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16 September 2020


George Rebane

‘Trump’s Promise to Revive Coal Thwarted by Falling Demand, Cheaper Alternatives’ read the headlines. Coal production has continued to fall under President Trump in spite of his relaxing of anti-coal regs and continuing endorsement of the fossil fuel. It’s just that renewables continue to get cheaper along with the increased production and price drops in fracked natural gas. Now, does this count against Trump as one of his ‘lies’ or ‘broken promises’ as our liberals would have us believe?

And when we return to the streets, then there's this -

Bill Tozer

Continuing Dr. Rebane’s 10:05 am

‘Study: Up To 95 Percent Of 2020 U.S. Riots Are Linked To Black Lives Matter’
A report accompanying the data project, however, reads like an upscale attempt to blame the police for criminals’ decision to steal, kill, and destroy.

“Contrary to corporate media narratives, up to 95 percent of this summer’s riots are linked to Black Lives Matter activism, according to data collected by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED). The data also show that nearly 6 percent — or more than 1 in 20 — of U.S. protests between May 26 and Sept. 5 involved rioting, looting, and similar violence, including 47 fatalities.”


Bill Tozer

The ‘Coffee Boy’ Makes Peace in the Middle East

Trump's negotiators buck the wisdom that led to decades of bipartisan failure


Bill Tozer

‘Media Pushes Unverified Gossip To Hide Trump’s Amazing Economic And Foreign Policy Achievements’
With the most dynamic economic comeback in U.S. history and unprecedented progress towards peace in the Middle East, what did the media establishment choose to cover?


Bill Tozer

To quote Jimmy Buffet, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”

‘Minneapolis City Council, which voted to dismantle police, unsettled by rise of crime and demand action from law enforcement’.

“Lacy Johnson is the Republican who is challenging Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s 5th District. Lacy is an excellent candidate fighting an uphill battle.

Last night, two of his campaign volunteers were shot in North Minneapolis. The local CBS outlet has the story:

The 17-year-old boy killed and another man hurt Monday in a north Minneapolis shooting were members of a Republican congressional candidate’s campaign.

The Lacy Johnson campaign says the two victims were members of the outreach team and were not performing campaign duties when the shooting occurred Monday afternoon at the intersection of North Fremont and Dowling avenues.

Minneapolis police say a group of people were standing outside of a Super USA convenience store when one or more shooters opened fire. The teenager and the man were hit, and emergency crews brought them to Hennepin Healthcare for treatment. The teenager was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Investigators are still searching for the shooters, who fled the scene on foot.”.....

“The CBS story concludes:

Minneapolis has experienced a surge in gun violence this summer. According to police, this year is on track to double 2019’s homicide total.”

One wonders whether Black Lives Matter and Antifa will ever be held accountable for the wave of violence they have encouraged and helped to unleash.


“As far as I can tell from the Post’s report, the findings Mayor Warren relied on don’t dispute this. Instead, they use subjective words like “insularity, acceptance, and. . .callousness,” with “cavalier” and “unsympathetic” thrown in for good measure.

It’s challenging enough for officers to deal with thugs and aggressive nut jobs who are out to harm them. Expecting officers to be sympathetic towards this “client base” is asking too much.“

Cut the police budget and add more social workers. Or, let the people “police” themselves, like we saw in Chaz City in Seattle. How did that work out? Rape, murder and extortion to add to the Lists of Demands. Mercy.

paul emery

Speaking of lies George how about this one. Is Trump lying or is he just plain illiterate or stupid when he said this. Keep in mind this man is President of the United States which is why I support any available alternative. It could have been a Republican if the Repubs had the courage,which they don't, to replace him. Trump quote:

“With time it goes away,” Trump said during an ABC News town hall in Pennsylvania when pressed by host George Stephanopoulos on his public comments about the virus. “You'll develop, you'll develop herd — like a herd mentality. It's going to be, it’s going to be herd-developed, and that's going to happen. That will all happen. But with a vaccine, I think it will go away very quickly.”

Bill Tozer

Aha! Politico takes a page out of the Punchy Playbook.

