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03 July 2020



Look who has their hand out for money!

Allow riots and looting,, then come round with your hand outstretched wanting others to pay for your wokness? F.U.!

George Rebane

re Robert Cross - "Gee George.. I have noticed that all of my posts automatically go into the dust bin.. is this so you can review the content before posting? Nothing like censorship is there.."

Apologies. Have no idea why Typepad puts your comments into the spam folder, from where I regularly dig them out and post them. You are not on my block list, but will soon be there if continue accusing me of censoring readers' comments because of their ideological or interpretive content. That I have never done, and will never do - especially for dyed-in-wool leftists like you. You progressives and socialists are the grist for RR debates which otherwise would look like all the usual leftwing monotone echo chambers. Just keep lavishing us with your ideas and worldviews, and cut your baseless accusations.

Scott O

George 9:44 - re Bobby X's latest nonsense.
"...and cut your baseless accusations."
Gee, that wouldn't leave Bobby with much else to say.

Meanwhile - https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/01/politics/qanon-pew-poll/index.html
76% of Americans? CNN has work to do!
They're on it!
The article is a good example for parents to use to show children how a biased person can take a few facts and photos and twist it into a load of horse manure.


May I suggest Babs,, you make a typepad account?
None of my posts get round filed..
Then again, it's seems you would rather piss and moan, and cry censorship.( but Proggys sure like censoring others... But that's OK.)


"Alex Berenson on the real skinny behind Covid-19 reporting"

It available on libgen if anyone wants to look before they buy.


Gee George.. I have noticed that all of my posts automatically go into the dust bin.. is this so you can review the content before posting? Nothing like censorship is there.."

I thought you’d heard Roberta.....typepad just introduced their “menopausal hysteria” filter.

Just saying......


re: crazy stabbing chick

"Deloitte have confirmed however that she was never an employee at the firm
Janover was due to complete a two-week internship at the end of the summer"


roflmao. Perfect combination of someone looking for a gofundme and all the major news organization doing their typical 'news craft'.


Can someone explain to this guy, there is no "white" National Anthem either?

He will get elected on his LIB stupidity alone.


Walt: "He will get elected on his LIB stupidity alone."

read the article.

in other news, a thing I just ran into. Typical 'news craft' in the USofA.


Don Bessee

Israel said to bracing for the retaliation. Well they said they would never let those mutha mulalhs get the bomb -



Don Bessee

Here is on for the trollish set -

Researchers at the Henry Ford Health System in Southeast Michigan have found that early administration of the drug hydroxychloroquine makes hospitalized patients substantially less likely to die.

The study, published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, determined that hydroxychloroquine provided a "66% hazard ratio reduction," and hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin a 71 percent reduction, compared to neither treatment.

In-hospital mortality was 18.1 percent with both drugs, 13.5 percent with just hydroxychloroquine, 22.4 percent with azithromycin alone, and 26.4 percent with neither drug. "Prospective trials are needed" for further review, the researchers note.

"Our results do differ from some other studies," Dr. Marcus Zervos, who heads the hospital's infectious diseases unit, said at a news conference. "What we think was important in ours ... is that patients were treated early. For hydroxychloroquine to have a benefit, it needs to begin before the patients begin to suffer some of the severe immune reactions that patients can have with COVID."




db 420pm

and it's yet another study that left off the zinc, which Didier Raoult in Marselles and the Hassidic MD in NYC were both keen on using.

At least they didn't give toxic doses to patients who had been suffering from the virus longer than they should have... I expect to start demanding HCQ/Az/Zn on first symptoms or test result. Just give it to me Doc or I will be shopping for another doc, starting right about now.

Unless you can show me something better.

Don Bessee

Say it aint so, oh no joe what are we going to do! -

Michael Dukakis warns Biden to ignore the polls: 'No guarantee of success'
One poll showed Dukakis up 17 percentage points on George H.W. Bush in late July 1988.



Bill Tozer

re: Misunderstood crazy stabbing chick: Well, at least she is confident that she WILL BE an “indelible change in the world'. They truly are brimming with confidence. Petulant darings. One would think that the paper cut girl would have been an woke expert on the new Lefty rules. Especially coming out of Havard. Well, she right quick learned that “Speech is violence” in the school of hard knocks...where the rubber meets the road.

