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24 August 2020



Nice pics.

"The Wisconsin Department of Corrections building was set on fire during the second night of unrest in Kenosha. Reduced to rubble and ashes. This video was recorded before bulldozers were brought in. "



Meanwhile, in Seattle.

"While antifa/BLM rioters rampaged through Portland & Kenosha last night, they also rioted in Seattle. They put quick drying cement on the SPD east precinct exit & tried to set the building on fire. "


paul emery

Re Don 5:20
What is there to "comprehend" Don? These are the numbers. Do you doubt that they exist?

Bill Tozer

Confirmed: highest paid person at CNN to speak at R convention


Bill Tozer

Two stories in one: BLM attacks journalist and then BLM attacks jail trying to break in, ROFLMAO. Most people....er.....most criminals try to avoid jail. Guess those peaceful protestors aren’t playing with a full deck.



“Nothing expresses grief over the allegedly unjustified shooting of a black man like stealing jewelry. We saw the same thing in Minneapolis, Chicago and other cities.”....

“While some facts relating to the Blake incident remain murky, I think one thing is crystal clear: President Trump will carry Wisconsin. Once again, Black Lives Matter works its electoral magic.”



"WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on @FoxNews says he offered @GovEvers additional federal assistance today: “The President was on the phone today with the governor as well ... today that request was denied by the governor.”"


Anything to defeat Orange Man. I'm afraid the citizens of Kenosha are just collateral damage.

paul emery


If you follow the link you provided you get this Check it out: Fake news from Biker Bill.



"Kenosha rioter points a gun right in the face of Blaze Media reporter while he's shooting video of the unrest"


Scott O

Paul 4:36 - Trump is doing fine Paul. Most of the actual decision making concerning the pandemic in the US falls to local and state authorities. And the actions and decisions made by individuals really make the biggest impact. Our country is keeping the hospitals from being over-loaded and we are making progress in learning to treat the extreme cases.
Trump deals with issues relating to federal authority such as trying to block infected people from coming to the US. He gets no help from the Dems.

Don Bessee

Here is your proto typical dem government drone who seems to like the riots -

Meadows claims Wisconsin Gov. Evers rejected offer of federal help to quell Kenosha rioting
White House chief of staff says unrest 'out of control and it can't be allowed to continue'



paul emery


Trump said we are in a war and he is the Commander in Chief. That means he is the one in charge not the States. He is a total failure with 175,000 casualties and more to come. This is after he said it will be over in a week or so and poof it will be gone.

By the way we are the ones who cannot travel abroad in most places without going through two weeks quarantine because our numbers are so bad.

Bill Tozer

Punchie. If you are referring to my 5:46 pm, that one went right over your head. Woose. Most things do.

Quarter billion CNN is paying Sandmman. Wa Post is next to kick down as a punishment for their fakenews.

paul emery

Just followed your link Don. why did you use it? Do you know what Patriot Post is?

Don Bessee

The scum bag left was going to go there eventually but it could end up helping us -



paul emery


Sleazy operation Patriot Post. Here's an example

"That owner, Mark Caldwell, publishes the Post under the pseudonym Mark Alexander. He previously went by M. Morrison Alexander. The reason for the pseudonyms is “proprietary,” he initially told BuzzFeed News.


Scott O

Paul - You're just repeating yourself. You asked me my opinion of Trump's handling of the pandemic in the US and I told you. Trump is not a dictator and he does not have the legal authority to order the cities and states what to do. Your claim that he has the power to keep people in the US from dying of CV19 is complete insanity.
When did Trump say: "it will be over in a week or so and poof it will be gone."?
You have already admitted you don't have a clue as to what should be done, so you look totally foolish to keep yapping about it.

paul emery

Here's an example Scott. He affirms that within two weeks it will be close to zero- gone-poof

“And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done."
— Donald Trump


Don Bessee

So when will the crack kvmr fakenewsman do that debate with Dr R.??? Must be afraid that the talking points for lefties would not serf him well! LOL


Don Bessee

Their own are telling them this is not in their interest but the best part is their socialist self talk will throw the words of wisdom in the gutter. As one commented, this could have been a paid stunt by the Trump campaign.

