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27 July 2020


Todd Juvinall

Qhat is going on with Heidi Hall and driving?

Robert Cross

Yes yes, be there and protest attempts to protect citizens from the virus. after all money is more important than lives and the virus is hoax anyway. Be sure to not wear mask when you go and carry a confederate flag if you have one. The stars and bars is the new swastika so proudly display it.


Draconian fines? Well, then no one will break the law!

There was a Star Trek NG script that had Wesley Crusher (Will Wheaton) held for the majority of the episode for the capital crime of not keeping off the wrong grass in a park. Too bad for the series, they had a chance for summary execution right then and there (the beat cops had the injections at the ready) but blew it.

I'm not a Will Wheaton fan... I remember a quiz show he was on (a kiddie wildlife thing after STNG that my kid watched) and he had all the knowledge and intelligence of a bag of hammers. But he could pretend he could be Lt. Wesley Crusher, boy wonder, on TV. And give Nasty Woman Ashley Judd her first on screen kiss.

But I digressed...


Disgusting, outrageous escalating power grab...
Supervisor Heidi Hall has placed an Urgency Ordinance on the Tuesday, July 28 Board agenda. This measure, if passed, would impose a fine on for-profit and not-for-profit businesses for failure to comply with County Health orders, which tend to parallel those of the Governor. Fines start at $1,000 daily and rise to $5,000, then $10,000 daily. In addition, fines on individuals could be assessed up to $500 daily for simply not wearing a mask in public, even while social distancing.

Don Bessee

Another view -



Bill Tozer

Spygate: the narrative by Dan B.


Don Bessee

Even his donors are clamoring for him to come out of the basement -

Actress Kristin Chenoweth is being roasted online as viral video shows her singing “Don’t Be Hidin’ Out! Bring Joe Biden Out” at a Sunday night fundraiser for the presumptive 2020 Democrat presidential nominee.

Chenoweth’s lyrics play into a very popular social media meme that the former vice president appears to be in “hiding” while running for president. Even left-wing celebrities have heckled Biden for “hiding.”

In March, actor and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) backer Rob Delaney said Biden has been in hiding “for very obvious reasons,” adding that President Trump will “waltz” to a second term if pitted against the former vice president in the general election.

Earlier this month, Joe Biden said that he has taken a cognitive test used to detect mental issues. However, the former vice president’s campaign didn’t offer any details about the test or confirm if it will release the results. On Monday, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel predicted that the Democrat convention next month will be about how to “hide Joe Biden.”

“I think the Democrats’ convention should be called ‘The Invisible Man Sequel’ because their convention will be about how do we hide Joe Biden and create this disappearing act for our candidate, so the voters don’t get to see him,” McDaniel said.



Don Bessee

Ya thats about it on the enthusiasm front -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is just a puppet for the socialist mob -

Sanders delegates signing petition to vote against Dem platform that doesn’t include ‘Medicare-for-all’



Don Bessee

Note to jerry the nads, watch the video foolio its not a rumor in DC-



Scott O

D.B. 6:01 - Well, in Seattle it was peaceful.
per Mayor Durkan on Monday:
"I believe, if you look at what happened yesterday and Sunday, again, it was peaceful. We had a number of peaceful protests."
Who's WE?
Are they the same folks as THEM?
The "identifies as a black woman" C.O.P. of Seattle begs to differ.
This uppity woman better watch out - Karen runs the city and if she says it's 'peaceful' yo betta watch yo mouth.

Don Bessee

Looks like the AG is going to tear the socialist mayors a new one -

In his first-ever appearance before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Attorney General Bill Barr will condemn the "grave abuses" in the "bogus Russiagate scandal," while also highlighting Black-on-Black violence and defending law enforcement officers in no uncertain terms, according to a transcript of his prepared remarks obtained by Fox News on Monday night.

Barr's unusually aggressive posture will be matched by a full-throated defense from GOP lawmakers on the panel, including ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Fox News is told.