‘INVISIBLE MAN? Joe Biden Goes Unmentioned in Politico Playbook’

“Although Tuesday's Politico Playbook PM by Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, Eli Okun, and Garrett Ross runs over 2200 words and covers a wide variety of political subjects, the number of times that Joe Biden is mentioned is...ZERO.

Yes, despite this being in perhaps the most important election in many years, a major party candidate for president has gone down the rabbit hole in a section detailing the intricacies of politics.”....

“Apparently Biden is unconsciously being treated by Politico as a mere empty vessel whose only role is not being Trump. Oh, and somehow the Playbook missed that the "Not Trump" made his second campaign appearance outside of Delaware since Labor Day in Florida on Tuesday. As of this writing "Not Trump" will be taking a "lid" day on Wednesday so at least you will have an excuse for not mentioning him in the next Politico Playbook. In fact, with all his embarrassing gaffes, best not to even write about "Not Trump" in too much or, better yet, any detail.“


Todd Juvinall

Trump up four today. Looks bad for Biden/Harris or is it Harris/Biden?


punchy 1121am

You ask if Trump is lying, illiterate or stupid, based on a short verbal statement to an unfriendly questioner about the virus du jour.

Paul... are you lying, illiterate or stupid?


Life In These United States.

"BLM protesters in Milwaukee, Wisc. surround a man’s house. He has a Trump & US flag on the outside. He appears to ready a gun from inside the home. He was reportedly arrested for brandishing the weapon."




Here's a longer version of the guy in Milwaukee.

This is the world the Blue Mob wants to bring you.


paul emery

Thanks for confirming my observation Gregory that there is no connection between Trumps mouth and his brain. I mean he can't even pronounce Yosemite (twice) when it's written out for him. It was like he never heard of it before.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

Upright: “At the civic, constitutional level the United States is not systemically racist. But systemic racism, at a theological level, is a real thing. … Why? Because people are sinners. … The problem with churches engaging civicly on the theological front on this is simple — the United States demands a separation of church and state. The answer to systemic racism is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The United States will not accept that answer. Therefore, churches are left to do what exactly? Work with those on the left who reject Christianity to enact public policy solutions that are devoid of Jesus, implemented by sinners who do not recognize systemic racism as a sin, and fueled by a moment that sees everything as an allocation of power? Good luck with that.” —Erick Erickson

Observations: “No personal agency is required, or indeed is any part, of a systemic phenomenon. And there’s the beauty of systemic-racism theory: ‘who’s to blame’ is never answered with any particularity that will fix responsibility on known persons, for the answer is ‘why, everyone!’ What could be more impervious to contrary evidence than a wholly impersonal conspiracy theory about human behavior?” —Matthew J. Franck

Political futures: “The ability for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Republicans to stop a potential Biden administration from passing the Equality Act or the Green New Deal would essentially be gone if Democrats take back the Senate and vote to remove the filibuster. This plan being devised by Democrat strategists to radically shape our country is unlike anything we have ever seen before. At stake in this election is not just the difference of a few executive actions or policy preferences but rather the difference between a country in which all human life is valued, families flourish, and religious liberty thrives or one that seeks to destroy innocent life, undermine families, and is hostile towards religion.” —Tony Perkins

For the record: “Over the past four years we have watched as factions within the Justice Department and the Pentagon have unilaterally decided that the American people made a horrible mistake in 2016 — a mistake that must be nullified. It is true that Trump’s volatility and habit of naming officials who are antagonistic to his goals doesn’t help his cause. It is also true that at no time in modern history has the bureaucratic machinery of the executive branch worked so openly to undermine the legal policy goals of the president.” —David Harsanyi

Nailed it: “Instead of us doing business with China and that leading to China becoming more free, what has happened is a place like China has bought our silence with their money. They have just completely shut down critical content about human rights abuses in China.” —Hollywood director Judd Apatow

Non compos mentis: “It’s bold. It’s feminist.” —"Cuties" director Maïmouna Doucouré

And last… “[Football’s] not for protesting one way or the other. What color you are, what you think, this or that. You play football. That’s it. You’re privileged. You got a gift from God that you can play the game because you got a body you can do it with. I don’t really understand what you’re protesting. … I would tell those players go to another country and play football there. You don’t have to come out. You don’t have to come out if you go to another country. You can’t! Because the game’s only played in this country. And if you can’t respect this country, get the hell out of it.” —Hall of Fame coach Mike Ditka

paul emery



George Rebane

PaulE 1121am - And what do you consider was false about the Trump statement you cite?


