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09 September 2020


Gary Smith

Political Safety Power Shutoffs are continuing because the corrupt Sacramento machine wants more money out of PG&E. They gave over $4 mil last year to the majority of our state legislators. Gov Newsom hauled in $200k and both party machines hauled in about $1 mil. What did they get for their money? Release from bankruptcy again, ratepayers contributing to a new bailout fund, and partial liability protection. What PG&E really wanted was total liability protection from any screw up. So now both sides are in a standoff. Our corrupt Sacramento crowd is pretty smart. Why would you want to give PG&E everything all at once when you can keep getting milk from the cow? We rate payers have a part to play in this sick game. We need to complain loud and large about PG&E to our Sacramento legislators. Then they can give in to PG&E and play the victim, what else could do but give in to PG&E? The politicians get their CYA and more campaign cash and we get the shaft again.

Show-Me Kid

So, Mr. Smith, how much did Brian Dahle and Megan Dahle each received from PG&E for their election runs?

Gary Smith

Show-me-kid, that is more research than I would want to do. You would need to go into the states campaign disclosure website and add it all up. A simple google search would give you an idea. There are several articles on Brian Dahle and PG&E, mostly when he was running against Kevin Kiley. The dollar amount quoted in those might be suspect.

Bill Tozer




I was thinking about power outages this morning. My knowledge of things electric is fairly limited, but was wondering...

. Nearly all the really loud generators in the towns are of the permanently installed standby variety. What happens when everyone is told to shut off their $10k-$15k investment every night for noise mitigation?
. What happens when every home in an area has a natgas generator. Is there enough capacity in the system to run them all?
. Thousands of generators being fiddled with has to result in higher fire danger than energized lines. True or false?
. Generator setups don't seem to deal well with the variable usage in a home. Larger portable units require a boatload of gas, small inverter units (plenty for night time in most cases) can't be easily hooked directly to a house because they are 110v (and two ganged together are still 110v). Turning everything off at night is a bummer plus I'm not real big on freezers being down for 10 hours.
. You need some real power for whole house A/C (3500 watts / ton?).
. Solar panels with no serious batteries don't do you much good.
. Batteries aren't there yet anyway.
. My guess is that a lot of these standby units will go tango uniform in 8 years when they are really needed. Wait a month for the repair guy.

Of course, in the meantime, the following people are trying to burn down the area.
. Folks who won't let PG&E cut down holy trees.
. Your neighbor who won't clear their yard.
. Homeless people with 'warming fires'.
. Some serious general clearing that needs doing.
. PG&E
. Arsonists, Antifa and otherwise, in the Year of the Crazy People

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