The first thing that flashed in my mind watching the crazy stabbing girl’s grand finale was Scarlet O’Hara rising from the dirt, holding a fistful of soil and proclaiming to the heavens from the deeps of her soul, “As God is my witness, I won’t let them lick me.”


Eating their own: darn, it’s too hard to keep up. Hope somebody out there has the time to catalog daily all the crazy Leftinista Wingnut things going on. Some Dem female just got cancelled for writing on social media that she likes Donald Trump.....in 2010. The Red Scarfs are in the zone, feeling it, battle ready state of mind. Delicious for them when they inflict pain.

Let’s see. 2010? Did she mean she liked Donald Trump or she liked the Apprentice or some crack she read that Donald made in the NY tabloids? What was Donald doing ten years ago? Oh, he was getting all these awards from groups of black civil rights organizations, large and small, national...the biggies. Sitting next to Ali, Jesse, Al, and Rosa Parks. All the NY local neighborhood black leaders said Donald Trump never turned them down once when asking for money to build a gym or something needed.
The 4th of July this year removes any and all doubt that the Dems hate America. Year Zero now means (according the Leftinistas) fireworks over Rushmore is worshipping to the Shrine of White Supremacy...on stolen land. As Walt (?) mentioned, there is no white National Anthem.

Well, guess what? The NYT, who publishes the rubbish above, sits on land stolen from the Canarsee Indians. I hate the Dutch.


Bill Tozer

Holy Mackerel! The crazy handlers put Sleepy Joe in front of a camera. He hit it out of ballpark from the get-go.



Secret Biker Bill poll: Trump up by 4 in AZ. 78% of Minnesotans do not want police defunded.


lol. Maybe Paul could stop by for a sec and explain how this guy:


is going to stop this:


Even the crack KVMR Action News Team can't be against elks I would think.

Don Bessee

She might be on to something -




Shootout going on up above Cal-Ida.
Cops from three counties headed on the way.
Some nut shooting people who tried to cross the creek.

Bill.. Radio traffic is on 460.275


Democrat domestic terrorists at it again.

Don Bessee

Polls can be tricky but this one is unassailable -

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie told "Bill Hemmer Reports" Friday that approval of his department among veterans is at an "all-time high."

"Veterans are now, under this administration, voting with their feet," Wilkie told host Jon Scott.
Wilkie explained that under his and President Trump's leadership, the VA is seeing a 90 percent "trust-and-approval" rating. He added that the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization did their own survey and essentially validated those figures after polling their members.



Don Bessee

The slavish lap dogs at cnn can not even be consistent in their TDS delirium -




But the Proggy Press said it was killing people!
And just because Trump was saying it was helping people... Remember?

The Proggy Press trotted out full of shit "experts" to say is had no effect, just to bash Trump.


Prettty darned clever.


Bill Tozer

@ 6:00 pm

Toppling elk statues? Easy to explain. They done gone full blown fanatic religious zealots and are tearing down graven images.
'Black Conservatives Laugh at BLM Protest After They Notice There's No Black People'


Paul Emery

Getting close to home. No wonder Trump is stalling on his speech tonight. Fox is getting frustrated.

"Trump Jr’s girlfriend tests positive for COVID-19 in South Dakota ahead of the president’s event: report."

“Ms. Guilfoyle traveled to South Dakota with Mr. Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., in anticipation of attending a huge fireworks display where the president was set to speak. They did not travel aboard Air Force One, according to the person familiar with her condition, and she was the only person in the group who tested positive,” the newspaper reported. “Still, that another person who was expected to be near Mr. Trump tested positive — and someone who most staff aides consider a member of the Trump family — is likely to renew attention around potential risks to the president.”


Don Bessee

Would have expected you to watch cspan oh great pony tail of ignorance who is doing his happy dance that someone is sick.

You need to kick that monkey on your back, rawstory will only disappoint you like a blown amp.


Don Bessee

Looks like creepy grampa joe and the mob are on the wrong side of this -

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey finds 75 percent of likely U.S. voters oppose closing or changing Mt. Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota. Less than 20 percent said they support the removal of Mt. Rushmore.