The best part is that they will not listen and just double down to score street cred points before they go back to moms basement. LOL!




I was half watching the GV City Council meeting tonight when this caught my attention. Mind you this meeting was being held remotely with Councilmembers Hodge and Levine attending via Zoom, or whatever app they use, Councilmembers Arbukle, Aguilar and Swarthout were in council chambers and city staff in various offices. All were visible on screen in little boxes..

After prefunctory comments, Mayor Swarthout asked all to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. While everyone could be seen standing up, Hodge did not move to stand up, but did reach towards her computer and her video feed went off. After the Pledge was repeated, all sat down and Hodge's video feed came back on, showing her sitting in front of the screen.

Did she shut off her video feed because she would not repeat the Pledge of Allegiance? You can view this online. Any ideas or comments?

paul emery

We did a debate a number of years ago sponsored by my friends in the Tea Party. It was a good event.

Perhaps we'll do it again someday. I'll talk to George about it. It will be after the election.

Sad thing the Tea Party. Remember they believed in free trade and a balanced budget and we shared many Libertarian values. Trump will run up 7 Trillion dollars in debt in his four years, am all time record, and we don't practice anything like free trade under Trump. The Tea Party has virtually disappeared. Sad.

Here's documentation for by debt numbers

"When Trump took office in January 2017, the debt was at $19.9 trillion. As of July 27, according to the most recently available data, that number has grown to $26.5 trillion, Treasury Direct, a division of the Treasury Department, said. "


paul emery

Another quote from our liar and Chief

"The swelling debt is at odds with promises Trump made before he was elected president. Trump told Washington Post reporters during an April 2016 interview that he would eliminate the nation's debt, which was over $19 trillion, "over a period of eight years."

Same link

Don Bessee

Pussed out @ 806 thats what everyone knew already. LOL


George Rebane

I wonder what part of the $7T added to national debt was the discretionary amount "run up by Trump". Or is this another one of those Simple Simon propositions that whatever happens while a president serves is his fault/credit?

Don Bessee

Dr R what we have is another failure to communicate. The failure of the pony tails of ignorance's teachers that have left him bereft of the simplest understanding of the how the branches work. I am sure he still scratches his head when i refer to the historic gain in the senate.

But we dont have 60 and that has consequences and yet he can do his happy dance about the house in his blissful ignorance of their role in the appropriations process.

That sad continuity keeps earning the tittle of the oh so great pony tail of ignorance!


paul emery

That is the amount stated by the Treasury Department under Trump George. Check my previous link. As a comparison the total debt under Obama for eight years was 6.79 trillion also according to the Treasure Dept.

So Trump in four years has already matched Obama's 8 years and Obama's total includes the bailout following Bush's Great Recession and 2 Trillion funding for funding Bush's illegal war in Iraq


Don Bessee

SO you are saying that chuckie and nan overdid the extortion for any progress. Got it.


George Rebane

PaulE, you didn’t understand my question.

Todd Juvinall

Two nights to go then on to a blowout win for Trump and the R's. I am so glad the dems have the same attitude as Paul Emery. Could not ask for better help in the coming tsunami.

paul emery


I do understand your question and I don't have those numbers. You'd also have to apply the same process to Obama's deficit to have a valid comparison. If you can come up with those numbers it would be good information to include in the conversation. What we do know is that give or take a trillion or so Trump has matched Obama's deficit numbers for 8 years in 4 years. That's after he campaigned he would balance the budget in 4 years.

paul emery

It was Trump that signed the budget Don so it has his name on it. Combine that with Trumps tax cuts for the wealthy that did not pay for themselves-another Trump lie- and you get the picture

Bill Tozer

So Punchy, when Trump said it would be over in 15 days, did you know the WHO had just said the same thing after consulting with the Chinese Communist Party. Only what the CCP said to the experts counted as the gospel truth, lol.

