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12 September 2020


Don Bessee

Some on the left honestly see the problem working against them -

Portland demonstrators gather near police precinct, set fires Portland surpasses 100 days of protests; Mike Tobin reports.

"Real Time" host Bill Maher blasted the media Friday night, claiming they offer various justifications for looting and rioting amid the civil unrest that has taken place in cities across the country.

During the show's panel segment, Maher began with a warning about the "craziness out there," pointing to the controversial book "In Defense of Looting" that was given a spotlight by NPR and "a lot of articles in the press" echoing a similar sentiment.

Maher explained that in "binary times," the "fringe" will always be associated with one party or the other, later insisting that this time around, Democrat Joe Biden will have to wear looting "on his back into the election" because it is being done by the left.

His panelists disagreed, arguing that Biden had been handling the issue of the unrest very well and that the issue has actually been hurting President Trump.

But none of that passed Maher's smell test.

"What about the property destruction issue?" Maher asked. He went on to assert that some defenders of looting justified the destruction because it wasn't assault or murder, and that property was "replaceble."

"I'm not down with this 'property's on the table' as something that we can just take because things are not right. To me, that's not the way to address our problems -- by throwing a brick through the window."

"But where is this massive destruction of property happening right now?" author Jessica Yellin, a former CNN correspondent, asked in an attempt to downplay the violence.

"Where is this massive destruction of property happening right now?"

— Jessica Yellin, former CNN correspondent
"Do you watch the news?" Maher replied.

"If you look at Portland, it's two square blocks!" Yellin doubled down, calling other examples, like Kenosha, Wis., "moments of protest which we have throughout our history."

"Do you watch the news?"

— Bill Maher

Maher pushed back, telling Yellin, "There is a view in the media -- please, I know you've seen it -- Don't look at me like I'm making this up, that this is somehow a justifiable approach."

"Well isn't it part of protest?" Yellin asked.

"So you're part of this. You believe this," Maher told her. "I saw this guy at a Papa John's franchise who was yelling through his broken glass, 'You're going to elect Trump and I'm just trying to feed my family!' I don't think his view is just like 'C'est la vie! It's just property!'"

Protests continue in Rochester, New York after police chief, command staff step downVideo
Another panelist, Vanity Fair columnist Peter Hamby, acknowledged that "campus thinking" has "drifted into the "national press" and "Democratic politics."

Maher later defended Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who was harassed by protesters outside the White House despite his efforts to pass his police reform bill named after Breonna Taylor, as well as diners who have been accosted by demonstrators.

"You're allowed to eat dinner!" Maher exclaimed. "I can eat dinner and still be down with the cause!"

Yellin later referred to the subject of looting as a "sideshow" in the election, a remark that appeared to strike a nerve with the "Real Time" host.

"It may be a sideshow unless it's your business that got wiped out," Maher shot back. "I mean, if it's your business, then it's not a sideshow."



Bill Tozer


“Cornell University has joined a growing list of universities embracing “antiracist” activism, a euphemism for race-based advocacy.

Antiracism does not mean non-racist. It is a term of art used, most famously, in the book How to Be An Antiracist, which is being used as a teaching tool at universities throughout the country, including Cornell, and forms the ideological framework upon which the university is moving forward.

The President of Cornell has announced that “antiracism” is a top university priority, meaning, among other things, mandatory “training” for all Cornell staff. And a “Faculty Coalition” has published a list of demands that would, in Bill Jacobson’s words, “implement race-based requirements in almost all aspects of the university hiring, promotion, and curriculum, and the elimination of race-neutral policies.”

The Faculty Coalition denounces colorblind policies:

[E]very “colorblind” event, mechanism, and process at the university — from new faculty orientations to selection of endowed positions — perpetuates racial disparities and reinforces an unjust status quo.

Thus overt race discrimination is demanded as essential.”


Don Bessee

Sounds like we need to defund the cesspool's of hate @ 850!



There's so much money to be made here, you have to admire it for this if nothing else.



George... do you have a link for the Harsanyi piece?

