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27 July 2020


paul emery


I've had conversations with three major real estate agents in Nevada county with the question who's moving out and who's moving in. they all agree that there is an exodus of conservative republicans to more friendly states-Texas, Idaho Arizona and properties are being purchased by retired government workers and teachers from the Bay Area and San Diego and LA who can sell their property for huge amounts so they can pay cash for the now bloated real estate market locally which is actually cheap compared to where they come from. Well, that's capitalism. Too bad for the children of current families that will not be able to live in their home town.

Looks like the Blueing of Nevada County is a done deal.


A retiring public employee will not live that long. No worries.

Paul Emery

Not true Gregory

They are retiring in their late 50's early 60's and they want to get out of the big cities. My sister for example 30 years school teaching Nice pension.


And the Emery of the People thinks that's all just ducky...until Cali goes belly-up and the rest of the US tells their teachers unions to shove it.

It would also be nice if they just stayed put, paid their ridiculous property taxes, just to help out the cohort retiring after them. And also not to spread their mental cancers in places where they are, at present, mostly absent, i.e. Texas, Idaho,Arizona. Keep your socially transmitted diseases to your own shitholes.


Punchy 206pm

Yes true, Punchy.

Yes, nice pension. Until they die. Some will die quickly, some will hold on for 30 years.

CalSTRS and CalPERS are both bankrupt funds writing checks. What cannot last forever, won't. And the current machinations around CoV is NOT making them more solvent.

If you want to help the solvency of the public retiree's pension funds, make sure to keep low dose regimens of HCQ/Az/Zn out of their hands if they get the CoV, as it has been found to work if started early with first symptoms:


George, I do feel for your friends.

Yes, it is hard for people to assert themselves when they know they'll be beaten down by SJW's playing cancele culture hardball and for now in California that is the case. Those of us expecting a mini ice age starting about now and running for 30+ years think the whole raison d'etre of Democrats will be gone by the time 2024 comes around.

If they are truly conservatives I would seek to have them stay in the GOP. It IS their party for now and the forseeable future.

If they are truly classic liberals, home is the Libertarian Party, not the GOP.

They should speak up when they feel comfortable in their command of the facts, and talk about the weather if not. As long as we have secret ballots, they have a place where they can speak loudly.

Scott O

Ah - a topic I can really warm up to. Although I never registered as an R, I supported and voted for many in CA for decades. Living in NorCal made that somewhat easier than for the folks down south to a certain extent. I voted for Pete Wilson, but came to regret it, and boy - was Arnie one big stinking disaster. He started out fine and then decided to "go green" as he commuted in his private jet.
Always remember the adage - "the bad drives out the good". CA has some of the most attractive real estate (in terms of climate, scenery, etc) in the world. It can charge a premium and gets it. The easy money flooded in and it skewed politics to no end. CA's infrastructure and its fine system of higher education were built by conservatives but the left came in and have taken over. It would be hard to pin-point exactly when the tipping point was reached as it arrived bit by bit in the different areas. Regardless - it's over the top now, and the conservatives left will simply have to put up with mounting a rear guard action. What's left of the R party in CA will fragment into a 'Dem-lite', Conservative Stragglers, Alt-Right R's and a few local chapters will just have to rely on some good adult beverages to perk up their meetings. The votes in almost all the major population centers just aren't there. They died, they left, they started voting for 3rd parties or they just stopped voting. I remember visiting my cousin in Hawaii back in '92. I asked her about the Republican Party there and she thought a few seconds and said - "I think there still is one here - they are never mentioned in the news and they don't seem to hold any offices - I don't really know." Of course Hawaii is in the position to always just raise the price of everything and it has a small enough population to be able to be bailed out by the feds without much trouble, but CA is a different kettle of fish.
Oh, and don't look at my family to die off quick - my father retired from the state after 30 years of service and lived another 32 years. That was an anomaly. All the other men in his car pool of over 28 years all died within a year of retirement.
More later.

paul emery


Looks like Arizona may be off the Cal Repub retreat list of options. Biden is up by 4 in RCP averages and Kelly is up over McSally by 7.8. Where to go what to do go for Cal Repubs? Guess you. How about Oklahoma Kansas, Nebraska or South Dakota. They look pretty safe.

