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03 July 2020


Don Bessee

Hey G man, i think the Hiluigi Clintonelli might have been a reference to how many people connected to the clintons get conveniently rubbed out. Fagedaboutit. LOL


Bill Tozer

Lol. This one 16 second clip had be rolling in laughter. Not sure what this has to do with BLM, which is not known for protesting a gun giveaway or free stuff in the past, but what do I know? Guns for me, but not for thee.



‘VIDEO: Black Lives Matter activists — triggered by AR-15 giveaway — physically attack church members
'Your church is going up in flames tonight'


Don Bessee

Normal people saw this coming. Remember 1968? -

Americans significantly decreased contributions to Democrats running for state legislature seats in the second quarter as the Democrat Party has turned hard left, fundraising information announced this week shows.

The lackluster performance by Democrats at the state level could have broader national implications. First off, state-level political trends sometimes forecast later looming national trends—”from the State House to the White House,” the saying goes.




Posted by: Gregory | 07 July 2020 at 05:01 PM




Fish, you could have posted the link if you wanted to share the blame.


It had already been posted 3 or 4 times on a couple of different threads ........


twitter thread o' the day.


The funny thing is that local anti-Trump fundamentalists are probably closer politically to the local conservatives than they are the 'woke' people. The Democrats are playing with fire.


via BillT: https://www.theblaze.com/news/blm-activists-physically-attack-churchgoers

'Another protester can then be heard off camera making a threat on the church saying, "Your church is going up in flames tonight."'

If one of the drive-by liberals bothers to read any of this article (you never know), I'd sure like to see a quick explanation of how Joe Biden is going to protect me from these people. They can even use large words, I can handle it.

Don Bessee

Well this could certainly raise the already high stakes for November and get out the conservative base. It was reported by a member of the club -




The sad part is that he will be to far gone to understand who is shanking him and why......pity!

Judd Gregg: The Coming Biden Coup

Oh waxy Joe...we hardly knew ye........


Bill Tozer

Left craziness is coming so fast and thick on an hourly basis that it is tempting just to turn this mini-series into a real time Twitter feed. So we’re reserving compilations for the most notable insanities.



fish 703pm

not in this blog, if the search function is working at all.


Posted by: Gregory | 07 July 2020 at 11:38 PM

Well Toz got it once and I could have sworn that I posted the link .....but I can’t find it.

Epstein’s partner in crime


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 05 July 2020 at 02:39 PM

Bill Tozer

Yes, I posted the Babylon Bee 🐝 link. Youse got a problem with that?

Stolen from an old joke from a bygone era.

Q: How many Teamsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Eight. Youse got a problem with that?

I take all the blame and all the credit. Don’t be such a Squidward.
The interesting thing about this new and old Epstein saga is there are some of our Lefty visitors who think that the Epstein story will hurt Trump, not their beloved Dems. I just can’t see where they are coming from. Was it back in 2003 that Epstein stayed at a Florida Trump hotel and Jeffery Epstein made an inappropriate move of the towel girl in the sauna room. When brought to Trump’s attention, Trump immediately kicked Epstein out of his resort. In comparison, they found a portrait of Bill Clinton in Monica’s blue dress hanging in the entry to one of Epstein’s mansions. Bubba was a Lolita Express frequent flyer.

Read the spin and it’s “Trump’s buddy Epstein”. This true, tis true. Everything the Dems do, they blame on their opponent. Alinsky and the Clintons’s playbook.

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 10:34 pm

re: Judd Gregg: The Coming Biden Coup

One of the better articles I have seen in weeks. “Untethered” stood out.

“The socialist/progressives understand this [power] as well as any political movement does.

But the difference is that the socialist/progressive movers who now control the board in the game of Democratic Party politics have no ethical tether.

They are filled with the flames of clarity as to the rightness of their goals. They see all who attempt to dampen those flames as enemies.

Theirs is first and foremost a social justice cause that is justified by their self-proclaimed correctness.

It allows them to move forward without any doubt and with untempered intensity.

They can proclaim sections of cities independent nations. They can proclaim America’s most important past political leaders evil. They can promote lawlessness in the name of the rightness of their cause.

They can essentially march outside the boundaries of the nation’s history and political structure, asserting that what they do is best for all.

They will not tolerate for long not being in total control. They will have their vice president, but not their president. And they are a very impatient people and movement.”