Remember when Trump went plumb loco and shut down the travel to China and everybody, including Joe Biden and our European allies, said a shutdown of international travel was xenophobic of Trump. Glad a Trump took the bold step amidst much criticism the moment he found out that the WHO was in the pocket of the Commie Bastards and that indeed the WHO lied to the whole world because they had previously stated that the virus does not spread from human to human.

Ole Joe Biden called Trump wrong for that ‘xenophobic’ travel restrictions from China (with the exception of 60,000 US Citizens, Chinese-Americans and their spouses, and those with green cards that we helped to get out). Biden said he would not have done that, Pelosi said come on downto Frisco and join in the Chinese New Year celebrations and don’t listen to that racist Trump, and NYC was open to have a wonderful Chinese New Year Celbrstions and celebrations of our diversity, unlike that racist Trump.

So Punchie, your homework tonight is
1)to follow the timeline when the WHO and other experts said the virus might just be a Nothingburger and just might go away like poof and the date Trump repeated the words of the world’s experts at the time.

2) tell us all how Trump bobbled the ball and what the Demorats would have done differently. We know from their own words they would have opposed international travel restrictions, try to blame the virus on Italy and parts of Europe as well as Dem governors order the elderly coming out of the hospital to go back to the nursing homes without a C-19 test. Great ideas the Dems have come up with. Party down in China Town, people.

BTW, if a person (grandma) is already in a extended care or nursing home facility, their health and strength ain’t very good to start with. Some, like me, call it end of life care.

Bill Tozer

“Gosh and golly scenes gambling is illegal. You are encouraging me to sell my guitar, which is a source of income to me. to engage in an illegal act that you are participating in.”
Hmmm. Not reporting to the IRS very shekel in the tip jar is also a criminal offense. Just like the other Paul, Paul Manafort .

A man and his guitar is considered by Gov. Newsome to be ‘non-essential’. Looks like the Governor ruined Punchy’s economy and under the table gigs. Black market stuff. And the good folks of Nevada County in blue precincts agree wholeheartedly with the Governor, Mr. non-essential. You have been cancelled.

Good thing you have a nice fat Social Security check to tide you over in your golden years. Extended care for seniors is expensive.

Good thing Biden is only proposing 3 trillion for the Green New Deal. Rolling blackouts for lack of enough energy is the new normal on this Blue State. The other stuff Biden has signed on to is way more expensive.

Scott O

Paul 7:26 - That's not the so-called 'quote' from Trump that you fabricated in your 6:55 post.
And it doesn't provide any proof whatever to your absurd notion that the only reason people in the US died of CV19 was because of Trump's 'failure' to do 'something' that you freely admit you have no idea of.
Your TDS has once again overwhelmed what little brain power you possess.
You hate Trump. We get it.

Bill Tozer

Once I asked what could be worse on these pages than this habitial Bush Derangement Syndrome? What could be worse than BDS?
Moral of the story is don't ever ask such a question. TDS is alot worse.

In other news:

Rand Paul: If You Oppose ‘Socialists Poisoning Our Schools And Burning Our Cities’ Then Vote Trump


Bill Tozer


Leftist Host Suggests Trump Jr. Snorted Cocaine Backstage At RNC. Trump Jr.: ‘You Must Have Me Confused with Hunter Biden’


Bill Tozer


“The authoritarian left isn’t content just to block speech it disagrees with. It also wants to force people into making leftist utterances and gestures.

Today, at various restaurants in Washington, D.C, BLM protesters demanded that diners eating outdoors raise their fists in support. Most diners did — this is Washington — but a few did not. Those who did not were berated.

The mob chanted “white silence is violence” at them. The statement is stupid and obviously false. If the BLM mob wants, nonetheless, to chant it, that’s fine. But not in the faces of people who are simply trying to eat dinner.