By a 56-percent majority, black Americans said they oppose tearing down Mt. Rushmore, while only about 35 percent said they support removing the monument. Likewise, more than six-in-ten Democrats, 76 percent of swing voters, 82 percent of white Americans, and 88 percent of Republican voters said they oppose tearing down Mt. Rushmore.

The Rasmussen Reports survey also asked likely voters if they opposed or supported removing statues in honor of Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from public places. More than 70 percent of all likely voters said they opposed tearing down statues dedicated to the two men.

Majorities in every racial, income, age, gender, political, and educational attainment group said they oppose tearing down statues and buildings honoring Washington and Jefferson — including 54 percent of black Americans, 78 percent of white Americans, 57 percent of Democrats, 83 percent of Republicans, and 75 percent of swing voters.




One hell of a speech Emery,, you need to watch and listen.
You could use the history lesson.

Bill Tozer

Punchy is rooting for somebody to die at Mt. Rushmore. Oh please, let it happen. Herman Cain is doing fine, no ventilator needed
Darn, he didn't die from the Tulsa Rally watched by 8 million people, 10 mil if you count all the platforms.

Like hoping the shooter is white. Please, please, let the shooter be white!


Cops still have yet to get to the shooting incident.
It's going to be a long night up there.

Bill Tozer

Boy, the unhinged fakenews Enemy of the People has been going plumb batshit looney tunes all day long about the celebration of America the Fantastic with Trump. Oh please, let a bunch of Americans die from the Kung Flu! Please!

And the Enemy are still going at it. How dare he in the middle of a pandemic!

Well, Trump is celebrating this great nation of ours in the Great Outdoors because he can. Too bad Biden can't.


Wowwww.. One great Presidential quality fireworks display.
The wildlife will think hunting season came early.

AND of course,, Proggy news would find some ECO asswipe to complain about the fireworks. From wildfire to AGO.

Bill Tozer

My goodness. Just think of the over 1,000-1,2000 big long dumpster loads it took S.Dakota to clean up the trash and toxic waste left by the Libs at Standing Rock. Big race against the clock to prevent the mountains of debris left behind from getting into the water the Lefties were protesting to keep clean, roflmo. AOC was there at Standing Rock when her brother submitted her application for the New Justice Democrat from NY. She won the contest.

Good thing Mt. Rushmore will have no such problem. A characteriatic of who is on which side of the great divide.
So here are some of the news items of the day, starting with the crazy left protesting at Mount Rushmore:


Paul Emery

Sure was a boring speech as demonstrated by the dim reaction from the crowd. Same message over and over and over and........

His Jr High school lecture on American History certainly won't win any new supporters. Only one sentence abut the Pandemic. Looks like he's out of ideas. How much did American taxpayers pay for that fiasco?

Barry Pruett


America. 🇺🇸

Bill Tozer

Leo Terrell slams DNC tweet tying Mount Rushmore to 'white supremacy' as 'the race card at its highest level'
'I am embarrassed to be a Democrat tonight,' civil rights attorney tells Fox News.


Bill Tozer

Trump At Mount Rushmore: ‘Left-Wing Cultural Revolution Is Designed To Overthrow The American Revolution"



I admit that the speech scans nicely...

"1776 represented the culmination of thousands of years of Western civilization and the triumph of not only spirit, but of wisdom, philosophy, and reason. And yet, as we meet here tonight, there is a growing danger that threatens every blessing our ancestors fought so hard for, struggled, they bled to secure. Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. Many of these people have no idea why they’re doing this, but some know what they are doing. They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive, but no, the American people are strong and proud and they will not allow our country and all of its values, history, and culture to be taken from them."

"One of their political weapons is cancel culture, driving people from their jobs, shaming dissenters, and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees. This is the very definition of totalitarianism, and it is completely alien to our culture and to our values and it has absolutely no place in the United States of America."

"This attack on our liberty, our magnificent liberty must be stopped and it will be stopped very quickly. We will expose this dangerous movement, protect our nation’s children from this radical assault, and preserve our beloved American way of life. In our schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished. It’s not going to happen to us."

"Make no mistake. This left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution. In so doing they would destroy the very civilization that rescued billions from poverty, disease, violence, and hunger, and that lifted humanity to new heights of achievement, discovery, and progress. To make this possible, they are determined to tear down every statue, symbol, and memory of our national heritage."