“....march outside the boundaries of the nation’s history and political structure, asserting what they good is best for all.”



just one of those mini-stories you run into. Translated from Russian:

"Former Muscovite Alena, who has been living in the USA for about 27 years, has been persecuted at work because of her refusal to kneel before the portrait of the murdered African-American George Floyd. This was told by her close friend and entrepreneur Mark Ginsburg on Facebook .

It turns out that a woman has been working as a manager for almost 15 years at the Gucci headquarters in Manhattan's Fifth Avenue .

The businessman said that on June 11, all store employees were collected for the first time after the announcement of the closure of the salon for quarantine due to coronavirus.

The meeting began with a moment of silence, initiated by the vice president. After that, he invited everyone to kneel down. Everyone agreed, but the Russian emigrant did not apologize to African Americans over the years of slavery.

- She was left standing alone, while others scorched her with slanting looks, especially from black employees and frightened - pale-faced. Heading to her workplace, the woman ran into her boss, who told her to quit “quietly,” writes Mark Ginsburg in a post.

As a result, the woman did not quit, even for the proposed double fee, since the situation is too principled."


Bill Tozer

Re: Prop16/ACA5

‘Black Lives Matter on the Ballot’

“On June 8 Timothy P. White, the Chancellor of the California State University System, endorsed ACA 5 in a letter to Shirley Weber. He was quite clear about what he would implement if freed from the non-discrimination requirements of Prop. 209:

Focused student recruitment and programs based on race/ethnicity;
Focused recruitment programs for faculty of color;
Externally funded scholarship programs based on race/ethnicity;
Programs to recruit teacher candidates based on race/ethnicity; and
Student retention programs based on race/ethnicity.
There is no disingenuousness here. The intention of the pro-preference Democrats to implement an unconstrained racial spoils system is acknowledged with frankness and even zeal. The only thing missing — at least so far — is their failure to admit (perhaps even a failure to recognize) that what they really want, what their goals require, is a repeal not just of Prop. 209 but also the federal civil rights laws, especially the iconic Civil Rights Act of 1964, on which it is based.”


re: BillT@8:07 July 8, Year Zero.

Ah well. The campaign slogans just write themselves.

BIDEN 2020

I admit that the VP slot (ie. the acting President) is an interesting play. Deep State vs. the leaders of the street soldiers and sleeper cells vs the multinationals. Honestly, it might make sense to have a Democratic convention where they call in all the capos (both kinds maybe) and have a floor fight over who is VP, cut out Joey Fingers and his advisors. Brennan vs Garza vs Bezos for domination of the world in a political Thunderdome. Bring yer popcorn.


I see that Time is digging into the important stories.

"As might be expected, the Internet has found a way to jest about this power dynamic, but the very nature of a humorous approach presents a risk by downplaying the threat. The violent history is why Williams cautions against letting the at-times humorous nature of Karen memes minimize the ways in which white womanhood has long posed danger to Black and brown lives."


It's pretty shocking to see all the MSM go crazy all at once, but it was a long time coming.

Bill Tozer

Police training, NYC



KNCO bends the knee.


Paul Emery

270towin just put Pennsylvania in the Biden camp and now show his with 268 delegate votes only 2 short of 270. So far polling is going the wrong way for Trump and have not turned around in his favor.



Posted by: scenes | 08 July 2020 at 09:37 AM

Might just be planning ahead for the "eventuality".......

Paul Emery

Yeah Scenes

KNCO is dumping Rush for economic reasons and also this:

From Tom Fitzsimmons

I am hoping these changes will get us through these tough times at the station and still allow us to keep you informed with breaking news in Nevada County. I also think that we do not need as much divisiveness in our community and I hope our programming changes can lead to healthier and more respectful discourse."



fish: "(KNCO) Might just be planning ahead for the "eventuality"......."

As an aside, perhaps KVMR will drop 'Democracy Now!' in the interest of more respectful discourse.

If things go as they are, a person might reconsider voting Republican in Nevada County. It isn't like those voting records are actually private. I would strongly suggest a clean-up of social media and that you consider using something like Tails. Qubes is a bit too much for the average Joe. Look at Linux phones when they are ready for primetime. In public, keep your opinion to yourself.

re: Paul Emery@10:18AM

That's what I was referring to. I have to admit you were right all along and that all of your belief systems are the ones we should be hewing to. Since 'Democracy Now!' is middle of the road and Limbaugh is far right, KVMR should continue it's current programming.

Biden 2020! Trump is a puppet of the Russians!!


scenes 1123am

I'm sure Fitz is hoping dumping Limbaugh will get the postmodern cancel culture Karen harpies off his back as a side benefit, but it won't until it goes all BLM 24/7. Maybe not even then.

