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03 July 2020



Thanks Bill,, I got back to work. Good money ta'boot.
Getting me some of that crazy prevailing wage! Making in one day what the booted one gets in a month.

Don Bessee

No limit to the madness of the new red guard -



Don Bessee

You go with yo bad self with all that defund the police and cancel culture shit. It will make things easier in Nov. -

70 percent of respondents think that the movement has not improved race relations, with 38 percent saying Black Lives Matter has made race relations worse.




Posted by: Don Bessee | 09 July 2020 at 06:00 PM

70 percent of respondents think that the movement has not improved race relations, with 38 percent saying Black Lives Matter has made race relations worse.

Its never been about Black Lives.....whatever thought was given to black lives was hijacked about 5 minutes after the protests started.

Don Bessee

The chi coms will never stop -

Thursday’s indictment charges Zheng with grant fraud for not disclosing that he was engaged in a scheme to use approximately $4.1 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to help the Chinese government. He has been ordered held without bond because a judge determined he is a flight risk.

Zheng is also charged with making false statements about his employment in China at the same time he was employed at Ohio State University, among other universities.

An affidavit filed after his arrest alleges that since 2013 Zheng had been participating in a Chinese Talent Plan, a program established by the Chinese government to recruit individuals with knowledge or access to foreign technology intellectual property.

“Yet again, we are faced with a professor at a U.S. University, who is a member of a Chinese Talent Plan, allegedly and deliberately failing to disclose his relationship with a Chinese university and receipt of funds from the Chinese Government in order to obtain millions of dollars in U.S. grant money designed to benefit the health and well-being of the people of the United States — not to be hijacked to supplement the research goals of the Chinese Communist Party,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers.



Barry Pruett

Robert Cross @ 0940. My broader point has nothing to do with contagious diseases. The big point is how there are a lot of candy asses out there who are completely healthy yet petrified when they see someone without a mask who isn’t scared. You’re more likely to die eating that tofu and quinoa than from a Chinese virus. I promise that the world isn’t going to end. 😂

Bill Tozer

Good thing this was on Federal property. No slap on the wrist by a local judge on this one.

'Seven rioters who reportedly used mortars, high intensity lasers against officers arrested and charged in Portland'


Don Bessee

Really! -

Daniel Navarro allegedly swerved his father’s 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup into the victim’s path without braking on July 3, Fond du Lac Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt said at a news conference Thursday.

Authorities identified the deceased as 55-year-old Phillip Thiessen, a Marine veteran and former Virginia police officer who had retired from a career with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, where he’d investigated crimes against children. After his retirement in 2018, he volunteered at the local food pantry.



Don Bessee

While everyone is preoccupied its been a really bad week for those mutha mullahs. How long will this keep up? Until there is no nuke program?? Cyber attacks and F-35s, now who could do that? -

(Reuters) - An explosion was heard in western Tehran on Friday, the official IRIB news agency reported, citing online reports.

There have been multiple explosions around military, nuclear and industrial facilities in the past week. IRIB did not provide any additional information about the cause of the blast or possible casualties.

Electricity has been cut in the area of the explosion in suburbs west of Tehran, IRIB reported.




BillT 6:36 July 9, Year Zero.

You have to admit that the Democratic Party really knows how to party. The lasers are a clever touch. It looks like the perps are out on $0 bail, at least the ones I bothered to track down.


A strange situation when the elected city government is on the side of the rioters.


Hang on, is this a thing I hadn't heard about?



More holy street art destroyed. News at eleven.


Bill Tozer

Rise and shine. Daily Quotes and a meme.

Insight: “A sure sign of a genius is that all of the dunces are in a confederacy against him.” —Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)

Upright: “It’s quite clear that there are larger forces at work here. Those committed to the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America into a Marxist-socialist state think that this is their moment; that they can hide behind a grassroots groundswell of support for African Americans’ calls for fairness, justice and equal access to the economic liberties the United States has to offer. Marxism has failed everywhere. We need to defeat this noxious ideology once and for all. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by the ‘little crimes’ and utterly overlook the larger movement afoot that threatens all Americans’ liberty and prosperity.” —Laura Hollis

Nailed it: “The USA ENDED slavery, ended race-based civil rights violations, elected a Black President TWICE, and made our highest paid athletes, musicians, celebrities and cultural ambassadors black Americans. If we’re a ‘racist’ nation… we suck at it.” —Steven Crowder

