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07 July 2020


Don Bessee

What else would you expect from the congressional jihadi caucus? -



Don Bessee

Good luck with that -




I was just musing over the surveillance opportunities getting fired up right now. Contact tracing will be the least of it. In this case, I think that COVID isn't so much a replay of Cold War fears as it is 9/11. I was just reading 'Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and the American Surveillance State (Gellman)' and thinking of the beast let loose by the Bush II regime (which successfully co-opted Obama and, likely, Trump).


re: DonB@3:40PM July 7, Year Zero.

"Good luck with that -"

I agree, they're all too old. They're barely viewed as humans by the Star Chambers you can see in a bunch of videos on youtube. It's a combination of crazy 20-30 year olds and the occasional middle-aged person who sees it as an opportunity to accrue power.

Ignore how ridiculous this is and simply watch the body language and demands.


Scott O

scenes 7:57 - re the vid. "...science from an African perspective..."
OK - explain gravity from an African perspective.
But they all expect their cell phones to work.

Ignorance Is Strength!

Bill Tozer

Get ready for Lockdown 2.0. Then they will do it again and again.


So these outdoor events that bring together the community and let people enjoy their lives are banned-

but De Blasio thinks thousands of shrieking protestors screaming in each others faces for hours is awesome and we need more of it

Seems fair


Don Bessee

It takes a strong politician to buck the new red guard -

In comments that came just days after Britain’s Indian-heritage home secretary Priti Patel hit out at “racist” left-wing politicians for attacking her for not conforming to their “stereotypical view of what an ethnic minority woman should stand for”, Kurten told Breitbart London that it was becoming impossible for ethnic minority people in the United Kingdom to articulate conservative views without being accused of betraying their race.

On the hypocrisy of BLM supporters lashing out at BAME politicians for not sharing their political views, Mr Kurten said: “They aren’t interested in Black People — they are interested in following a narrow, far-left political agenda. The same kind of supporters who have attacked me verbally on social media, are actually physically destroying black-owned businesses in the United States. They don’t care about people in slave-like conditions in Africa digging up cobalt for these green electric vehicles, don’t care about black Christians in central Nigeria being brutalised by Fulani Muslims — they don’t care for these people.

“They are only concerned in a narrow aim, because they are fuelled by hatred. They hate Western civilisation, they want to tear it down. That started symbolically with statues, but it is moving on to real people, verbally and physically.”

Mr Kurten also elaborated further on his opposition to Black Lives Matter UK itself, the organisation which behind an agreeable-sounding name, is campaigning for radical political and social change. He told Breitbart: “I don’t agree with the aims of black lives matter because it is a Marxist organisation with Marxist aims to defund the police, disrupt the nuclear family, smash capitalism. And all those things would be detrimental to everybody, including black people. So it doesn’t make any sense.



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