I've been in my own deep dive, having read "Explaining postmodernism" a few weeks ago, now finishing up "Cynical Theories"... I'm just sad I let the subject take hold of the country before deciding to grab hold of the basics.

George Rebane

Gregory 1046pm - link in preceding paragraph; will move it. ... moved it.


George, is “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” something rigorous or is it simply a Big Book of Anecdotes?

Of course, there's always the risk that something that isn't filled with story-telling simply turns into word salad justifying what is essentially a will to power.

It never seems like the moral angle to what are basically redistribution schemes ever lasts long. The Soviet Union turned into a giant dog fight for power about a five minutes after it was formulated.

Scratching at the back of my head is that we are just seeing a normal cycle consisting of an underemployed (or overpopulated) age cohort born at the wrong time. Between automation, mass immigration, and globalization, you build up a head of pressure that casts around for something, anything, to get it's piece of the pie. Whether you get yer civil unrest/war or maybe just strip boomers of assets via inflation and taxes, I don't know.

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends.
Overrun with street gangs wearing wimples.


Meanwhile, the revolution will be televised.

"To the protesters blocking the entrance & exit of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM yelling "We hope they die" referring to 2 LA Sheriff's ambushed today in #Compton: DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ENTRIES & EXITS TO THE HOSPITAL. People's lives are at stake when ambulances can't get through."


George Rebane

scenes 727am - The book is supposed to be the go-to bible on critical race theory. It is described as - In 2001, Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic published their definitive Critical Race Theory, a compact introduction to the field that explained, in straightforward language, the origins, principal themes, leading voices, and new directions of this important movement in legal thought. Since then, critical race theory has gone on to influence numerous other fields of scholarship, and the Delgado and Stefancic primer has remained an indispensible guide for students and teachers. Delgado and Stefancic have revised the book to include material on key issues such as colorblind jurisprudence, Latino-Critical scholarship, immigration, and the rollback of affirmative action. This second edition introduces readers to important new voices in fields outside of law, including education and psychology, and offers greatly expanded issues for discussion, updated reading lists, and an extensive glossary of terms.


Luckily, twitter can simplify matters for me.



re: GeorgeR@9:03AM Sept. 13, Year Zero

I'm only seeing around 80 pages (135 with 50+ pages of things like classroom exercise) of actual text in that book, so maybe I'll hold my nose, take an hour, and grind through it. I'll have to make sure that I don't feel a man bun sprouting up by the time I finish.

Hmmm. If you got the hang of the lingo, I wonder if a person couldn't write a series of Critical Race Theory romance novels. I'll wager you could take a vampire bodice ripper and simply mix around a few characters.


A podcast interview of James Lindsey, PhD Math, on Critical Theory...



Luckily the psychologists weigh in:

"Police brutality may be what sparked a wave of protests across the United States and beyond, but the “racism pandemic”—a term used by APA President Sandra Shullman, PhD, for the ongoing harm caused by racism—runs far deeper. Today’s inequities, psychologists say, are deeply rooted in our past, and the status quo is no longer acceptable. “Every institution in America is born from the blood of white supremacist ideology and capitalism—and that’s the disease,” says Theopia Jackson, PhD, president of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi)."


Hopefully all the badwhites get issued a blanket in the work camps.


..and you'd best toe the line if you want to go to medical school.

"Anderson, Boatright, and Reisman make clear that they appreciate that “people’s beliefs can evolve, especially in environments that strive to change curricula, diversify medical schools, and counteract racism in medical culture,” but they still believe that assessing medical school and residency applicants’ racial beliefs is a necessary measure to implement in order to address racism in medical education."


George Rebane

The spiral around the drain is tightening.

Bill Tozer

“The spiral around the drain is tightening”

Have they lost their souls? I don’t care if you are LBGTQ or are a UFO. Leave the children alone, you California Biden voter sick fucks. And Gavin has signed it into law.

