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28 August 2020



I first heard Bill Evers speak circa '96 when he organized a meeting of Whole Language and Whole Math proponents and opponents in Palo Alto... I drove there to help me make sense of what the Grass Valley School district was doing to its students.

It helped me and it helped a generation of kids in California schools. A subsequent generation or two have since fallen by the wayside and the schools are now off the deep end. Critical thinking is Critical Theory now, Frankfurt School style.


C'mon George, everything is OK.

According to the 'staff edits', they've changed a few things.. 'References to “hxrstory” and “hxrstorically” were replaced with “history” and “historically.”'



I'm downright embarrassed for our times.

At this point, anyone with kids should (a) move (b) put them in private schools (hopefully that can free you from the insanity) or (c) homeschool.


from https://edsource.org/2020/new-draft-ethnic-studies-curriculum-for-california-students-issued-after-a-year-of-study/637506

"In comments last summer, Sikh, Korean and Jewish Americans and other ethnic groups called for inclusion of their heritage and immigrant stories. That, in turn, led to a backlash from an ethnic studies coalition and others who warned against watering down the curriculum. Ethnic studies is not civics, they said; it is about Americans whose stories and struggles have been missing from history courses and the traditional curriculum, they said."

..and, as usual, some animals are more equal than others.

Bill Tozer

Kinda on topic, maybe. I don’t know about you, but I ain’t going along with the side that has a guillotine. Call me deplorable.

Chicago Teachers Union Tweets Out Praise For Guillotine Protest: ‘Completely In Support Of Wherever This Is Headed’


Scott O

BT 9:06 - Love that last line: "...wherever this is headed."
Shouldn't that have been 'de-headed'?
Those idiots think Bezos has all that loot in cash in his basement.

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