I agree with Bari Weiss, who was recently “cancelled” by the New York Times because her writings didn’t track leftist orthodoxy. She described the BLM mob’s behavior as “vile and un-American.”.....



Ah. Things are starting to amp up a bit now. I have to check out what the Biden campaign was up to last night.

"Kenosha BLM rioters are throwing rocks at people who are protecting their property. They don’t care that those people are armed."

"Meanwhile in Portland tonight, antifa have smashed up City Hall and went inside."

"ElijahSchaffer filmed the moments before the shooting. Rioters were destroying the cars at the auto shop. "

"Julio_Rosas11 recorded shocking footage of rioters trying to beat up someone with a rifle. The person trips and then a bunch of shots can be heard."

"GRAPHIC: Rioters chase down a man with a semi-auto rifle. He shoots them."

"Julio_Rosas11 recorded up-close footage of one of the men who tried to attack a man who was on the ground but armed with a semi-auto rifle. Half of his upper arm was blown off."

Thank God for these independent videographers. If we depended on CNN and KVMR everything would go in the memory hole.


...aaaand there's a (so-called) punch line.

"GRAPHIC: I missed this in the video. The man who had his arm shot ran in with a pistol. He was still holding it for some time after he was hit:"




better picture of the arm-shot guy.



more views. Remember, this is after the shooting at the car dealership.

"Kenosha Shooting - Discussion with alleged shooter before shooting + views of shooting"

I'll try to generate a timeline.

Barry Pruett

When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes

Todd Juvinall

Maximo said his dad said the USA was the last place to go if tyranny prevailed elsewhere. I wonder where the lefty types gSad.o when we maintain our country? Where does Paul Emery go? Cuba seems close and fits his ideas to a tee.


Barry Pruett: "When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes"

The interesting thing to keep an eye on now will be the media war. No doubt the shooter is already a 'white supremacist', people are planning on burning down his and his relatives homes. It all seems fairly straightforward to me, but then I'm just looking at raw footage rather than listening to CNN.

In the meantime, Paul can pop by with a Whac-A-Mole argument about how Hoover caused a worldwide Great Depression.

Nothing to see here. Move along.


Posted by: scenes | 26 August 2020 at 07:51 AM

In the meantime, Paul can pop by with a Whac-A-Mole argument about how Hoover caused a worldwide Great Depression.

It's been fun but I think that I'm done helping Punch work out his daddy issues!



I found and downloaded a clear-as-day video of the shooter being chased and attacked at the car dealership (first shot)...including a Molotov cocktail.

All three shootings look to be totally righteous with clear video evidence. Like I said, it'll be interesting to see how it's all twisted by Blue Mob Media.

Probably the strongest argument against will be the 'you should just let the kids burn everything down and stay away' variety.

Given the number of Democrats in the area, all it takes is one crazy one, it's a damn shame that the local towns are so absurdly flammable.

Bill Tozer

“Even Greta Thunberg has gone back to school.“ and other tidbits.

• Nice to see the “peaceful” protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, transitioning so easily into Trump re-election rallies.

• How is it possible that Sean Connery is 90 years old today?


Bill Tozer

Found on one of Scenes’s links @ 6:33 am

‘As Part Of Settlement With Nick Sandmann, CNN Hosts Must Wear MAGA Hats During All Broadcasts’



"Nice to see the “peaceful” protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, transitioning so easily into Trump re-election rallies."

and TDS is expressed as Feuernacht.




This story is so filled with outright untruths. It's a picture-perfect example of modern MSM doing their thing.

paul emery

Gregory, Don

The Trump slump continues on you favorite poll Rasmussen. Trump is down 8 points since last week. He is now -4 on job approval. Last Thursday he was +4.

paul emery

Also he's still down by 97 in RCP's delegate count. Trump needs to win 75% of the tossups to win the election. That's his task at hand.


Todd Juvinall

Looks like Biden has lost most of his advantage now just up by one point. Trump and the R's will prevail.