‘California gov signs bill that will soften criminal penalty for LGBT adults who have sex with underage teens‘

The bill — SB 145 — was introduced by state Sen. Scott Wiener (D), an openly gay man, and seeks to prevent gay adults who sodomize or perform oral sex with underage teenagers from being automatically assigned to California's sex offender registry.

“Weiner claimed the bill "eliminates discrimination against LGBTQ youth in our criminal justice system."


Discriminates against youth? No, it discriminates against real sickos from engaging in predatory behavior upon kids who have an under developed frontal cortex. The purpose of the bill is to roll “minor attracted” fruitcakes into the protections of the LBGTQ laws and community. Pedophiles R Us is a big Biden donor.

Not surprising, the bill was authored by the same CA Democrat Biden voter that decriminalized knowingly giving someone AIDS (on purpose) from a felony to a misdemeanor. And Gavin put his John Hancock on the bill to prevent discrimination against “minor attracted” members of that special group of the LBGTQ community. Sick fucks. Go ahead and sodomize youth with a donkey dong to your heart’s content.
Well, at least Tulsi has more balls than any Biden voter in these parts. Boy, no wonder the DNC and Kamala and Hillary hate her. Hillary called her a Russian asset or spy, roflmao. Anyway, you go girl. Let those “Puritanical false accusations” fly. Punchy does.


Dr Rebane: How do we co-exist with these Dem degenerates?


News o' the day

"PENNSYLVANIA: Rioter gets shot in his testicles by a rubber bullet"

Discussion down at Democratic headquarters.

George Rebane

BillT 723am - Mr Tozer, you question has been and will be raised countless times. The simple answer, as argued here for years, is that we cannot "co-exist with these Dem degenerates". Any hope of middle ground disappeared in the rearview mirror years ago. These people have a deeply inculcated belief system that is so different from ours that the two really bear no resemblance as seen daily in these comment streams and elsewhere in the media. We are two cultures in utter contempt of one another, forced to live cheek-by-jowl.


Odd 'n ends.

"BLM rioters are aggressively pounding on the police station in Lancaster, Pa. in response to the police shooting of a Latino man who charged at a cop with a knife."



"Ricardo Munoz, the man in Lancaster, Pa. who was shot & killed by a cop yesterday after charging at him with a knife, was arrested last year for stabbing four people. His death sparked BLM-antifa rioting overnight."

"'Very dangerous': Police and FBI investigate power poles cut with chainsaw in Snohomish County""


"BREAKING: Within hours after being released for allegedly starting a brush fire in Portland using a molotov cocktail, Domingo Lopez Jr. allegedly started six more fires along the west side of the I-205 freeway. He's been arrested again."


Nothing to see here. Just a 'Red Scare'. Vote for Biden and we'll quit burning things.


A little thing, but it cracks me up.


had the title changed to:

"What The Lancaster, Pennsylvania Protests Might Mean For The Biden Campaign"

Probably within the hour as the word came down from on high.

You know, I figure that MSM might as well do what the KVMR Action News Team probably does..simply autocorrect 'riot' to 'protest'. Orwell had it wrong, it isn't 'Newspeak', it's 'Newsspeak'.


....in a nutshell. James Howard Kunstler speaks:

"America needs a constitutional crisis like a hole in the head, and that’s exactly what’s being engineered for the holiday season by the clever folks in the Democratic Party’s Lawfare auxiliary. Here’s how it works: the complicit newspapers and cable news channels publish polls showing Joe Biden leading in several swing states, even if it’s not true. Facebook and Twitter amplify expectations of a Biden victory. This sets the stage for a furor when it turns out that he loses on election night. On cue, Antifa and BLM commence to riot all around the country. Meanwhile, a mighty harvest of mail-in votes pours into election districts utterly unequipped to validate them.