"Ever since I made it clear that I was going to do everything I could to get to the bottom of the grave abuses involved in the bogus Russiagate scandal, many of the Democrats on this committee have attempted to discredit me by conjuring up a narrative that I am simply the president’s factotum who disposes of criminal cases according to his instructions," Barr is expected to say at the outset of his remarks. "Judging from the letter inviting me to this hearing, that appears to be your agenda today."

Barr will go on to deny that Trump has improperly interfered with any of his decisions, before pointing to statistics showing progress on racial-justice issues, according to his prepared remarks.

"Police forces today are far more diverse than ever before; there are both more Black police chiefs and more Black officers in the ranks," Barr is expected to say. "Although the death of George Floyd – an unarmed Black man – at the hands of the police was a shocking event, the fact is that such events are fortunately quite rare. According to statistics compiled by the Washington Post, the number of unarmed Black men killed by police so far this year is eight. The number of unarmed White men killed by police over the same time period is 11. Some unarmed suspects, moreover, were physically attacking officers or threatening others at the time they were shot. And, the overall number of police shootings has been decreasing."

President Trump sends more federal forces to Portland as violence escalates in US citiesVideo
At the same time, the attorney general is expected to say, Black Americans too often kill each other. "The threat to Black lives posed by crime on the streets is massively greater than any threat posed by police misconduct," Barr's remarks read. "The leading cause of death for young Black males is homicide. Every year approximately 7,500 Black Americans are victims of homicide, and the vast majority of them – around 90 percent – are killed by other Blacks, mainly by gunfire. Each of those lives matter."



Scott O

Here's a good look at what's happened to 'journalism'.
Paul needn't waste his time. He hasn't got the necessary intelligence.
Jim Goad lays it out.
One of the main reasons this country is doomed.
The finest machine in the universe produces crap because that's what it's fed.

Don Bessee

Oh its only a peaceful protest says the soy boy mayor -

Seattle radio host describes city's weekend of unrest as 'a riot': 'Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you'



George Rebane

Dan Miller reported this morning that Measure 37 has been continued because it was poorly written and confusing. Now there should be more time for people to lobby the Supes to stand strong on the draconian fines part of the contemplated ordinance. But someone should also point out that Newsom has no constitutional power to issue such lockdown diktats in the first place nor withhold state funds allocated to the county. Inform the people of the C19 risks, and then let them decide how and where to expose themselves.

Don Bessee

Google must have Louis Farrakhan doing its definitions -




Payback is a bitch.
The DNC can't get any cops for protection at their convention........ I wonder why????(not really)
"More than 100 police agencies back out of DNC security agreements".

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe let the truth slip -




I'm sure Emery will have a good excuse for Biden on this one too. Like "his poll numbers went up on the flub".

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes and two memes go here today, although the quotes can go under Letters or Commies try again.

Upright: “I’m not kneeling for the flag and screw anybody who have [sic] a problem with that. My grandmother was a[n] immigrant from the Caribbean and she worked her ass off to bring 20 people over the right way. She had no money and educated herself to be a nurse. She living good now.” —Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt

For the record: “Y'all so blessed Janet Reno is no longer the captain. She would’ve firebombed Portland by now and salted the earth for good measure.” —Becket Adams

Observations: “The left has done to this country everything that they feared and dreaded Donald Trump would do when he was elected.” —Brandon Straka, founder of the WalkAway movement

Re: The Left: “My suggestion to the American people is start listening to the Democrats. … They talk about defunding the police. They talk about making excuses for violent mobs. Let’s take them at their word. They want to destroy the things that bring us together — our common bonds, our founding, our love of country.” —Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Self-solver: “It used to be in the old days, before this, you’d write a letter, and you’d say, ‘This letter is really bad.’ You’d put it in your desk, and you go back tomorrow, and you say, ‘Oh, I’m glad I didn’t send it.’ Right? But we don’t do that with Twitter. We put it out instantaneously. We feel great, and then you start getting phone calls, ‘Did you really say this?’” —Trump on his Twitter regrets (Memo to Mr. President: Find a pen, a piece of paper, and a desk drawer, and think about it tomorrow!)