LOL Emery, Words from the Harris/Biden Administration supporter.
Biden even has Harris as running for President.
Go back to the overpass and bark at cars. Who knows.. So free healthcare is in your future,, Get all high and mighty and stemo in front of a truck.

Don Bessee

Well of course they are they have the same goals for the US -



paul emery

What exactly is "herd mentality" George and how does that apply to the virus? I wrote that Trump is either "lying or is he just plain illiterate or stupid." Seems like you defer to the " just plain stupid" option that I present.

paul emery

Gregory suggests that Trump said those things because he was in front of an " unfriendly questioner " Poor baby Trump just can't handle that according to Gregory.


punchy 1122am and 1248pm

Paul, you are a useless bloody looney. I didn't say or suggest what you've hallucinated.


punchy 1245pm

"What exactly is "herd mentality" George and how does that apply to the virus? "

It seems like you defer yourself to the just plain stupid category.

paul emery

You gave that as an excuse. Why else would you have said it?

Direct quote from Gregory, Trumps clean up guy on RR:

"You ask if Trump is lying, illiterate or stupid, based on a short verbal statement to an unfriendly questioner about the virus du jour"


WOW Enemy, "herd mentality"... Riots and looting come to mind.
Then have the stones to call it reparations.


punchy 111pm

What made that statement of fact "an excuse", Punch?

paul emery

Why else would you say it Gregory? You are Trumps biggest supporter on this blog and support everything he does or says. Show me an exception and I may change my opinion of you.

Don Bessee

Now thats funny @124 as if anyone cares about what your opinion of them is! ROFLOL


Todd Juvinall

WAs that Paul Emery is front of that Trump supporters house? And doing the watusi dance? Seems that PE has a bad case of TDS and the only cure is Trump in a landslide. Since he seeks to be rising in the polls the loons like PE get more and more frustrated and nitpick Trump's words. Of course no praise for getting the troops home or a peace deal in the middle east. Seems it was not long ago PE was criticizing about the USA involvement there. What his words prove is there is nothing Trump can do that will ever give PE back his brain cells. Too much ganja.


punchy 124pm

You're trying to channel Mika Bftzplk (yes, I check rawst*ry when you're off on a tangent) but you just don't have the legs for it.

Sorry, Punch, but standing up to your bs (or Mika's) is not equivalent to supporting Trump.

Don Bessee

More bad news for the TDDS set ignore -

“The survey of 2,500 Likely Voters was conducted September 9-10 and 13-15,” per the polling firm, and this is more proof of Trump’s momentum. In this same poll last week, Biden was up 48 to 46 percent. The week prior Biden was up 49 to 45 percent. That is a steady five point total shift in Trump’s direction over two weeks.


President Donald Trump’s job approval number in the latest Rasmussen polling jumped to 52 percent approve and 46 percent disapprove on Wednesday




taking inventory, I think BT, Walt, George and especially the Toddster all support Trump more than I. Hell, I expect they even voted for him.

So Paul, why are you lying about me?


Well gents, Emery is TRIGGERED but good.
The BLM is show their color of thuggery(He's a supporter if you didn't know.)
Joementia is going down on the polls like a submarine with screen doors..
Now when is that first debate? Maybe Emery can tell us how Biden will survive that? Just walk off the stage like he does when a question he can't take gets asked?

paul emery

Not lying Gregory, just noting your constant support for Trump no matter what he says or does. George is critical of Trump on occasion but you've not spoken a word of concern for example that the debt will rise around 7 Trillion bucks under Trumps first term. As a self declared Libertarian you should be appalled by that but not a chirp from you on it.

Don Bessee

So it looks like the pony tail of ignorance is whistling past @152.



Now there you have it.. The Emery mentality as shot to shit as Biden's.