Biden is running strong... in hiding from his bunker. We'll see.


Gregory: "I'm sure Fitz is hoping dumping Limbaugh will get the postmodern cancel culture Karen harpies off his back as a side benefit, but it won't until it goes all BLM 24/7."

The station needs to understand it's role in our treatment of oppressed groups, especially for those who suffer from overlapping and concurrent forms of mistreatment by a patriarchal CIS-male dominated culture.

George Rebane

Administrivia - Please shift your Biden matters to 'Letters ...'

Paul Emery

More bad news for Trump from Florida. Miami's Republican Mayor won't encorse Trump at this time. Trump has to win Florida to win the election.

Miami’s Republican Mayor Francis Suarez refused to commit on Wednesday to voting for President Donald Trump in November.

“I want to see what both candidates have to offer for the urban communities before making up my mind on who I’m going to support,” Suarez said in an interview with POLITICO Nightly author Renuka Rayasam.

The non-committal answer from a swing state Republican elected official provides a look into Trump’s uphill battle to win Florida for a second time.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by five percentage points in Florida, according to the RealClear Politics polling average. Trump narrowly won the state by 1.2 percentage points in 2016 over Democrat Hillary Clinton.



Posted by: scenes | 08 July 2020 at 11:23 AM

As an aside, perhaps KVMR will drop 'Democracy Now!' in the interest of more respectful discourse.

Hey...enough with the crazy talk!

What it really does is open up a three hour block perfectly suited for "PunchyTalk™"....three hours of poll related talk, gossip, and human interest. Better for Punch as he would would be busy prepping for three hours of poll chat and we wouldn't need to suffer nearly as much of it as he would have a far less annoying outlet for his fetish.

I think this could be a real benefit for the citizens of the Nevada City/Grass Valley metroplex!


You're absolutely right on that, Paul.

Future President Biden appears to have hit his stride. Soon he'll be reaching out to the rest of the world.


With the defeat of Drumpf we can strike a blow against the white male heteronormativity that has been strangling the world for these many years.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes and a gun story: Today we have two featured posts of note. One from Ilhan Omar the Full Born Marxist (bad) and another from Sen. Kennedy, who is always quote able and spot on (good).

Upright: “We have got to stand up as a people and remind this generation and the next generation of the greatness of this country, unapologetically, unflinchingly.” —Rep. Chip Roy

For the record: “When you have the leaders of the black lives movement who are now talking about, ‘If we don’t get our demands, we’re going to burn it down,’ other black people who are talking about working with other whites and other races being viewed as sellouts or called ‘Uncle Toms,’ you start to understand that you are now being controlled.” —actor Terry Crews

Perpetually moving the goal posts: “Even if we start to fix climate change, the proof may not show up for 30 years.” —The Washington Post (“What an incredible racket the climate brigade has created. Not only have their models been wildly wrong for DECADES, but now they say they won’t even be able to prove their ideas work for 3 more decades! No accountability and no dissent allowed.” —Dinesh D'Souza)

Non compos mentis, Part I: “The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. If you want an ‘All Black Lives Matter’ movement that talks about gun violence in communities including black communities, then start that movement with that name. But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about. … So the Black Lives Matter movement is about police brutality and injustice in that matter. Not about what’s happening in black neighborhoods.” —CNN’s Don Lemon

Non compos mentis, Part II: “If they are going to put someone on Mount Rushmore, considering the history of the country, the first black president should be front and center.” —Don Lemon

Dezinformatsiya: “President Donald Trump is wielding America’s racial tensions as a reelection weapon, fiercely denouncing the racial justice movement on a near-daily basis with language stoking white resentment and aiming to drive his supporters to the polls. The incendiary discourse is alarming many in his own party and running contrary to the advice of some in his inner circle, who believe it risks alienating independent and suburban voters.” —Associated Press

Braying jenny: “As long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequality. So we cannot stop at [the] criminal-justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.” —Rep. Ilhan Omar

And last… “Chicago is now the largest outdoor shooting range in America. And other cities are following. It’s not caused by the coronavirus. It’s not caused by racism. It’s caused by nihilism. To kill a child, you have to be a nihilist goon with no values whatsoever. But that is what happens when we defund our police, when we refuse to fix our schools, and we undermine the family unit.” —Senator John Kennedy
Guns: During the past couple of weeks, Guns sales have spiked due to become folks nervous that the police will not show up after calling 911. As if firearms were not already flying off the shelf, sales in CA up 40% already over the past couple of weeks. Sales records are being broken from Virginia to Our Town, USA.