You know, that's just the simple truth.

We're way beyond arguing about DACA, some corner of environmental law, or national health policy. The DNC and Democratic party have made allies of something it helped let out of the bottle and thinks it can control. Our local useful idiots have shown how well crafted this thing, basically an insurgency, really is.

socialism cannot be implemented without the aid of coercion. - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

...and the Blue Mob is all about coercion.


Emery whining? It wasn't a big venue Sir Whinesalot.
Any other piss poor excuses?

You really need to go back to England and bow to the Queen,, apologize for your ancestors protesting and claiming prime real estate for their own. (You have already stated that you rooted for the Red coats) Heck. She might even remember you.
London is a fine LIB Socialist town, and love their street performers.

The Estonian Fox

Walt @ 7:13 PM

Copied this from my previous comment made on RR 26 March 2020 @ 1:41PM

"Part of the reply to my email (3/25) to Michael Lockshin, MD, a rheumatologist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC.

"Indeed, there are a number of people, including those at our institution and at the American College of Rheumatology, the Lupus Research Alliance, American Autoimmune and Related Diseases Association, and others who are trying to coordinate efforts to understand not only lupus and rheumatoid arthritis but also hydroxychloroquine (-C) and coronavirus. You probably have heard that New York State has just initiated controlled clinical trials for treatment of COVID-19 to see whether hydroxychloroquine does or does not work (available data are not sufficient to say that it does)."

This in response to the well-known use of -C for treating rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Lupus, both auto-immune diseases, with over 2M diagnosed with those diseases. Even if there is only a 1% prescription rate for them, that makes 20,000+ patients who have been taking -C for over 3 months, or years. Some RA patients have been on the chloros for over 20 years (personal info from my daughter, a PharmD). They are now potential subjects for an on-going experiment that they never even knew they were a part of just 6 months ago.

So with our all-intrusive NSA-snooping, you would think that finding out all those patients who have been taking -C for a long time, we would know if they contract the Wuhan Virus (WV) at all, or have fewer symptoms, or have no difference from someone who has never been on -C. So a simple 8th grade Hypothesis = "If -C is effective, 1- expect fewer RA/Lupus patients to get WV, or 2- the effects of WV are lessened from 10?? days to 5?? days, or 3- no effect, it was a stupid hypothesis." if anyone has reduced susceptibility to WV, it should be these RA patients.

Dr. Lockshin (on the hss.edu website) has said that the -C takes up to 3 months before the body is 'full-up' to fight Lupus.

So -C seems to have a half-life of a few weeks to a month, both going up, as well as discontinuing -C. So if any benefit is found in short-term relief (say 2 weeks of dosing in trials just started) for the WV, then this response should be blindingly evident in the fact that RA/Lupus patients don't contract the WV at all, or the same, as those not on -C. These RA patients would have their immune systems 'full-up' with -C.

It seems that this should be low-hanging fruit, even with HIPAA rules. But I haven't found anyone examining the 20,000+ already on -C and whether they are more or less susceptible to WV. All the studies seem to have been started within the last couple weeks. Where is the NIH on this?"

I sent the above note to 15-20 docs/organizations, including those mentioned by Dr Lockshin above, and there were no comments back other than from Dr Lockshin himself. Still have yet (it's been 3 months now) to see mentioned the effects of the Wuhan virus on RA/Lupus patients who should have been dying in the streets if HCQ is useless. For gosh sakes, their immune system is already compromised pretty severely - they should have been among the first to die.

George Rebane

Fox 822am - Excellent points, thanks for the repost, and we all should be sad and aware of the lack of response you received. Covid-19 is undeniably the most politicized, propagandized, and patronized pandemic in history - we are being played by governments at all levels.


This is all that ch.3 has on what I posted last night.

Robert Cross

This from a veteran's organization in response to trump's denial about the Russian bounty episode and siding with Putin..once again, "“No one has betrayed those in uniform like Donald Trump...This July Fourth, Benedict Arnold can step aside, because Benedict Donald is America’s number one traitor,”

In the" More Dunning-Kruger" category..a quote that describes trumpy, his family and his followers.. "When you are dead you don't know you are dead..the pain is only felt by others..the same thing happens when you are stupid."

