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15 July 2020


Scott O

from George's friend : "I don’t believe wanting to fix it makes one a Communist."
And of course, no one has said that.
It just seems that any actual 'fix' that is proposed gets very close to some sort of central govt controlled allocation of revenue and/or resources.
We all note that like all good leftys, your friend offers no solution of any sort.
I agree it would be fantastic if there was more money in the hands of the lower 50%.
Would it be too onerous for them to earn the money?
Why is that not a good solution? It seems to have worked a treat for the upper 50%.

Scott O

re George's left wing friend who does not want to be 'labeled'...
Query - does this person ever label anyone?

He has 'threatened' to withhold funding from schools that do not open:
If they don't open, why the need for funds from the feds?

...attacked (both verbally and legally) States and Cities that offend him,...
This dude is claiming that Trump is 'legally' going after cities and states that 'offend' him?
I'd love to see the actual charges.

...sent members of Federal Law Enforcement Teams into cities (DC and Portland) without uniform markings in plain vehicles to seize citizens without a shred of due process.”
Oh my! Plain clothes police in unmarked cars arrest folks all the time. Why is this a bad thing just now?
The charge of no due process is serious, but I have yet to see any facts presented to bolster that charge.
I have a relative and a friend who both love to post all sorts of things on Facebook that are both far left of center and absurd. Yet it's obvious the left laps this crap up without a bit of inquisitiveness.
Perhaps George could have his friend post his complaints under this topic and provide links and specifics to back up his Trump-hate.


Trump the dictator is said he will withhold school funding if the kiddies don’t have school, right, got it.
I am guessing the your libtard friend also openly says that Newsom is also a dictator for actually threatening to withhold funds to counties that don’t comply with his business closure and mask mandates.

Also I am guessing that he/she doesn’t have a problem with violence, looting, arson and rioting either, cause well Trump is a narcissist.


From "Mary" to Mark.. The fire plug has returned.


OOPppsss, "Fire, aim ,,,ready".... My bad.....


Posted by: Walt | 18 July 2020 at 07:24 AM

Maybe more coffee Walter!

Robert Cross

Trump the dictator has dispatched Border Patrol agents in military gear to Portland, without notice or permission of local authorities, because of an outbreak of graffiti. The "SS" troops from Homeland Security in military fatigues with “police” patches and no other obvious identification grabbed and detained anti-racism protesters shoving them into unmarked vehicles. Local authorities have described the actions as "paramilitary assaults by an occupying army." The parallels with 1930's Germany are unmistakable.

paul emery


Speaking of suppression of information what is the legitimate purpose of Trump doing this? Also in you view is this a legitimate use of Presidential powers?

"On Friday, the Trump Administration blocked Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from testifying in front of Congress next week about the prospect of reopening schools during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

In a statement, an unnamed White House spokesperson said, “Dr. Redfield has testified on the Hill at least four times over the last three months. We need our doctors focused on the pandemic response.”

The move seems particularly alarming since the Trump Administration is pressuring schools nationwide to reopen in the fall even though coronavirus infections are much higher now than they were when schools first shut down."



Fish 7:50.. Yup,, you were absolutely right.

George Rebane

PaulE 1104am - I know this violates a fundamental progressive tenet, but the entire body of human laws and regulations are neither comprehensive nor sufficient to cover all modes of human thought, speech, and conduct. Let's just say that Trump got tired of a hostile House continuing to jerk him around with summonses to appear that bear on no conceivable or legitimate purpose on pending legislation. Redfield's appearance would be another blatant episode to disrespect the administration during this election year.

And your connection of catastrophic C19 spread to the opening of schools is blatantly mis-advised given the clinical data of how kids get C19 and infect others. On both cases you are simply echoing the Dems' talking points, which is your prerogative and duly noted.

Bill Tozer

re July 16 update: HCQ


paul emery

So George you do not seem to believe that the House should be entitled to work product from taxpayer funded government agencies such as the CDC.