I actually ran into a useful reddit group. 100% non-US news. Click on the topic for the story.

Admittedly it isn't full of those ever-important hourly Paul Polls or the latest Herbert Hoover news, but seems a valuable thing. Ignore, the name as it's obviously a joke.



lol. I guess this didn't go quite like Don Lemon (famous 'newscraft' guy) thought it would go.


paul emery

Right ring milita responsible for deaths in kenosha

"An Illinois teenager has been charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a demonstrator in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, was charged Wednesday with first-degree intentional homicide in a shooting late Tuesday during a clash between protesters of police brutality and right-wing militia group members."


Bill Tozer

re: Right ring milita responsible for deaths in kenosha

A teenager from Illinois, eh? Sounds like a right wing militia group member to me. Teenagers do the stupidest stuff, as evidenced by David Hogg.

One should never forget that looting is dangerous. It may cost you your life. I wonder why the mob called the police since their purpose is to get rid of the police and call them unrepeatable names. The great mystery.
Anyway, I feel sorry for the businesses that were looter and vandalized and torched and personally assaulted and had their inventories destroyed. I bet their business insurance renewal rates skyrocket. The businesses did nothing to deserve this. Nothing. A tragedy. The only silver lining is there is one less criminal looter scum a breathing our air this morning. How many did the child shoot? 3? Only got one out of three? Kids, I tell ya.

Bill Tozer

In the Spin Room

‘CNN: Riots Must Stop – But Only Because They’re Hurting Biden in Polls’

“CNN’s Don Lemon said Tuesday night that Democrats “ignoring” riots in some U.S. cities represents a “blind spot” for the party, and called on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to address the problem because it is “sticking” in polling and focus groups.

“It’s showing up in the polling. It’s showing up in focus groups. It is the only thing right now that is sticking,” Lemon said ahead of “CNN Tonight” on Tuesday. “The riots and the protests have become indistinguishable.”

“I think this is a blind spot for Democrats. I think Democrats are ignoring this problem or hoping that it will go away, and it’s not going to go away,” he added before arguing the violence needs to be addressed by Biden before the election.“


Bill Tozer

“Trump ruined the economy”, sez the pickled brains. Say what?

More Than Half Of San Francisco Storefronts Closed Due To Pandemic


Hmm. Wonder how that happened. From March, 2020.

-‘San Francisco Imposes Strictest Shutdown In Nation, Leaves Many Unanswered Questions”


From Jan, 2020.
-‘Economy In San Francisco So Bad, Even The Robots Are Losing Their Jobs’


From July 20, 2020
-San Francisco Businesses Forced to Shut Down Again


Blame Trump? Me thinks they did it to themselves. Clean up on Aisle 3 and please blame Trump.


Paul Emery breathlessly writes: "Right ring milita responsible for deaths in kenosha"

lol. You dipshit. That's the story I've put up probably a half dozen posts on. You don't read anything on George's site, do you?

That kid will walk if the rule of law still holds, an arguable point. Would you like to see videos of the shootings? They are all obviously self-defense. I'll just throw in a few stills.

Shooting 1. Kid is getting chased. Molotov cocktail thrown at kid. Kid shoots warning shots. Kid is attacked. Kid kills attacker.

interlude. Kid gets on cell phone, probably to 911

Shooting 2. Kid make a run for the police lines. Chased by people. Falls. Is attacked by someone with skateboard. Kid shoots skateboard person while knocked down.


Shooting 3. Is attacked by 'medic' with gun. Kid shoots 'medic' in the arm. Notice gun in hand of 'medic'.


Amazing composure throughout. Plot twist. Kid is Hispanic.


I realize that the KVMR news team wants regular Americans to just sit and take it while you burn their businesses and homes, but I think that's starting to come to an end.