“ Oliva said 40% of those first-time gun buyers were women, a relatively high rate for that demographic group. Although gun sales have been up across the country, a rise in first-time gun buyers in left-leaning states like California have helped fuel the national uptick in firearms and ammunition purchases, he noted.
"People are coming off the fences and the sidelines and they're making decisions with their wallets about where they are in this debate about firearms ownership," Oliva said.” -CNN (Gun and ammunition sales soar as defund-the-police movement grows)
“I’ve seen the emergence of a new class of students seeking training: anti-Second Amendment liberals.


Paul Emery

More baaaad news for Trump. He's losing the "lesser of two evils" vote to Biden by 40 percentage points.

"President Donald Trump is losing a critical constituency: voters who see two choices on the ballot — and hate them both.

Unlike in 2016, when a large group of voters who disliked both Trump and Hillary Clinton broke sharply for Trump, the opposite is happening now, according to public polling and private surveys conducted by Republicans and Democrats alike.

It's a significant and often underappreciated group of voters. Of the nearly 20 percent of voters who disliked both Clinton and Trump in 2016, Trump outperformed Clinton by about 17 percentage points, according to exit polls.

Four years later, that same group — including a mix of Bernie Sanders supporters, other Democrats, disaffected Republicans and independents — strongly prefers Biden, the polling shows. The former vice president leads Trump by more than 40 percentage points among that group, which accounts for nearly a quarter of registered voters, according to a Monmouth University poll last week."


Mary Wanna

More baaad news for POS Roger Stone,

86'd from Facebook, Instagram,



I think "Punchy Now!" would better fit KVMR.

Mary Wanna




Posted by: Gregory | 08 July 2020 at 02:13 PM

I think "Punchy Now!" would better fit KVMR.

Mine was a working title......I’m not married to it!

Robert Cross

In the category of "I don't care if you people in your stupid red hats that I sold you die.. I need adulation".

COVID surge in Tulsa after trump's rally.. the locals didn't want the A-hole there in the first place and no one showed up but the extremely stupid who are now paying the price (and some could pay the ultimate price) for their misguided political affiliation to the most incompetent President in the nation's history... Barr none.. (for the discerning reader)


Health official: Trump rally 'likely' source of virus surge

But those riots and that out of control “Urban Shopping” a few weeks ago......conducted under sterile conditions!



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 08 July 2020 at 02:51 PM

You should see if you can get them to expunge your children’s movie piracy conviction.....

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe shouldn't count his chickens especially those not black enough -

Young Black voters say they aren't enthusiastic about a Joe Biden presidency



Don Bessee

Well of course they did -



Don Bessee

There is your rancid russian dressing oh great pony tail of ignorance -




Db 424pm

It gets better ... the health official who made the call, Dr. Bruce Dart... has a mail order doctorate in Health Services from Walden University (MN) an online only college with shaky accreditation in 2005.. Not an MD.

Don Bessee

It appears that kind of racism is ok by the blue mob -



Don Bessee

But he's my brother he is heavy -

CNN continues to ignore or downplay news that is harmful to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., whose younger brother anchors the network’s most popular show, failing to mention a new report linking a controversial decision by Gov. Cuomo to thousands of deaths inside his state’s nursing homes.

The Associated Press reported late Monday that “New York hospitals released more than 6,300 recovering coronavirus patients into nursing homes during the height” of the coronavirus pandemic under a “controversial, now-scrapped policy.”





Just wanted to say thank you to Tom Fitzsimmons of KNCO for dumping Rush Limbaugh. By also screwing up the Nevada County Insight with your choices of interviewees, (how many times do I have to listen to the lady from Sierra Roots whine), you have managed to rid yourself of the top rated radio programming in America and what few listeners you have left. It's no wonder you are working at KNCO instead of a larger station.

Paul Emery

Tulsa update:

Tulsa County reported 261 confirmed new cases on Monday, a one-day record high, and another 206 cases on Tuesday. By comparison, during the week before the June 20 Trump rally, there were 76 cases on Monday and 96 on Tuesday."


Barry Pruett

Paul. Folks are going to get sick. It’s an undeniable fact. Aside from not living our lives, there is nothing that we can do. Most importantly who cares how many people get Coronavirus if the death rates don’t increase beyond a controllable level? Infectious disease happen and we can’t control them without massive disruptions.