Robert Cross

Do. you folks thing that slavery was a "necessary evil" for the development of our country as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) has stated? Perhaps it is people like this who say the darnedest things that causes the disillusionment and disaffection white Republican ranks.... or perhaps it is the politics of Donald trump that created the situation?


A bumper sticker that will stroke out Emery.
Seen on the job today.
"TRUMP... A True President with a set of balls"

And one For Emery to put on his little rascal..
" Biden... A wannabe President with a prescription of Aricept®"


punchy 600pm

What are you really trying to accomplish with these tiring and pointless attempts at stirring up fights? All you do is make a silly conclusion based on a superficial at best analysis of one point in time.

Here's a real possiblilty... after the November election, Trump is again the President and LaMalfa is CA-1's congresscritter.

Don Bessee

Now Gregory give the old codger a break, all he has is talking points for lefties to make himself feel ok as he whistles past the graveyard of his failed prognostications! LOL


Todd Juvinall

At this time in the election year of 1988, Ducakis was up 15 points on GHW Bush. Who won that one Emery?

Todd Juvinall

Emery is a fan of Antifa by his refusal to constantly condemn them as well as BLM the communists. Really truly shocking for a veteran to favor these people.

Scott O

Paul E. 6PM - You're too slow. My wife and I wrote off Az 10 years ago.
Nothing but a bunch of ex-CA Dems looking for a cheaper golf course and better access to near-slave labor illegals to clean their house and wipe their ass.
You seem pretty cheerful about the growing totalitarianism in our country.
Care to discuss it?

paul emery


Hillary was up by 2.4 July 2016 . Of course she lost the election but for the purpose of comparison of popular support Biden is up by 9.5 same date in this election. That's 4x the numbers that Clinton had. Pretty grim scenario that would require a Biden collapse (yes Ducakis) in order to lose the election. Here's the website that documents those numbers.
When is Trump going to make his move Todd? time is running out.


Here's Bidens current numbers



Hillary LOST,,, Emery.. Better get a new record player to get your news from.

Scott O

Walt - You must remember that Paul has nothing beyond TDS. He shows up here with his cherry-picked poll numbers to cheer himself up.
If Biden wins he will blame Trump for Biden's F-ups and if Trump wins he will pivot back to 'Russian collusion'.
Paul loves poll numbers because he can just post them and never be wrong. Paul will never engage in meaningful conversation because he knows he has nothing to offer and if he does he gets his balls kicked in.
Look at Paul's record. When he actually puts his own opinion on the line he's down around zero. No wonder the the little shit just comes around to throw rocks and run away. That's what leftys do.
What do they actually offer to make our country better?
Has Paul actually offered a personal opinion on the on-going riots and violence in our cities?
You know he hasn't and won't. He hasn't got a clue as to what is going on and he knows it.
So - it's just the latest poll numbers.
If my grandchildren's dog could read and talk he could do what Paul can do.

paul emery

What is "cherry picked" about RCP consensus polls Scott? They average around a dozen polls to come up with their numbers.

Scott O

Paul 6:38 - Right on cue.
It's simple, Paul - if the RCP numbers didn't make you happy you wouldn't post them.

Todd Juvinall

The polls on this date were showing Trump losing from 1 to 8 points here is the link


Todd Juvinall


robert cross



Nothing puts a stop to what might have been an interesting conversation faster than having the Emery of the People show up waving his little red book! (which he hasn't read)

Bill Tozer

“Time is Running out”. Hmmm. Not in politics. Seems to moi that I posted several Punchy bold statements he made in 2016 with three weeks to go, some two weeks before the election. Time running out? He said the same stuff then as he does now...except this is July and not October, lol.

Things look bad for Trump. Losing white educated voters and white uneducated voters comparing Clinton to Biden. What puzzles me is that Trump is cutting into the minority vote (taken away from Boden again comparing Trump vs Hillary and Trump vs Biden.