Friendly fire I: “It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of s—t in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still s—t.‘” —ex-Bernie Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner on voting for Joe Biden

Friendly fire II: “How does breaking windows at a courthouse, setting fire to a federal building, firing guns in crowds, and committing acts of vandalism forward any cause? Actually, don’t bother because there is no good answer. It is self-destructive to any cause you promote.” —Joe Scarborough

Alpha jackass: “[Trump’s] an arsonist, not a fireman. He wants to stir violent protests to fuel his 'law and order’ campaign ads.” —David Axelrod

Non compos mentis: “The hard truth is women — and particularly women of color — have never had a fair shot to get ahead in this country. That’s why today, I’m releasing my plan to make sure women can fully participate in our economy and country.” —Joe Biden, mansplaining why women need a 77-year-old white man to help them

The BIG Lie: “‘Black-on-Black Crime’ Is a Dangerous Myth.” —Teen Vogue op-ed title

And last… “George Floyd was murdered 63 days ago. Since then, 63,000 black pre-born babies have been murdered by Planned Parenthood and abortionists in America. And Black Lives Matter supports that.” —Samuel Sey



Here you go Emery and Bobby,, Nadler says the riots are a myth.
I'm sure you can agree. That's what fake news has been feeding you.

Barr shows just what useless, dicks LIBS are.


lol. The state of the modern Democrat apparatchik.



More of that refined Nadler intellect at work.



Heck, why even have tests? Everyone can be a lawyer!!



Natural born leader.



Hey, good news, NUHS is hiring a Science Teacher: "Science Teacher at NUHS in GRASS VALLEY" is at the top of a classified ad at The Union. Oh frabjous day! Callooh, callay!

... but reading the ad, it's for a Social Science teacher. Not actual science, social studies.

A rational Modernist or an irrational postmodernist skilled in tying up young students in the rhetoric of critical theory, including "critical race theory? I can guess.


I confess....not really surprised! At the admission yes.....not the initial decision!

From Instapundit:

THINK OF IT AS A PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE OPERATION AGAINST NORMAL AMERICANS AND YOU WON’T GO FAR WRONG: 1619 Project Creator Admits “It Is Not A History” But a Fight “to Control the National Narrative.”

Funny though...they're still trying to teach it as history!


Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

Insight: “I believe there is a limit beyond which free speech cannot go, but it’s a limit that’s very seldom mentioned. It’s the point where free speech begins to collide with the right to privacy. I don’t think there are any other conditions to free speech. I’ve got a right to say and believe anything I please, but I haven’t got a right to press it on anybody else. … Nobody’s got a right to be a nuisance to his neighbors.” —H.L. Mencken (1880-1956)

Upright: “There is nothing so good that politicians can’t make it bad and nothing so bad that politicians can’t make it worse. Compassion is good but politicians have turned compassion into the welfare state. Crime is bad but politicians have made it worse by going easy on criminals.” —Thomas Sowell

For the record: “It was a moral absurdity. The Democrats resembled nothing so much as a bunch of corgis attempting to schtup a basketball while going after William Barr.” —Ben Shapiro on the behavior of House Judiciary Democrats

The bottom line: “This was not a hearing. This was a cancellation. They just wanted to cancel Bill Barr. They were not interested in hearing or listening to anything he had to say.” —Fox News’s Jesse Watters

Non compos mentis: “When you … brought your top staff, you brought no black people. That, sir, is systemic racism.” —Rep. Cedric Richmond to William Barr

Someone install the “Find My Candidate” app: “Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to Kingswood Community Center. Actually, that’s the one down where I used to work. That’s a joke. I didn’t know where we were.” —Joe Biden

The BIG Lie: “[Trump’s ads are] all about trying to come up with a bizarre ‘law and order’ 2020 campaign thing to try to scare the devil out of the American people.” —Joe Biden

And last… “A great clue that Trump is not a fascist dictator is that you all have been able to call him a fascist dictator for 4 years with impunity.” —Allie Beth Stuckey


Punchy's "Man of Science"……..