Barry Pruett


You are over five times more likely to die from choking on food (84 per 100,000) than from coronavirus in California (16 per 100,000). California should ban food. 😂😂

Scott O

Paul 8:48 - Thanks for stopping by again to demonstrate how simpletons can be easily led.
How does that rise in the number of cases in that time period correlate to the increases in the same time period in other areas of the US? What actual proof was offered that people who attended the rally caused the increase?
During the same time period the so-called doctor mentioned, Idaho had a very similar sudden increase in the number of cases.
Did Trump's rally cause that increase as well?

Mary Wanna

"So if you didn’t catch the recent shitshow, it went basically like this:

The CDC put out its official recommendations and requirements states should meet before reopening schools.

Trump went to twitter, shitted on the CDC recommendations, demanding that k-12 schools fully open up in the fall. He threatened to cut federal funding if they do not.

Then the coronavirus task force held a press conference, minus Fauci, because he’s on the President’s shit list.

Betsy Devos said she really really really wants kids back in school. She does not know how to do this, offered no suggestions. Just that they need to open, and leaves it up to local officials to figure it out.

Vice President Pence said children are resilient. Basically made out of cartilage with healthy lungs. They probably won’t get sick, so we shouldn’t worry about them. There is also no disagreement between the CDC and Trump. Trump wants schools to open, and just doesn’t want the CDC’s guidelines to be the reason for schools not opening?

Yes, he actually said he doesn’t want states to keep their schools closed just because their own CDC says it is not safe to open.

So the VP says, don’t worry, let’s bring up the Director of the CDC to clarify. -And I could‘ve sworn I heard this guy gulp off camera.

But the director of the CDC comes up and says he also wants schools to open safely. He said he likes his job and wants to keep it, therefore, he is also in full agreement with Trump, despite the guidelines they released hours before.

So then Dr. Birx comes on and says half the country has seen a surge of new cases. The country is worse off than it was back at the start of all this. She said they should return to phase 1 and start all over.

Now, an astute reader may wonder how do half the states return to phase 1, and still expect to open by fall? Good question. ..... And while you were thinking about it, Birx tries to leave the podium.

But before she gets away, Pence stops her, suggests she ‘talk about that other thing about the children’. She hesitates, then agrees.

She comes back up to the mic, says most children probably won’t die. Maybe 0.02%. And usually the ones who die were already sick, so you parents at home may want to keep an eye on them. Oh- and we have virtually no data on how transmissible the virus is in children because we’ve barely tested any of them, but let me get out of your hair.

Pence comes back and says, see, we’re good here.


So while all that is going Cuomo is holding his own press conference.

He says I don’t even give a shit what Trump is saying. It’s not worth responding to the clown. States control school openings, and we will do it as safely as possible, end of discussion.

Other states blew off our warnings, and now they are paying the price. You want to fix your states? Pull your heads out of your asses and follow our example.


And Fauci has gone total rogue. He has been giving interviews across the media spectrum, politely telling anyone who will listen that following trump’s orders regarding the Coronavirus will lead to certain doom. Death and economic disaster on a scale never seen before. Please turn back while you still can.

And now you are filled in."

Mary Wanna

Trump should be happy, but will he be happy or sad?

Sprawling Black Lives Matter Mural Work Shuts 5th Ave Right in Front of Trump Tower


Mary Wanna

Red Lives Matter!


Mary Wanna

Trump has to fight lower courts to keep hiding his tax records. He's gonna lose.



Well you can just bet that all of Boeings Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity Programs are functioning perfectly. So they've got that going for them....which is nice!

Boeing’s Spaceship Still Really, Really Sucks.

Of course they worked closely with NASA on the vehicle.....and NASA's most important mission remains.....muslim outreach. So if any of our Astronauts wind up sucking the cold vacuum of space it's really a small price to pay for making someone in a Hijab feel comfortable.


Scott O

Mary Waaaah! 7:44 - so Mary, we see you're suddenly all in for upholding contractual obligations and the rights of humans re ownership of property.
Now if you could only see your way clear to applying these principles to white males...
We'll have Mary voting for Republicans yet.

Scott O

Mary Waaaah! 7:03 - In light of all of NYC's problems including the soaring amount of violence, it's good to see the mayor has his priorities straight in the expenditure of city money.