As Punchy was talking about cut up the Republican Party into pieces with three weeks to go, I posted a short comment that simply read, “Independents are breaking for Trump.”

Time will tell. Winning becomes a habit....so does losing.


Since everyone is fixating on Paul waving his little Tyrannosaur arms, I'll throw this article out there.


The really sad thing is that the Federal police are being used as a tripwire. They basically just have to stand and take it until something really heinous happens. Even so, it'll be buried by MSM.

re: GeorgeR and disaffected Republicans.

At this point, I'd worry less about voting registration as a political statement and more about voting registration as operations security. In a year or two the local Democrats might be worrying less about Presidential polls and more about laughing as your house burns down.

Scott O

Oh boy! Another union for CA workers.
And where do the union dues go?
Just by magic a lot shows up in the Dems coffers.
On top of the other higher costs for CA citizens there will soon be added much higher costs for child care.

George Rebane

RobertC 621pm - Sen Cotton was referring to the "necessary evil" as a requirement to bring the southern states into a single unified country on the American continent. The Founders saw the inherent weakness of two sovereign nation-states after our Revolution, and strongly felt that slavery would be peacefully abolished in due course after the new nation got on its feet. They were right on the first and missed on the second.

But you again illustrate the sad state of our public education system that no longer teaches such history, and instead produces millions of know-nothings that serve as an echo chamber to today's Democratic narrative.

Jo Ann Rebane


robert Cross

"as an echo chamber to today's Democratic narrative." and you are not an echo chamber the republican narrative? Anyone and everyone who takes the time to post on a blog or a newspaper comment section feels a need to echo some kind of narrative or another in reinforce their own belief system otherwise they would simply go on with life without public comment.

On Sen Cotton: it really doesn't matter what flimsy excuse is offered, how can slavery ever be a "necessary evil." You, once again avoid the question with some kind absurd gibberish coupled with an ad hominem attack on the sender and your hated educational system that doesn't teach what YOU think is appropriate. The question is simple , "Was slavery a necessary evil"..simple answer. yes. or no.


"Yes or No" questions reveal nothing more than the abject stupidity of the one asking. RX and PE have more in common than their closet crush on communism, it seems.

George Rebane

RobertC 109pm - the “absurd gibberish” was a weeks long debate among our Founders, but, of course, you would have no idea of that.

That these commentaries and comments are more than right wing echo chambers is what brings you left wingers here. Yet most of you always demonstrate that the content of these pages is above your pay grade


Full quote, instead of the patented R Cross narrative mini-quote.

"We have to study the history of slavery and its role and impact on the development of our country because otherwise we can't understand our country. As the Founding Fathers said, it was the necessary evil upon which the union was built, but the union was built in a way, as Lincoln said, to put slavery on the course to its ultimate extinction."

I see the sense of that. You weren't going to get a country sufficiently coherent enough to break away from the strongest power in the world without allowing slavery in some states. People weren't about to give up their property just to separate from the British, even though North America only made up something like 6% of the slave trade to the New World. No slavery, no revolution. Clean up the problem later. How can anyone argue with that as a concept?

Seeing as how slavery has been the norm in human history as an institution, I can see improving the 18th C. version by using the Roman model of commonly providing freedom to slaves (purchased outright, as a gift for service rendered, perhaps in a will). They appeared to have quite a lot more social mobility in that area at least.

My suggestion to Ms. Cross. Look up the term 'historians fallacy'. Learn it. Live it.


GeorgeR: "That these commentaries and comments are more than right wing echo chambers is what brings you left wingers here."

As far as I can tell their entire world view consists of picking up a three sentence news story from some clickbait 'progressive' site, hold it tight to the chest with little Gollum claws, and bring their precious to dump here.

What these folks say isn't irritating, it's that they think it means anything at all.

George Rebane

scenes 235pm - Well and accurately said Mr scenes. Nevertheless, they perform a great service in these pages by continuing to display the rarefied and tilted real estate between their ears to those readers who have the ability to compare the apologetics of both poles. May they stay steadfast in their role.