Here's a description of the Center For Disease Control that Trump has prevented from testifying to the House.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a national public health institute in the United States. It is a United States federal agency, under the Department of Health and Human Services, and is headquartered in Atlanta"


How bout this "work product" Emery?
Liberalism.. the OTHER America killing disease.
Frisco. Devastated.
Portland and Seattle.. Third world shitholes.
Minnesota. Overtaken by American haters.
Every LIB run town, county and state have a war on law and order.
You pal Biden is right there with them and looking to get elected as a cop hater.(despite his minions working damage control). Police now back Trump for re-election... I wonder why?(not really)

George Rebane

PaulE 153pm - For at least a decade Paul, you've had more than your share of trouble divining what I believe; all the commentaries, credo, glossary, ... notwithstanding. And your despicably dysfunctional news sources never informed you that Redfield has already given congressional testimony three times during this pandemic. Were I as destitute in the knowledge of things happening now, I'd definitely seek other sources.

Scott O

Bobby X 9:17 "...because of an outbreak of graffiti."

Have a nice day, Bobby.


Rcross: "Trump the dictator has dispatched Border Patrol agents in military gear to Portland, without notice or permission of local authorities, because of an outbreak of graffiti. "

lol. You betcha.

"A group of a couple hundred demonstrators gathered near the Justice Center on July 2, 2020. The group blocked the streets, chanting and speaking for several hours. Several demonstrators shot off commercial grade fireworks during the speeches. The tenor of the group shifted when demonstrators broke in to the north side doors of the Justice Center located on Southwest Main Street. Soon after, the group moved back to Southwest 3rd Avenue and broke glass doors on the Federal Court House building.

Around 11:42 p.m., Federal officers inside the courthouse came outside to protect the integrity of their building. While federal officers were outside, demonstrators began launching projectiles at the officers with sling shots. These projectiles included large rocks, full cans, and bottles. Demonstrators also threw lit commercial grade fireworks, which landed inside the broken glass doors of the federal courthouse. Simultaneously, demonstrators began setting a fire nearby on Southwest Main Street."



there's scads of videos of people attacking the federal courthouse, but I'll leave with this one from Chicago.



Posted by: Roberta Cross | 18 July 2020 at 09:17 AM

The "SS" troops from Homeland Security in military fatigues with “police” patches and no other obvious identification grabbed and detained anti-racism protesters shoving them into unmarked vehicles. Local authorities have described the actions as "paramilitary assaults by an occupying army." The parallels with 1930's Germany are unmistakable.

"I have often been called a Nazi... I don't let it bother me for one simple reason. No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal."

- PJ O’Rourke


Hey Babs!! They "disappearing" people too?
Got an unnamed source you can name? Where is the list of the "disappeared"?
I can make up a good list of fictitious names too.

You can say Trump is giving the feral LIB vermin to China as free labor. You DO know Seattle was one of the first "Shanghai"
Come on boy,,, you can make up a good one.. With LIBS like, you,, who needs facts and proof??

paul emery


Even though it is claimed he already gave testimony in the past the information they specifically wanted to know about was their information concerning the opening of schools. How do you justify blocking taxpayer funded information from being made available to schools as part of their process of deciding whether to re-open?

" The White House has blocked Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield from testifying before Congress next week on how to safely reopen schools amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, multiple outlets have reported.

Redfield, and other officials from the CDC, were going to be testifying in front of the House Education and Labor Committee as the debate over sending students back to school has intensified. "

Later in the link:

""We asked for anyone at CDC who could testify at the hearing. The invite was not for Dr. Redfield or no one," the official said.
House Education and Labor Chairman Bobby Scott said the testimony from CDC officials is critical to understanding how scientists would manage the reopening of US schools.
"It is alarming that the Trump administration is preventing the CDC from appearing before the Committee at a time when its expertise and guidance is so critical to the health and safety of students, parents, and educators," the Virginia Democrat said in a statement.
CDC officials have delayed the release of new recommendations for sending children back to classrooms.

