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01 September 2020


Scott O

The obverse of the coin here is those who claim we have a deficit because 'the rich' don't pay their fair share. Just as they have no idea of how the money is budgeted and spent, they also have no idea of how the funds are collected to pay for all of this and what percentage of the funds come each societal group.
Let's face it - our society (as a whole) lives beyond it's personal means and wouldn't understand a govt that would attempt to be prudent about its balance sheets.
If the fed govt really started down a path of paying down the debt and having a truly balanced budget the voters would recall every single one of the pols responsible. Or would just shoot them dead.
Expect at some point for the govt to get rid of hard cash. It's their only way out. Well - it at least buys them some more time.

Steven Frisch

The fact that George cares about the deficit now is a pretty strong indication that the next President is Joe Biden :)

Todd Juvinall

Wasn't it Joe Biden's legislative life as a shill for the credit card companies over the years? Yep. And how many saps are so in debt and paying shyster rates of 25-40 percent interest because of Biden? Sorry to say it but he has screwed the poor slobs of America for most of the 50 years in Congress as the mouthpiece for MBNA and Visa and the rest.


We should bork Biden.

Steven Frisch

Good luck...


Bill Tozer

Another mark the tape moment. Steve's chart does not take into consideration that Michigan and PA and WI and even Ilhan Omar's Minn is in play. I wish he did not cancel his lengthy stay this summer in WI. He could have sent us picks oh Steve roasting marshmellows from street faire full of Biden voters.

Todd Juvinall

Trump 302 biden the rest. Trump wins again. LOL!


We should bork Biden.

And today's no toss ups map will not be the reality on Nov 3.

George Rebane

StevenF 837am - sure would like to see how you connect the dots on that one.


Trump wants to pull funding for Stars and Stripes and order Pentagon to close it after poll data is published not in his favor. Yes, you read that right, the Dictator wants to shut down or control all news sources that say bad things about him.

The Pentagon proposed defunding the publication for 2021 in February but the House Appropriations Committee approved the funding for 2021.

Bad new for Trump is published, and presto chango, Trump wants to kill it.

Came across this Tweet this morning, "It’s 2:45 am and the retired Marine who lives behind me just took his Trump sign down, walked it to the street and threw it in the garbage."

George Rebane

D 957am - Could you provide a link to the allegation that it was Trump who wanted to pull the funding. Recall that in these pages commenters usually provide some back-up to their assertions - especially the contentious ones.


re: GeorgeR@11:27AM

It isn't like these guys look up anything. I expect that the whole concept of the newspaper is dying and you're just seeing another. There's probably a decade or two worth of fighting over this. I think we can live with D's tweet.

I'll be damned glad when the election is over and I don't have to hear people vomit up imaginary Trump peccadillos anymore.

(2013) https://www.politico.com/story/2013/11/stars-and-stripes-newspaper-defense-cuts-099609
(2013) https://www.foxnews.com/us/stars-and-stripes-forever-pentagon-may-fold-historic-newspaper
(2016) https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2016/04/26/pentagon-funding-cuts-may-silence-stars-and-stripes/
(2013) https://www.stripes.com/news/special-reports/sequestration/cuts-to-afn-closing-stars-and-stripes-on-pentagon-budget-table-1.254579

But, ya know...Trump.


Good News! Trump says Stars and Stripes will not be mothballed even though Trump's 2021 budget did not include funding for the publication, putting it on course to end its 159-year-long run on September 30.


Keach @ 4:03- Get back to us when it happens, 'k?

George Rebane

Can you imagine the naivete of our lefty commenters. The Pentagon omitted funding an item the magnitude of flyshit in the President's budget submittal, and the socialists go ballistic and blame it on him as if he really got into that level of detail on a $4T budget. That's some real serious TDS at work there.

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