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18 August 2020


Barry Pruett

We are glad that you are both in safe hands. The rolling blackouts during a forest fire is a particularly stupid move. We have a few folks at our house as well, so I went to work today. Lol. Be safe Rebanes.

Scott O

First of all - thanks for the fire news update. Good to hear you're both safe. We have friends in the evac zone including an older house-bound person with COPD.

About that Biden quote "an end to the era of shareholder capitalism".
Snopes has marked that as 'mostly false' even though it's entirely true.
Biden (and the left) basically want to control corporations without bothering to having any skin in the game. Biden wants these evil corps to have 'responsibility' to workers, the community and the nation.
And here I thought the wages they paid the workers were their responsibility. Silly me. The community? Property taxes and a source of employment would seem to be good enough to me. And the feds get their taxes, so just what is it, exactly that Biden has in mind?
Other than driving corporate America out of business, I mean. As George pointed out - those are just minor details Biden won't bother us with. And since Snopes says it's mostly false - then no worries.

The Estonian Fox

George, I read your 2007 fire experience. That forced me to do my annual reading of the report of the Oakland Hills fire in 1991. Officially it was titled the East Bay Hills fire. There were also power outages there, which prevented the numerous water towers from being refilled automatically. But those outages were due to the fire, not man-planned outages like you have.

Page 28 of that report is as 'exciting' as your own on-the-ground reporting:

"The firefighters operated master streams and hoselines on the exterior of the house to keep the wood siding from igniting, flowing an estimated 2,500 gpm, as the fire swept over and around them. Fog nozzles had to be used to protect the members operating the larger handlines that were directed to wet the structure. For an estimated five to eight minutes the fire storm raged around them, burning one of the adjacent houses to the ground, but the exposure protection tactic worked and 20 people survived."

2500 gpm would drain my pool in 11 minutes - but that's enough time, since a nearby fuel source (neighbor's house) would burn down in only 8. Too bad I don't have a 40-hp pump to give me that flow.

Stay safe.


I see Cement Hill area is now under mandatory evacuation orders...

Our evac came yesterday 5pm-ish. So far so good by the fire boundaries published. So far.

George Rebane

Greg 343pm - yep, we’re outta there. About 100 patrol cars came screaming up CHR to warn people of the extended evac area.

Barry Pruett

It’ll be okay George and Jo Ann. It is a horrible feeling leaving your house thinking that you may never see it again, but it will all be good.


Yippie tie one on.
Can go home.

Thanks to the firefighters.

Don Bessee



Bill Tozer

Sorry fellow Nevada County residents, you just ain’t that important. 600-700 hundred acres burned don’t make the grade. We just are not THAT important, all in all.

‘Mandatory Evacuations Underway As Firefighters Battle Multiple Fires In Northern Calif.’

“Authorities have issued evacuation orders in several counties, including Alameda, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Napa and Sonoma. As the flames continue to burn, fire departments are being spread thin.”.....

Additionally, fire officials have warned that face masks worn to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will not help to protect them from the smoke.”


Bill Tozer

So Dr. Rebane, is your daughter now being evicted in AS and coming to Hind Tit Road for safety? :)

George Rebane

Not really Mr Tozer, she actually lives in a hotbed of politically incorrect thinkers.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:33 pm

Opps. Typo. Evacuated (evac), Not evicted. Heard earlier AS was getting ready to e-vac, but it doesn’t look like it’s meant to be. But, imagine if you will, the odds of you fleeing to your daughter’s abode and then upon returning she got the evac order and fled to your home the next day. Would ‘t that be a great family story. Like, alternating Evans, your place or mine.

Glad you are back in your own bed and today I hung up huge loads the laundry to dry on the clothesline, thinking of your lovely bride. The clothes did come out fresher and cleaner and softer even with all the smoke outside. Your bride rocks, albeit maybe not so much with the shattered elbow right now.

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