Earlier this week, Redfield stressed the wearing of masks as a key component to any strategy for reopening schools.
"Because to me, face coverings are the key. If you really look at it, the data is really clear -- they work," Redfield said."


George Rebane

I wonder, given the histrionics of our liberal brethren about protecting federal property from mobs, if Obama or Biden were in the WH, would the federal buildings go unprotected and allowed to be vandalized? We know the local police are now cowed and won't do anything to protect mere property.


George. As earlier posted,, the armed citizen did a real good job. You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a good citizen packing heat.


Get some real info Emery, School age kids AIN'T CATCHING THE DAMNED FLU!!!
You need to get a better brand of fake news.

Bill Tozer

Geeze, did the Black Bean histrionics past already? Oh my, another threat to our democracy came and went. It was fun while it lasted.
Portlandia: what is pissing the Lefties off most about the G-Men and local police detaining people is....is.....drumroll please.....is they are using unmarked cars! The horror, the horror. Unmarked cars are not fair. Maybe they are using unmarked cars because the law breakers would run on sight or the mostly peaceful protestors would smash out the windows of the squad car and torch the vehicle with the police still in it. Very sneaky of the Gestapo to use unmarked cars and vans.

A reason they are going out and detaining folks is because LE have developed a lot of Intel on the anti-fascist ‘Fa’ and been looking for them. Smile for the camera, now we got your name and mug to go with the videos. Must admit Portlandia has gone under the radar with all the Black Bean exploding heads going on. Every single night the burn and vandalize and ruin formerly nice neighborhoods. SIX straight weeks, EVERY damn night. Like I said, we caught a lucky break when the violent ones stepped foot on Federal property. New rules apply! Yes, they can detain people. Catch and release....now, say cheese. It will be published. What will your parents say? Time to put that one down.

Bill Tozer

I don’t think the schools are going to reopen anytime soon at LA United...or North Carolina. It’s not about the kids no more....as if it ever were over the last 50 years.

“DAE is not the first to use the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to implement far Left policy goals. Earlier this week, the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) — a 35,000-member union in the Los Angeles Unified School District — stipulated that the district cannot reopen until charter schools are closed, the local police are defunded, the wealthy are taxed more, there is “Medicare-for-All,” and the district is bailed out by the federal government.

“It is time to take a stand against Trump’s dangerous, anti-science agenda that puts the lives of our members, our students, and our families at risk, UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said. “We all want to physically open schools and be back with our students, but lives hang in the balance. Safety has to be the priority. We need to get this right for our communities.”

In New Jersey, the state teachers’ union listed among their “acceptable standards for a return to in-person instruction” both weekly COVID-19 tests for all students and mandatory door-to-door mask-wearing. “Consequences for refusal to wear the required mask shall be clearly delineated in board policy and in the student/parent handbook, and shall include consequences up to and including suspension,” the union said.”


Better one:


Ginsburg just can't shake the BIG "C".
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Supreme court justice will not retire after cancer diagnosis

You can bet those MEDS will mess with the mind... And she is still allowed to make decisions that affect all our lives?
Kinda like letting Biden get elected.

You can bet Trump has a pick in the waiting room.

George Rebane

PaulE 357pm - The only purpose for Redfield's appearance would have been to further publicly attack the Trump administration. You have to be from Mars to believe that the CDC can't or doesn't communicate directly with inquiring school districts to obtain what little information there is to recommend for opening schools. Masks and social distancing as the kids attend higher grades. Period.

The Left, and you as a spokesman, want to make light thinkers believe that Redfield would have delivered a thick manual of detailed covid sure-fire prophylactics to the House committee, information which now forever will be denied the schools and other public institutions. Ever consider working for Comedy Central?

paul emery


What is the responsibility and function of the CDC in your opinion other than to research and give guidance to policies related to public health? Did I miss something?

