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14 August 2020



My best to your dear bride and hope for a rapid recovery!


I demand a scale that goes to 11! (Hat tip to Nigel Tufnel)

George, not a bad swag but I think the clinical use is mostly to get a handle on if you're getting better or worse. The junkies looking for a fix can and do put on an act and will go to 11.

Best wishes to JoAnn. Ouch.

George Rebane

Jo Ann thanks you for the good wishes, and reports that she is currently at L1 and looking forward to L0.

Gregory - Good points, but when I questioned two separate people at two separate facilities about the 1-10 index, they both reported that not only were the patients' reported numbers taken normatively, they actually had established response policies afo the reported pain number - e.g. a number above 5 was required before analgesics would be considered or prescribed. Go figger.


The important value is the one that gets you the decent drugs. Sometimes a nurse will telegraph that number.


Seeing as how all people are identical, regardless of ethnicity, it's interesting that there's a measurable difference in pain response.

The one that should shock no one is that redheads are more difficult to sedate and have high pain tolerance.

Scott O

Very sorry to hear of her fall and fracture. Not fun. Caroline and I wish her a speedy recovery. We know her home care will be top notch.
My wife has unfortunately been in situations where the med staff would ask her about the pain on the '1 to 10' scale and it always struck me as being a bit arbitrary, but as was noted - it's at least some kind of baseline to establish better or worse as the treatment commences.
My favorite line of all time from the cinema:
"The trick...is not minding it"
Ah - there's the rub!
Most of us do mind it.

Barry Pruett

Oh no. Prayers to Jo Ann. We hope that she gets better soon!

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