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30 September 2020


paul emery

Just another false statement from our Liar in Chief

“In tonight’s presidential debate the President said the ‘Portland Sheriff’ supports him,” Reese tweeted on Tuesday night, adding, “As the Multnomah County Sheriff I have never supported Donald Trump and will never support him.”

George Rebane

PaulE 943am - Paul, this is a great opportunity for you to explain your understanding of ‘lies’ you selectively attribute to politicians. For example, how do you compare the impact of the Trump lie you cite to that of Biden’s claim last night that he was the architect and implementor of the nation’s economic recovery during the Obama administration?


Here Emery,, this is sure to win the middle class vote.

Now tell us you refused all the Trump tax cuts, and paid the "O" rate.

paul emery

What were the exact words Biden used George that led to your conclusion 10:09? Of cour he was part of the Obama team, that cannot be disputed.

paul emery


"of course"

George Rebane

Re my 1009am - OK Paul, in light of Walt's 1017am, I'll add another Biden lie that his plan won't raise middle-class taxes. How does something fundamentally material like that compare with Trump's lies?

PaulE 1022am - You can see his exact words on Youtube. But he specifically and repeatedly used the word 'I' and gave no hint that he accomplishment was a part of the Obama team that supposedly pulled off the recovery. And to put a point on it, even if he claimed that he was part of that Obama team, he would be telling a lie since there is no record of his participation or even a contribution to anything the administration did for the recovery. (Obama's actual recovery 'contribution' has been exposed and debated for years in these pages.)


When "bumblebrain" doesn't bumble, Biden wins. Shame on everyone who had been setting that expectation.

My congratulations go to Biden's MD and pharmacist.

Todd Juvinall

Hey Paul Wmwet do you agree with these things?

Minimal Government
Maximum Freedom
Anti-Political Correctness
Anti-Drug War
Closed Borders
Anti-Racial Guilt
Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
Glorifying the Entrepreneur
Venerating the Housewife

Todd Juvinall

Oops, that was for Paul Emery.

Regarding the debate. I thought it was supposed to be a debate. Hell Lincoln/Douglas was much more archaic. Anyway, Trump got the job done. He got Biden to toss his lefty pals under the bus. So now Bernie Boys and AOC creeps might just stay home. Very smart tactics.

Todd Juvinall

Just heard that the $750 tax amount accusing Trump of paying was actually the filing fee. Anyone else hear that?

paul emery

Glad you enjoyed the debate Todd. Trump needs all the support he can get which is not much at this point.

So Todd if Trumps alleged tax pmt of $750 was a filing fee then it means he paid $0 in taxes that year. Thanks for clarifying that.

paul emery

More lies from Trump. He just claimed that all polls show that he won the debate. The reality is that no polls so far reflect that. this man is mentally ill and totally delusional.

Today’s 2020 Election Polls: Biden Won The Debate, Surveys Show:

Six in ten voters said Biden won the debate Tuesday, while just 28% said Trump did, a CNN poll of debate watchers conducted by SSRS found.

An even larger majority (65%) said Biden was “more truthful” in his answers than Trump was (29%), according to the CNN survey.

63% of voters said Biden had a better plan for solving the country’s problems than Trump (30%).

Biden was also victorious in a CBS News/YouGov poll taken after the debate, with 48% of voters saying that Biden won, while 41% said the same about Trump (10% said the debate was a tie).

Voters in the CBS News/YouGov survey, however, were down about the tone of the debate, with 83% of viewers saying it was “negative,” while just 17% said it was positive.

69% of voters said the debate made them feel “annoyed,” a possible indication that the chaotic nature of the debate was not well received by Americans.

51% of debate watchers in a poll from Data Progress said Biden won, while 39% said the same about Trump.
Key Background

CNN said its post-debate survey result is “about the same” as the breakdown in 2016, when 62% of voters said Hillary Clinton won the debate, while 27% said Trump did.
Big Number

57%. That’s the percentage of respondents in the CNN survey who said the debate “did not affect their choice for president.” Of the people who said the debate did affect their pick, 32% said they became more likely to cast their ballot for Biden, while 11% said the same about Trump.


No words to find of your own Emery? Have to have cut and paste do your talking?
Forming an opinion is too tough these days?
Still haven't answered anything from last night.. The mark of a loser of the argument.
And you wonder why your called "I ain't answer'n shit" Emery.