Don Bessee

They always let the bad news out on a Friday or a holiday weekend. Bad chi coms, bad -



George Rebane

DonB 127pm - Would like to hear from anyone that a lamestream outlet has picked up on this very significant admission. Citation please.

Bill Tozer

To dovetail Dr. Rebane’s 12:14 pm over on Happy Fourth, if you can (redux and up a notch)

Not exactly about the 4th per se, it’s about last night, so it goes here. Happy 4th of July all you TDSers and various haters in all walks of life: Glad Trump ruint it for ya. :)

“Mark Levin
10 hrs ·
The president’s speech at Mt. Rushmore was spectacular. Absolutely fabulous. Truly historic. One of the most powerful speeches I’ve ever heard. I couldn’t be prouder.”

“In the vicious culture war that is dividing our nation, President Trump has taken the side of the United States. This is what I get out of Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore last night in South Dakota. For this — for his advocacy of the United States in the culture war — Trump will never be forgiven by the our cultural arbiters. This is what I get get out of the absurd AP story “Trump pushes racial division, flouts virus rules at Rushmore.””

“We can infer several things: 1) Trump was effective. 2) “Dark” means he spoke about things the Left would prefer that voters not focus on. 3) The Left thinks it will lose the culture war.”
Media Outlets Describe Trump’s Rushmore Speech As ‘Dark’ And ‘Divisive’



Bill Tozer

Thanks Walt for the update. I bet some larger growers were shitting bricks if they heard through the grapevine that a helicopter was parked and taking off from the Rood Center in front of the jail with all the LE gathered and suited up for a big time bust,, lol. Oh, the rumor mill. Warning hun, they are about raid our farm. “He’s not answering his phone!!” Pretty weird. Can’t find any good updates since yours last night. Checked Yuba.net this am, not updated there either. Guess it is wise and prudent to not telegraph the suspect any info...


Bill. No new news over the police band. But the CHP chopper and Placer Co. Sheriff chopper are taking turns over the Poker Flat aria. If that is any hint, the hunt may still be on.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt @ 5:08 pm .

Happy 4th of July. Yep, the consensus last night was it is getting dark, some LE are getting lost already and few know that area well. I don’t. Sheriffs getting lost at night is probably not the ideal search and capture teams. :). Helicopter flew after dark. All in all, you had the most timely reports, with little to work with.

Another consensus is that if the suspect knows the back area and trails, he could make it up to La Porte and if he really knows the trails, he could damn near walk to Reno. :).

Much more than a needle in a haystack. Even if he doesn’t know the area like the back of his hand, he could turn down some old logging road and find plenty of places to hide. He is going to be looking for food soon enough.


"Media Outlets Describe Trump’s Rushmore Speech As ‘Dark’ And ‘Divisive’"

Perhaps it just means that Trump is against that bright cleansing light from burning buildings.

It seems to me that the morality of looting, statue toppling, and cancel culture is just something that the two parties will have to agree to disagree on.

The fact that the Left has gone all-in on the destruction of Western Civilization at least shows honesty on their part.

Bill Tozer

Los Angeles declared that they are defunding the LA Unified School District PD. Who knew the school district had ts own legitimate police force. Anyway, no cops on campus not more. No worries, they will work it out with magic words and counseling when the next school shooter walks onto a high school or jr. high campus knowing full well the place is a gun free zone. It’s for the children....


lol. Wow. Check out this horrid little girl plus the horrid little media that is hovering around a 15 year old. Somehow this kid reminds me of a lot of the marchers.



"Los Angeles declared that they are defunding the LA Unified School District PD. Anyway, no cops on campus not more. No worries, they will work it out with magic words and counseling when the next school shooter walks onto a high school or jr. high campus knowing full well the place is a gun free zone. "

I don't think it's school shooters that's the problem, it's the students. Plenty o' stories on that subject out there.

That'll be a wonderful social experiment. Maybe removing any semblance of security will make for perfectly behaved kids plus their friends from off campus. It could happen I tell you.


Posted by: scenes | 04 July 2020 at 08:17 PM

Go long remote learning companies.....! Time to close bloated government funded daycare centers.


