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22 July 2020


Bill Tozer

Good Informative post, Dr.Rebane.

I learned much and my eyes did not glaze over...for once. :). With that said, I really hate to veer off testing and get into the mudslinging of C-19 in general and divert from The Reliability Roulette of Testing. However, I have a C-19 link and I don’t now where else to put it....maybe Letters?

‘The Media and the Virus’

American press coverage of Covid-19 was first dismissive, then alarmist—but always condescending.


Dan, RN

Thank you for the solid advice. I will no longer get tested before going back to work at Eskaton. I'll tell the management you said so.

George Rebane

DanRN 337pm - "(The tests) major use is for on-the-spot screening of people going into a controlled environment like a hospital." So tell us Dan, when did they drop the literacy requirement for RNs? It appears that in your case Eskaton should administer both a covid infection test and a reading test. Having an illiterate RN administering to elderly patients is probably just as dangerous as having one who is infected.

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