Now back to your regular TROLL ways.



Is there an answer to Trump's question of Biden... what law enforcement groups are supporting Biden?

Quid Pro Joe dodged the question.

paul emery

RE George 10:23

Trump following up in the next debate about Bidens use of "I" to describe his involvement with policies that led to the economic recovery under Obama would help clarify his statement.

paul emery

Where do you get your information Walt?

paul emery

Trump slumps to -7 against Biden according to RR's favorite pollsters, Rasmussen. From their webpage:

"Following President Trump’s announcement of a U.S. Supreme Court nominee just weeks before Election Day, Democrat Joe Biden has jumped out to an eight-point lead in Rasmussen Reports’ weekly White House Watch survey. The survey does not include reaction to last night’s first Trump-Biden debate.

The latest national telephone and online survey finds Biden leading President Trump 51% to 43% among Likely U.S. Voters. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate. Another three percent (3%) are undecided.

The race had narrowed over the previous three weeks, but Biden has now cleared the 50% mark for the first time. Trump’s latest showing is his lowest since early August.

The president took his first lead two weeks ago, 47% to 46%, but Biden inched back ahead 48% to 47% last week.

The new survey finds Trump with 79% support among Republicans. Biden has 84% of the Democrat vote and has reclaimed the lead among voters not affiliated with either major party.

Trump's daily job approval also has fallen since his nomination Saturday of federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died September 18.


What kind of a lameass question is that Emery?
Try using the supporting links I provide. At least I qualify with real words of my very own. Something you sorely lack.

When was the last time you actually defended your position, instead of leaving a yellow puddle and running, just to change the subject?

Still dodging all the fun stuff from last night.

So O Buzzard of Broad St.,, Just where do you get your fractured fairytale manufactured information from? (No need answer )


News to Emery.. "Polls" are not facts. Hell.. No way to even verify they were even taken.. But you suck them up like the bottom feeder you are, and think they are gospel.

Oh.. How did all your impeachment "facts" play out? YOU believed the Proggy Press LIES.

How bout THAT Emery?,,, HUMMMM??????

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Paul Emery as usual can't answer a question. Pretty simple do you agree with the points on my 1108? I know you are unable to read a question. He said he paid millions at the debate. And he donates his $400K to charities every year. What do you donate as shown on your tax returns, Paul Emery? My guess is zip


One for ALL the Proggys... If life under LIB is so grand,, move to Seattle, or Portland... Chicago maybe?
Not one of you bastards have said a word condemning the third world shitholes LIBS have turned those cities into.

Sign the kids up in the local chapters of ANTIFA, and go up the ranks in mob rule.

Don Bessee

Liar or ignorant of what his own platform is? -

Biden says at debate he doesn't support Green New Deal, but his campaign website calls it 'crucial framework'


paul emery

Here's another lie from Trump this one about Biden not using the words "law and order".

What Biden said was he was was in favor of “law and order with justice, where people get treated fairly.”

Use the You Tube Video as George recommends for factual verification.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, wimpass in residence. Can't even comment on another questions. What a lib ANTIFA type liar.


Law and Order with Justice, meaning a SJW assigned to each cop car to tell the cops what to do?

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joes rude, disrespectful shut up man tee shirt removed from web store -


paul emery

You are projecting Gregory. What problem do you have with "law and order with justice?"


We have law and order with justice, Paul.

That isn't the same as letting folks riot every night for 100 nights.


Biden last night said Antifa wasn't an organization, it was just an idea.

Why did he lie?

Don Bessee

Levin on the debate -

The Democratic presidential nominee did not make “a positive case” for a Joe Biden presidency during the first presidential debate, Mark Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” said Wednesday.

The former vice president “lies incessantly about his past and his future plans should he become president,” Levin added in a series of tweets where he outlined his thoughts on the first presidential debate between President Trump and Biden.

The first debate of the 2020 presidential election on Tuesday night was fiery throughout, with Trump and Biden attacking each other in starkly personal terms for more than 90 minutes as moderator Chris Wallace worked to get both candidates, but especially Trump, to follow the debate rules the candidates had agreed to.