For the record: “I oppose that sign out there. The Black Lives Matter organization does not care about all black lives. They don’t care about police officers who are killed. They don’t care about black-on-black crime at all. They don’t care about school choice. It is a very extreme organization that really only cares if a police officer is involved in a killing. … A lot of black Americans such as myself will be voting for Donald Trump this year because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by black lives.” —civil-rights attorney Leo Terrell

Friendly fire: “The Council also proposes to reduce nearly $10 million [update: $15 million] from the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) budget. This reduction would result in a level of sworn officers that has not been seen in DC since the 1990s, with seemingly no analysis on the impact this cut would have on the deployment of officers, officer response times to calls for service, and on community and neighborhood safety.” —Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser

Braying jenny: “People will do what they do.” —Nancy Pelosi basically condoning statue-destroying mobs

Braying jackass: “If you look at the gun laws that are on the books — and the gun laws that should be on the books and aren’t in this country — in some ways we have tacitly accepted this historic, tragic level of gun violence in America that continues to rise. We saw that just over the weekend in many American cities. It’s that same kind of death-cult mentality that asks us to accept one quarter, 25 percent, of the world’s COVID cases — one quarter, 25 percent, of the world’s COVID deaths — though we represent only 4 percent of the globe’s population.” —Beto O'Rourke

Non compos mentis: “Jesus Christ … admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this earth.” —CNN’s Don Lemon

Picking up where Obama left off: “We’re going to have a breathtaking opportunity to create good-paying union jobs, to deliver the promise of America to Americans who have been denied it for much too long, to rewrite our economy so that prosperity flows not just to CEOs but to workers who actually build the country.” —Joe Biden

Grand delusions: “The term ‘cancel culture’ comes from entitlement — as though the person complaining has the right to a large, captive audience, & one is a victim if people choose to tune them out. Odds are you’re not actually cancelled, you’re just being challenged, held accountable, or unliked.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

And last… “The Left controls every major institution in America: mainstream media, the academy, administrative government, Hollywood, Big Tech, etc. So if ‘institutional racism’ really did exist, whose fault would that be?” —Michael Knowles


Todd Juvinall

Our once decent newspaper has been turned into a mouthpiece for the Black Lives Matter punks. The editor moves here from Indiana and knows it is a 90% white cracker county and now is churning out what a racist county we are. I suggested via Twitter to his bosses that he be allowed to leave and Become the Editor for the BLM Manifesto division. I canceled all my contacts with the rag it has become. And KNCO tossed Rush so I am all in for KFBY 1530 and 93.1 FM. Looks like the left has taken over our little towns.

Bill Tozer




I think this is "must see tv" for my Saturday morning animation viewing......



Holy cow. Jim Kunstler is on fire this morning.

"Tired of getting mau-maued by the Woke Inquisition? That’s what it is, of course: a supercharged shakedown operation utilizing all the medieval tools of maximum mindfuck to hustle the USA out of its own existence. The animating principle of Black Lives Matter is not justice but coercion, and not just coercion, but the sadistic pleasure of inflicting pain, injury, and humiliation in the process of extracting money and power.

The tools are violent insurrection, bad faith, and unconditional dishonesty, applied like thumbscrews, strappados, and red-hot irons to a nation reeling from the dislocations of a pandemic virus and a financial implosion. Now, several weeks out from the June uproars of looting and burning, the true shape of this racist jacquerie is plain to see: they are the shock troops of the desperate and demented Democratic Party. The smoldering ruins of Minneapolis, and Santa Monica are the Party’s policy platform. The Seattle CHOP is its shining city on a hill. Not everybody in the land has gone insane, of course, and not everyone will keep going along with the hustle........."


George Rebane

Administrivia - Please continue your comments about the ongoing revolution under 'Letter from ...', thank you.

Don Bessee

A demo-cat eh -



George Rebane

DonB 1149am - good pick-up. This kind of voter fraud for these kinds of 'remote voting' systems that invite unvetted (and unvettable) voters is the Democrat Party dream. All the local loonies will cry that there was no fraud since there were no indictments. So who in hell are you going to indict when some anonymous asshole registers a cat to vote by mail?

Bill Tozer

Supreme Court Hands Defeat To George Soros And His Overseas Groups


Don Bessee

Comrade deblasio is as bad as ever -

Mayor De Blasio Cancels Large Events In NYC Through September

De Blasio: Black Lives Matter Protests Exempt from Large-Event Ban




Damn.. Don got to it first. Where is Emery?? He has an excuse to drum up. Of course the puss would vote DEMOcat it was most likely neutered like all the rest.