Todd Juvinall

paul emery | 26 August 2020 at 10:57 AM

You are peddling fake news and you should be ashamed. The kid was not a militia member according to your link. So you are no better than any other fake news. You lost any creds you may have had. I suggest you attend media school and take some ethics classes you liar.


Posted by: scenes | 26 August 2020 at 01:23 PM

I understand the impetus to explain things to Punch but let’s be honest.....part way into your second sentence Punchy’s available memory was exhausted....what with #OrangeManBad being constantly written to every available unused memory location.

Even rudimentary thought is out of the question.

Scott O

scenes - "Kid is Hispanic."
Ah, but was on the wrong side, doing 'white supremacist' stuff to the 'peaceful' protesters so he's a white Hispanic and can't use his race card.
just sayin' - those are the rules.


another picture for Paul.



yet another picture for Mr. Paul.

this is the third guy who was shot. Drawing his pistol.


How could this be more clear?

Don Bessee

Did ya hear rasmuson today pegged Trumps black support at 29% OUCH that's going to hurt the down ticket dems especially in tight races!


Don Bessee


Former Vice President Joe Biden lost support after the Democrat National Convention according to a new poll from Rasmussen.

Biden is now at 46 percent support in the national survey of likely voters conducted by Rasmussen. A week ago, the same poll showed Biden at 48 percent.

President Donald Trump’s support increased from 44% last week to 45% in the latest poll.

Rasmussen noted that Biden’s latest showing was his lowest level of support in any of their surveys in 2020.


President Donald Trump’s approval rating has hit a new high, according to a survey heavy with minority voters,” reports the Washington Examiner.

For the first time ever in the Zogby Analytics poll, Trump has jumped to 52 percent job approval. Only 47 percent disapprove.

Trump’s job approval among blacks sits at an impressive 36 percent approve, while 61 percent disapprove. Hispanics approve of the president’s job at a 37 percent rate, compared to 65 percent who disapprove. Asians sit at 35 percent approve, 63 percent disapprove.

Pollster John Zogby told the Examiner the left-wing rioting — that Joe Biden refuses to condemn, even as people are shot and killed — is helping the president with urban voters.

“Another factor continuing to help the president’s high approval rating is a rise in crime in our nation’s biggest cities. Unlike a year ago, the president is performing well with voters in large cities. It’s highly likely he is benefiting from the uptick in violence. His law-and-order message is resonating with urban voters at the moment,” he said.




re: DonB@2:31PM

There's quite a bit of time left, no telling what the election holds.

My guess, held by quite a few people, is that the DNC will notice that burning cities and threatening people is a poor marketing concept, so they'll send orders out to their army to stand down.

It was too bad for all those business owners, but they're just collateral damage in the war against Orange Man. A lot of planning goes on in these efforts, so it'll be interesting to see what they come up with next.


lol. Well, that didn't last long.

"I am William Binney, former NSA Technical Director and Whistleblower. There was no "Russian hack" of the DNC in 2016 and I have proof."


Todd Juvinall

Seems odd o me that this shooter in Kenosha is seeing his name released to the press and public. He is 1117 and a minor. He is under different rules than all other minors who commit crimes. WOW!

Scott O

scenes 3:09 - It's just started. Biden has finally decided that looting and arson aren't a very good optic for his campaign and has finally denounced the Kenosha violence. No word on the several other cities enjoying their vibrant and diverse 'celebrations' of festive pyrotechnical fun and self-managed reparational activities.
Possibly that violence is still OK for Joe.


Seen elsewhere......

The governor finally caved (at great political risk) to Trump and is allowing the Feds to come in. They kinda liked the protest/riots. The kids were the Democrat Storm Troopers disrupting and causing mayhem, so Trump would look bad. It completely backfired on them as soon as the latest polling data was released.

"It's not working."

"What's not working?"

"Americans don't like what Black Lives Matter and Antifa are doing. We need to say something."

"What's Biden saying?"

"Is it time for my lime jello yet?"

Bill Tozer

All the Democrats have to do is not be insane.

But they can't do it.