“Here's the bottom line: Joe Biden is a hustler,” Levin tweeted. “He's been hanging around politics for half a century. He has accomplished nothing significant.”



It's evident that Emery is fine with MOB rule Not one bad word from Emery where ANTIFA is concerned... DO correct me if I'm wrong(LOL)
The Proud Boys have Emery wetting himself. (Uh,, the Proud boys ain't "white supremist" as you care to claim.)

So Emery, MOB rule is just fine, as long as it's the MOB you approve of.

To me The Proud boys are there to clean the streets of your rioting basement dwellers who have been destroying property and businesses unchecked.
Now care to explain all the Black people that are WITH the Proud Boys?

Now to await the Joe Biden answer from Emery.

paul emery

How could Trump have never heard of the Proud Boys as he claims Walt? You seem to know all about them and claim they have a honorable purpose.


Try a better deflection Emery, I recall how long you denied ANTIFA even existed.

But hat for showing me right. Your MOB "good" Our MOB "Bad"
Except "our" MOB is on the side of law and order.

Again you show just who's side you're on.

Judging by the looks of som Proud Boys, They are America loving ex-military types. They see your ANTIFA thugs as the domestic enemy.
You might care to read the oath we take when we join the armed forces... It has NO expiration date.

Now answer up Emery, (naa,, ain't going to happen)


When Biden called Trump a liar, was he lying?


Posted by: Gregory | 30 September 2020 at 12:25 PM

"More than 175 current, former law enforcement officials endorse Joe Biden, slam Trump as 'lawless' president"

Another lie by the lying liar in Chief.


D 317pm

There are no law enforcement groups listed in the story you link, "D". Mostly just former DA's and Sheriffs. FORMER.


Gregory, groups, ok, it was a gotcha question by Trump.

As if it is a big deal,

"The Fraternal Order of Police, which boasts 355,000 members nationwide, announced it voted unanimously to endorse Trump’s reelection because he “supports our law enforcement officers” and “understands the issues our members face every day.”

That endorsement is not groundbreaking; the FOP has endorsed Republicans in all but the 2 of the last 7 presidential elections – including Trump in 2016 – throwing their weight behind Bill Clinton in 1996 and not endorsing any candidate in 2012."


Thanks for the info that the FOP has a record of bipartisanship... unlike you.

Scott O

Well - it looks like the Trump haters didn't like his performance at the shout-fest. I thought he constrained himself pretty well considering all the lies Biden told with the 'moderator' backing up Biden's lies with lies against Trump on his own.
Meanwhile Biden claims what he said he was for he's now against but it's been a few days that have gone by so maybe he really can't remember. Green Deal? Wassat? Antifa is just an idea - a concept! Oh my. Wallace just smiles.
My vote is what my vote was for originally - 4 hours with Joe Rogan.
Aaaand we know that's never going to happen.

Bill Tozer

A different take. My 2.5 cents worth.

The Commentator Class and many R’s missed the forest from the trees last night at the Messy Food Fight. Trump is Trump and no advisors can ever control him. Nobody can, D or R, rich or poor. That’s why the people of the United States elected him. The Alpha Male atop the food chain totem pole. The Grizzly Bear, the lone wolf, the untamed. El Toro in the China Shop.

So, Trump walks in in full campaign mode (which we haven’t seen in awhile and went after Lying Biden in World Wrestling Cage Match style from the opening bell. Yes,Trump could of left some things out, he drove me nuts when he did not follow up on questions of the economy, helping black families (racism) or law and order and didn’t get Biden to commit to answering Chris Wallalenin’s direct question about supporting stacking the court and ending the Senate filibuster. Opportunities lost.

With all that context out of the way, Trump had a strategy and pulled if off, if not somewhat imperfectly:
This is NOT a base election in 2020. A base election generally has been decades 40% Dems, 40% Rs, and 20% undecided/independents. To win, you got to pull away undecideds and draw more to your camp than the other guy/gal,

This year there are no undecideds. If someone has yet to make up their minds after 47 months of straight Trump bashing and scandalous innuendo and all that song and dance as well as looking at Trump’s accomplishments (when/if available on Resistance News), policies, and, yes, personality, then that person must have a walnut sized brain. The undecideds in 2020 are so small if ain’t worth going after them. Still, they are always welcomed into the fold. This year is not a base election. Everybody has made up their minds.