Lawfare cadres agitate in the contested states’ legislatures to send rogue elector slates to the electoral college. The dispute ends up in congress, which awaits a seating of newly-elected representatives on January 4, hopefully for Lawfare, mostly Democrats. Whoops…! Turns out the Dems lost their majority there too. Fighting in the streets ramps up and overwhelms hamstrung police forces in Democratic-run cities. January 20 — Inauguration Day — rolls around and the Dems ask the military to drag Trump out of the White House “with great dispatch!” as Mr. Biden himself put it so nicely back in the summer. The US military breaks into two factions. Voilà: Civil War Two."


Bill Tozer

Pardon me if this has been previously posted.

REVEALED: Soros’s Election Coup Playbook Demanding America Abandons Constitutional Norms And Prepares For A ‘Street Fight’

‘Michigan college inanely fights racism by encouraging segregation’

“In truth, the obsession with race that has bedeviled most college administrations and faculty for several decades only exacerbates racial tensions. What’s wrong with just teaching literature or biology to students of all ethnicities living and studying together and letting them interact as their common interests coincide, developing friendships and working relationships naturally and organically?

The real world isn’t a “safe space,” but somehow, humankind has survived thousands upon thousands of years without mollycoddling 18-22-year-olds as if their psyches are delicate as gossamer. And if racial discrimination is a concern, the best answer not just legally but practically came from Chief Justice John Roberts in the 2007 Parents Involved case when he wrote, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Now that is logic, and it darn well ought to be normalized.“



Democrats doin' their thing.

"This just happened at a protest in Sacramento today."

Since they have their ear to the ground, maybe someone could ask the KVMR Action News Team when the Republicans are allowed to have a campaign event without being hassled. Maybe they could arrange something for late November.

Don Bessee

@719 He should have known the CHP was not down with car surfing!


Bill Tozer

'Update on the prez race --- and race'


Bill Tozer

Colleges and universities are working extra hard to disgrace themselves this week, and four efforts in particular stand out.


I suppose an exit question is "Does historian Jessica Krug being white make her less qualified as a teacher?


lol. Game over man.

"U. Chicago English Dept. says it will ONLY admit ‘Black Studies’ grad students this year"

One good thing about Civil War 2.0 is that the schools don't have to pretend anymore.


ah, I see the U. Chicago factoid is mentioned in 8:04PM.

It's probably worth two mentions then.

Honestly, I have the feeling that English departments went off the rails so many years ago that any new craziness has little effect. It might be best to simply push any pre-1950 literature into what remains of the classics departments while the new,improved English majors can spin word salads of post-modern nonsense and march in protests.

Somebody really should do a US News-style college ranking system for non-STEM studies that are free of crazy. That might actually be a growth industry.

Bill Tozer

8:22 am
Twice? Double your pleasure, double your fun.
It’s a running joke by now that if Biden wins he’ll be replaced in short order by Vice President Kamala Harris. But did Harris let the mask slip today when she said, in a scripted broadcast targeted at hispanic voters in Arizona, that “a Harris administration together with Joe Biden. . .” That is how you might talk about someone understood to be a pure figurehead.


Ok, tell me something new. We all know that Biden is just a “figurehead”. He ain’t even the man behind the curtain. So, here is what we can expect from a Harris Administration. Her smile at the end of the clip reminds me of the evil grin of the cat who ate the canary. About a minute.



From a talking head video on the University of Chicago.


I really did like this response (from the aptly named WinterHell):

"The University of Chicago, with its vaunted dedication to free speech, has fallen. The mighty ACLU had already capitulated and boarded the Gulag Express, along with so many of our academic, cultural, scientific, government institutions. I feel like I’ve been listening to the last broadcasts from a series of Enlightenment outposts. Each time, the same message: “We are under attack.” Then silence, followed shortly by a new broadcast from a voice I don’t recognize, in a language utterly alien and disquieting. Is this how civilizations fall?"

George Rebane

scenes 912am - Well, this sure as hell surprised me; not about its direction, but its pace. The universities have long since become the propaganda centrals of their respective regions. It will be interesting to see when and how many other university English departments will follow suit. Of course, this focus on Black Studies can also be adopted by other departments such as History, Art, Music, Social Sciences, and who knows, it may even leak into a new approach to STEM curricula. The Chinese, Russians, Cubans, North Koreans, Iranians, ... are laughing their collective ass off. Mr scenes, please keep us apprised of the 'progress' in this area of academe (can we still call it that?).


re: GeorgeR@9:33AM

Oh well. You go bankrupt slowly, then all at once. It'll all look obvious in 100 years time, assuming that The State doesn't rewrite the facts of the matter.