Robert Cross

George: here is Cotton's quote, "As the Founding Fathers said, it (slavery) was the necessary evil upon which the union was built." Your "weeks long debate" response is pure gibberish... it doesn't matter that the founders had a weeks long debate over slavery or how to cook popcorn ..... they allowed slavery and a that is the crime against humanity on which "the union was built" according to Cotton. Perhaps it is you and not me who needs an education that goes beyond 7th grade history as written by white guys.


"they allowed slavery and a that is the crime against humanity on which "the union was built" according to Cotton. "

Like I said above, it was a necessary compromise in order to get the various states in line. No mystery there.

I honestly can't think of a country (which implies a minimum amount of size and organization) that didn't have slavery. I guess you you can just be angry at the whole world.

(Not so) Coincidently, it disappeared as an institution at about the same rate as countries became industrialized. Wealth was made outside of the traditional agrarian economy and even there you could start using machinery to replace people. Slaves become something of a money losing proposition.

Heck, I'd far rather own a cotton harvester. It's cheaper to feed.

George Rebane

RobertC 403pm - Wonderful! Keep ‘em coming Mr Cross.


"Perhaps it is you and not me who needs an education that goes beyond 7th grade history as written by white guys."

George, I have a brilliant idea. You could push to get some kind of reparations from the Russians.

I'm sure that Volodya would get on board with sufficient protest signs and twitter posting.


Robert C @ 4:03pm - so states the pride of Fowler, CA, the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, where Hispanic field workers have and many still do toil in conditions that border on slavery and who so heartily welcomed refugees from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, etc. after the Dust Bowl ravaged family farms in those areas. But, I'm sure none of your ancestors were involved in any such actions, right?

Scott O

Ah - we see Bobby X in full SJW mode virtue signalling his disgust with the morals of those societies of hundreds of years ago.
"...how can slavery ever be a "necessary evil"."
Poor Bobby is caught up in the nonsense that white Euros invented slavery and then commenced to build a colonial power using said slavery and then that colony broke away from Britain and used slavery to then build a powerful nation.
And now white police officers go around hunting down ex-slaves and murder them at random with impunity.
It's all baloney.
At our nation's founding there were many that were against slavery, but to say that "they allowed it" is horse manure. What possible way did they have of not allowing it? If the northern anti-slavery group wanted a country free from King George it would have to accept slavery as a 'necessary evil'. They were not accepting the idea of slavery in and of itself as a necessary evil, just that at that juncture in history they would have to accept the status quo as a a way of moving forward towards a nation that would eventually end slavery. That ending slavery came at a much later time and much higher cost in human life was certainly not something they anticipated.
Slavery was not the only thing that built our nation and to say that our freedom and prosperity was conditional only on slavery is pure nonsense. It was a part of the equation but not the only part.


Saved me the trouble, Scotto. Rx doesn't seem to recognize that the Founders 'allowed' nothing, it was the legal state of affairs at the time in the S. states. You're going to say "come and join us, but give up most of your wealth while you're at it"? Good luck!

It's also a popular myth that slaves were routinely mistreated. Anyone who believes that garbage has obviously never owned anything of real value. Not only were slaves expensive to acquire, they had to be fed, housed and clothed as part of the deal.

They represented a part of a world-common economic arrangement that only vanished, as pointed out above, with the industrial revolution and the replacement of the lowest rung of the labor ladder with machines, a process that continues today.


Don't EVER wear cotton again Babs...
Still voting DEM? You know,, the party of slavery?
The Party of the Klan? Care to tell us how many DEMS were KLAN members?
Here is a little help for you.
DEM Robert Byrd
DEM Hugo Black
DEM Theodore G. Bilbo
DEM John Brown Gordon
DEM Joseph E. Brown
DEM Elmer David Davies
DEM Bibb Graves
DEM Clifford Walker
DEM George Gordon John Tyler Morgan
DEM Edmund Pettus
DEM John W. Morton
DEM William L. Saunders
DEM John Clinton Porter
DEM Benjamin F. Stapleton

Then of course the Lefty's favorite David Duke. You clowns LOVE to pin the REPUB name on him.. But he was a RINO if there ever was. He was a DEM right up until he tried to run for President. Sorry Proggys,, he has always been one of you.