Trump was not trying to win people over last night. He was talking to his base and giving them Trump Unchained. Even R’s and folks like me who were uncomfortable with President Trump’s style, we all liked what he said, generally. So, no problem here. Are ain’t moving an inch.

Trump also turned to Biden’s base and got Biden to separate himself from the far left of his base, which is the only place you find energy and enthusiasm. Not for Biden, but enthusiasm none the less. Let them know that Biden is not your Bernie guy. Conversely and simultaneously, Trump let the lefties toward the middle who are already nervous about socialism and riots and such know that Biden is in bed with Bernie and he has been lying to you as well. He ain’t the guy you think he is, those in both camps of the Democrat Party.

Trump did not change anyone’s minds last night and may have even lost a few days ground. But he quasi-accomplished his mission: to discourage Biden’s base on the far left as well as lefties who are less insane. That is where most of the commentator class missed the forest. Dems, your guy ain’t being straight with you. As AOC famously tweeted back to Joe Lieberman when Joe said he hopes AOC is not the future of the Democrat Party, AOC let him know who is boss, “New party, who dis?”

Biden says he is not going full blown socialistic to his base. Like Nancy, have one foot in the Party Power structure and one foot in the new party of Year Zero Jacobins and you end up pissing all over yourself. Looks like Nancy lost control and doesn’t call the shots no more. Same with Biden, the face of the Democrat Party


Another sign Trump won the debate. The Proggy Press doesn't want anymore debates. They want ways to control it. Like cutting off Trump's mic... Just Trumps? Yup that's a LIB thumb on the scale.
It was easy to tell when Trump had "glass jaw" cornered. Biden had that "I'm screwed" laugh. A tell tale sign he had nothing.
Haven't seen actions in a debate from the likes of Biden since high school. "C'ome on man!, Your stupid, your a clown.(a clown that just kicked your ass)

Yes it's easy to see why Proggys want to keep Biden away from trying to debate Trump.

paul emery

So Trump lied today when he said "“I don’t know who the Proud Boys are."

Last night Chris Wallace asked the president, "Are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down?"

A back-and-forth then ensued among Trump, Wallace, and Biden, who also pushed the president on the issue.

"Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,"

Last night he himself brought up their name

Nobody mentioned their name before Trump. So how can say today “I don’t know who the Proud Boys are."?

Scott O

Paul - "Nobody mentioned their name before Trump. So how can say today “I don’t know who the Proud Boys are."?
He may may have heard the name but doesn't know any details about them or exactly what they stand for.
Now Paul - what about Biden and his denial of the 'Green New Deal'?
Back to polling data.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes go here tonight.

Insight: “Angry answers stir up men’s passions, but never convince their judgments, nor set truth in a clear light.” —Matthew Henry (1662-1714)

For the record…

“That was a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck. That was the worst debate I have ever seen. It wasn’t even a debate. It was a disgrace.” —CNN’s Jake Tapper

“On the personal side, both men were nasty. Biden was probably the nastier of the two. He called Trump a liar, a racist, and a clown. But Trump may have seemed nastier because he interrupted Biden so frequently. Biden was nastier, but Trump was more obnoxious.” —Paul Mirengoff

“No one won this fiasco, but Mr. Biden did succeed in passing the test of appearing coherent for 90 minutes. Mr. Trump had done him the favor of calling his mental capacity into question for months, so expectations were low. Mr. Biden passed that bar, albeit in highly scripted fashion.” —Wall Street Journal editorial board

“Biden [might have been told to] keep things civil, given that, you know, Biden’s whole thing is ‘restoring the soul of America.’ Who knew that restoring the country’s soul worked hand in hand with calling the president a ‘clown’ and telling him to his face to ‘shut up’?” —Eddie Scarry

Non compos mentis: “Donald Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had.” —Joe Biden

And last… “I have a hard time believing that the man who donates his entire $400,000 salary every year is ‘stealing’ from the American taxpayer.” —Charlie Kirk
Exit question: Anyone out there still believes that Trump’s “two scoops of ice cream” scandal will move the needle? I just don’t how how our nation survived that two scoop threat to our democracy, not to mention national security.