You do have to laugh at all the University of Chicago verbiage on 'free speech' and anti-discrimination policies...but they never really meant it.

It isn't like other Liberal Arts departments, like Economics, weren't free of the Blue Mob.


George Rebane

scenes 1018am - If Bumblebrain wins and the Dems sweep Congress, it'll take a lot less time than that. I draw your attention to the Democratic Party's 2020 platform here -


Here's a nice one:

"CLACKAMAS, OR: Capt Jeff Smith:

“There’s confirmed reports of looting. There’s reports of extremist groups staging gas cans for later destruction. Reports and sightings of people armed with chainsaws with goals to fall telephone poles in hopes of starting fires.”"


and just for fun..

"Woman in Oregon caught someone on her property with matches and held him until police showed up"


Life In These United States. Multiple clips pasted together.

"BLM Reacts to Two Police Officers Ambushed and Shot"


Bill Tozer

‘Almost Worthy of ISIS’: L.A. County Sheriff Says Protesters Chanting for Deputies’ Death Represent ‘New Low’ for U.S.’


Bill Tozer

Well that must be one of the Leftinistas’ useful idiots. Boy, what is it with Marx and Lenin and Stalin and the Red Chinese government that’s makes them go ape shit over just the thought of religion? Same in the French Revolution.

When the Maoists (the Zedongs) took over China, their number one target was, of course, Chiang Kai-shek. The number two man on the list to capture was a relatively unheard of Christian man writer/preacher not affiliated with any denomination. His name was Watchman Lee (translated) and died in prison after decades under arrest. With a list that must of contained hundreds, if not thousands of names, their #2 priority was a preacher/writer few heard of. Anyway, drives Stevie bonkers. Same with Punchy and Bobby. Fingernails on the chalkboard. Ye shall have no gods before the State.

‘Statue Of Jesus Decapitated During Open Prayer Time In El Paso Cathedral’

An almost 90-year-old religious statue was destroyed in an El Paso, Texas cathedral on Tuesday, making it one of approximately 200 historical and religious statues vandalized over the last six months.

“I am in shock and we at the Cathedral are heartbroken over such an unexpected situation,” said the rector of St. Patrick Cathedral, Fr. Trini Fuentes“


Why be shocked? It’s a promise from the New Testament. “They will hate you because they hated me first.” Ever read the Sermon on the Mount, fr.? In the good stuff of ‘blessed are ye peacemakers who’....is also the promise that you will be scorned and persecuted. Read yer Bible, Fr.

Bill Tozer

Follow the money, honey.

‘The Billionaire Backers of the ‘Insurrection’

The mostly behind-the-scenes attempt between Election Day and Inauguration Day to prevent Donald Trump from taking office the first time will go public in 2020



It's funny he mentions this:

" It seems there is suddenly a movement in media to silence anyone who speaks out against George Soros—and, specifically, his funding of radical prosecutors seeking to change the criminal justice system by simply ignoring certain crimes."


I was just thinking about the utter brilliance (like I was shot with a diamond) of targeting District Attorney races if you want to get a revolution going. No doubt Soros is a heavy-hitter in that world, but there's bound to be other organized sources of money.

The Left has always been expert at targeting weak points in societies and you really got a lot of bang for your buck by taking over that office in select cities.


Lots of side effects of course. One less obvious one is the driving out of small businesses in cities since they can't handle the increase in shoplifting, looting, loss of foot traffic due to street crime. No one cares though since it's Amazon uber alles.

Super smart move and I really have to applaud it as a concept. There's no problem for the wealthy of course, they'll just move to Austin.