Don Bessee

Should we expect antifa/blm to rebuild since their narrative is false? Doubt it -



Don Bessee

Will anyone notice or care they are not playing? Will they notice their narrative is false (again) and the guy was armed with a knife? Not likely -



Scott O

Did Paul copy Pete or does Pete read Paul's posts here?
"...the president’s strategy has obviously not helped because all of this chaos is happening on his watch,” Buttigieg added."
Yep - anything bad that happens while Trump is POTUS is Trump's fault.
Notice that just like Paul, Pete has no idea of how to directly link Trump to any of the violence. And he offers no solutions.
Just 24/7 TDS.
Not sure our country sees any positive vision of our nation's future with a bunch of full-time haters.

Todd Juvinall

The news tonight seems to be reporting the shooter was doing a self-defense shooting. Hmmm. And the Blake character was a sexual predator and a felon. It is better to wait for facts than do what the media and the thugs do jumping to conclusions.


Truly one of Kenosha’s finest citizens...


Scott O

And remember Wisconsin's idiot governor's famous line as he poured gasoline on the fire: "While we do not have all of the details yet,..."
Then STHU.
Oh no - we have a president to get rid of.
The governor then retreats to the safety of a cozy mansion surrounded by armed guards while he watches Kenosha businesses burn.
Yeah - these are the folks to lead our nation.


So, all in one place.

1. Right before first shot. Red shirt guy is attacking shooter while being part of a mob chasing him down.


1a. also, 'listen' in this case. Is red shirt guy armed also? Dunno.


2. Right before second shot. Skateboard guy is attacking shooter after being part of a mob chasing him down.


3. Right before third shot. 'Medic' guy drawing pistol on shooter on ground.


Just for fun.

Red shirt guy: Criminal record includes being a registered sex offender
Skateboard guy: Criminal record that includes charges of battery & repeated domestic abuse
'Medic' guy: Member of 'Peoples Revolution Movement. Criminal record that includes being intoxicated & armed with a gun.

The basic question is whether you are allowed to protect yourself in the Era of the Blue Mob? In many cities, the answer is 'no'. I would suggest moving from those places. It's unclear to me where Nevada County fits into that metric at this point.

There...enough on that topic.

Bill Tozer

They were warned, but did they listen? Nope. They are listening now.

I’m guessing the Democrats’ internal polling on the current rioting and protesting is looking really bad, because the New York Times this morning declares a five-alarm fire with this new story (I’ve bolded some revealing bits of the reportage):


Bill Tozer

And the beat goes on in the land of Marxist Wet Dreams.



Tear down Hetch Hetchy. Tear it all down.


sorry sorry sorry. Just one more little Kenosha bit. You need to go down around four posts.

"At 23:19, Rittenhouse is seen in this YouTube livestream. He's being chased into a parking lot. While he is being pursued, an unknown gunman fires the first shot into the air."

plus....red shirt guy, armed?


....who is irony personified.




I admire the purity of vision of Democratic Party leadership. Let the kids burn down the towns as long as they like in Blue States, nothing much will happen in Red States (of course), turn the burning on/off in Swing States depending on the polling numbers.

Perhaps Paul could clear this up for us as the resident pollster, but that's sure how it looks.


In a month it'll be 'TRUMP DIDNT SEND IN THE NATIONAL GUARD EARLY ENOUGH!!!'. Basically a replay of COVID.


Posted by: scenes | 27 August 2020 at 07:20 AM

Kid will walk! They might get him on being a minor in possession of a firearm.


Posted by: scenes | 27 August 2020 at 07:26 AM

In a month it'll be 'TRUMP DIDNT SEND IN THE NATIONAL GUARD EARLY ENOUGH!!!'. Basically a replay of COVID.

The POLLSTER will still be screaming SCIENCE!!


Posted by: scenes | 27 August 2020 at 07:26 AM

…and have you seen the records of the two "heroes" the kid shot. He should get a public service award even though they were "mostly peaceful"!