Scott O

Bill - "Dems, your guy ain’t being straight with you."
Oh - like Obama telling the left he was against gay marriage?
And that he was 'pro-life'?
Even though he had the highest rating from the most militant pro-abortion group (NARAL). The 'real' message went out loud and clear.
"I'll have more flexibility after the election".
Only Paul Emery thought those were true statements.
That's why he voted for Obama the first time.
But you can mess with Paul's mind with any parlor trick a dog could see through.
The left knows damn well Biden is as compliant as a Slinky Toy.
It's really up to the Dems getting the Senate.
It won't matter doodily-squat what Biden has left in his cranium.
If it goes through a Dem House and Senate, Biden will stop sniffing an aide's hair for a minute or two while some one shoves a pen in his hand and he'll sign it.

paul emery


Biden was referring to his Green new Deal. He made that very clear if you would have listened. It's all in the You Tube playback that George referred me to when I had a question about a detail he mentioned.

Bill Tozer

What’s all this noise I hear about debate rules. Rules in a knife fight? Oh my, the wussification of America.
Gotta feel sorry for Jorge Ramos. After he was dumbfounded in 2016 that 30% of Latinos voted for Trump, Mr. Ramos Confessed that he had not done a good enough job reaching his Hispanic base. He promised to work on that very hard for the next four years to get them lined up in 2020. Gotta get their minds right. Alas, all his hard work and strenuous efforts everyday for years bashing Trump have come to naught. A tragedy.

‘Overwhelming Majority Of Spanish-Speaking Americans Say Trump Won Debate: Telemundo Social Media Poll‘

Exit question from Jorge Ramos: “Where did we go wrong?”

paul emery

Scott writes about Trump spouting the Proud Boys name and making a pledge to them then denying he ever heard of them the next day

"He may may have heard the name but doesn't know any details about them or exactly what they stand for."

That is pathetic Scott!! You make Trump look like the idiot he is. You are saying he just came up with and used that name not even knowing who they were.


Emery. Your geezer Biden said "ANTIFA is only an idea".
Yet you have the shriveled manhood to make assumptions of what Trump knows about the Proud Boys?
Hide'n Biden hasn't turned on the TV in his bunker to see "his" Proggy spawn burning, looting, and assaulting police?

You go ahead and ignore these facts like do the rest of the time.


Now it's Lie'n Emery. The same "Green new deal". No such thing as the "Biden green new deal" Better check his website.
Post the "Biden plan" you make excuses for and say exists.
Better yet Post AOC's VS Biden's.. Side by side.
Back up your BS with some proof for a change.

Scott O

Paul - " You are saying he just came up with and used that name not even knowing who they were."
No, that isn't what I wrote.
Better get the next door neighbor to help you with your reading skills.

Don Bessee

Thats some great research there oh great pony tail of ignorance -

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden unveiled a $2 trillion energy plan Tuesday with a heavy focus on the Green New Deal agenda being pushed by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the far-left flank of his party.

“There is no more consequential challenge that we must meet in the next decade than the onrushing climate crisis. Left unchecked, it is literally an existential threat to the health of our planet and to our very survival,” said Biden, 77.

Biden’s announcement comes as the presidential wannabe courts idols on the left of his party including Bronx-Queens Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the hope that they will support him and steer young voters his way in November.

In May, AOC announced she had been selected to co-chair Biden’s climate change panel along with former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.


Scott O

Oh - HIS 'green new deal'!
And what would that be?
Funny how it just appeared at the debate.

Scott O

Sounds like the same old 'green new deal' to me.
And Paul complains about what was spent on the Iraq War.
Maybe Paul would like to discuss the details of our fed govt throwing trillions at a non-existent problem?
No - I didn't think so.

Scott O

Here's Biden - “I see steel that will be needed for those windmill platforms, towers and ladders which could be made in small manufacturers,” he said. “I see the union-certified men and women who will manufacture and install.”
Notice that he just says the steel will be needed.
Things that 'can be made' in small manufacturers.
He didn't say they will be or what country all this happens in.
And he doesn't say what country will provide the 'union certified' workers.
Not union workers but certified.
Who pays for this?
Who cares?
We already know about the good paying jobs in this country that produce energy.
And Biden wants to get rid of them.


Gotta elect him to find out what that all is..
Just like if he would pack the court. "I ain't say'n. Gotta elect me first."


