required to disperse following the issuance of an order to disperse, and such persons shall not be subject to arrest for not dispersing following the issuance of an order to disperse.”


I’m not a rioter, I am an observer and you can’t tell me what to do! You ain’t the boss of me.

Don Bessee

So would those be the children of the kale @440?

Someone observed his pitch was just social distancing from the plate. LOL



Don Bessee

Well of course they did what polite little terrorists -

The lawsuit, in which the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America has joined Black Lives Matter’s Chicago branch as a plaintiff, names federal law enforcement officials as defendants in a civil rights claim.

On Monday, the department released surveillance video that showed Black Lives Matter demonstrators smuggling weapons and projectiles into Grant Park during a demonstration last weekend against a statue of Christopher Columbus. While “peaceful” protesters shielded militant activists from view, they hid behind protest banners and donned black clothing. They also distributed frozen water bottles to throw at police, and sharpened PVC pipes into spears.



Bill Tozer

Just as I also believe. That was then, this is now:

In a post earlier today, Steve discussed a poll that finds 62 percent of Americans saying they have political opinions they are afraid to share out of fear of giving offense or losing their jobs. This finding raises potential problems for pollsters.

Let’s do the time warp again.

How do you suppose Trump would know details of the so called email dump? Perhaps he might be in contact with his Russian buddies.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 27 September 2016 at 03:20 PM”
“Todays Reuters poll shows Clinton +4. Last week it was Trump +2. Six percent gain for Clinton after the debate. No need to comment further about who won the debate. Nuff said.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 September 2016 at 04:40 PM“
“Nate Silver Link-Scroll down for a closer look at the Clinton Surge
Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 September 2016 at 06:18 PM”
“The 20 points up for Hillary was from Silvers odds based on if the election were held today. It's compared to last week. Follow the link and you'll agree with me.
Just a reminder that Nate Silver picked all 50 states correctly in 2012 and 49 out of 50 in 08 so I think his predictions are notable. If you want to pick a loser follow Todds picks. He was double digets off in both elections.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 29 September 2016 at 09:13 PM“

“The latest National polls since the debate, Reuters, shows Clinton up 6% from the last pre debate polls. Nuff said about who won the debate.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 September 2016 at 04:51 PM

Paul Emery
Oh yeah, the link
Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 September 2016 at 04:52 PM”
“Yup Fish. I'm hoping it's Gary Johnson. There will be a last minute epiphany and we'll vote Libertarian and scrap the major parties once and for all.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 September 2016 at 05:41 PM”

“Paul Emery
Major upswing for Clinton on Nate Silver. Scroll down and you'll see the upswing since the Debate.
George, all indications are that Trump dropped a stinky one on Monday night big time. I'm sure tomorrow's polls will verify the poop.“
“This will seal the deal for Clinton in Virginia.
" Former Republican Sen. John Warner endorsed Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, calling her “prepared to be a world leader and the United States president.”
The longtime Virginia senator cast the choice between Clinton and Donald Trump as a dire one for world security, saying he felt “distressed by some of the comments” made by Trump, though he did not speak Trump’s name until the end of his speech, when he said: “Loose lips sink ships. You got that Trump?”
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/john-warner-hillary-clinton-228819#ixzz4LbSnzHvi
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Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 September 2016 at 06:16 PM”

“Paul Emery
Nate Silver Link-Scroll down for a closer look at the Clinton Surge
Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 September 2016 at 06:18 PM”

George Rebane
PaulE 616pm - From your mouth to God's ear. We have an exciting five weeks ahead for all of us. Not being as astute as you about these things, you will have to excuse that I have not made any such knowledgeable predictions ;-)
Posted by: George Rebane | 28 September 2016 at 06:46 PM”

Don Bessee

Oh now BT that's borderline elder abuse! LOL


paul emery

That's true Bill. Glad you read Nate Silver. Keep in mind those are the odds not polling results.


LOL!! We see what gets Emery all flustered. A poll that says Trump is doing fine!
I bet Emery is a coset anachest too!


While they are at it,, just remove the party of slavery and the KKK....... DEMOCRATS....


Emery is a "local control" backer,,, how's that "local control work'n in your next favorite place,, Seattle? A Communist shithole,, and has a hand outstretched for FED money to pay for the damage!! The same for other LIB shitholes that have let the feral LIBshits run wild in the streets. They want everyone else to pay to the damage. Yup,, that's a Joe Hide'n election winner there.

Don Bessee

How's that egg on the face go with rancid russian dressing @620? LOL



Don.. Emery has the record player spinning to get his news at night... (More Biden advice Emery subscribes to)

Scott O

C'mon - give Paul a break. He's on a losing streak a mile long. This is his big, big, opportunity! He's got a 50/50 chance of being correct and it's all he's got.
Just think if Biden wins. Paul will strut around town with his thumbs under his suspenders crowing about how he knew all along how it would turn out.
Then he'll proceed to blame the Republicans for every thing Biden and the Dems do wrong for the next 4 years.
He can hardly wait!
So - just let him show up here with his poll results.
It's not like he can articulate any kind of knowledgeable opinion on current events.

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