Don Bessee

You got a point there -

Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin warns Dems about polls favoring Biden: The Trump vote is 'fundamentally undercounted'



Don Bessee

The chi coms Hong Kong security law applies to you say the chi coms -

The text of the legislation’s Article 38 is blunt, and makes an unprecedented jurisdictional claim: “The Law shall apply to offences under this Law committed against the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from outside the Region by a person who is not a permanent resident of the Region.” If the provision is enforced as it is written, Hong Kong authorities could charge and prosecute individuals who have never stepped foot in the city but whom Beijing deems to have violated the law. “If mainland practice to date is any guide—and it is—then the definitions don’t matter that much,” wrote Donald Clarke, a professor at The George Washington University Law School, in an analysis. “Anything can be stretched as necessary to cover something done by the person being targeted.”

The CCP could thus use Article 38 to prosecute offenses that are illegal in China but legal in the West. Theoretically, Westerners could be arrested by security agents from Beijing’s new base in the city, then rendered to the mainland for trial — for the crime of speaking freely in liberal democracies. Or as Clarke put it, the CCP “is asserting extraterritorial jurisdiction over every person on the planet.”

This is not just a theoretical concern, either, says Kevin Carrico, a senior research fellow at Melbourne’s Monash University. In 2015, Beijing abducted five employees of Causeway Bay Books, a store that sold works on political topics considered sensitive by mainland authorities, in violation of Hong Kong’s Basic Law. The kidnappings demonstrate the CCP’s desire for extraterritorial law-enforcement authority, says Carrico in an email, and the new law “just gives the false appearance of legality” to its efforts to secure such authority.




Hear the news? The LIB rag SAC Bee, has stopped using the word "loot" "looting" or any variation... It's "racist".
So what will they call it now???? Low income shopping spree?
Gitt'n their fair share?
No mug shots either... You can guess the reason why.....

Don Bessee

MSNBC has a short memory if they have one at all -

MSNBC’s opinion of Mount Rushmore has changed over the years, as the network trashed it during coverage of President Trump’s recent speech but filmed a promotional advertisement there back in 2012 and once considered it a “monument to American patriotism and exceptionalism.”

MSNBC’s coverage of Trump’s speech was so negative that NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck put together a recap headlined, “Here’s the WORST Moments from MSNBC’s America-Hating, Anti-Founders Mt. Rushmore Coverage.”




"So what will they call it now???? Low income shopping spree?"

Black Light Special.

Don Bessee

Can we say 1968? Someone get a chair for the pony tail of ignorance -

The poll of 1,500 likely voters conducted between July 1 and July 3 showed that Trump and Biden each receive 47 percent of the national popular vote, with only six percent undecided.

The results differ dramatically from those of the presidential matchup polls featured in the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls, which currently show Biden leading Trump by nine points.

Breitbart News asked Democracy Institute founder and executive director Patrick Basham to explain why the results of the Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll show a tie between Trump and Biden while other current polls show Biden on the edge of a double digit lead.

“In 2016 we released a poll that showed President Trump defeating Democratic nominee in the Electoral College, and tied with her in the popular vote. Then as now we think we’ve identified the shy Trump vote,” Basham said of the Democracy Institute’s polling in 2016 and 2020.

Basham, who is in charge of the poll’s questionnaire and survey design, added:

It’s exactly a bigger deal now than it was last time. We’ve identified a ‘low burn’ reaction among Trump supporters who’ve seen public shaming of those who support the president. Ever since the May protest riots many Trump supporters are simply unwilling to face the risk and public ridicule of telling even an anonymous person on the phone they plan on voting for the president.

He went on to explain that more probing questions revealed the “shy Trump voter.” He explained:

We asked a number of undecided voters more probing questions. We start out with 10 percent undecided. But then, after the additional questions, undecided comes down to about 6 percent, with half of those who first identified as undecided coming down for Trump. All of these undecideds go to Trump with other questioning.

In contrast, Biden supporters are not shy at all but are not very enthusiastic.

“The public, en masse, is not where Democrats and the media are. Trump was on to something hanging tough on law and order in his recent speeches,” Basham added.

As The Express reported:

According to the poll, the concerns over the effects of the protests appear to be boosting Mr Trump’s chances even though his campaign is believed to be flagging.

Given a choice between which phrases identifying their views, 71 percent chose “all lives matter” while 29 percent picked “black lives matter”.