You better stick to supporting the newest fool in Nevada City.
The one in the tree limbs "save the trees".


"You are Trumps biggest supporter on this blog and support everything he does or says."

I might be the only person on this blog (besides you) who didn't vote for Trump. Ever.

In this case, because he picked the wrong word speaking to Steffie, you (and Mika) were off calling him lying, illiterate or stupid.

I can't wait to see how you deal with Biden's upcoming gaffes. Or deal with the ones he's been making all along.


Poor Emery..His heros are going down.
"The committee voted 8-6 to authorize the subpoenas.

The committee also authorized subpoenas for Sidney Blumenthal, former Obama chief of staff Denis McDonough, former FBI counsel Lisa Page, former FBI agent Joe Pientka, former ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, former FBI director of counterintelligence Bill Priestap, former White House national security adviser Susan Rice, former FBI agent Peter Strzok, former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith – who pleaded guilty to making a false statement in the first criminal case arising from U.S. Attorney John Durham's review of the investigation into links between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign – among others."

Your subversives (real criminals) are getting closer to judgment day.


Yeah Gregory "You are Trumps biggest supporter on this blog and support everything he does or says". What in the heck is that all about?

lol. I keed, I keed.

Hey Paul. Why do you support everything that George Soros supports? Why do you hate this country?

Paul Emery

I love this country scenes. That's why I want Trump out of office. This country deserves better than a mentally ill crook and liar as our President.


"I love this country scenes."

No you don't. You are lying. Try it on someone else.

Bill Tozer


“What exactly is "herd mentality" George and how does that apply to the virus? “

OMG. That one got my jaw to drop. How many posts has Dr. Rebane written and posted under topic on herd mentality concerning the virus. Charts and graphs and many many words. Too many to reference right now. Hundreds upon hundreds of news organizations did segments and articles about COV-19 and herd mentality. Sweden in particular.

Well, we found ourselves the one news director on the planet that has to ask, “What exactly is "herd mentality" George and how does that apply to the virus? “.

Where to these ass hats come from? And all this time I thought the term of endearment ‘Pony Tail of Ignorance’ may not 100% accurate. I thunk wrong. Too funny.

Hey GEORGE, what is this herd mentality of which you speak? What the heck does it have to do with the Wuhan Virus? Whatever it is, Trump lied.

Paul Emery

So scenes what you are saying is that if you don't support Trump you don't love our country.

I guess that includes Gregory who hasn't voted for Trump in the past. If he votes for Trump he loves our Country if he doesn't that means he doesn't . That also includes all the people who vote libertarian or third party.

Thanks for clearing up what it means to love our country.


"So scenes what you are saying is that if you don't support Trump you don't love our country."

Not at all. I'm saying that you are a liar. It's a smaller claim.

lol. I do love the 'what you are saying' business. Do you actually interview people on the radio and use that? Good Lord.

In other news, it's been fun watching the Li-Meng Yan drama. She finally made it to Tucker's show and the internet near-monopolies crashed down on her and him both. I guess that the folks running things didn't like that particular message. Check it out.

Bill Tozer

Once again, the Native Americans have been erased. Money only for Blacks and one other group.

‘San Francisco to give $1,000 monthly stipend to pregnant Black, Pacific Islander women’

“Pregnant Black and Pacific Islander women in San Francisco will get a $1,000 monthly supplement during and after their pregnancy in a first of its kind initiative meant to help improve health outcomes for both the mom and the baby.

Starting next year, 150 women will receive the supplement for the duration of their pregnancy and the first six month of their baby's life. The new initiative, called the Abundant Birth Project, has the goal of eventually providing the supplement to women for up to two years after pregnancy.”


I suppose this applies to Born Males of the color of the month category who get pregnant. Two years? Sign me up! And this from the Evil Doers who want to destroy the nuclear family. On my.
Gender is just a social construct they said.....

Good thing the Dem Platform will provide fathers.


BillT: " Sweden in particular."

I was thinking about Sweden yesterday. You've got the UK, who no doubt had a stricter regime than the US, with a higher COVID fatality rate....and then Sweden, who did essentially nothing, with a lower COVID fatality rate. Some of Latin America high, some low. Reporting issues or real?

