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23 September 2020



Darn that Trump. Wait, I think we need a another billion ventilators.

"CORONAVIRUS may have mutated to become more contagious - and could be adapting to get round barriers such as masks, experts claim.

Researchers have warned that a dominant strain of Covid-19 could be adapting to get around barriers such as masks and hand-washing."


The Estonian Fox

The letter from the Belgian docs reads like a reasonable response to unreasonable and damaging dictates.

Word on the street is that the entire document was translated from the original Mandarin. Had to get a set of new docs for authors though, since the original ones seem to be 'indisposed'. Must have been something they ate.

Scott O

More left wing Wuhan Flu science -
Love the left-wing comments: "May he soon enjoy the rapture he so seeks"
Real classy - 'I don't like his politics, so I want him to die.'
and: "Karma".
Really? Did he ever say he wasn't going to get it or that it was a hoax? Maybe he just figured he'd not wear a mask and take the risk.
The funny part is the lefty idiots can't read past the head line.
He tested positive, but is asymptomatic. His wife has mild case.
You leftys are so compassionate.
I'm thinking this is another of those dividing lines in humanity.
People that desire safety over almost anything and those willing to take calculated risks. And I'm not talking about those who just take risks and calculate nothing. Our Nation was founded by people who by and large were giving up what they knew for a chance on something better - maybe much better. Just the voyage was a large risk. And when they arrived there were no welfare offices and hand outs from the govt beyond perhaps some 'free' land. And lots of hard work 24/7.

Don Bessee

Cali has more cases than any other country -



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