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24 August 2020



"Our liberal readers really don’t understand what real ‘fake news’ is, and throw that notion around as they do with terms like ‘racist’, which they also don’t understand."

But of course they understand terms like "racist", George. In their dictionary, one is either racist or anti-racist, committed to rooting out the systemic racism that is baked into our life. You can't not be a racist without going through a self flagellation, a purification ritual, that is endless.

Or you can support Democrats for elected office.

George Rebane

Greg 141pm - In light of that wisdom, I'm still looking for my 'You seem to have me confused with someone who gives a shit' button; I know I stashed it around here somewhere.


You keep looking, George. It might be in the last place you look, or, then again, it might not.

Postmodernists control humanities in our colleges now, with even anti-Marxist traditional liberals needing to hold their toungue lest they get found out. It's pointless to argue definitions... if they say you're a racist, you're a racist. Until their jobs are in jeopardy.

Bill Tozer

“Until their jobs are in jeopardy.”


“Remember the old saying that liberal ideas are so good they need to be mandatory? Here’s the kicker, from the FAQ page:

-I’ve been auto-enrolled in PITT 0210. Can I drop the course?

For all full-time, first-year students in the fall 2020 semester on the Pittsburgh and Bradford campuses, the course is mandatory. You cannot drop it.”


But, what about Wounded Knee Creek? But, but, what about Martin Luther King Jr being kicked to the curb (just as predicated on these pages)?? Why, why, why?
It’s not the professors who are dead wrong and dangerous on so many. levels. It’s the Administrators who are more off the charts than the faculty, if you can fantom that....until their jobs are in jeopardy.


thanks, toes 4pm. Good catch. PITT0210 is truly a wiener, as is any indoctrination that uses "intersectional analysis" . Abysmal.


lol. I like that PITT 0201 class. I realize this isn't fake news but it's all loosely related I guess.

I ran into a treasure trove of Evergreen College material, one small piece from one guy is a 23 (!) part series beginning here:


that I'm poking through to attempt to piece together a model of modern times. A kind of Grok Through Analogy to see what we might all have in store for us. There's a lot of stuff out there, but one rabbit hole led to a paper:


I truly wish that someone from the local Blue Mob would pop by and justify all of this, and give a good college try. I'm afraid that ain't gonna happen but it would be educational. Paul prattling on about polls and whether K. Harris lies 20% more than other senators just isn't cutting it as a source of interest.

You do have to admire the kind of utter bullshit college faculty will put up with to keep their jobs. That big piece of property in Wyoming is starting to look pretty good.

Don Bessee

What a good little party parrot, never mind there is nothing going on here move along -

CBS anchor avoids ex-FBI lawyer's guilty plea in Durham probe during Comey interview
The former FBI director says he 'can't imagine' he's a target of the Durham investigation



George Rebane

Now where are the Emerys and the Crosses and the Frisches to defend a regime that imposes such propaganda on students as PITT 0210 by the University of Pittsburgh?? For them such realities don't even exist; only what they create out of whole cloth is real to them.


re: GeorgeR@5:20PM

It would make for a great radio show. You could interview Paul. Not so much to win an argument, but just to see what these people really think.

Scott O

I realize it's already been covered at RR, but anyone who hasn't watched this 3 part video absolutely needs to. Remember that the good folks that documented a lot of what went down were the leftist radicals. They were proud of what happened. The crowning moment was the debasement and humiliation of the college pres. He was actually scolded for raising his arms and told to keep them at his side. He dutifully obeyed. Also keep in mind Brett is a left winger himself. A never-in-a-milion-years anti-Trumper. And Brett's message is: "coming to a school near you". This happened 2 years ago.

Scott O

scenes 4:56 - "...but just to see what these people really think."
Stop it, scenes - I was drinking some expensive amber liquid.
It's one thing to to spit out coffee...

George Rebane

scenes 546pm - Agreed. Do you think Paul would sit still for it?

Don Bessee

Not on your life Dr R! LOL


paul emery

Are you suggesting George that the Federal Govt get involved in the educational policies of Pennsylvania?

Scott O

Paul 7:21 - Paul are you suggesting that we force 2nd graders to watch porn?
Just shocking!


re: Paul Emery@7:21PM "Are you suggesting George that the Federal Govt get involved in the educational policies of Pennsylvania?"

It looks to me like he's suggesting that it's ridiculous... period. Where does the federal gubmint enter into it? Check your sources.