Masks Aren't Enough: Dr. Fauci Says People Should "Probably Use Eye Shields" To Protect Against COVID-19

First there was no need to wear masks…….then masks were essential……..now 4 months later, oopsy……face shields too! My Bad!

And they wonder why people scoff at these government pronouncements!



….and in Americans are morons news!

Flag removed from Saint Johns bed and breakfast over Confederate confusion

Nordic Pineapple removes Norwegian flag after dozens of people confuse it for the Confederate flag!



Shit..... Fire knocked out power.. Back on gen. for a while.


Well,, the fire is out..... and so is the power.....(still)

Scott O

fish 3:56 - That's not the worst of it:

Bill Tozer


Will be out til 10:15 pm here.

Bill Tozer

'Barr’s Testimony May Have Revealed Another Obama-Biden Scandal'

Attorney General William Barr’s comments indicate there were many situations that appear to have lacked a legitimate purpose for unmasking, and that this problem pre-dated Trump’s election



I got the same time estimate Bill. Good practice for Fall.
Needed to get the old fuel out of the genny anyway.

Bill Tozer

Good read

'California’s Woke Hypocrisy'

Leaders offer platitudes and counterproductive policies rather than opportunities and better living standards for the state’s minorities.


Bill Tozer

Well, we found Putin's puppet. No, not Punch.

'Ahead Of Election, Adam Schiff Tries To Kickstart Yet Another Russian Interference Operation'


Todd Juvinall

Herman Cain passed away this morning fron the Wuhan virus. Age 74.

robert Cross

Cain got the trump virus at trump's Tulsa fiasco. How many people have to die so trumpy can have a cheering audience to appease his narcissism?


Posted by: roberta Cross | 30 July 2020 at 08:57 AM

Arguing facts not in evidence again Roberta……how typical for a woman.


Cain might have gotten the virus at a bloody riot... there's just no way to pinpoint who coughed and where. And he might have been masked and properly socially distanced, as neither a bandana or a surgical mask or an N95 respirator is fine enough to screen out the virus.

Getting out of bed and living might be the death of you, Bobbie... best to just stay there, covered.


Not typical of a 'woman', Fish, typical of a dumb twat of whatever sex.


Posted by: L | 30 July 2020 at 10:14 AM

…….an "inside" joke between Roberta and me!

Don Bessee

Nothing to see here move along, move along -




BTW... does anyone know of a local MD who has prescribed the controversial drug du jour. hydroxychloroquine, as a part of the HCQ/Az/Zn regimen for SARS-CoV-2?

I almost pulled the ripcord a few days ago when I felt a bit feverish and my oral temp was up to 99.5F at bedtime. It was also hot that day and into the night. A false alarm, as it was down back to normal the next morning, but that left me with the question: how hard will it be to get in Nevada County if I come down with symptoms?

Just wondering.

The demon sperm lady that caught Crabby's eye calls it a cure but no one else in authority positions does, it's just a treatment that's been shown to be much more effective than that voodo that you do so well. And the "daemon" rantings she made wasn't as a MD, it was as a lay evangelical preacher, and at least she wasn't doing the rattlesnake handling thing.


I am going to have to look for another candidate now that the co-founder of the Federalist Society has called for Trump's second impeachment. How about you guys?


You need to force feed that to "no voter fraud" Emery.
He's the one who says "that just doesn't happen."
Right Emery?

Don Bessee

It would seem that black lives DONT matter to the rioters if you are a black conservative -



Don Bessee

Another one bites the dust -

U.S. solar power plant backed by over $700 mln in govt loans goes bust -filing
Nichola Groom
ReutersJuly 30, 2020, 11:16 AM
By Nichola Groom

July 30 (Reuters) - The owner of a big Nevada solar-thermal power plant that received $737 million in loans from the U.S. Department of Energy filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, according to a court filing, potentially leaving U.S. taxpayers with a whopping bill.

