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07 September 2020


paul emery

Oh George you're so nostalgic for the ol' Red Scare. Need I reminder you it's 2020 not 1958.

The Estonian Fox

I'm pretty sure that George's nostalgia goes back to the beginning in 1918-1928 during Lenin's purges & after he died (was killed?). He is trying to make you see a 1-to-1 correspondence between the majority philosophy then, and a soon-to-be majority now if the Dems win.

Even though past performance is no guarantee of future performance, humans have seen the 'I-am-the-ruler' philosophy too many times over the last 5500 years. I'd go back farther, but my Neandertal contact had his cell phone eaten a month ago.


The 'Red Scare' is an interesting thing to think about in any kind of attempt to understand current times via analogy with those past.

I doubt that Paul knows a lot about either 'Red Scare' (WHAT!? THERE WERE TWO OF THEM!?) although he seem to have the politics of a military brat. (it's like how cops' kids are ill behaved and preachers' daughters make the best dates).

Both cases represented real threats to the US and so had reasonably large side effects. The USSR had a remarkable amount of intelligence work going on in the US, a lot of it never really uncovered. No doubt it's tricky to ferret it all out without throwing innocent people in the clink. Not really a comparable situation.

Now...Red Scare 1.0, that's one to look into. Communist activity throughout the West (one side effect being Adolf Hitler), lotsa marches, big deal organized labor unrest. It probably gave Friends of the Workers lotsa material for folks songs. As expected, beaucoup government crackdowns. One big difference of course is that lack of working class people in the current unrest, unless you count baristas.

This probably is a form of Red Scare, just the post-WWI variety. In that case you'd naturally see similar responses from people who aren't members of the street army and government coup. The big difference I think is that the street folks aren't as muscular or scary as the earlier version, but their government and industry allies are a lot more powerful than the first time around. It'll be a near-run thing to tamp them down if it's even possible. Will the cure be bigger than the disease (assuming a defeat of the disease)? No telling.

tl;dr I think that Paul is probably right, it's just that Red Scares fear real things.

Don Bessee

@1130 Talk about the most uninformed utterance by a po' ol' fakenewsman!


paul emery

Lets go back to good old Nationalism scenes and fight the WW1 all over again. How about reviving Colonialism and beat the crap out of small countries and cultures and steal all their resources to make the rich richer.

And then there's Manifest Destiny where we had God on our side while we plundered Native cultures, stole their land and fenced those who survived in reservations and left to die from imported European diseases.


A problem getting the Marx label to stick is that the good ol' commie vocabulary has changed, with the proletariate and bourgeoisie labels being out, with wokery, social justice warfare, intersectionality and identity politics taking their place.

Bill Tozer

Speaking of Russia, how about some daily quotes.

Insight: “Volumes can be and have been written about the issue of freedom versus dictatorship, but, in essence, it comes down to a single question: do you consider it moral to treat men as sacrificial animals and to rule them by physical force?” —Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

For the record: “Once again Trump is embroiled in a heated controversy. Once again, it is about something he’s alleged to have said. And once again, his reported comments are at odds with his record, this time on veterans and the military. Such disparities have been a constant in his presidency.” —Brit Hume

Braying jenny: “These people [in the Trump administration] will stop at nothing. … The Russians helped them last time; the Russians are helping them now. … [Donald Trump] is a clear and present danger to our freedoms, our liberties, our unity, and we’ve got to defeat him.” —Hillary Clinton

Demo-gogues: “I do believe that there will be foreign interference in the 2020 election and that Russia will be at the front of the line.” —Kamala Harris

Non sequitur: “We have to recognize that almost everything we know about the truth about Donald Trump and his presidency comes from reporting, great reporting, by news organizations including The Atlantic, CNN, Washington Post, The New York Times, and that reporting is almost uniformly based on anonymous sourcing in part because that’s the only way we can get to the truth. The people who are on the scene who know Donald Trump, who are participants in his presidency, and are telling us the truth about this man, his actions, and his real words as in this case. The same thing happened in Watergate. We used anonymous sourcing at The Washington Post — Deep Throat — almost all 200 of our stories about Watergate were based on anonymous sourcing. That’s the only way to do this. And we must continue in the press to do our reporting day by day by day because that’s how we know who this president — what this presidency really is. The fake news is the president’s news. We’re doing the real reporting.” —Carl Bernstein

And last… “Anyone who studies the history of ideas should notice how much more often people on the political left, more so than others, denigrate and demonize those who disagree with them — instead of answering their arguments.” —Thomas Sowell



Gregory: "A problem getting the Marx label to stick is that the good ol' commie vocabulary has changed, "

I agree with that. As a practical matter, I don't think that the underlying philosophy matters so much as the tactics and that I'm not on their side. There's aspects of black ethnonationalism, half-baked socialism, and some unknown thing among the woke elite that revolves around 'globalism' (whatever that is exactly). As usual, it's simply about power. Redistributing the partly eaten remains of the still-living prey.

