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15 July 2020


Scott O

scenes 7:45 - Really like this comment:
"We need to separate the paid agitators from the peaceful marchers!"
The punch line to that old joke was 'crowbars' but I'll bow to the higher wisdom of the various leftists that post here from time to time.

So the Seattle PD are going to have to use the old 'scalp massager'?
Well - they were told not to use pepper spray.
No violence here - just setting fire to an occupied building.
Burn Baby, Burn!
Biden has this all under control - yessir!

George Rebane

The silence of the (leftist) lambs.


We all know "beware of gifts from Greeks"
Now beware of seeds from China.
Then again,LIBS have gone pro Chicom.


In case anyone hadn't seen this.

NFAC Armed Black Militia Shoots Themselves

c'est la guerre.

GeorgeR: "The silence of the (leftist) lambs."

...and who can blame them. Trump is so evil, in some yet unspecified way, that he and his people must be pushed aside, dominated, even decimated as a warning to the others. It's hard to admit that you like the idea of a federal courthouse being burned to the ground, it would keep those flyover states in line.

There's certainly different ways that the play can conclude. A shrinkage of the fedgov and a growth of a state federation (I doubt it)? A Singapore-style system of harsher but fairly enforced laws that keep a cap on an ethnic war (probably doesn't scale)? or simply ever-spiraling aggression between interest groups run by an isolated plutocracy (perhaps the natural state of affairs)?

There never was any reason to believe that an increasingly diverse population would share enough social glue to keep a state in one piece. Stripping off the ballyhoo of patriotism was just the last straw of many.


"Antifa Thugs Smash Federal Building (Los Angeles, July 25th 2020)"


...and of course...

"Demonstrators for racial justice represent the best of our democratic ideals. The President's unilateral deployment of federal forces betrays them — and does nothing to keep us safe.

L.A. stands with our friends in Portland."



As Paul would say, for your reading pleasure.



George Rebane

scenes 724am - agreed a la Great Divide. It is more clear every day that we are (at least) two nations attempting to live within a common border.

Don Bessee

He's got that right -

Cruz accuses Democrats of coordinated effort to keep schools, businesses closed to hurt Trump
Teachers' unions have sought to defund the police, tax the rich before reopening




It's almost like a modern day Rashomon. Check out what's missing from each story.

. The Left has a new martyr


. MSM has an angle


. other media shows raw footage


. Mr Foster speaks



'"A peaceful demonstration intensified" is the most Orwellian phrase I've heard so far.'


lol. Ain't that the truth.


Sometimes things just don't go your way.



sorry for all the posts, heavy news day.

Just to finish up the Mr. Foster saga.

"Austin: Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the streets. A car was trying to get through.

One of the BLM protesters, Garrett Foster, fired five shots at the vehicle with an AK47. He missed every shot.

The driver fired back three times. Killing him."



lol. Get a load of these tweets. It's like a comedy routine. How embarrassing. Maybe the whole PD is a dispatcher with a Twitter account. It's like a Monty Python routine.


In chronological order...

#APDTrafficAlert There is a group of Ethiopian protesters that are marching E/B on Alameda Pkwy going towards S. Sable Blvd. They are in the right lane and sidewalk area. Please use caution if driving in the area.

UPDATE: lots of updates about where they are.

UPDATE: Protestors are continuing E/B on Alameda, approaching S. Sable. Please drive carefully if in this area.

UPDATE: The protestors are walking through Sable, taking up both lanes of traffic, continuing E/B

UPDATE: The protestors are making their way off of Alameda back onto the AMC campus. Please drive carefully if traveling on Alameda, there may still be people walking on the roadway.

UPDATE: A large group of protestors are leaving the AMC campus. They are walking both directions on Alameda. If driving in the area, use caution as there may be people in the roadways.

UPDATE: There a group of people trying to push down the gate. Anyone who crosses the fence at the PD entrance is subject to arrest. Please remain peaceful.

UPDATE: The fence has been pushed down. Anyone who crosses is subject to arrest. Protestors are also shooting fireworks towards the building.