Thanks Brother Bill. Hope you had a good 4TH as well.
Did the BBQ twice! It's roast LIB,,uh,,chicken tomorrow.
Got one of those racks you shove up the back end of said cowardly bird. (beer can chicken I think)


Video of the day.



WOW Scenes,,, now if a bunch of us white guys did that,,,,,,,,,

Bill Tozer

Here’s the WORST Moments from MSNBC’s America-Hating, Anti-Founders Mt. Rushmore Coverage


George Rebane

scenes 841pm - how do we tell if they're a rightwing or leftwing militia? Is it only by the color of their skin?


Mr. Plissken to the white courtesy phone please...


"scenes 841pm - how do we tell if they're a rightwing or leftwing militia? Is it only by the color of their skin?"

Heck, that's easy. The nature of news media coverage.

Now, it could be that the really stylish rightwing version wears short shorts and carries FN-FALs. It's a funny old world after all.


re: BillT@9:49PM July 4, Year Zero

"Here’s the WORST Moments from MSNBC’s America-Hating, Anti-Founders Mt. Rushmore Coverage"

It would be interesting to see the KVMR Action News Team comment on that article, but perhaps it's not part of 'news craft'.

Can you imagine any Left-leaning media folks speaking like that 20 years ago? Hey, don't look at me, I'm not the one who went crazy.

Mary Wanna

It was swift and sweeping like nobody's business,



re: MW@7:32AM

lol. That's a good one, although it's remarkable how well he speaks without notes.

Maybe we'll see remixes like this:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-66xJLd6Z0 to


re: moi@8:41 and the Black Panther Marching Band.

It's pure street theater of course. Somebody went out and bought a bunch of tacticool gear and, owing to the rarity of a lot of the rifles, quite a few airsoft firearms, but by golly it looks cool.

If we could get them to guard stores, homes, and monuments and stand up for people who got fired for a trivial tweet, you'd really have something there.

Mary Wanna


"Militias flocked to Gettysburg to foil a supposed antifa flag burning, an apparent hoax created on social media"


Bill Tozer

Well, you don’t see anybody on the Right burning flags, or normal people burning flags Just the usual Dems and Leftists and America haters....you know, the crazy ass enemies of the Constitution. The ones who the best part of them ran down their momma’s legs.


re: Mary Wanna@8:00 July 5, Year Zero.

I also see headlines like this all over facebook "WARNING WHITE SUPREMACIST ATTACKS PLANNED FOR 4TH OF JULY ACCORDING TO HPNGC" (Huey P Newton Gun Club).

Must be them evil 'boogaloo boys', huh? No doubt there's a unicorn somewhere.

In other news from The Crazy Party


Dude, you're never going to win in a tit-for-tat in terms of ridiculous people. You know it, I know it. A person could swamp this page with insane Blue Mob links.


Yup,, she's a LIB......
That will surely get her re-elected.
Another one of the Amerikan Taliban.

Scott O

Mary Waaaah! - 8:00 You lefties are very proud of your hoaxes - it's all you have!

George Rebane

re ScottO 839am - That indeed is true. And like third graders, they are proud of their accomplishments. It's equivalent to yelling fire in a crowded theater and then telling all how you fooled them after the people ran out of the theater. It's easy to hoax by claiming the occurrence of high probability events. And as Scott says, it's all they have - more in my next Scattershots.



“‘Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.’” -Syme

Robert Cross

" You lefties are very proud of your hoaxes " And you are equally proud of the corona virus hoax, the climate change hoax, the Russian bounty hoax, the Russian election interference hoax, sex assault claims made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were a "hoax", on and on.. actually trump is hoax..a bad one.

Bill Tozer

Real Estate agents now longer say “master bath” or “ master bedroom.”

George Rebane

scenes 905am - Yes, Newspeak has been an abiding subject in these pages over the years, especially when connected to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis which years ago first posited the dictum that 'you cannot think thoughts which your language does not support'. Most recently this was again demonstrated by a defecting NK soldier who had no concept of the word 'defect' since it was expunged from NK's lexicon.

Bill Tozer


“Now, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled that a male student may proceed with a claim of sex discrimination against Oberlin for railroading him out of the college for alleged sexual assault. The case was filed under Title IX, which bars universities that receive federal funds from discriminating against students based on their sex.

Although the male student will now be able to present his claim against Oberlin, he still has suffered through a nightmare that even a successful lawsuit will not fully mitigate.