Did Emery hear Trump say this at the debate? Lie'n Biden sure can't control his bald faced lies... But The liar hating Emery will give him a pass..(again)

"Joe Biden said President Donald Trump told the “Proud Boys” to “stand ready based on the outcome of the election.”

You sure know how to pick'm Emery.

paul emery


What do you think he meant by asking them to "stand ready" ? Perhaps stand reedy for further instructions? And who would give those instructions? This is the core question.

Scott O

Paul - "This is the core question."
Can't you just see this mindless dolt on the sinking Titanic - "Captain, are these musicians going to be paid for overtime? That is the core question!"

Bill Tozer

A simple question.

“Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden once again avoided giving a straight answer on whether he would support packing the Supreme Court if elected, after making clear during Tuesday’s debate that he would not address the issue.

Biden was then asked how Republicans are violating the Constitution.

“The Constitution says that the American people – I taught constitutional law for over 20 years – says the American people get an opportunity to choose who they want on the Supreme Court by who they pick as their senator and their president," said Biden, who began teaching classes at Widener University Delaware Law School in 1991.

The Constitution, which discusses the Supreme Court in Article III, says nothing about the people getting to choose who sits on it. Originally, it did not even say that the public could choose their senators – state legislatures selected them until the 17th Amendment put that power in the hands of the people in 1913.

“I’m not going to answer the question because the question is, the question is, the question is,” Biden said, before telling the president to “shut up, man.”

The question is, the question is, the question is, wait a minute, it’s coming to me, oh shut up, man.


Paul Emery (as usual):


What do you think he meant by asking them to "stand ready" ? Perhaps stand reedy for further instructions? And who would give those instructions? This is the core question."

Trump didn't say that.

Do you ever research anything at all?


...I also notice that the first series of interruptions is by Joey Fingers.

Bill Tozer

Debate reflections: Quite the list from our crybabies. I liked the countdown to the top two, as well as the top two. Is there nothing Trump cannot do?

2. Trump Took a “Dump” on Debate

1. Gross Debate Take: Trump Urinated on Democracy

Exit questions: Why is the media so obsessed with bodily functions? Is it a symptom of TDS?

Todd Juvinall

Trump meant "stand-down" Pretty simple. Biden says 200 million dead and the media says no big deal. So Trump misspoke.


re: BillT@9:06AM October 1, 2020

"Is it a symptom of TDS?"

I was thinking about that.

My theory is that the Blue Mob, rather than being clever and/or accurate in a satirical sense, dislikes Trump, traditional America, the traditional West, and *you* so much that they simply flip to the most vulgar or mean thing to say.

It depends on the person, everyone has their own vocabulary when they smash a thumb with a hammer (assuming they know how to use a hammer). It's an automatic emotional response rather than actually descriptive. While everyone will overstate a case, it has become SOP to the US Left.

So...some subset of Leftish thought leaders specialize in coprologia. Their personal Tourette's doesn't allow anything else.


"Trump meant "stand-down", Todd, I did not know you lived in Trump's head. Are you a Trump whisperer?


Emery sure must have a soft spot for the LIB vermin spawn
that roam the streets attacking innocent people and burn, loot, and attack police. With the full backing of LIB politicians.
You know Emery Mayors that demand catch and release.

I'm glad the Proud Boys have you wizzing yourself.
Do agree with everything they say they stand for? Hell no.
But if the clean the streets of ANTIFA,, that's good enough for me.
Now figure this one out O Buzzard,, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

So Your for MOB rule. WE get it.. Let the better MOB win.
My money is on the Proud Boys.

George Rebane

Re Trump to the Proud Boys, “Stand back and stand by.” He didn’t say ‘stand ready’. And the meaning of his admonition of the Proud Boys could range anywhere from ‘Don’t engage the leftwing rioters and just witness the chaos’ to the meaning of Paul Revere’s ‘The British are coming!’

What is more important to discuss is what the violence that groups like BLM and Antifa beget will draw in response as the cities burn, leftwing politicians tell police to stand down, and as leftwing academics, corporatists, and legislators solidify their characterization of America as a socially unjust, racist, and evil land. They all desire to transform the US into a socialist autocracy that divides its citizens into various aggrieved and aggrieving tribes of various assigned motivations, and then use the might of a very large and encompassing government to pick winners and losers among these identity groups.

