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22 July 2020


Bill Tozer

Good Informative post, Dr.Rebane.

I learned much and my eyes did not glaze over...for once. :). With that said, I really hate to veer off testing and get into the mudslinging of C-19 in general and divert from The Reliability Roulette of Testing. However, I have a C-19 link and I don’t now where else to put it....maybe Letters?

‘The Media and the Virus’

American press coverage of Covid-19 was first dismissive, then alarmist—but always condescending.


Dan, RN

Thank you for the solid advice. I will no longer get tested before going back to work at Eskaton. I'll tell the management you said so.

George Rebane

DanRN 337pm - "(The tests) major use is for on-the-spot screening of people going into a controlled environment like a hospital." So tell us Dan, when did they drop the literacy requirement for RNs? It appears that in your case Eskaton should administer both a covid infection test and a reading test. Having an illiterate RN administering to elderly patients is probably just as dangerous as having one who is infected.


G-d bless good RN's but they do not shine in literacy or numeracy. They do a good job doing what the doctors order... this I say with the experience of my first wife having the mixed blessing of having former students of hers in competency mathematics (mostly the arithmetic of fractions) at Sierra College attending to her in one of her final stays at SNMH's Cancerland. She was proud to have been central to their return to a college path and the attainment of their goal to be an RN, but a bit aghast at how little they knew when they started her class.

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