For purposes of determining whether the male student can proceed with his case, the facts he asserts must be taken as true. However, the basic facts here are undisputed, or were until the woman who accused the student of assault changed her story.”



Someone drinking too much? Or just as brain damaged as Biden??

Bill Tozer

‘Amid a pandemic, the woke-ist media are experiencing a psychotic break’


“Lastly, ABC News published a report this week titled “New government data, shared first with ABC News, shows the country's premier outdoor spaces – the 419 national parks – remain overwhelmingly white.”

The story’s headline reads, “America's national parks face existential crisis over race,” adding in the subhead, “A mostly white workforce, visitation threatens parks' survival and public health.”

“Just 23% of visitors to the parks were people of color,” the report adds, “77% were white. Minorities make up 42% of the U.S. population.”

As it turns out, white people really enjoy hiking and camping, and that is a problem for the parks, the ABC News report claims, because people of color will be a majority in America by 2044. The article then goes on to quote outdoor enthusiasts of color who say they do not feel welcome at the “overwhelmingly white” national parks. These advocates, the article reads, “say they hope the moment since George Floyd's death in police custody brings attention to systemic racism in the outdoors as well as other parts of society and translates into a long-term change in attitudes and behavior.”

Sorry, everyone. Even national parks are racist now.

This is not normal behavior from our press. This is a mental breakdown in the works. People of the future will look at all this and wonder how on earth these stories made it into print.“


BillT : "Sorry, everyone. Even national parks are racist now."

I'd been reading about that for some time, but I'm still musing on the underlying purpose.

Maybe Mary 'n Paul could break cover to explain why national parks are racist, 24/7 Trumphate has to be boring after a while.

My leading contenders for the nat'l park brouhaha are:

1. Just another thing to bitch about to the white devils, clickbait.
2. $$$$. A cover to move resources from the park system to those super duper important issues like midnight basketball. Of course, a lot of cash has to cross the palms of the appropriate 'non-profits' (btw, congrats to SBC for snagging $165k in taxpayer money for one of those ever-useful studies contracts).
3. ???

What would number 3 or beyond be? Genuinely curious.

Mary Wanna

Black power baby!



re: Mary Wanna@11:34AM July 5, Year Zero.

Look at my 8:41 from last night. You must have gotten out of your damp EZ chair while I was posting.

Here's some words from the organizer:


You must be so proud.

Bill Tozer

Everybody forgot who the Dixie Chicks were until they brought it up by dropping the word Dixie.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 11:28 am

I bet our own little Yuba River State Park with 700,000 visitors a year (snicker, snicker) is problematic as well because I don’t see 44% of the visitors being persons of color. Racist! Maybe some preferred parking spots reversed for non-whites is in order....like right quick. Nevada City Libs can drive to the river, find a spot to park up the Hwy, and gather around and bow to those in the reserved spots for POCs. Maybe slip each of them a ten and apologize for being part of systemic racists at our state parks.

Mary Wanna

Scenes, similar videos. Wally is all washed up though, he thinks no white people have been showing off their guns lately.


re: BillT@11:58 July 5, Year Zero

"Dixie Chicks" = "Chicks", I guess then.

I'm not sure that 'Chicks' is entirely kosher. Maybe 'The Xyrs' or something.

In the meantime, the July 4 celebrations are coming in:


Mary Wanna

Locally we need to give up on the term 'Karen' and replace it with 'Reinette',


Mary Wanna

Forget politics, let's talk guns!


Don Bessee

The trolls wont want to watch this -

Georgia Man Plays National Anthem in Front of American Flag Made of Hay Bales



Bill Tozer

You would have to be an idiot not to see this coming. How come everybody knew except for the Dem mayors

‘Six Weeks, Six Cities, 600 Murders’


Well, we now know who the real baby killers are. Liberal Supramists

Bill Tozer

‘Two More Childen Killed In Chicago Violence Spike, City Sees Two Mass Shootings In Under 24 Hours’



"Forget politics, let's talk guns!"

Honestly, nearly all of the modern semiautos seem alike to me. I keep waiting for some novel design that brings something to the table...I do wish that Five-seveNs weren't so expensive.

