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09 July 2020


Barry Pruett

What does any of his suggestions have to do with learning to read and critical thinking? Lol


It appears to me the Michael Sekarak is condesplaining from a position of privilege by using a problematic progressive stack to speak from a position of power. His internalized superiority has left out many underrepresented groups in order to derail any real conversation and is a social construct that results in verbal violence.

His xenophobia against otherkins and those of polysexual nature appears palpable in this article. For a school to be involved in intersectional activism requires decolonizing using queer and trans POC at all levels.


Titania McGrath has an excellent list of concerns Michael Sekerak should be aware of in his future endeavors.



Posted by: scenes | 09 July 2020 at 06:30 AM

That comment was Jarvis DuPont like in its thoughtful and inclusive tone! I send you Jazz Hands in an effort not to trigger you....

The Estonian Fox

Short item from the Gatestone Institute (how power wielded by incorrectly focused people can damage those who are innocent)-
"Last year, Palestinian activists took to the streets of the Gaza Strip to protest economic hardship and demand that Hamas provide solutions for soaring unemployment and poverty rates. The protests, held under the banner "We want to live!," were brutally suppressed by Hamas's security forces and militiamen.

Such calls by human rights organizations are dismissed out of hand by Hamas leaders, whose only concern is the iron grip of their power. Hamas rejects responsibility for the well-being of its people. Astoundingly, it continues to succeed in convincing the world that Israel is to blame for the misery of its own people."

Don't all repressive regimes do this? Reference - Democrats nationally & in Cali; Seattle city council & mayor; Minneapolis mayor.

I've been confused lately, and finally looked up what POC means. Boy, I am so far down the rabbit hole of correctness that all the hares around here are speaking Mandarin. I thought POC meant "piece of chit". Was I wrong!! Help me out here - who can I apologize to?


He wrote a racist letter to himself...

Umatilla County politician speaks out after police say he wrote racist letter to himself

......that’s so racist!


Scott O

"ensure equitable outcomes for all students”

What would be an 'equitable outcome' and who gets to decide?

I know - just to ask that question brands me and shows that I'm being 'defensive'.
Our little junior Greta Thunbergs and David Hoggs will lead the way - right off a cliff.
And Trump gets blamed for being 'divisive'!
The divide happened long, long ago and it's widening ever more rapidly.

Scott O

fish 7:08 - I love how he asks that we not judge a movement by one bad apple!!
But of course that doesn't apply to the police.
Remember - it's the narrative that's really important and we should only think of the letter in terms of the larger truth!
He was just trying to prove what you racists REALLY think!


Posted by: Scott O | 09 July 2020 at 07:35 AM

"ensure equitable outcomes for all students”.....

.....and it all sounds.... just the same. More progressive bafflegab to give a vacant philosophy the patina of intellectualism. That might be the worst part of it all....having to listen to all the blatant nonsense that they think makes them sound smart!


"What would be an 'equitable outcome' and who gets to decide?"

It's simply a matter of building inclusive excellence through islands of innovation, but those islands require central coordination to achieve comprehensive educational reform.


I am shocked that nobody from the Pelline family have signed the petition!


Scenes 832am

The Jacobin currently leading the mob is the one who gets to decide.


Posted by: scenes | 09 July 2020 at 08:32 AM

NOW YOU JUST STOP THAT......your satire is going to find its way into official policy/documentation!


"The Jacobin currently leading the mob is the one who gets to decide. "

Our Planning Committee will take your opinion under advisement.

Perhaps you could step into the black van out front for safety reasons.


"NOW YOU JUST STOP THAT......your satire is going to find its way into official policy/documentation! "

There is no satire in 2020, simply those on the right side of history and Republicans. It appears to me that you might be an enemy of oppressed people.

Scott O

scenes 8:32 - Your skills as a translator will serve well in the coming age!
Be sure to hone your accent in order to 'pass' when out in public.

Scott O

Gregory at 9:33 - They're probably ensconced lake-side at a 'equity' seminar.


Still no endorsement by anyone named Pelline... we'll have put that clan in with the hard right anti anti-racist crowd until further notice.


"Still no endorsement by anyone named Pelline"

Pelline is a well known champion of the people. Rightfully, he will view any arrogant CIS-male behavior as sizesplaining.

Bill Tozer

Not a caricature.

‘How The Cultural Left Morphed Into A Capitalist Movement’
The cultural left is ideologically rooted in anti-capitalism, but recent events suggest young leftists aren't as anti-capitalist as they like to imagine.

“An odd effect of the cultural left’s growing control over our institutions is that corporatists now hold even more influence over American politics. Leftists are literally begging them to increase their political power. It’s weird.”...

“Leftists loves to chatter in the abstract about the inextricable intertwinement of their cultural goals and anti-capitalism. That, however, renders those theories incompatible with the strain of leftism that’s developed in the age of social media, which openly asks corporatists to take more power over our politics, pushing for cultural wins that bring economic losses.”


George Rebane

BillT 511pm - perhaps the Federalist wouldn't consider it an "odd effect" at all if they reviewed the definition of corporatism, especially as it describes the corporatist's relationship with the state.


re: BillT@5:11PM

I think that 'capitalism' is besides the point. It's all about power.