Since the tendency is to use COVID as a political tool, and it's normal to somehow blame D. Trump, a lot of genuinely interesting things might get left on the cutting room floor. Are death rates based on latitude? Asians vs. non-Asians (the former being more likely to wear masks and/or already somewhat immune due to exposure and/or immune due to genetics)? obesity levels? urbanization? Hopefully someone with expertise actually looks into this and it isn't just all internet experts getting in a tizzy.


punchy 253pm

Paul, you are swinging wildly. Stop it.


BillT: "Once again, the Native Americans have been erased. Money only for Blacks and one other group."

Well, it is funny how there's really only the one minority. Latin-Americans have to feel really dissed by all this, not to speak of the Hmong.

You can usually tell who is in favor by watching TV commercials, they're pretty quick to respond to the signals from on-high. The lack of men in dresses in Gillette ads is distressing, but that'll change over time.

What with all the new benefits coming onstream, I'm seriously concerned about how the goodies will get divied up. Do black people from the Caribbean get the University of Chicago slots? Are we going to reinvent quadroons and octaroons as a concept to plug into an equation somehow? I'd really like to know in order to not offend.


Emery says "I love this country" I call BS!!
Emery has gripped day in and day out how America sucks.
From the "illegal" revolutionary war to blame America first.
(pick the topic)
Other nations are "much better" Your rampant Socialist drumbeat
sure are not the words of an America lover. Neither is sucking up to BLM cop haters.

Paul Emery

Sorry it's difficult for you Gregory otherwise why do you tell me to "stop it" whatever "it" is.


Gregory: "Paul, you are swinging wildly. Stop it."

It's those Tyrannosaur arms, there's just something about them.


Punch, you aren't that f'ing stupid. Just stop it.

Bill Tozer

For Conservatives and those stupid and ignorant other types:

Godspeed, Ben Shapiro.

As of yesterday, Ben Shapiro has left CA. He is taking Daily Wire (with 100 employees) out of LA and out of CA. 75 employees are leaving, too.

Shapiro is an interesting person. Grew up in the typical small abode in the “Valley”, North Hollywood or Burbank area. Youngest person to attend Harvard at the time (16 years old). Graduated in 3 years, I believe. Was a Cruz supporter, like Mark Levin, for Cruz’s constitutional expertise. Didn’t care for him when he took on Milo for not being a conservative, just a provocateur. Not, all that has changed.

Bye, bye Ben. You chose a nice area to live. CA will miss your tax dollars, but I wouldn’t want to raise children in the LA area either. Good luck to you and your physician lovely bride.
In related news.....

‘Come Back So We Can Tax You,’ New York City Begs Departed Residents’

“New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer warned the Big Apple’s wealthy residents Tuesday they are likely to face higher taxes to cover this year’s $4.2 billion deficit resulting from state and local overspending and incompetence driving away their rich tax base”.

Well, that puts almost every Dem run large city in the catastrophe category. High taxes, rampant crime, handcuffing the police to nap bad guys, and idiots running the show. A deadly combination for Quality of Life issues.

‘George Floyd Riot Damage Could Cost Insurance Companies Upwards Of $2 Billion’

A new report out Wednesday shows this year’s eruption of woke rioting to be the most expensive outbreak of civil unrest in U.S. history, costing insurance companies an estimated $2 billion to cover protestor wreckage in the days following George Floyd’s death.

The sky high price tag comes from an assessment by Property Claims Services (PCS) published in Axios which has tracked claims related to social disorder since 1950. The company classifies any violent outbreak sparking more than $25 million in claims a “catastrophe.”

Todd Juvinall

It is clearly apparent Paul Emery supports the communists of BLM and ANTIFA. Therefore he hates America and its Constitution and he wants the tyrants to take over. If they do they usually stand up people like Emery against the wall first. Everything Emery writes proves he hates this country.

So Paul Emery, yes or no, are you voting for and supporting the Harris/Biden ticket? Or is it Biden and Harris?

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt sez:
“Emery says "I love this country" I call BS!!”