The project's failure is a blow to the DOE renewable energy loan program, which had already been criticized by Republicans as a waste of money after it backed failed solar panel maker Solyndra during the Obama administration.

Tonopah's 110-megawatt plant in the Nevada desert was billed as the first to be able to store solar energy. But its technology, which uses more than 10,000 mirrors to focus the sun's heat on a tower to create steam, was both unreliable and expensive.

Soon after it began operating in 2015, the facility suffered a string of leaks in its hot salt tank, a key component of its energy storage system. It has not operated since April of 2019.

The plant had been selling power at $139 per megawatt-hour, the company said. Solar energy contracts for large photovoltaic projects today are generally below $30 per MWh.




Don.. Post that on the SBC website...
Another "green dream" takes a big 💩.

Don Bessee

Here it comes and the clinton mafia wont be able to stop it. Any betting pools out her on her survivability in nyc? -

Documents unsealed by court order Thursday reveal correspondence between Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and also allege former President Bill Clinton was seen on the private island where Epstein was alleged to have taken underage girls.

Michael Cernovich tweeted excerpts from one of the documents, claiming, “Bill Clinton is implicated by name by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims as having been at Pedophile Island.”



Bill Tozer

Lol. I see Bobbie was right on cue yesterday morn:

"Cain got the trump virus at trump's Tulsa fiasco. How many people have to die so trumpy can have a cheering audience to appease his narcissism?

Posted by: robert Cross | 30 July 2020 at 08:57 AM"

Well, lookie hear.

'Donald Trump killed Herman Cain': Liberals waste absolutely zero time politicizing Herman Cain’s death and blaming Trump




NOTHING SUSPICIOUS HERE, MOVE ALONG: Obama Tells Packed Crowds At Lewis’ Funeral That Mail-In Ballots Needed ‘So People Don’t Get Sick.’

Instapundit....of course!


Bill Tozer

“John Lewis’s funeral was in Georgia. Dozens of Members of Congress were there.

Georgia is on Washington DC Mayor Bowser’s list of states that require 2 week mandatory quarantine for 14 days

Are these politicians going into quarantine, or are rules just for the little people?”


Bill Tozer

re: William Barr


Google censorship:



re: Heather McDonald got the boot....or did she?

“I related here the fact that YouTube deleted the livestream of our program today with Heather Mac Donald, in which she demolished the anti-police myths propagated by the Marxist Black Lives Matter and other leftist elements. It was too much for YouTube to take, apparently.”


PS.....on crime, policing and race, Heather Mac Donal is the country’s foremost expert on the conjunction of those topics.

George Rebane

BillT 934am - On the money Mr Tozer, that gathering highlighted the leftists' fundamental tenet of rules for the elite vs for the hoi polloi. Obama added insult to injury with his highly political and vitriolic campaign speech which he substituted for the eulogy that he was supposed to give at Lewis' funeral. All could see that the occasion was more of a political rally than a somber celebration of Lewis' life when Barry's speech was interrupted by cheers, clapping, and standing ovations by the attendees. They all knew what was coming down.

Bill Tozer

re: Gregory on July 30 @ 2:20 pm.

Levin: 'Totalitarian' Squarespace Scrubs America's Frontline Doctors Website From the Internet‘

“The video was censored due to the doctors’ endorsement of the drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, even positing the drug as a cure.

The video was “not about the overthrow of America, not about anti-Semitism, not promoting terrorism—but talking about experience, science, medical knowledge about hydroxychloroquine," Levin said.

"There’s no engagement of ideas. There’s no debate over the science and the medicine. The left is totalitarian. Squarespace is totalitarian. Twitter, Facebook, Google are totalitarian. Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC, CNN—the whole freak show over there—totalitarian."