Here is the mission of the CDC as they define it. The final sentence is repeated here for emphasis.

CDC conducts critical science and PROVIDES HEALTH INFORMATION that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these arise.

"CDC works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S. Whether diseases start at home or abroad, are chronic or acute, curable or preventable, human error or deliberate attack, CDC fights disease and supports communities and citizens to do the same.

CDC increases the health security of our nation. As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health threats. To accomplish our mission, CDC conducts critical science and provides health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these arise.


Don Bessee

Talk about a total lack of self awareness by the pony tail of willful ignorance @723! LOL


Don Bessee

Lets hope antifa does not get any ideas, they certainly have the financial backing. And who says we don't need a wall? Build that wall! -




Here's a homework assignment Paul.

Watch this video, and see just how valuable these interviews are....

CDC Director Robert Redfield testifies in House hearing on Covid-19 response ⁠— 6/4/2020

I'm about 40 minutes through the thing and it's essentially just political posturing. What a waste of time. All about Trump, as usual.

The harridan Chairlady should be dear to your heart though. She's likin' those YES OR NO questions. It's like I imagine the KVMR newsroom, no knowledge just uninformed gotcha questions (at least the rare times they aren't simply lecturing).

Truth is, the average congressperson isn't smart enough to understand any kind of real briefing. They'd need a staff member, probably the young intern who isn't spending all day selling influence for donations, to summarize it for them.


re: School reopening.

It seems pretty straightforward to me. Different health organizations can issue some guidelines (AMA, CDC, whatever). Local school boards, teacher unions, parents can figure out what they want to do. It's different everywhere, so there's no point in national policy.

If the school doesn't open, it seems natural to lay off all the teachers and the majority of administrative staff. If they go to virtual classrooms, I imagine you could lay off some teachers as it might make sense to have more students per teacher...plus there's no point in band, dance, PE classes.

You have to admit that it's a golden opportunity to break the wheel of karma and go to home schooling if a person felt up to it. It strikes me as the only way to get a decent classical education at this point.


DonB: " And who says we don't need a wall? Build that wall! "

I made the mistake of clicking on a video today that was in one of the wild 'n woolly parts of the internet.

Subject: Cartel guys punishing some guy who, still alive, was having his genitals eaten by a couple of pitbulls. While they appear to have a sense for the dramatic, this is what is being dealt with there. All the drugs used in the US finance that kind of thing and it isn't like we're going to legalize meth or heroin anytime soon and remove the profit motive.

Trump's planned wall isn't half big enough.

Don Bessee

I have to admit its fun to watch the left eating their own. Yes you liberal could be next -

Now that cancel culture is in full swing, it appears that the left is eating their own, as left-wing activist and actress Alyssa Milano is facing scrutiny for a Funny or Die video she did in 2013, in which she parodied Snooki — Nicole Polizzi — from Jersey Shore.

Milano had been reacting to a Lifezette article with the headline, “Alyssa Milano facing backlash over ‘blackface scandal’ after damning photo comes back to haunt her.”

“Notice how all of the ‘loving liberals’ are the ones getting canceled for racism and blackface?” the article said.



Bill Tozer

I draw the readers’ attention to Dr. Rebane’s post above in this here Scattershots:

“17jul20 update] Opening schools this fall. I have no idea why our politicos are making this into a cause celebre. Every day confirms that there is no ‘settled science’ on the C19 virus or its prophylactics and prescriptions. Rebane Doctrine gives kudos to President Trump for using his bully pulpit to push for school attendance for a number of good reasons. Local school districts have the final word, and should do their best to max the hours kids will spend in classrooms. But all the controversy would come to an end if we adopt the public policy that honors the wishes of the parents (what a concept!). Let the parents be the final arbiters on whether and how their children will attend school. Problem solved. (Also fight those evil politicians who want to take school choice away from parents, and support those who work to expand school choice across our land.)“

Two sentences are repeated here for emphasis.