The response by the remainder of Americans will not be a peaceful assenting march into such a dark new world. America is still constituted with a sufficient number of citizens who maintain ‘the spirit of 76’ and are willing to follow the footsteps of their forebears against tyranny. These Americans are spontaneously organizing themselves into various patriotic (in the classical sense) groups that unfortunately spread themselves over a large spectrum of ideologies - some radicalized. The Left recognizes this danger to its agenda and is busy libeling and characterizing some of the more prominent of these rightwing groups like Proud Boys and Oath Keepers as being white supremacists and racists. For example, read this torturous, albeit unsuccessful, attempt by the leftwing Atlantic to tar both these groups.

Todd Juvinall

D | 01 October 2020 at 10:22 AM

Yes he listens to me. LOL!

I just read the leader of the Proud Boys International is a BLACK MAN! So how can the lamestream say they are a "white supremacist" group? Because as usual, the media rats are lazy and never do any homework to avoid embarrassment. They are morons.

Todd Juvinall

And where is the resident NTI and BLM lover and supporter? Paul Emery, why do you support them? They want to tear down America''s system and replace it with a dictator. Also, why are you avoiding asking your pal Biden to denounce them? What is up with that. You are just a chicken sh** and phony baloney.

Todd Juvinall

Proud Boys

Bill Tozer

Vouchers, baby

Don Bessee

The prez sees a jump in approval after debate -


Barry Pruett

Sounds fair to me. This joker went to the same journalism school as Pelline and that tells you everything you need to know. And that tells you everything you need to know. Lol. Not a journalist. These guys are advocates.

Robert Cross

I got an email from one of my oldest friends, a conservative Republican (as are many of my oldest friends) lawyer, Trump fan. He invited his 11 year old grandson over to his house to watch the debate and cheer on Trump. Here are his exact words,
'I was truly embarrassed by the entire spectacle. My 11-year-old grandson came over to watch it with me and cheer on Trump.
It was painful to see the President of the United States act like a schoolyard bully. And not answer simple questions. And generally, show his ass. It will be hard to mark my ballot for Trump."

He must have seen a different debate than some of you.


It's ok Babs, it was rough and tumble cage match. Now don't forget, your Biden was the first to start the interrupting.
Trump takes no shit. Biden started the name calling. Need I remind you what?
It was 2 against 1 Trump shure ain't going to sit back and take it.
I didn't vote for a politician I wanted the street fighter Trump is.
Now you go right ahead and believe Biden won.. If that's the case,, then why change the rules to favor Biden?(in theory)
Your Queen Nan wants Biden to avoid another debate. I wonder why??(LOL)

Biden got his ass handed to him

Bill Tozer

Biden ain’t touching the Court Packing question with a stolen dick. When Wallace asked him point blank, Biden went on a rehearsed rift on vote, vote, vote, vote, lol.

‘On Court-Packing, Biden Is Afraid of Losing the Radical Left’——VDH

robert Cross

who thinks trump is faking covid so that he can cancel the rest of the debates and avoid making an even bigger fool of himself?

George Rebane

robert 1250pm - Would people like you and yours be a good guess?

robert Cross

George 1:11. -- given what liar trump is, I don't think that supposition is too far out of the question. He will do anything to get re-elected and avoid prison for another 4 years.

George Rebane

robert 158pm - I'll take that to be a YES.

Don Bessee

Chew on this crossed one -

Here is a little something to ruin his afternoon, can you say margin of error? -

A poll released on Friday shows that the presidential race has swung several points in President Donald Trump’s direction after the debate in Cleveland on Tuesday night.

The first significant national poll conducted post-debate, by Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP, shows the race has sharply tightened after the chaotic first debate earlier this week. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democrat presidential nominee, has seen his lead cut down to just 2.6 percent in the wake of the debate.

Nationally, Biden only leads Trump by 2.6 percent—48.6 percent to 45.9 percent—in this survey, conducted entirely post-debate on Wednesday and Thursday, September 30 and October 1.

This post-debate poll represents a three-point swing Trump’s way after the debate—and an even more profound swing in the president’s direction since earlier in September.

While the poll showed Biden got better reviews from respondents for overall debate performance, more voters shifted to Trump after the debate than shifted to Biden.