Meanwhile, with statues of presidents and other historic figures being attacked and pulled down across the US, 74 percent said they disapproved of the actions, while 77 percent disagreed with the assertion supported by many Democrat politicians that Mount Rushmore with the faces of four US Presidents carved on it “is racist.”

77 percent of Trump voters are “strongly enthusiastic” about their choice of candidate, while only 43 percent of Biden voters are “strongly enthusiastic.”

81 percent of Trump voters say they are casting a “positive vote for” him, while 19 percent are casting a “negative vote against” Biden.

29 percent of Biden voters say they are casting a “positive vote for” him, while 71 percent are casting a “negative vote against” Trump.

12 percent of Biden voters say “they could change their vote before election day,” while only four percent of Trump voters say the same.

Questions posed to undecided voters, and their responses, that revealed the “Shy” Trump Vote, included the following:

66 percent said a relative or friend plans to vote for Trump, while 34 percent said a relative or friend does not plan to vote for Trump.

52 percent said President Trump will be reelected, while 48 percent said he will not.

“This is the second of six monthly polls we are conducting in cooperation with Sunday Express. The results of our first poll in June were very similar to the results of this most recent poll. He was up by one in June and now it’s level,” Basham noted.

We’ve done a lot of polling. Most of the polling we’ve done is for business clients. We’ve had a lot of practice with private polls,” he says.

Basham was also critical of the way the mainstream media, and other more established polling firms, appear to use polls in the 2020 campaign cycle to advance a particular narrative rather than to provide insight into actual voting behavior.



Don Bessee

The chi coms have lost the fear factor, being a totalitarian communist dictatorship just aint what it used be -




paul emery

So Trump commuted the sentence of his longtime friend who was a convicted crook about ready to squawk on Trump. That should just about finish ol Donald off because he's dying in all the polls and is starting to get dumped by the former Republican party. I mean even AG Barr didn't want him commuted but Trump did what he had to do.

"There is no doubt about Mr. Stone’s guilt. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he tried to play intermediary between WikiLeaks, which had become a front for the Kremlin, and the Trump campaign, which reaped the benefits of WikiLeaks’s publication of stolen Democratic emails. A jury concluded that Mr. Stone obstructed Congress, lied to investigators and tampered with a witness in the investigations that followed the 2016 race — “covering up for the president,” as the judge in his case noted.

Though Attorney General William P. Barr moved to reduce Mr. Stone’s sentencing recommendation after conviction, even he called the case against Mr. Stone a “righteous” prosecution. He was sentenced to 40 months in prison and was due to surrender on Tuesday — thus prompting Mr. Trump’s Friday night action."


Don Bessee

Emery, page for a mr Emery, please see @731. LOL


Bill Tozer


“So what? This is where the correction kicks in:

The meeting took place in June several weeks after the issuance of the waiver, the State Department said.

In other words, there was never a story in the first place. David Urban is a lobbyist so powerful that he was able to schedule a meeting with the Secretary of State weeks after the relevant decision had already been made. The Times story, as it now stands, is pathetic.

This is typical of the Times. It has forfeited any claim to accuracy, let alone objectivity. It reports half-baked rumors, politically inspired leaks, and non-stories like this one in order to promote its Democratic Party. Beyond that, it has a terrible sports section. But at least the sports section doesn’t require a lot of corrections.”



Yup, Emery is all for political frame jobs by the Proggy weaponized FBI. Very Putin of you.

Paul Emery

That’s one poll Don. It’s a poll no considered viable enough by any of the poll averaging websites. Glad it makes you feel good though.

Todd Juvinall

There is a professor at Stony Brook College on Long Island that has called the last 28 votes for President and was correct on 26. O'Reilly had him on last week. The two he was off were Nixon/Kennedy and Gore vs Bush 2000. He gives Trump a 91% chance of victory. I will agree.


Of course it's from Instapundit.......

Barack Obama Threatened to Defund Schools, and Democrats Were All For It

In May of 2016, the Obama administration declared that the Departments of Justice and Education would both “treat a student’s gender identity as the student’s sex for purposes of enforcing Title IX,” and issued a directive to all public school districts in the country to allow students to use the bathrooms matching their “gender identity.”

....and of course it had something to do with allowing men/boys to visit the little girls room! Maybe there really was something to all those "Bath House Barry" stories?



no need to use breitbart on this story...


Black Lives Matter as a slogan is one thing, Black Lives Matter, Inc. as an organization promoting violent overthrow of the country if they don't get their way is another thing entirely.

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