It's a lot harder to compete with Amazon (or Paypal or Google) than it is to allow a monopoly to form and then to control it from outside. Trade unions somewhat managed that but the new model of combining government control (via laws/regulations/rules as a large buyer) with crowdmobbing is really effective.

I haven't run into a good name for the concept. You really can't look to China as a model since it possesses both strong nationalism and a strong ethnic flavor.

It's a thing I simply don't know. What do you call a power system that combines corporate oligarchs, entrenched bureaucracy, strongly applied surveillance/propaganda, and a Trotsky-esque 'permanent revolution' run by the factions in the Blue Mob?

When you're a prey animal, sometimes it's hard to fully define the predator.


Posted by: scenes | 09 July 2020 at 03:30 PM

Pelline is a well known champion of the people. Rightfully, he will view any arrogant CIS-male behavior as sizesplaining.

Pretty sure that by the end of this we're going to find out that you are really named "O'Brien".

Barry Pruett

Gregory @ 1508. 😂


Penn State welcomes all students. At least the ones that count.

"On June 12, Penn State’s College of the Liberal Arts posted a tweet in an attempt to express its “inclusive and supportive environment,” according to William Hessert, the college's director of strategic communications.

The tweet, which had lines reading “Dear conservative students, Your viewpoints are important” and “Dear Latinx students, You will not find walls here,” faced backlash from Penn State students who found the tweet harmful toward students of color and ignorant of the systemic issues that oppress people of color in the United States today. The tweet was later deleted."


Barry Pruett

Scenes @ 1043. So the detractors in connection with the statement that “Dear conservative students, Your viewpoints are important” assert that all conservatives are white?!

“Conservatives in the United States do not live in a system that was built from the blood and trauma of their ancestors — a system that continues to put down people who look like [their ancestors] every day,” Nuñez said via email.

So Ms. Nuñez implies that there are no black conservatives or Latino or Jewish or gay or Indian or Chinese. Sounds racist and narrow minded but that's just me.

George Rebane

re BarryP 1152am - and that claim adds to the Democrats' pile of Big Lies. Since we are almost all immigrants somewhere in our past, and all immigrants in days of yore had a hard row to hoe upon arrival (the Rebanes did), it's bullshit to claim that the rest of us can't claim that our system was also built "from the blood and trauma" of our ancestors. BTW, who gave them the imprimatur to be the sole judges of ancestor blood and trauma?


It's like Crabby's 'toon of the RAMBOIS... that's the goto caricature he has in his head for conservatives. In fact, that's the goto caricature most on the left carry around in their heads.

Barry Pruett

My first immigrant ancestor was an indentured servant in 1636 so he guess that he had no hardship?!

Bill Tozer

Caricature? Nah, just another cartoon.


Don Bessee

The congressional jihadi caucus is at it again -

Ayaan Hirsi Ali blasts Ilhan Omar over call to remake US, says 'I don't think we need a revolution'
Human rights activist asks, 'Why flee from Mogadishu ... and do all your best' to turn US into Mogadishu?




"It's like Crabby's 'toon of the RAMBOIS... that's the goto caricature he has in his head for conservatives."

Oh well, caricatures get a point across in a simple way, whether it's Der Sturmer or Jeff McNelly (who could actually draw public figures recognizably).

Draftsmanship aside, I've always been underwhelmed by local newspaper cartoonists. Their ability to take risk is not quite zero but darn close. Typically it's a somewhat gracile fellow who jumps in to take one last kick at a subject that the mob (on whatever side) has already roughed up quote a lot.

As expect, the Blue Mob is rolling up anyone with accomplishments. Mock them at your peril.


RL Crabb

Oh really, "scenes"? At least I own my opinions. I don't hide behind an alias like a little pussy. I assume you're a pussy, since you don't have the balls to put your real name on the line.


OK Crabby,, you didn't bitch about Cross Bobby,, or Mary whannna,, and those fictitious sock puppets.

Shall I remind you of your plagiarism from a while back? You ripped off myself and Gregory..(word for word) Remember?
You know,, when I was bitching about the county demanding a permit to replace one damned board.(you used a stair step...Technically a board) Gregory pointed out how that translates into the county official looking for other "improvements" that would be generated by said building permit.

So if Scenes is a "pussy",, I guess that makes you a dick.

Bill Tozer

It’s time to take the gloves off. One of the biggest lies the R’s peddled a few short years ago was, “Let’s not stoop to their level.” Repeated that bull myself and developed a tiny bit of restraint. No mass. They are irredeemable....and I believe in redemption. Odd, the Statue of Lenin in Seattle and Margaret Sanger still stands proudly, very unmolested. Anyway.....

re: Crabbman’s Cartoon.

The only thing missing from Earl’s toon is a sign that reads, This is a wolf free zone.”

I, for one, stand with my Black Brothers.