George Rebane

Re scenes 818am - good comment with links. The Left will call the promotion of corrupt prosecutors into office as just politics. I will not. Such tactics to me are one more embodiment of leftwing evil, much discussed elsewhere in these pages.


re: GeorgeR@8:36AM

A shortcut to understanding modern Democrats might be simply as a metastasized Tammany Hall, or at least an organization on it's way there. Built on weaponizing mass immigration, identity politics, favors to identity groups, political power built on steering public money to favored groups and institutions, the use of large scale public programs for patronage (like the WPA in Tammany's case).

There's nothing new in the world but the scale. Unfortunately, if an entire country is co-opted by something like this, it's game over for some time. Nothing is permanent, but it can stay ugly for quite a spell.

Bill Tozer

‘Barr Goes Beast Mode on Violent Rioters With New Recommendation to Prosecutors, Left Is Already Melting Down’

“This latest news is going to just cause the left to go into a screaming meltdown and call Attorney General Bill Barr “Hitler.”

That’s how you know it’s good and appropriate.”


Hitler? My, how original.
Toto, I don't think we're in Portland anymore

‘Leftists charged in Lancaster rioting learn — to the tune of $1 million bail each — their antics don't fly in Pennsylvania Dutch Country’.


Bill Tozer

Interesting article that should not be wasted in the Sandbox, IMHO. The view from both sides of the Great Divide. Call me old school, being a pragmatic Non-Racist Culturalist and all. Reckon I am just a tool for the discredited MLK crowd.

Anti-Racist Structuralists and Non-Racist Culturalists


Bill Tozer

‘Systemic Racism? Make Them Prove It.’

“They will tell you there is endemic racism in the system. If pressed on the matter, though, they would not be able to describe for you any racist things that they themselves have actually done, nor any racist things done by colleagues. Nor can the earnest lawyers who represent the purported victims of racism point you to stacks on stacks of motions they’ve filed claiming the police arrested their felonious clients because of skin color. The crimes, it turns out, are not only supported by abundant proof; they have victims, who are disproportionately black and Latino. The lawyers are at a loss to point to cases in which they’ve shown that prosecutors charged their clients due to racial animus rather than evidence. They can’t cite cases where clients were sabotaged by the racism of the presiding judge. In a system that was pervasively racist, such cases would abound. Not in this one, though.

Still, the legal elites will insist there is systemic racism. There must be, even though no one can put a finger on where it happened, because the outcomes the system produces are not “equal” — equality being a utopia in which the racial composition of those arrested, convicted and sentenced aligns perfectly with the proportion of that race in the overall population, as if all racial and ethnic groups committed crimes at exactly the same rates.

Nor is the problem confined to the justice system. Racism “happens in our residence halls and in our classrooms, at the tables of our dining halls and in our locker rooms, on our sidewalks, within the offices where we work, and in our town.” So maintains Middlebury College president Laurie Patton. Among the doyens of higher education, Patton is the rule, not the exception, in spreading this gospel across the campus. With characteristic clarity, Heather Mac Donald rolled off example after example in a recent City Journal essay. It is not just the administrators, the battalions of diversity coordinators, and the social scientists. According to academics, “structural racism” even “pervades” mathematics, geology, astronomy, you name it — to the point, Mac Donald observes, that the journal Nature claims “the mission of science should be to ‘amplify marginalized voices’ in atonement for science’s complicity in ‘systemic racism.’”

Okay, if they say so . . . but where are the concrete examples?”



I think the Democrats need to work on their tactics.

"Using heavy smoke as cover on one end, officers moved in from behind and made multiple surprised arrests of the #antifa rioters in Portland tonight."


No doubt the Soros-appointed DA will let everyone go. The strategy of buying off the legal system is brilliant.

George Rebane

BillT 916am - “the mission of science should be to ‘amplify marginalized voices’ in atonement for science’s complicity in ‘systemic racism.’” And you Mr Tozer correctly ask, "... but where are the concrete examples?" To which I, as a scientist and engineer, will add - how will the equations change?


lol. Perfect.

