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01 August 2020



Perhaps the divide is primarily between rational scientific Modernism ala John Locke, and irrational unscientific postmodernism ala Derrida, Lyotard and Marx (Karl, not Groucho).

It's postmodernist drivel that's ruined the Humanities and the body politic.

George Rebane

Gregory 557am - that’s probably a good summary.

paul emery

Gregory, George

Do you consider our President Trump to be a proponent of "rational scientific Modernism" ?

George Rebane

PaulE 122pm - As the only available prophylactic to the socialist autocracy proposed by the Left, YES!


Punchy 122pm

Do you? Why or why not?

Do you think or suspect Biden might be a postmodernist? Sympathetic to postmodernism?

Scott O

Gregory 2:38 - Look at Biden's track record. He goes with the flow. He's just a bumbling Dem party hack.


scott o 316pm

His pledge to appoint a woman, probably a POC, as his running mate (is that a sexist term?) in my opinion puts Biden in a postmodern camp.

Trump has the gall in 2020 to have an old white guy sharing the ticket. Not very postmodern.

punch 122pm
"Do you consider our President Trump to be a proponent of "rational scientific Modernism" ?"

Do you think it's required to be a proponent of something to be aligned with it, or aligned in opposition to its foes?

Scott O

Gregory 3:37 - "His pledge to appoint a woman, probably a POC, as his running mate (is that a sexist term?) in my opinion puts Biden in a postmodern camp."
Well, yes - but Biden simply opened his eyes one morning and there he was in camp.
His handlers and poll watchers have counseled him to that decision. Look at his speeches and voting record. He's whatever he needs to be for the moment. Is he 'in' the post-modern camp? Well sure - now he is.
Did he make some sort of conscious move to that side?
He doesn't even know what it means.
It's the educational system and leftist proponents normalizing post-modernism and melding it into every societal and governmental decision point that moves our country in that direction. Helped along by graduates of journalism schools run by post-modernists, our news media is filled idiot reporting that comes up with descriptions of violent riots as: "peaceful demonstrations that intensify".
There is a large and ready market for the new, new, new, Joe Biden with 'his' new post-modernist ideas.
He's a placeholder. A 'thing' to attract eyes and ears while the real action can then go on in the back room.


SO 609pm

So, what do you think I was getting at when I wrote,
"Do you think it's required to be a proponent of something to be aligned with it, or aligned in opposition to its foes?"

Post-modern ideas aren't new. What is fairly new is the capture of the Democratic Party by the progressive left.

Scott O

Gregory - "Post-modern ideas aren't new. What is fairly new is the capture of the Democratic Party by the progressive left."
Although it's leading to mainstream acceptance of ideas that 10 years ago would have gotten you laughed out of the most left wing faction of the Dems.
Public paid-for, on-demand, sex 'reassignment' surgery for anyone including felons in prison?
That you can demand that your birth certificate be changed to falsify a factual medical statement?
Total insanity.

Bill Tozer

I don’t see how one can get along with total insanity or try to come to any sort of agreement with the looney left, short of laying down and accepting extortion and throwing to the wind everything this Nation was founded upon.



The Left has abandoned all norms of civilized conduct. Check out this video of a Black Lives Matter “activist” screaming at normal citizens through a bullhorn. It was filmed in Austin, Texas:


“Rep. Karen Bass apparently is on the shortlist to be Joe Biden’s running mate. You might be asking, Karen who? Precisely.

Bass is a congresswoman from California. She’s the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Bass is also a communist sympathizer. How else can one explain her support for Fidel Castro?

When Castro died in 2016, Bass stated: “The passing of the Comandante en Jefe is a great loss to the people of Cuba.” Comandante en Jefe. A nice touch.”


Don Bessee

People took a taste of it and didn't come back -



Wayne Hullett

One problem with a divide is that the left, which is strong in the large cities, has relatively little land area (mostly the coastal large cities -- see https://www.inverse.com/article/25635-map-remakes-us-trumpland-clinton-archipelago ). If there is a divide, I would expect that the land-poor left would align with and solicit the help of foreign powers; I am sure that Russia and China would love to get a foothold on this continent.

I just watched the Deadliest Virus video. Right now the left is not as well armed as the right, but that will change if they get into power and control the military. If Biden wins, then after inauguration day it will be too late for the right -- It could become just like 1917 in Russia. And by trying to get mail-in ballots which will not be counted for weeks, the left is trying to narrow the Nov 3 to Jan 20 window as much as possible. I worry about the never-Trumpers in the Senate and asleep-at-the-switch McConnell not preventing the attempted move to mail-in ballots. They would be throwing away the country just so that they can throw their little temper tantrum over their dislike of Trump.

If Biden wins, I think a very bloody civil war is very possible, probably in 2021 or 2022 (unless the right just knuckles under, as it seems to be doing now).

For myself, I recently re-watched Dr Zhivago, and immediately went out and bought another rifle.

Bill Tozer

‘4 French Revolution Trends That Have Started In The United States’

“The bloody and terrible French Revolution featured attacks on religion, rewriting history, toppling statues, and abandoning tradition. Sound familiar?”


Bill Tozer

The Lefties brave new world: surrender or retreat. Resistance is futile.

'Do As They Say’: Minneapolis Police Tell Residents To ‘Be Prepared To Give Up’ Personal Belongings To Robbers'
"We want those who live and work here to be safe!"


Bill Tozer

Foreign policy

‘Three Decades of Delusion‘
Our elites learned all the wrong lessons from the end of the Cold War

“Yet we failed to grasp that the Soviet Union did not implode because the liberal democratic ideal overpowered the tenets of communism.”......

“The Chinese communist leadership seems to have learned all too well the British imperial dictum that “we do not run Egypt, we run the Egyptians who run Egypt.””


Bill Tozer

Minneapolis Officials Prevent Putting The Dismantling Of The Police Department On Ballot As Opposition To ‘Defund Police’ Surges


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