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06 August 2020


The Estonian Fox

When I reflect on the A-bomb delivery process, from conception through Col. Tibbets's mission, I think if we had to do a similar development today, how in the world would it ever be kept secret. I can just see Hillary's messages on her personal, or government, account being intercepted by everyone.

Scott O

The Soviet govt was well aware of the Manhattan Project.
Seems it just wasn't fair not to let Uncle Joe in on the fun.
We had the jump on them then but now we're against the Chinese. They are cranking out thousands of well trained scientists and physicists and we're descending into post-modern madness.

George Rebane

EF 648am - Agreed. All our institutions are informationally porous in a manner that does not allow the discussion or examination of anything in confidence - political enemies will immediately leak the cogent information with appropriate spin. And some of this is even promoted under the guise of ‘transparency’.

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