Paul, would you let George interview you on KVMR? If not, why not?

Heck, I'd even listen to it.

Scott O

scenes 8:21 - "Check your sources."
scenes - c'mon man - you know perfectly good and well that Paul is an elderly man.
'Checking his sources' could result in a hospitalization.
There are young gymnasts that limber, but Paul? Not a chance.

Barry Pruett

Here is some true news. Maximo Alvarez. Best. Speech. Of. The. Night.


The Estonian Fox

BP@ 8:51 PM:

Good speech. And if Biden wins, Mr. Alvarez will have no place remaining to go to. Nor will we.


re: 'Fake News'

A genuine pure play in finding that is simply to google for 'riots' or any variant of that.

The internet MSM outlets are absolutely filled with descriptions that simply aren't so. At the very least, the sin of omission is rampant.

After watching hours and hours of raw riot footage, it's hard not to get angry when you read a newspaper/magazine/TV network story on the matter. They are such f'ing liars it's like we live in a kind of topsy-turvy world.


"Are you suggesting George that the Federal Govt get involved in the educational policies of Pennsylvania?"
-punchy 721pm

Well, let's see... are there Federal dollars poured into U. Pitt?
Can punchy see a difference between an "educational policy" and an indoctrination into postmodern ethics? Who is paying for it?


Speaking of schools, I just ran into this little nugget.

"Illinois community leaders want to abolish history lessons in schools"

Bill Tozer

re: Bumblebrain bumbles again

“And after 40 years in the Senate, Biden is still such a naïf, and getting more addled by the day, that he knows none of this.”

After 40 years in Washington as a Senator, member of select committees, and 8 years of VP, Biden is finally going to fix all the problems in Washington he was part of, roflmao.

Bill Tozer

re: “Our liberal readers really don’t understand what real ‘fake news’ is, and they throw that notion around as they do with terms like ‘racist’, which they also don’t understand. Since they are a class-oriented people, liberals don’t look at the message, only the class membership of the messenger.”

-Liberal Media Attack Sen. Tim Scott, Herschel Walker as 'Sambos,' 'Coon Squad'

-Panic! Nets Use Melania’s Speech to Trash RNC; Holt Upset She Condemned Looting

-Furious Joy Reid Denounces New Citizens as ‘Props’ of GOP Convention

-Worst Nightmare: ABC, CBS Lose Their Noodles After Trump Holds Naturalization Ceremony

-After Encouraging Riots, Cuomo and Lemon Fear It’s Helping Trump Win

-F**k This B***h’: Celeb Hyenas Assail FLOTUS During RNC Speech

-CNN Analyst Joe Lockhart Gets Slammed on Twitter After Nasty Tweet Attacking Nick Sandmann

Bill Tozer

“With lawlessness and organized looting threatening to take down Joe Biden (which is why I’ve been calling the riots “spontaneous pro-Trump rallies”—have they filed their in-kind contribution reports with the FEC by the way?), we’ve seen leading Democrats like AOC say looting is just desperate people trying to get necessities. Like flat screen TVs and Nike shoes, though I haven’t been able to find the FDA’s nutritional guidance on any of these necessities.”

[Q:]What would you say to people who are concerned about essential places like grocery stores or pharmacies being attacked in those communities?

“When it comes to small business, family owned business or locally owned business, they are no more likely to provide worker protections. They are no more likely to have to provide good stuff for the community than big businesses. It’s actually a Republican myth that has, over the last 20 years, really crawled into even leftist discourse: that the small business owner must be respected, that the small business owner creates jobs and is part of the community. But that’s actually a right-wing myth.

A business being attacked in the community is ultimately about attacking like modes of oppression that exist in the community.”

The whole thing is a window into the mental perversion of today’s left. A lot of people are attacking NPR for featuring such an obvious nut job, but I think we should thank NPR for giving such extended exposure to a view that is widespread in the Democratic Party right now.


George Rebane

BillT 831am - Another nail on the head Mr Tozer.


re: BillT@8:31 August 29, Year Zero.

Once again you can see the strong ties between crazy political activism and the mentally ill. Behold the author:


If sociology (as a discipline) wasn't so strongly in the pockets of crazy people, it would be really interesting to look for increases in aberrant behavior during unsettled times. Weimar Germany would probably be the most well documented comparison.

Don Bessee

Note to the pony tail of ignorance -



Don Bessee

Oh lookie -



Don Bessee

And then there is this -



Don Bessee

More trouble for the TDS set -




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