This new civil war seems to me to be an odd contraption, a religion built around a hatred of Western Civilization just to cut to the chase. Weirdly, that seems to be enough to drive people to death-defying activities. In the end, it'll run up against a group with stronger family ties. I wish everyone well if it gets sketchier, smoke 'em if you got 'em.


Paul Emery waxes eloquent: "Lets go back to good old Nationalism scenes and fight the WW1 all over again. How about reviving Colonialism and beat the crap out of small countries and cultures and steal all their resources to make the rich richer.

And then there's Manifest Destiny where we had God on our side while we plundered Native cultures, stole their land and fenced those who survived in reservations and left to die from imported European diseases."

Yes yes yes. Thank you Dr. Zinn.

paul emery

Glad you agree with me scenes.
We're really on a roll together arm in arm fighting the evil forces of rampant capitalism and ruthless greed. Nobody can stop us now...


punchy 214pm

"Glad you agree with me scenes."

Except he wasn't agreeing with you.

Don Bessee

The Queens of SF really are telling them to eat shit we got ours -



paul emery

He was Gregory and he made me proud when he compared me with Howard Zinn. He says I was "eloquent" and reprinted my whole post.


punchy 255pm

Scenes was pulling your leg and it done fell right off.


another small essay on the Color Revolution.

"Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes.

As if 2020 were not insane enough already, we now have Democrats and their ruling class masters openly talking about staging a coup. You might have missed it, what with the riots, lockdowns and other daily mayhem we’re forced to endure in this, the most wretched year of my lifetime. But it’s happening."


It sure would be nice if Soros just spent his money on Formula 1 or something.

Don Bessee

Talk about dementia @ 255!


Paul Emery

I thought you respected scenes opinion Gregory. He was very complimentary of me and even re posted my quote.

Don Bessee

Somebody get a drool cloth for the old codger @319

More bad news for the TDS set -

Some recent polling suggests that President Trump may have a slight edge over Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the suburbs where his law-and-order message amid nationwide protests is resonating among voters ahead of the November election, according to a report.

More than a dozen Democratic Party officials and strategists in the nation’s suburbs have expressed an uneasiness with which the Trump campaign has switched its focus from the coronavirus to lingering unrest in major cities.

Trump has seized on images of violent protests in Portland and Minneapolis that broke out after the deaths of George Floyd and Jacob Blake. Trump has insinuated that these areas of unrest will leave the suburbs in ruins if Democrats are at the helm post-November.

Holly Lyon, chair of the local Democratic Party in Pinal County, Ariz., told Politico: “There is that little sort of unsettled feeling in people because we can tell that [Trump’s messaging] is grabbing hold, and it’s working.”

The concern is prevalent in other suburban areas. Two Democratic strategists who conducted focus groups of suburban voters said white, college-educated women “are starting to really get sick of” the protests.



Paul Emery

Now this is funny !! Gregory is accusing Scenes of being a liar.

George Rebane

PaulE, I don't think you're getting any traction on that tack; you might want to stop digging.

Scott O

George 4:41 - It's Labor Day. A known time for excessive alcohol use.
No one here is taking him seriously. He can't contribute in an intelligent way so he just shows up with drunken stupidity.


punchy is irony deficient. Sarcasmistically deficient, too.

Don Bessee

Sounds like its time for a welfare check @ 415! LOL



My labor day drink today is Ranch Water. A couple shots of tequila, a shot of lime juice, over ice and topped up with Club Soda (or Topo Chico Agua Minerales if you have a Texan friend who gets uppity at the substitution).

No lamenting here over the club soda.

Can anyone here imagine what might happen if Derek Chauvin walks before the election if/when a judge declares Floyd's cause of death to be a fentanyl overdose?

Don Bessee

Defund this -

Washington and Lee University is coming under scrutiny for offering a course on “How to Overthrow the State,” though the school’s president says the course has been “sensationalized” by the media.

Officially titled “Writing Seminar for First-Years,” the course places students “at the head of a popular revolutionary movement aiming to overthrow a sitting government and forge a better society.”

"How will you attain power? How will you communicate with the masses? How do you plan on improving the lives of the people? How will you deal with the past?" the description states. "From Frantz Fanon to Che Guevara to Mohandas Gandhi and others, we explore examples of revolutionary thought and action from across the Global South,” reads the course description on WLU’s website



paul emery

Good one Gregory

"Irony deficient"

A creative thought!!! I didn't know you had it in you


DonB: "Washington and Lee University is coming under scrutiny for offering a course on “How to Overthrow the State,” "

That doesn't sound like a bad idea for a class, several of the 17 intelligence agencies no doubt have seminars in the same subject along with more than a few NGOs. Looking at the description on the course, it sounds misrepresented and is instead just one more boring class on Leftist holy men. You can't have too much study on critical post-colonial theory and whatnot.

Now, if they used Luttwak as a text (Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook), there could be some real meat to something like that.

The second semester can be on how to rewrite history to get rid of the bits about necklacing or filling up the trench behind the capital building with the last regime. That's how you end up with those worthies wearing Ernesto Guevara shirts.