"Poor Bobby is caught up in the nonsense that white Euros invented slavery and then commenced to build a colonial power using said slavery and then that colony broke away from Britain and used slavery to then build a powerful nation."

Well, if 388k slaves were brought to the US (https://www.theroot.com/how-many-slaves-landed-in-the-us-1790873989), and over a million white Europeans were brought as slaves to the Barbary Coast between 1530 and 1780.


then I'm thinking the North Africans owe some serious dosh.


Whites invented slavery... Now that's a good one.
Now just who enslaved the Jews? Didn't know Egyptians were considered "white".
You can bet your ass Babs, that slavery has been around since before we walked upright.
You better reread an anthropology book or two.
American Indians had slaves too. The other tribe that lost the turf battle.

But don't let any of that stop you from showing that Liberal education you got. You a student of KKKeachie before he got shown the door at Berkeley?

Scott O

scenes 7:38 - No scenes - it doesn't work that way. Only white Euros and white Euro descendants are guilty of the sins of their antecessors. The word 'slave' came from the fact that at one time the Slavic people were considered to be the best human captives to be 'en-slaved'.
Slavery continues to this day, but who gives a rip about that? The slavers aren't white, so it's all groovy. Just a part of their 'culture'.
Actually the whole idea that we are responsible for some one elses' sin is pretty twisted.
So at least I can tie in the original topic of George's posting by saying that one good thing about being a registered R is that you're with the group that fought and died to free the slaves and also help to finally lay down the law to the Dems who were denying American citizens their basic Constitutional rights. The Dems seem to really like doing that as they continue the same old song and dance today.


Since it's election interference against Trump and the Repubs,,
the usual crowd won't see a problem.
Now if it was against a Commiecrat,, well..... That's DIFFERENT!!

Masters of the universe can do what Russia and China can't even dream of pulling off.. But Google is on the LIBS side.... It's all good..... Right Emery? Right Babs?


Like one response said, lucky they didn't turn this into a drinking game.



More on the Democratic party model of governance.


Bill Tozer

My my. Lookie what I missed.
I am certain that Roberta would never say whites invented slavery. I seem to recall that the Egyptians held a few hundred thousands Hebrews as slaves for 400 years. When the slaves were set free from bondage, only those who did not have the slave mentality lingering in the heads and hearts were allowed to step foot in the promised land, ie, the whole lot of the older generation. Even Moses was allowed to see it, but not enter. No one with the slave mentality was ready for the promised land....the land of milk and 🍯.

Putting aside Roberta’s 1619 new history to be taught in our public schools as fact, here is the most important fact:

This country was founded on the new great fabulous experiment that multiple and diverse cultures could life within a single border. That was the most radical idea known to humankind at the time. The Great Experiment. Now, after 240 years, the Left is destroying the Nation and tearing it up by the foundations by using that same diversity to uproot it all. Burn it all down!
Now we have two counties living under one border, a situation that cannot last. That is what Bobbie missed, yet what he yearns for.

PS: Roberta Flack’s track record is worse than Punchy and Pelosi combined.


lmwao, just one of those things you run into:

" “Since becoming law in 1996, Proposition 209 has cost women and minority-owned businesses $1.1 billion each year,” said Assemblymember Weber. “It has perpetuated a wage gap wherein women make 80 cents on every dollar made by men and has allowed discriminatory hiring and contracting processes to continue unhindered.” "


cuz nothin' says "discriminatory hiring" more than a ban on discriminatory hiring.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9:22 pm

I saw this headline this morning and it said it all. Watched a couple of clips later and had my fill. Here’s the headline and early link.

AG Barr Defends Sending Federal Agents To Portland: ‘Since When Is It Okay To Burn Down A Federal Courthouse?’

