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18 September 2020


The Estonian Fox

George, your math is spot on, as usual.

But let's wax nostalgic - an old Kingston Trio song.

"You've got to prime the pump. You must have faith and believe. You've got to give of yourself 'fore you're worthy to receive. Drink all the water you can hold. Wash your face to your feet. Leave the bottle full for others. Thank you kindly, Desert Pete."

They can smell why your math is doomed to fail. Where are they going to find a lot of someones (218 + 51) in this country who have faith, and believe? Especially when they can't see the benefits of the budget you propose for 5, maybe 10 years, before it starts paying off. As far as leaving the bottle (budget) full for others - hell, they're taking what's due them NOW. We're on our own. They probably even have a Chinese app for that.

The Estonian Fox

It's easy to see that the Wuhan virus has reduced 'mandatory' federal spending. The virus has concentrated on killing older citizens. Assume all of them are social security receivers. With their death, and that of their spouses, SS spending is now reduced. So the 'mandatory' SS spending is now not so mandatory, and can now be considered discretionary spending.

Some of our problem is solved.

If only the Dems would be as focused and determined to kill us older folks, like they are with pre-born humans, they could claim credit for contributing to helping balance the budget. Why haven't their PR people been advertising this fact on Facebook, Youtube, NYT, Wash Post...? It seems that they should be proud of this. Ignore that the virus has killed proportionally more black folks than white folks. blacks won't notice that.

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