Mary Wanna

"‘I believe in white power’: Woman arrested after allegedly attacking Home Depot shopper in mask dispute"

George Rebane

MaryW 653am - Taking your cue from your thought leaders at NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, ... , you post a pile of tripe that is totally untrue and constitutes another load of leftwing lies. The CDC et al made clear that they were not issuing any “requirements” for anything, but merely discussing risk factors that MAY arise given this or that future contingency. The ‘science’ on C19 has been all over the place and from all kinds of experts, and, as the record shows, has yet to settle down as more and more questions arise even if some of them are answered. Our governments’ responses to C19 are and always have been a political matter since they involve the law, Constitution, and affect the freedoms of our citizens. This is, of course, beyond the ken of the cynically demonic Democrats who have an election year agenda to promote. And since you have yet to bring an original thought to these comment streams, you have no choice but to play the echo chamber.

Robert Cross

Barry 9:21 -- one problem with your sophomoric thesis is that food is not contagious.. DUH!

Mary Wanna

"Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said in a statement: “This is a tremendous victory for our nation’s system of justice and its founding principle that no one — not even a president — is above the law. Our investigation, which was delayed for almost a year by this lawsuit, will resume, guided as always by the grand jury’s solemn obligation to follow the law and the facts, wherever they may lead.”

Mary Wanna

George: I am pleased that you found the article as amusing as I did.

Mary Wanna

Is the Circle waiting for directives from the mothership regarding Ruinit's resignation from the Nevada City Council? ribit, ribit, ribit

Mary Wanna

If Rushmore could talk,


Mary Wanna

Lots of good anti-Trump ads coming out,



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 09 July 2020 at 10:32 AM

Would have been funnier if Kimmel had done that skit in blackface.....he's good at that....and then hiding for 3 months!

Speaking of hiding.......any of your progressive brethren ever bust your chops for letting fly with "chink" all those times?

Inquiring minds don't ya know!!

Mary Wanna

Fish: nah, chinks, ragheads, slopes, wops, beaners, no worries!


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 09 July 2020 at 10:32 AM

When you were teaching in Berkeley too?

George Rebane

Re the continuing pursuit of Trump's tax and financial records. Given today's SCOTUS ruling -

does anyone know of what *new* probable cause the NY prosecutor and House investigative committees have for subpoenaing those records? Is this the continuing witch hunt based on the premise that 'there surely is something there we need to find, and we'll just keep looking until we do'.


The SCOTUS punts on the Trump taxes means no action before November.

WWBD? ... what would Beria do?

Mary Wanna

Trump losing bigly,


George Rebane

Thanks to the pandemonium of panicked progressives emigrating en masse from their soiled cities, the Nevada County rental market is going through the roof. One grandson and his girlfriend are now looking for a place to live, and their description of the pace of properties being listed and quickly rented is hard to believe. Is there any hope of teaching those leftwingers about policies that give rise to the crap from which they are escaping, and possibly how to clean up after themselves? They all sport 'SF values' and cannot wait to practice them in their new communities.

Don Bessee

The fakenews couldn't even convince Colon Powell -



Paul Emery

Nothing new about the Rental Market in Nevada City George. It's been going on for years. there is at least 56 new appartments being built for rentals. Has cleared the planning commission and should be built by the end if next summer. I'll post information.


Really....are you progressives trying to throw the election by letting Vice President Wax Dummy talk about "his" plans!

Stocks Slide As Biden Vows To "End Shareholder Capitalism", Raise Corporate Tax Rate To 28%

You're supposed to get back to destroying the country after seizing power....smart progressives like Obersturmbannführer Frisch know this, newbys like the guy who got the "socialist it girl" elected still think that they can just say what they really think. Now in Joey Fingers defense, he has no idea what he just said....probably thinks he just said something inoffensive like, "I like ice cream"! But the hand up Biden making his mouth move should be more circumspect until the election is won. Bad form to tell the electorate that you're going to crush them financially....better to control things and then just do it when they are still blissfully happy after thinking they have been full participants in democracy.

Mary Wanna

Trumper ilk,



Posted by: Mary Wanna | 09 July 2020 at 02:06 PM

Hah...glorious.....I like this one better!


Mary Wanna

George: Way to pull a Trump and try to blame everyone but your ilk.

Where are your young relatives coming from, Jerry Falwell University, Trump U.?

It's called having 40 million souls living in the state. Maybe it's time to plan the move to a deep red state.

Mary Wanna

"Eggs are to be legally reclassified as chicken in all Alabama restaurants, cafés, eateries and slophouses from now on, it’s emerged.
The decision was made after a group of pro-animal life activists put pressure on the state government.

‘The moment an egg passes through a hen’s vagina, it becomes a chicken. To treat them any differently would be cruel and should be punished by God,’ said Billie Jean Bob Cooter."