To the topic of this post, my beef with the R’s has always been they fold like a cheap suit in a heartbeat if it gets too hot in the kitchen. Spineless. They go from standing tall to soggy pretzels in a wet paper bag at the speed of cowardice.

With that said, the Kavanaugh hearings showed me that some reached back in some sort of time machine and discovered something they forgot long ago: that they are vertebrates. Also, expect Endless Kavanaugh type hearings and abhorrent behavior from the Left intensifying going forward. It gets worse for those of the Hate America First crowd, never better. Due process? This ain’t a courtroom, this is the Mob! Gotta stand as a bulwark against the onslaught. They will get more unhinged, we must grow stronger like wild oaks. Call of duty.

The other reason I am more hopeful moving forward is the valiant and solid performance of the younger ones in the House during the impeachment hearings. They were railroaded, but stood their ground against the steamroller of a farce known as the Impeachment ‘inquiry.’ Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes and others made me proud. Tim Cook on the Senate side pushing for sensible and bi-partisan criminal justice reform and many more I should mention. That R congresswoman from AZ is beyond special. So, I am a bit more optimistic than being in the dump, looking forward that is. One thin line separates anarchy from civil society. Trump is standing at that thin blue line.

Oh, I hope Tim Scott realizes that the Dems in Congress are truly despicable creatures beyond evil. Tim still believes in the good of people, a fatal error in his job as US Senator. More and more, one by one, are coming around to the notion that is it a complete waste of time dealing with the most evil people in an evil world. No mas.
Oh, for an off topic glimpse into The Evil Mind of the Lying Left.....

‘Pelosi Falsely Suggests She Never Called Federal Officers ‘Stormtroopers’, Appears To Mock Barr’s Weight’


Not standing up to Evil Personified is worse than being evil. Our nation is at stake and in grave peril. This is not an exaggeration.

K. Kelty

Did it ever occur to you that conservatives are completely out of step with the norm? Go ahead and lay the wreath of blame around the neck of the RNC (that's your path of least self loathing) when all you have to do is lower your nose from the air and look into the mirror to discover what we don't like in your sick and moribund culture. You are a relic of days gone by. Misogynist bigots who wallow in "we got ours, so git the hell off my lawn" ethos. When you wonder at the massive blue landslide this November, just look in the mirror for your answer.

Steven Frisch

Seriously George, we know what party you would join if it were available...

Robert, here is the rule: however George interprets the history he knows is the correct interpretation of history, and anyone who brings up a historical perspective or facts that he does not agree with is an idiot who does not know history.

Scott O

Steve 8:10 - Looks like you've lost the argument and are now resorting to name-calling.
If George is factually incorrect, it is beyond easy to post the relevant links to prove otherwise.


Posted by: Scott O | 29 July 2020 at 08:24 AM

Nahh......scratch a Chicago Progressive and you will always find a Nazi fetishist! Always!

George Rebane

SteveF 810am - What party is that Steve, and who are these knowledgeable “we”?

And given the strong shift of the Democrats toward socialism/communism, we note that none of them claim disillusion or disaffection with their party. For them it is a long-awaited dawn and a time of celebration.


Frisch is flinging crap into the fan again.

Why does a local 501c3 CEO with a six figure salary feel a need to obliquely call an octogenerian a closet Nazi? A PhD who immigrated to the US as a result of wartime dislocations with not much more than the clothes on his back?

I take it the main thing Frisch holds against Estonians refugess from WWII is that the Soviet Union was shooting them while the Germans weren't.

Bill Tozer

Now more than ever, I am beyond convinced that everything the Liberals touch turns to shit. If a situation is bad, they find a way to make it worse.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 29 July 2020 at 09:41 AM

Now more than ever, I am beyond convinced that everything the Liberals touch turns to shit. If a situation is bad, they find a way to make it worse.

That's kind of a talent! Kind of......


"Now more than ever, I am beyond convinced that everything the Liberals touch turns to shit."

It's that King Merdas talent.

It seems to me that a big part of the problem is that once you dig down a hole of crazy, your ego demands more digging. At this rate they'll end up somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

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