Come November, the phrase Make America Great Again will be banned.

paul emery

On July 19 our Liar in Chief stated in an interview that aired July 19 on "Fox News Sunday.

"We're signing a healthcare plan within two weeks, a full and complete healthcare plan."

Well Trumpers that means we'll have that plan signed by next Monday. Problem is it hasn't even been presented to the public let alone debated and reviewed before his touted "signing. George, is this an example of outright lying or one that in your view will be fulfilled by his stated deadline on Monday?

"President Donald Trump said he plans to approve a healthcare plan "within two weeks," in an interview that aired July 19 on "Fox News Sunday."

The president didn't provide details on what would be included in the healthcare plan, but he said major healthcare and immigration initiatives would be put in place in coming weeks.

"We're signing a healthcare plan within two weeks, a full and complete healthcare plan," President Trump said. "We're going to sign an immigration plan, a healthcare plan, and various other plans. Nobody will have done what I'm doing in the next four weeks."


Bill Tozer

‘He’s a dangerous, incompetent jerk’


Hmmm. Isn’t McCaskill the Senator that the Republicans voted out of office? PS: McCaskill did a face plant when she forgot John Lewis’s name on tv, roflmao.
What can I say? Running out of words to describe these sheet stains.

‘They didn’t have money to buy these fireworks’


George Rebane

PaulE 1018am - I think you again misunderstand such statements. Trump is saying that his administration's healthcare plan would be ready for signing in two weeks were it to pass through Congress on greased skids, which everyone knows it will not. Now are you among those who don't understand such bravura, and instead breathlessly seek to add it to your people's stash of 'thousands of Trump lies'.

Yes, this is an inconsequentially inaccurate statement that doesn't compare with the ones made by the Dem leadership, lies that actually cause rank and file Americans to make erroneous decisions which affect their lives and livelihood. I've spent some effort in these pages pointing them out to you so you can perhaps learn to tell the difference. Alas.

Bill Tozer

Love this one.

‘People start throwing questions in there that have nothing to do with the issue at hand’
This one ain’t bad.

‘Where did they come from and why is it being done in secret?’
There are hundreds more examples. I used to think they were just dumb, living in a bubble. Now I know they are pure, not ignorant.


Posted by: George Rebane | 31 July 2020 at 10:36 AM

PaulE 1018am - I think you again misunderstand such statements. Trump is saying that his administration's healthcare plan would be ready for signing in two weeks were it to pass through Congress on greased skids, which everyone knows it will not. Now are you among those who don't understand such bravura, and instead breathlessly seek to add it to your people's stash of 'thousands of Trump lies'.

Another example of what "scenes" refers to as that "legendary Emery newscraft™"!

Bill Tozer

Quotes and a meme or two

Insight: “Men are rewarded and punished not for what they do, but rather for how their acts are defined. This is why men are more interested in better justifying themselves than in behaving themselves.” —Thomas Szasz (1920-2012)

For the record: “The idea that the police are wantonly killing black men is a creation of a politicized press and an elite establishment dedicated to the idea that racism is America’s defining trait.” —Heather Mac Donald in a lecture first removed by YouTube for violating “Community Guidelines” and then reinstated with an age restriction of “inappropriate”

Demo-gogues, Part I: “Bull Connor may be gone, but today we witness with our own eyes police officers kneeling on the necks of Black Americans. George Wallace may be gone, but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.” —Barack Obama during a eulogy political speech at John Lewis’s funeral

Demo-gogues, Part II: “There are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting … attacking our voting rights … even undermining the Postal Service in the run-up to an election that’s going to be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick!” —Barack Obama

Non compos mentis: “We hold China as a potential trading partner, as a country that has pulled tens of millions of people out of poverty in a short period of time, and as a country growing into a respectable nation amongst other nations. I deeply believe that.” —Senator Dianne Feinstein

Braying jenny: “This president is absolutely outrageous in the way that he carries out the playbook of third world countries with dictators.” —Rep. Maxine Waters

And last… “The same people who said Trump would destroy America are currently burning America to the ground.” —Ryan Fournier



paul emery


Are you claiming that the "a full and complete healthcare plan" that Trump promised would be ready to be signed by Monday exists at this time?

paul emery

Also George if it's not an intentional lie what is it? This is concerning legislation that will affect millions of Americans that he treats with such bravado with his spontaneous splats on the citizens of this country.

paul emery

Here's another promise from Trump in 2018. None was ever released. Total liar.