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

Insight: “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” —Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Upright: “We live in an era when truth is subjective, if it exists at all. There is no truth, except the ‘truth’ of the left. Where is it written that the left gets to control the political and cultural agenda and conservatives must bow to its ideology when, in fact, it is liberalism that has brought the nation to near cultural ruin? Which ideology is responsible for 60 million abortions, the welfare state and entitlement mentality, the promotion of any human relationship that can be conjured up in the most twisted of minds, family breakup, drugs, the teaching of a false American history, failing inner city public schools and much more? When conservatives oppose these cultural revisionists, they are called divisive. Conservatives have little to defend. They should be holding the left accountable for the destruction caused by their ideology.” —Cal Thomas

For the record: “All that matters for too many in our elite institutions is the narrative that America’s systems are the greatest obstacle to black Americans. And not all lives lost are equally valuable in promoting that perverse narrative.” —Ben Shapiro

Observations: “Among the Nobel Prizes awarded each year is the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. It was first awarded in 1901, and through 2019, 219 have received the award. Of the 219 recipients, 100 have been American, according to Statista. This one piece of information leads me to conclude there is a high likelihood it will be an American who delivers the medicines we seek now in the battle to defeat the coronavirus that plagues us. Am I looking for a reason for pride in America? Not really. I’m looking more to shine light on what it is that makes America great.” —Star Parker

Dezinformatsiya: “The two biggest news stories in the country are Coronavirus and race relations. No news source reports the relevant death counts of either one in a form that would be useful to citizens. The press is no longer pretending to inform. It is straight propaganda.” —Scott Adams

Fair warning, Part I: “As disappointing as the Supreme Court’s ruling is, there is a clear path to fixing it: electing a new President who will end Donald Trump’s ceaseless attempts to gut every aspect of the Affordable Care Act. If I am elected, I will restore the Obama-Biden policy that existed before the Hobby Lobby ruling: providing an exemption for houses of worship and an accommodation for nonprofit organizations with religious missions.” —Joe Biden

Fair warning, Part II: “I was glad to work with the vice president in forming six separate task forces. Which had some of the most knowledgeable people in the country coming together to deal with education and climate change and health care and the economy and criminal justice and immigration reform. … I think the compromise that they came up with, if implemented, will make Biden the most progressive president since FDR.” —Senator Bernie Sanders

And last… “Stop chasing the ever-elusive, never-ending standards of the mob and rest in the reality that, according to the God who made us, there are only two rules we must follow: 1) Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul & strength. 2) Love your neighbor as yourself. That’s enough.” —Allie Beth Stuckey

George Rebane

MaryW 211pm - Go ahead and give it a try. Attempt to explain how the state's conservatives are responsible for our shithole cities and the liberals now escaping from them. And if I don't see an apology from you retracting the snark about my grandchildren, you're history.

PaulE 201pm - actually Paul, it seems you have not been paying attention. What's happening now in the rental market is definitely a cut above from the usual deficit in housing caused by our progressive no-growth contingent. Again, please join Mary in the explanation of how conservatives caused this problem.


Paul Emery: " there is at least 56 new apartments being built for rentals. Has cleared the planning commission and should be built by the end if next summer. "

That's excellent news Paul. The ones I've read about are slated to be finished in summer of 2022, so that should make 112 total apartments if added to the ones you are talking about.

My dearest hope is that these apartments have a certain amount of units set aside for people of color and other under-served populations including genderqueers. Evidently you've forgotten the problem of actually funding these apartments, but CIS white males are not expected to cover all the angles. Given the cash-rich situation the state is in, the funding should come through with no difficulty.

At roughly 1500 households, these additional 56 apartments you are speaking of should make a tremendous difference in any housing shortage. We can only pray that they are being constructed by POC rather than members of the patriarchy. That remains to be seen.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 09 July 2020 at 02:11 PM

It's called having 40 million souls living in the state. Maybe it's time to plan the move to a deep red state.

....maybe it's time for you to consider a dirt nap. That's a notion that many of your fellow progressives have been pushing. To make room for others.....the most recent Biden Dem Convention Plank involves inviting all...again that's all of the worlds refugees and migrants to the US. Probably be more room and resources for them if you weren't here.

Give it some thought the next time you are out thkiing the farth thtarz.....


Mary Wanna: "It's called having 40 million souls living in the state."

Strictly speaking, less than 40% of the souls living in the Great State of California are the products of a white-dominant colonialist heritage. This is a great improvement from the 90%+ in 1960.