The poll has a fairly large sample size, and a smaller margin of error—3.5 percent—meaning that Biden’s lead is inside that margin of error.


Posted by: Don Bessee | 02 October 2020 at 02:15 PM

robert Cross

George 3:03 -- Not really.. I am just lampooning you folks while pointing out what a mentally incapacitated person like trumpler might resort to in order to avoid more embarrassment in his more feeble by the minute attempts to avoid the criminal indictments that await him when he leaves office.

George Rebane

robert 326pm - well then, lampoon away. But you might consider that you have a well established persona in these pages, so what may seem like a lampoon when you launch it, the same will be received quite differently when it lands.

But you've opened up an allegation of "criminal indictments" awaiting the former president Trump. You no doubt can point us to a substantiated list of these. Or are you still lampooning?

Bill Tozer

The Bobbie Sue’s of the world. Or should I say, the Karens of the World.

MSNBC's Joy Reid suggests Trump is faking COVID diagnosis to 'get out of the debates'
The Enemy of the People today was saying today that you cannot trust the White House concerning any reports of the President and Melania’s C-19 condition and, of course, Trump is faking it to take over the government. Then, in the next breath, they say Trump should step aside because of the condition of his health, citing the 25 Amendment.

I am confused. The Lamestream media says Trump is faking it to get out of the debates and also say Trump condition is soooo dire that the 25 Amendment is in order. He’s sick, he is not. Trump is faking, Trump’s health is in dire straights.

Hmmmm. Wasn’t it the same shit for brains Roberta Cross who said Trump was going to declare martial law on July 4th and surround the Capital with troops carry out his coup?

Robert Cross

George 3:41 -- multiple legal scholars have expressed the opinion that Trump's tax issues and, especially, the consulting fees paid to Ivanka (the trump soho case) that were deducted despite the fact that she was already on the payroll, could result in tax fraud indictments for both of them. The New York case, where the Supreme Court has ruled that the prosecutors can access Trump's financial records, is another and portends the possibility of even more.

I am surprised you don't know of these developments.

Bill 7:53--"Wasn’t it the same shit for brains Roberta Cross who said Trump was going to declare martial law on July 4th and surround the Capital with troops carry out his coup?" NO.. wrong shit for brains.. shit for brains.. .. I am sorry you suffer From Dunning-Kruger.. Perhaps you should talk to a mental health expert about your condition.

Bill Tozer

Well Roberta, if you weren’t the shit for brains that talked about Trump rolling tanks down Pennsylvania Ave and planning to declare martial law prior to a previous 4th of July, then who exactly was the shit for brains that came up with that crazy lefty talking point? Man, whoever it was, a shit for brains like that should be on Lamestream media.

It wasn’t Punchy, it wasn’t AV Man, it wasn’t the racist Steve from Truckee, and it was not you, then who? Do you remember Bobbie Sue? Who ever that loony tune is, the best part of his daddy ran down his momma’s legs. Just like you. Maybe it was Linda.

George Rebane

RobertC 1126am - since you weren't able to cite any prosecutors who have stated their intent to indict Trump, and just piled on more allegations, I take that to be more lampooning on your part.


Inform the IRS Babs,,, THink they would give Trump a pass??
Sure thing LOL!!

Don Bessee

Looks like de ja vue all over again -

The poll’s margin of error is 3.2 percent, indicating the two candidates are statistically tied.

The same poll showed Biden leading Trump by six points on August 29, 48 to 42 percent, and seven points on July 8, 49 to 42 percent. Biden’s now two-point lead reveals a tightening race.

“Contrary to my own observations, it looks like the President has not been hurt by his debate performance nor his hospitalization,” pollster John Zogby observed, adding that Trump’s 47 percent support is one point higher than it was in 2016.


Scott O

Poor Booby X - reduced to admitting that he needs to fabricate imagined crimes by Trump.
First he gets all excited about an email from his Republican friend who tells him he's going to vote for Trump. Oh, my!
Then he claims there are some Trump haters that without the ability to actually study the entire issue have declared that some one else who hates Trump might indict him! And a ham sandwich, apparently.
Then in his 3:26 he admits he's just full of BS and he has nothing beyond a fevered imagination as evidence against Trump.
TDS is clearly in control of poor Booby's mind.

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