"…and have you seen the records of the two "heroes" the kid shot."

Yes, that's why I mentioned it at 7:06. Skateboard guy has the deepest list of arrests in the screen caps I saw.


Posted by: scenes | 27 August 2020 at 07:51 AM

Yes, that's why I mentioned it at 7:06. Skateboard guy has the deepest list of arrests in the screen caps I saw.

Mea Culpa!

Scott O

Hilarious - Tucker brings up something called reality and Hollywood goes bonkers.
Why - how dare he explain how stuff works!
Just shocking!


as an aside:

"My colleague at #FightBack Foundation John Pierce has assembled legal team to defend Kyle Rittenhouse. They need to be retained by Rittenhouse family so we need family contact info. They are prepared to fly out tonight. Please DM contact info to me or John at



On other matters concerning AntifaBLM.

"Police scanner audio in Kenosha indicates a woman called 911 to report Jacob Blake was at her home & wasn’t supposed to be, & had stolen her keys. Responding police were made aware of Blake’s arrest warrant for domestic abuse & a felony sex crime."


Bill Tozer

This morning I have been struck by the huge National outrage from the Left whenever a “journalist” is shoved, pushed back by police, or arrested in these riots....or anywhere that happens. Yet we see so-called “conservative journalist after journalist beaten, robbed, and accosted covering riots and destruction of the mostly peaceful protestors.... and we get crickets.

The tweet from a reporter (and college student) from Alpha News and the replies.


And, of course, Andy Ngo, and on and on it goes.

I suppose the best example of crickets and cancelling a reporter via Media Matters is longtime CBS foreign correspondence reporter Lara Logan who also contributed to 60 Minutes, NBC, CNN, etc. Logan was covering the celebrations in the streets of the Arab Spring in Egypt when, on camera, she was thrown to the ground gang raped with flagpoles, hands, and sticks while the peaceful protestors took photos with their cell phones of her naked body being repeatedly violated. Crickets...until she finally appeared on Hannity in March. That was enough to have her, (a veteran MSM journalist) to be cancelled.

Lara Logan committed two unforgivable sins. First, she went against the Obama-Hillary-MSM Fakenews narrative that contradicted the narrative that the Arab Spring was not a happy peaceful movement for democracy and worse, she went on Hannity. Slander her, she’s a right wing Paul Joseph Goebbels!

And Trump did not go to war with Saudia Arabia over what happened to a “journalist” working for the Qatar government and paid quite nicely for hits pieces he submitted to the Wa Compost, some written by the Qatar Embassy in Washington DC. Oh, the outrage. A journalist was killed and Trump does nothing!


lmao. Best part is at about 10 seconds in.

CNN calls Kenosha riot a ‘fiery but mostly peaceful protest'

roberto cross

trumpler challenges Biden to take a drug test before the debates after donnie Jr. snorts coke before his RNC speech. typical republican tactic. accuse others of what you are doing..



lmfao #2

Like anyone couldn't see this coming a mile away.

"SpeakerPelosi: “Don’t tell anybody I told you this.. Especially don’t tell Joe Biden. But I don’t think there should be any debates.”"


Scott O

Oh - there's a headline: "Trump Jr denies rumors..."
Yeah - that's all the proof a lefty needs. Really, Booby-O X?
That's your best remark?

Get some popcorn and watch the 'mostly peaceful' violent riot vids.


Posted by: Wine Aunt | 27 August 2020 at 08:53 AM

trumpler challenges Biden to take a drug test before the debates after donnie Jr. snorts coke before his RNC speech. typical republican tactic. accuse others of what you are doing..

Don Jr.'s response is most appropriate in this instance Bertie; “You Must Have Me Confused with Hunter Biden”


Posted by: Wine Aunt | 27 August 2020 at 08:53 AM

Actually I agree with you on this. I see no need for a drug test.....I would settle for taking Granpa Badfingers vital signs to verify life instead!

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