Be careful out there, R.L. Some crazy right winger vandals just might but a statue of Robert Byrd in your front yard. I will even throw a pillow case on his head. :)

RL Crabb

Hardy har har. I don't know what you're talking about, Wally. I've was whipping on the NC planning dept. since way back in the 20th century. You could look it up in my book "Once Upon a Village" if you ever get to a library.
I'm currently in the middle of doing a cartoon that will be more to your liking. After it gets printed you can pat yourselves on the back and pretend it was your original idea.

Don Bessee

MSNBC is so woke it has a black anti-semite hosting the old Chris Mathews hour. You know your ratings suck whey you suck up to tiny team Farrakhan -




Just what I expected out of you Crabb grass.
Funny it was just DAYS after it was "discussed" right here.
Yup,, DICK it is.


Gentlemen, I was poking gentle fun at RL a couple of days ago for being a 'chickenshit' in not cartooning the Antifa and BLM atavistic anarchists, but in truth, he has excellent reason for not poking their cages, they would be perfectly prepared to kill him if the occasion arose. I'm at least as careful with my own life. Michael Ramirez can afford the bodyguards, the local cartoonist can't.

My point, which I shoulod have made more clealyr, was that RL has a lot more in common with the ridiculous (if not fictitious) 'boogaloo bois' than he has with the cretins of the left. The larger point, we should not alienate folks who are essentially on our side while we are faced with mortal enemies. Pick on RL when we have the leisure to do so..


Yes L, RL even showed his yellow streak when the Mohomed crap flowed free. "how dare you draw me!"

I'm just waiting for Crabby and the other Progycrats to go after the Miner statues.

Bill Tozer

The Marxist Mob’s bright red flashing lights go off like a Christmas Tree in July when you say, “gold miner”. I don’t see those Miner Moe statues surviving more than 3 years. Things are happening fast in Year Zero. Maybe two and a half years? Their appetite is insatiable.

Don Bessee

150 of the 850 Minneapolis cops have file for disability -

More than 150 Minneapolis police officers have filed for disability claims, with many claiming post-traumatic stress disorder for their departures following weeks of soaring crime and unrest following the death of George Floyd, an attorney for the officers said Friday.

Meuser said many of his clients were present when Third Precinct was abandoned as rioters closed in on the building during a chaotic night of unrest that ended with the police station set ablaze. He said some officers wrote text messages to their loved ones over fear they wouldn't make it out the station alive.

Others counted their ammunition in case they needed to shoot themselves, rather than be beaten to death, he said.

"They were left alone in the Third Precinct without support from city leaders," Meuser said. "Officers worked 12-hour-plus shifts for days upon days, without relief or clear leadership."



Barry Pruett


Meanwhile the culture war in Indiana is a little more aggressive. Lady thrown out of Catholic Church for yelling at the bishop during mass for suspending the priest for saying BLM are “parasites.” She repeatedly called the bishop a coward before she was escorted out of mass. 😂


The BLM website says flat out they began as a protest against Trayvon Martin's "murderer" being found not guilty (yes, even an ass like George Zimmerman has a right to self defense) and then Michael Brown's murderer being found not guilty (yes, if you try to take the gun from a policeman and keep advancing despite being ordered to stop, the cop has a right to shoot at you until you stop).

In short, BLM, the movement, is founded on lies.

Bill Tozer

‘Black Lives Matter In Public Schools Is Turning Kids Into Little Marxists’

School systems across the country are adopting BLM curriculum at at alarming rate, indoctrinating our children to achieve Marxist objectives

Always one in every crowd. From the bottom of the list:

Jack Mehoff, Nevada Union High School, 2019
Julie Lipson, Nevada Union High School, 2003
Adrian Rampy, Nevada Union High School, 2011
Parent of NU Grad. 2009, Community Member, 1973
Lukas Hall-Alba, Nevada Union High School, 2013
Autumn Paquette, Nevada Union High School, 2104
Kiki Maher, North Point Academy, 2023
Alumni, Nevada Joint Union High School, 2014
Chris Maher, (Parent) Nevada Union High School, 2019
Emily Price, Nevada Union High School, 2014
Oliver Altamirano, Ghidotti Early College High School, 2021

Bill Tozer

News names added to the list. First, third, and fifth one caught my eye....and the last name.

Hugh G. Reckshun Nevada Union High School, Get Focused Stay Focused 2023
Cody Bartlett Nevada Union High School 1997
Sukmei Dik Bitney College Prep High School 2018
Dree Shively SAEL Parent of 2 Class of 2022 and 1 Class of 2024 Grads
Happy White Nevada Union 2017
Joanna Troth Nevada Union High School 2013
Lou Zher Nevada Union High School 2014
Kiki Cox North Point Academy, teacher 2020
Hunter Burgan Nevada Union High School 1994
Grace Ross Nevada Union 2023
Emma Neylon Ghidotti Early College High School 2021
Emily Seagraves Nevada Union High School 2003
student Ghidotti Early College High School 2021
Chris Linhares Ghidotti Early College HS 2021
Katia Griffin Ghidotti Early College High School 2021
Owen Neylon Ghidotti Early College High School 2020
Chloe Lawrence Ghidotti Early College High School 2023
Grace Ross Nevada Union 2023
Sophia Karas Ghidotti Early College High School 2023
Suzie Creamcheese Bear River High School School Nirse

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