Bill Tozer





Bill Tozer

VIDEO: BLM protesters celebrate blocking Seattle highway until Washington State Patrol troopers take them down hard

‘Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground’

It’s Infuriating’: Private San Francisco Gym Owners Angry After Gyms Open In Government Buildings
"We’re just demanding that they allow us to have the same workout privileges..."

Happy Labor Day.

-Watch: Protesters in Pittsburgh descend on elderly diners, drink their beer, scream obscenities: 'F*** the white people'

-‘Joe Biden walks back his national mask mandate, admits it would probably be unconstitutional’
This seems like something he should have known a month ago

-‘New Jersey is taking down US flags from bridges installed after the 9/11 attacks, and residents are outraged’


Bill Tozer

What, me worry? Not a chance.

‘The Media Are Lying About The Election Again’
Trump has cut Biden's lead by half or more in key battlegrounds, and is on track to win again



"Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic story about Trump’s alleged comments was lifted from the ending of the Godfather II."


Just imagine the upcoming 'bombshells' as they lift other movie quotes.

Bill Tozer

re: Blue State Boogie

'Trump's Right About California's Fires: It Wasn't Climate Change; Two New California Laws Prove It'



re: Global warming.

If it wasn't such a blatant power-grab, it would be an interesting discussion. ie. how to reduce human footprint. Instead it's just a slogan. You also get the ridiculous notion that patriots are 'ANTI-SCIENCE'. Blue Mob marketing in 2020 will be a genuine mystery to our robot overlords in 50 years.

Speaking of slogans, I like 'Red Scare' (h/t Paul Emery) for the non-existent problem on the streets, .gov, schools, surveillance monopoly. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here.

Sign of the times:


You know they had to be laughing looking at the bottle labels.

Bill Tozer

From Scenes’s 8:08 am

“Your props department took an irony class.” There is that word irony again in reference to the Red Scare. Gregory is in the now.
‘How Refusing To Wisely Manage California’s Resources Led To Incessant Blackouts’

Assuming lawmakers didn’t intend to promote policies that resulted in burned towns, scores of deaths, and widespread power outages, how did they arrive at this point?


A couple of things popped out (out of many).

1). “2012: PG&E, California’s largest electric utility, requests a $4.84 billion rate increase for powerline safety upgrades and maintenance. The request is denied as environmental groups fret that the higher energy costs would undermine public support for renewable energy. The decision leads to the deaths of 85 people six years later in a preventable wildfire.”

2). “2018: In November, the powerline-sparked Camp Fire becomes California’s deadliest wildfire, killing 85 people. Politicians widely blame climate change and PG&E for the conflagration. But years of not harvesting and cleaning the forests have led to a dangerous fuel build-up while PG&E, ordered to heavily invest in renewables by politicians and regulators, had little money for powerline safety upgrades.”

Bill Tozer

Labor Day 2020 Laments

‘As blacks flee state, California seeks mandatory K-12 'ethnic studies' coursework’

“In the new ethnic environment, blacks are at the bottom of a pecking order that places Hispanics at the top and Asians in the middle," Swain said. "Blacks are less favored than other racial and ethnic groups because of the negative stereotypes and continued dysfunction that dominates in many communities."

Just half? The other half must be blind or Biden voters or listen to the Lying Enemy of the People or a combination thereof.

‘Nearly half of all voters believe recent protests have been mostly violent rather than peaceful’
Just two out of five voters believe demonstrations have been "generally peaceful."


Bill Tozer

Well, it looks like R.L. Crabb caught a break. Not so for tutors and private teachers. Only in CA.

‘California’s AB5 Is Such A Mess, ‘Pandemic Pods’ Might Not Even Be Safe’
AB5 is a jobs-killing monstrosity that’s hurting not only adults but children, too

“I had seriously thought for a while about offering my services as a tutor,” she said. “Once AB5 came out, that went out the window“.....

“The uncertainty about AB5’s effects on parents’ ability to hire private tutors and tutors’ ability to privately teach is emblematic of the larger problems with the law: It’s confusing, makes it hard for people to solve problems and fill needs (as they would in a free market), and is fundamentally unfair.

The fact that California lawmakers passed sweeping exemptions for certain industries and not others is a laughable insult to “equality” and “justice for all.” Are freelance writers and musicians — two powerful, politically connected professions — more worthy than florists or event planners? Of course not. If AB5 is unjust for one, it’s unjust for all.”

More Labor Day Laments:

‘Joe Biden’s School Reopening Plan Would Keep Kids Online Indefinitely’
Joe Biden's metrics would basically allow for keeping public schools shut down indefinitely until coronavirus, like polio, has been eradicated

Finally, some good news. The Truth will set you free.

‘Poll: Americans Trust The Media The Least For COVID-19 Information
SEPTEMBER 7, 2020’
Americans strongly distrust the media more than any other source for information on COVID-19, according to a new poll released by CBS News and YouGov


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