My own gut feeling is that the average person with no need for concealment needs a smallish carbine for self defense.

Don Bessee

Funny this didn't get lamestream coverage, oh ya it does fit the antifa mobs allowed narrative -




Worth keeping an eye on. Overwrought reporting or the new normal?


Don Bessee

The chi coms are not even bothering to pretend anymore that they are flooding us with spys. -



Bill Tozer

Child Sexually Assaulted in Neighborhood That Refuses To Call Police


Its for the children


This is a complicated timeline we live in brothas. Perhaps Mary can tell us all about the 'boogaloos' some more, being an expert and all.

"Today armed Black Lives Matter and "boogaloo" protesters joined forces for an open carry rally against police violence and government overreach. I'll have HD video up ASAP, but here are some photos I snapped today."


Don Bessee

The trollish set should turn their eyes away to avoid the PAIN, OH THE PAIN OF IT ALL! -

The early economic signs indicate that we may already be in a “V”-shaped recovery — or at the very least a strong checkmark-shaped recovery — as we cautiously emerge from the coronavirus shutdown.

As Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Jay Powell admitted earlier this week, we have experienced a welcome “bounce back in economic activity,” and “have done so sooner than expected.” The economic data from the past two months make the point.

The May jobs report gave us the first indication that the post-pandemic rebound would be something special, revealing that employers had created a record-shattering 2.5 million jobs in a single month, beating economists' expectations for a loss of around 9 million jobs.

Most economists anticipated that the trend would continue, but few foresaw just how stellar the June jobs report turned out to be. Last month, the country gained a mind-boggling 4.8 million new jobs, blowing past consensus expectations of around 3.7 million. As an added bonus, last month’s total was revised upward by nearly 200,000 jobs, bring the two-month gain to 7.5 million jobs.

Tammy Bruce: Trump prioritizing law and order with move to protect monuments from mob
Kay Coles James: Nation's values under attack — we must do this to stop the left's socialist agenda

Dale Wilcox: Stop abusing visa system — Corporate America must hire homegrown talent
Even though the labor force participation rate rose sharply, meaning more people began looking for work, the nationwide unemployment rate nonetheless plummeted in June by more than two full percentage points, falling from 13.3 percent to 11.1 percent, also beating economists’ expectations of a 0.8 of a percentage point decrease to 12.5 percent.

Those are some incredible numbers! But what else were we seeing in the economy?

In May, retail sales increased by a record 17.7 percent, soundly beating economists’ expectations of around 8.4 percent. This increase in retail sales — following three months of declines — bodes well for a return to positive economic growth. Consumer spending accounts for about two-thirds of our economic output, and retail sales account for about a quarter of consumer spending.



Don Bessee

The city that never sleeps is in a coma. Is that what comrade Deblasio always wanted? -

Parts of Manhattan, famously the ‘city that never sleeps’, have begun to resemble a ghost town since 500,000 mostly wealthy and middle-class residents fled when Covid-19 struck in March.

New York state has suffered the highest death toll in America, with more than 24,000 dead, nearly 10,000 more than the second-hardest hit state, New Jersey, and eight times the number killed by terrorists on 9/11.

Streets once teeming with tourists are virtually empty. Shops and restaurants are boarded up to protect against looters. Hotels are closed. According to one resident: ‘New York has become a place where the soup kitchens are full and skyscrapers are empty.’

The Broadway theatre district sits in darkness, unlikely to open before next year. The subway, which once carried 750,000 commuters a day, is mainly deserted. In Times Square, a handful of street vendors offer hand-sanitiser and face masks in place of knock-off designer sunglasses and bags.



Mary Wanna

"Many powerful people connected to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell — including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Leslie Wexner — could be “extremely worried right now” following Maxwell’s arrest — because she wrongly believed they were protecting her.

Steven Hoffenberg, a former business associate of Epstein’s (and who temporarily managed the New York Post in 1993), said, “She’s going to be naming some big names — not only in terms of those who abused underage girls at Epstein’s parties — but also those who made financial agreements with Epstein or benefited from his generosity, including flying on his plane and staying at his homes.”

Mary Wanna

“One day the president will learn a little history and he'd be better off for it." If you missed my appearance on @FacetheNation, you can read the full transcript here: https://t.co/ybxTP8HPmb


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