Scot Ross of the Wisconsin Ethics Commission...




Don Bessee

True Dat! -

“History matters. Every revolution starts with the destruction of the symbols of the past and often the elimination of those who resist abolishing them,” Mr Phillips wrote for The Times on Friday. He gave examples of the French Revolution and Cambodia’s Pol Pot era where history was abolished and time was reset to “Year One” and “Year Zero”, respectively.

Mr Phillips also poured scorn on those “woke anti-imperialists” and their “street theatre”, who despite acting as if they speak for ethnic minorities in Briton and former colonies, likely had their closest encounter with Empire being “an especially hot vindaloo”.

The veteran anti-racism campaigner and son of Caribbean immigrants explained that “Those, like me, whose lives were directly shaped by the legacy of colonialism are far less exercised about the symbols of the past than those who were not.”

“We take a more balanced view,” he said, reflecting that in the West Indies, “it does not seem to bother anyone in the islands that many of the premier educations institutions still carry the names of slave owners”.

The zeal for iconoclasm was headed by the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, following the death of George Floyd in U.S. police custody. In multiple instances during BLM and far-left Extinction Rebellion protests, the statue of wartime prime minister Winston Churchill in London was graffitied with the word, “racist”.




Thinks complexitify even more.

"DC: Tonight a gay man stood up to Antifa by saying:
“You think I’m afraid of you?”
After they trespassed his front yard and assaulted his friend"


"BREAKING: DC BLM and Antifa descended upon a gay neighborhood tonight and began to intimidate and harass multiple gay people
Including a man with his puppy accusing him of “physically assaulting” them and for not wearing a mask"



Could someone do a bit of homework for me here? I'm genuinely confused.

Two quick articles on basically the same thing.



I'm sure not seeing a bit of evidence for organizing on the pro-Trump side. Is there any? I'd like to read about it. Is all this fuss simply a GOTV campaign? People having fun LARPing as freedom fighters? 50 members of the Proud Boys in Portland doesn't count.

Maybe this is to forestall an invasion by guys in 4wd trucks with flags, about as unorganized a group as you'll find.

It's fun watching people collectively lose their minds but I'm starting to get kind of bored with it. It usually takes a mastermind to cook up something like the Doctor's Plot, but there's no Stalin involved so far as I can tell, just an organic kind of need for an enemy.

George Rebane

scenes 901am - Crooked Hillary issued the battle cry to not accept defeat in November, come what may. Soros through his many anti-American organizations has always been ready to heed the call to overturn any and all politically incorrect and/or inconvenient expressions of public will, while concurrently accusing the Right of doing everything his minions are putting in place. I am not aware of anything the Republicans or those conservetarians are doing to prepare, than perhaps to remain ready to emulate the Minutemen of long ago. It truly will be their move to abrogate the election, and the real question is does America still have the backbone to defend itself against "enemies foreign and domestic".

Don Bessee

What are you going to do ban mimosas? -



Bill Tozer


“You may recall Justice Cardozo’s teaching in the Palsgraf case that “Proof of negligence in the air, so to speak, will not do.” In Minnesota we have bias in the air. Whatever it is, it must be eliminated and, like the prisoners in Cool Hand Luke, we all must get our minds right.“..

“In truth, the elimination-of-bias requirement is farcical. If it’s an offense without a perpetrator, it’s also an incredibly elastic offense. What bias does the Court seek to eliminate? If the elimination-of-bias requirement can be satisfied by courses such as “Understanding Problem Gambling,” as it can, the requirement has become just one more way of making a statement while making the practice of law slightly more unpleasant than it already was or is.”


Bill Tozer

For Scenes:

“Last night, Antifa/BLM criminals (there no longer seems to be any distinction between the two organizations) ran riot in Portland for something like the 100th day in a row, stopping traffic, starting fires, and smashing and looting stores. There seems to be be little or no police presence in Portland, and no political will to restore order to the city before it becomes a dead zone.

As always, Andy Ngo is the best source for on-the-scene coverage:”


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