We can only be thankful for the blessings of diversity and the decrease of prejudice plus power that this implies. Over time, perhaps by persuasion but other means are possible, we can gather the entire state into a congregation honoring Mother Earth. Whitesplaining will be a thing of the past.

Bill Tozer

Texas: the Hotspots (outbreaks) in Texas that the news is all a flutter about can be traced directly to border towns. Houston was a nice place to live until all the Katrina people moved there and stayed for the higher welfare benefits paid by The Lomé Star State. Houston aside, check out which counties the hot shots are in Texas. Right on the border with Mexico...where news reports say 50% of Mexicans tested positive for C-19.
Another article of Biden’s plan to carve out the suburbs. It all hinges on shithole cities annexing the suburbs to pay for their unaffordable solutions.

‘Biden's Housing Plan Would Destroy Suburban Communities‘
He wants to push people into cities.


George Rebane

MaryW 242pm - Sayonara Sackhead Mary. Go find yourself a new sack and IP address, and try not to sound too much like old times.


"Sayonara Sackhead Mary."

Another boy hero, our own Pavlik Morozov disappears. Being a champion of The People is a tough gig.

In police news, important doings are underway.



Good gawd, these Hate Crimes are happening everywhere. We won't be able to build prisons quickly enough.


Bill Tozer

“Fish: nah, chinks, ragheads, slopes, wops, beaners, no worries!”
Posted by: Mary Wanna | 09 July 2020 at 10:42 AM

Free speech or not it’s best you take your conscious racism elsewhere. Beware off White Liberal Supremacists.

"Sayonara Sackhead Mary."


Sister Mary Incontinentia... no more?

So sad.

Bill Tozer

While the news was blasting headlines about Trump’s taxes being release to the NY State AG (not Congress), I was wondering all day yesterday who would mention the victory for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Go figure.

‘Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Religious Liberty In 2 Landmark Cases’



There's a new information field in the county coronavirus info page...

we're now told the number of active cases AND the number that are hospitalised.

Of the current 48 active infections, there is ONE (1) Active Hospitalisation.

ONE in the hospital. Just one. I can't imagine why that was withheld.



Wel well... Marty finally pushed it too far... Again.
It's about damned time. The good Dr. has been way too leaninat with the likes of you.
I will miss(for now) using you as a fire hydrant.
As Daddy once said,, "there are only dogs and fire hydrants in this world... It's up to you to choose which one you will be."
So you chose to be a fire plug. Me? Bloodhound with a bladder issue. Just one more hiking of the leg,, 🖕 you......

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 3:17 pm

“Good gawd, these Hate Crimes are happening everywhere. We won't be able to build prisons quickly enough.
‘Breaking: Police release conclusive evidence in hanging of black man in California that BLM protesters called a lynching’
The evidence all points to one conclusion

“Investigators also found that he had purchased a rope similar to the one he was found hanged with.

Despite the announcement, some on social media were still claiming malfeasance on the part of law enforcement officials.

"Robert Fuller didn't kill himself. Black people aren't hanging themselves from trees. That's called lynching. And it's murder. A hate crime. There's really no cameras in front of City Hall? Cmon," said one Twitter user.

"[Los Angeles County Sheriff] Villanueva is a monster who does everything he can to avoid transparency. he can never be trusted. we need justice for Robert Fuller," said another user.

In a similar case in nearby Victorville, a surveillance video proved that the hanging death of Malcolm Harsch, another black man, was a suicide and not a lynching as many claimed.”


I can’t remember the last time there was an actual lynching that took place. Jussie Smollette had two guys that looked like Kenyan West try to lynch him, but in the freezing-your-ass-off Polar Vortex at 2:30 am, the lynchers decided it was just too damn cold and ran off, leaving the nice soft cotton rope behind. Lucky Jussie. As a bonus and against all odds, his tuna sandwich from Subway was unmolested. Always a silver lining.


Next time you deal with a person that is out to "remove" anything slave related, be it a statue or name,, remind them that DEMOCRATS were the slavers in this nation. In many ways,, still are. DEMs want to keep them low employed and on the GOV. doll, low educated. Wanting to tear down the monument to Lincoln's emancipation is proof of that.


Bill.. Why are two news helicopters circling like buzzards around Smartsville??

Bill Tozer

Afternoon, Walt.

“Wanting to tear down the monument to Lincoln's emancipation is proof of that.” That’s nothing. Just for good measure, a Democrat put a bullet in the back of Lincoln’s head.


Nevermind.... Ch.3 is now saying why.

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