“Local school districts have the final word, and should do their best to max the hours kids will spend in classrooms. But all the controversy would come to an end if we adopt the public policy that honors the wishes of the parents (what a concept!).” [High-five to the Doc.]

Think of the parents finally getting to see without hinderance their precious darlings’ on-line gender training. That will drive more parents out of the fabulous K-12 indoctrination. Maybe 7-9% more will be homeschooled. Or, the districts could open up special classes on that gender training day. No parents allowed. It’s for the children.

Don Bessee

That's a good team to be on! -



Don Bessee

Now how did antifa miss this? -



Bill Tozer

Re: Liverals really do fear Trump the dictator.

Take PORTANDIA for example. Sounds like Dr.Rebane's friend has been supping from the porcelan Enemy of the People's punch bowl. They all sound the same, like Bobbie recyling (upchucking) Nancy's tweet


George Rebane

PaulE 723pm - We're in full agreement. And none of it requires the politicized testimony of Redfield. Next case please.


The news Emery does NOT want to hear.
"Alarge European study confirms a rare bit of good news about COVID-19: children seem to be mostly spared from the worst of its effects.

The paper, published June 25 in the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, suggests well fewer than 1% of children who develop COVID-19 will go on to die from it, and the vast majority will not need intensive care. By contrast, in some of the world’s hardest-hit countries, case fatality ratios that include adults are estimated (albeit using preliminary data) to be higher than 10%."

But Emery wants to see the economy creator,, just to hurt Trump.

So Emery,, you can kiss "Paul Emery presents" goodbye.
No crowds for you either. Seems you're rooting for your own financial ruin as well.

The Estonian Fox

Don B @ 9:47PM: The news article left this paragraph out for some reason as well-

"In the spirit of the play “Hamilton”, the master, second officer and all crew will be black (or Black, or African-American) and the reenactors are requesting several dozens of whites (or White, or European-Americans) to enact the part of the slaves, who were held for months in the 3rd bottom hold of the original Mayflower. And for further deprivation, no wi-fi will be permitted to the white slaves during the entire cruise back to Plymouth."

Yeah, yeah, I know, the Mayflower didn't bring slaves over, but this is pretending and historical theater license.

The Estonian Fox

Walt @ 6:32 PM-

Based on the results of recent 'picks' for justices, and the resulting decisions, even if the Supreme Court had all nine justices listed as "true Republicans", we'd be lucky to get a 5-4 decision in favor of any constitutional right as originally written.

Let's face it, John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch & Brett Kavanaugh have not been consistent with their 'Republican' labels for making decisions. And exactly how can legal thoughts be so far off between liberal and conservative judges? It's like having 4th graders in math. A few of the kids believe 2+3 = 5, and other kids say no! no! everyone knows 2+3 = 6, and both sides think they are correct.

Bill Tozer

I was wondering where to put Portlandia until I saw today’s update (July 19). Good timing.


These people [Mayor Wheeler Sen. Wyden] and are nuts. Sad to say, but Portland appears to be getting what it deserves. It is hard to see how it can survive as a city.


Bill Tozer

re July 19, 0000 update.

‘Now We Have Proof Dr. Fauci Is Full of Crap and Can't Be Trusted’

“Well, if you think you can trust Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, you now have every reason to question his judgment. In an interview with PBS NewsHour, Dr. Fauci, the trusted expert, actually lauded New York’s response to the coronavirus.

“We know that, when you do it properly, you bring down those cases. We have done it. We have done it in New York,” he told PBS’s Judy Woodruff. “New York got hit worse than any place in the world. And they did it correctly.””

Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

Gee didnt i see the commissar of the peoples republic of portlandia say he had it?

Seattle rioters seen damaging, looting stores; police say fire sparked at precinct, officer hospitalized



Bill Tozer

Back to school daze



Coming to a town near you, the Riots of Peace continue, Seattle edition.


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