"President Donald Trump told attendees at a May 10 rally in Elkhart, Ind., that his administration will soon release "great health plans," according to Bloomberg.

President Trump said the health plans will come out over the next four weeks."


Bill Tozer

School closures

Politics, Not Science, Keeping Schools Closed


I believe I am due a rebate on my property taxes since schools are not going to open. A great reason to start firing the dead weight teachers and administrators. Thats a good thing.


If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.


Posted by: Gregory | 31 July 2020 at 12:29 PM

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

Punch is now furiously typing...."But I didn't vote for Obama the second time"!


toes 1154am

Worse is the killing off of music instruction and performance across the state and the country.No orchestras, whether based on strings or winds, are rehearsing or performing. Yutes are not gaining the skills, and old farts aren't keeping their skills or passing them on to the yutes sitting next to them.

And music teaching, a 1:1 master/student activity, is done on the q.t. now, if at all.

It's an unfolding tragedy.

paul emery

So Gregory what you are saying is that because you claim Obama lied it's okay for Trump to outright lie that he'll have a heath care plan by Monday.

Didn't vote for Obama 2nd time around fish and Gregory. Are you going to vote for Trump?

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 12:36 pm

'At the University of North Texas, the Mob Comes Calling for a Music Theorist'



Posted by: paul emery | 31 July 2020 at 01:01 PM

Are you going to vote for Trump?

....in California! Why waste my afternoon?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 31 July 2020 at 01:05 PM

Ahhh.....the University of North Texas.....home of the worlds greatest coffee mug!


George Rebane

PaulE 101pm - Are you really doubting that Obama was a habitual liar? Your use of "claim" communicates a belief that Obama did not lie, really?

But what you really miss in these exchanges is the aplomb with which you and yours use asymmetry to gleefully highlight the bygone sins of Republicans when necessary to make your point, and then turn around to mount the high horse with 'well, that was then, but this is now' when others take their turn at citing the bygone iniquities of Demorcrats.

paul emery

The bottom line George that you don't seem to give a shit that Trump continually lies to the American people. It is intelligent people like you that have allowed the Republican party to support this behavior because you are an enabler of Trump.
Whatever happens to the Republican party, as you articulated brilliantly in your Dilemma of a Disillusioned and Disaffected Republican post, is because of people of your persuasion that refuse to speak out against this man who is a total liar. My latest example occurs almost every day.

In 2016 you expressed in this blog that you were a Romney supporter early on. Romney is at least a man of integrity and he has been ostracized by the Party.

My speculation is that Trump will probably lose so the question is where does the Republican party go from here. Of course I may be wrong but that's the way it looks at this time and although you won' express it you probably agree.


My latest example occurs almost every day.

Yes......yes it does!

paul emery

Thanks for agreeing with me fish

George Rebane

PaulE 226pm - My position on Trump's bravura and the nature of his lies is a matter of public record on RR. I wish you had read it. I constantly take Trump and Republicans to task when I don't agree with them. I also understand the nature of politics and politicians, and know which in battles I can make a dent or just bend my pick. I don't see you or yours being either candid or critical with the absolute horseshit that the Left has been handing the country for years, and now has shifted into hyper-drive in Congress, the media, and our city streets.

paul emery


I don't believe the need for universal health care horseshit. The Republicans have offered NOTHING as an alternative to Obamacare and it is a crucial need for millions of American families and citizens. Tell me, what have Trump and the Republicans offered as an alternative. Links appreciated


Sorry Emery, your NOT going to get the Ruth Bader Ginsburg plan
of health care.
The system was pretty good before the guy YOU voted for "F"ed it up but good. You can always go on the VA plan,, You claim to be a VET. It's FREE!!

paul emery

What is your plan Walt?