UPDATE: If you cross the fence, you are subject to arrest. Please stay behind the fence.

UPDATE: The protestors are no longer peaceful as they are now throwing objects, shining lasers, and shooting large fireworks at officers.

UPDATE: We now have protestors that have broken windows to the courthouse and are inside of the building, attempting to start fires.

UPDATE: This is now an unlawful assembly. You need to exit in an orderly manner. A safe route is south on the AMC lawn towards Alameda.

UPDATE: There has been a fire started inside of an office in the courthouse. Protestors need to leave the area immediately.

UPDATE: This has been declared an unlawful protest. Everyone needs to leave the area immediately. If you remain, you are subject to arrest.

UPDATE: The fire has been extinguished. It does not appear to have spread anywhere else inside of the building. Protestors needs to leave the area or are subject to arrest. You can safely exit the area to the south.

UPDATE: The protestors have torn down the wooden window coverings and are using them as shields. Others are still breaking windows on the courthouse and attempting to get inside of the building.Protestors need to leave the area or you are subject to arrest.

UPDATE: The protestors are now using the sidewalk and are out of the roadways.

#APDTrafficAlert ALL lanes of N/B I-225 have been CLOSED at the Alameda exit while Detectives search for evidence relating to yesterday's protest shooting.


A beautiful thing.



Scenes.. That must be some of that "disappearing" we keep hearing about.
You might get away with that crap with Mom and Dad,, The cops? Not so much.

Don Bessee

The new red guard going after the home of a cabinet secretary -




Interesting problem. What next?


Meanwhile, some Biden voters hurt some cops.

"In all 59 officers were injured throughout the day with one of those being hospitalized. Injuries ranged from abrasions and bruising to burns and a torn meniscus."



Yup, that means you too Emery, How do you like your girlfriend now?

That's really going to stick it to "Paul Emery Presents".
It's all good if you can blame it on Trump.... Right Emery?
But good luck with that. It's all Queen of the Damned sticking it to ya'.

Don Bessee

Oh lookie a team 0 swamp reminder! -

New book 'Fallout' examines swampy dealings of Obama-Biden administration




Morning coffee with Scenes.

"SUDDENLY: rocks appear out of nowhere all over the ground outside the Portland federal courthouse"

"Not sure what started the fire here. It’s hard to tell because I was wiping my lens the moment before it exploded but you can see something fly through the air then burst into flames instantly."

"#Portland Police found a supply bag of Molotov cocktails and loaded magazine clips outside the courthouse today."

"SHOCKING: This shows just how many mortars Portland protesters launch at the fed courthouse in just 37 seconds

This kind of agitation goes on until they successfully draw out federal officers"

"A shirtless protester throws large bottles with an unknown liquid over the barrier at the federal courthouse In Portland"

"“Riot Ribs” is the epicenter of antifa cuisine and the capitol of their unsanitary filth laden tent settlement."

"Lacking the numbers from Friday and Saturday night, rioters go back to trying to damage the fence using melee tools. Last night they used multiple ropes and hundreds of people to pull down the barrier."

"Antifa group is also telling their followers they can riot in other parts of the city while the "pigs are busy" defending the federal courthouse & Justice Center. They use a fire emoji as a dog whistle."


...and as a morning gift to Mr. Gregory...

"Rioters hiding behind shields shine powerful lasers at federal officers to blind them. Antifa are organized into many units who carry out specific tasks. Those who aren’t fighting act as barriers, cop watchers, resuppliers & “medics.” This was recorded 25 July. "


Short of a rooftop sniper, I'm not sure what the answer would be here. Perhaps Steve 'n Paul could brainstorm with us

George Rebane

scenes 707am - Excellent Mr scenes; we look forward to more of the same.


scenes 733am

I'm not sure how they'd be able to shoot the folks trying to permanently blind the Federales without a profound escalation, and most people at the moment are laughing at the prospects, thinking the damage to their optical nerves will go away in a minute or two.

Right now, if there are Federal police who have been blinded, expect them to be trotted out to share their story.

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