Posted by: paul emery | 31 July 2020 at 02:49 PM

Thanks for agreeing with me fish.

About what......


punch 249pm

Paul, why lie about something like that?

Finally, if Trump said "water is wet" you'd have a straw man argument against it.

Give it a rest. It will all be over soon.

paul emery

Your post fish:

I write:

"My latest example occurs almost every day."
Referring to Trump lying.

You reply
Yes......yes it does!
Posted by: fish | 31 July 2020 at 02:44 PM


Earth to everyone, from Rasmussen today:

"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-eight percent (48%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 39% who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing and 43% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -4. (see trends)"


Posted by: paul emery | 31 July 2020 at 03:57 PM

Thought you were talking about something else. Never mind.


punchy 226pm

Is the Romney you're talking about the same Romney who made billions by packing up American jobs and factories, sending them to China to enable CalPERS/STRS to meet their performance goals?

paul emery

Can you provide some links for that Gregory. Interesting observation if true.

paul emery

Yeah Gregory

Rasmussen is all over the place. Last wednesday Trump was down by 13. Week before he was up by 1 week before that he was down by 9. Why do you think that is Gregory? They are the only poll with such mood swings. Glad it makes you feel good. Trump still down by nearly 8 in RCP election votes averages and down by 107 in RCP electoral vote polls.



punch 450pm

I can't be bothered to revisit history you slept through when it was happening. Try searching a browser with this query: 'did bain capital send jobs overseas?'

No, Rasmussen isn't all over the place.

Don Bessee

Not everyone is bending the knee to the marxist blm -



Don Bessee

Looks like Fauci is not following the talking points for lefties. Its ok oh great pony tail of ignorance you can still do your phony putin party parrot act all day long! -

Fauci: Trump restrictions on travel from China, Europe, UK saved American lives early in pandemic
NIAID director tells lawmakers he and president 'were in agreement on virtually' every major decision



Don Bessee

Golly gosh its really a bad day for the TDS set, a good warm up for november -




A new reason to open our mines.

Our local gold mines are full of the stuff.
"“Fool’s gold,” an inexpensive substance also known as pyrite, is often found in quartz veins and is used primarily to create sulfuric acid for industrial applications, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The University of Minnesota team had separately been researching ways to try and make new kinds of solar panels out of sulfur and iron sulfide materials, Leighton said. And they had begun looking into ways to use electrical voltages to control magnetism."

Is Emery buying stock in the Tonopah solar plant?
Now would be a good time. It's cheap.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe cant hide in the basement for ever and no the diversity hire wont be able to take his place. Anyone care to place a bet on it? -

"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace called out former Vice President Joe Biden Friday over the presumptive Democratic nominee's apparent reluctance to appear on Wallace's program or any of the Sunday morning news shows.

Chris Wallace challenges Biden to follow Trump on 'Fox News Sunday,' says ex-VP must 'get into game shape'

Wallace says Biden needs to experience 'vigorous, persistent questioning' from Sunday news shows



Don Bessee


The federal government said Friday, July 31, 2020, four giant dams on the Snake River in Washington state will not be removed to help endangered salmon migrate to the ocean.



paul emery

Gregory writes:

No, Rasmussen isn't all over the place.

Totally wrong Gregory. On Tuesday they had Biden up by 9. 11 point swing in less than a week.

31-Jul-20 -4 39% 43% 50% 48%
30-Jul-20 -7 37% 44% 48% 51%
29-Jul-20 -13 34% 47% 45% 54%
28-Jul-20 -12 35% 47% 45% 54%


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