Oh Punchy loves this country, just not America. Remember you are talking about a guy who is still outraged that the Romans conquered Scotland and brought the aqueduct to the savages. Introduced them to hygiene. Now, that is holding a grudge, for sure. And the Colonial British landlords screwed over the Irish, aka, the little people.

Now, Punch, reach into your recycle bin and take a shot before the buzzer sounds. Missed! Did enjoy Punchy recycling the Trump quote about absolute power or something....and way out of context. Anyway, looks like today is a The Federalist day. Not as exciting as a Raw Story Day.
Sound familiar?

‘In Atlantic Profile, Alex Vindman Claims To Love The Constitution He Keeps Trying To Destroy’

At its most basic, Alex Vindman thinks that bureaucrats have the right to substitute their judgment for that of the American people. None of us chose Vindman or his colleagues.

“Vindman wants to argue that foreign policy should be charted by “experts” within the bureaucracy, like himself, who study and determine the best course for America and the world. That flawed philosophy was on full display in Vindman and other civil servants’ testimonies during the impeachment hearings. When Vindman wrote that Trump’s call had undermined U.S. foreign policy, he meant Trump had undermined the preferred policy of unelected bureaucrats.

In contrast to his role in domestic matters, the president has “plenary and exclusive power . . . as the sole organ of the federal government in the field of international relations.” The Supreme Court examined the president’s supremacy in foreign affairs in United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corporation.

In that opinion, the court drew on constitutional principles and historic documents to reaffirm and emphasize that “[i]n this vast external realm, with its important, complicated, delicate and manifold problems, the President alone has the power to speak or listen as a representative of the nation.” In short, the president’s foreign policy stance is the official foreign policy stance of the United States.

Vindman’s opinion, as expressed in The Atlantic, that there are “guardrails” that define what is “acceptable” U.S. policy, is in direct contradiction to the president’s constitutional authority. Trump is empowered by virtue of his election to lead this nation as its chief executive, to alter and set foreign policy at will.”


Let’s do the Time Warp Again. Back to the future.

Don Bessee

What the social workers didn't work i am shocked (shocked face). How stupid are these socialist dems -

Minneapolis City Council alarmed by surge in crime months after voting to defund the police

Minneapolis Police Department’s crime data shows a rise in assaults, robberies and homicides



Show-Me Kid

Of course Emery loves this country, you all should know that. That's why he served six years in the USAF Reserve until the draft was over. One weekend and a few weeks in the summer, just like the Boy Scouts. Nice dodge, Emery.

George Rebane

PaulE - can you take a cut at bringing together the Dem 2020 platform with an America that anyone (including all today's enthusiastic lefties) would wish to live in? Those whose schooling has not been intellectually stunted would be in dire straits if they attempted to connect those dots. This truth, of course, explains why everyone from the national Dems to our local lefties don't want to touch that bag of shit of a platform with a ten-foot pole. Best to just keep bashing Trump and maintaining their TDS.

Bill Tozer

I am so lovin’ this. Wish I saw it earlier. Best wipe that smirk off my face.

“punchy 111pm

What made that statement of fact "an excuse", Punch?

Posted by: Gregory | 16 September 2020 at 01:21 PM

paul emery
Why else would you say it Gregory? You are Trumps biggest supporter on this blog and support everything he does or says. Show me an exception and I may change my opinion of you.

Posted by: paul emery | 16 September 2020 at 01:24 PM“

Oh my. Besides facts now considered hate speech by our enlightened Betters, facts are not classified as “excuses”.

Yeah, why else would you say it, Gregory? There can be no other plausible explanation for you using facts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Paul Emery. I was feeling a bit glum today' but you made the dark cloud over head go away. Ok, no more bitchin’ that we true taxpayers pay 18% of The News Director’s salary. Pinky promise. It’s worth every penny. Guaranteed to lift anyone out of a depression. I feel rather happy now. My mood has improved.

First glimpse of joy started with ‘What does herd mentality have to do with the Chinese Virus, George.’ Oh, I dunno. Maybe after 60 million Americans were infected with SARS-CoV-1 and Obama stopped bothering to even use contact trackers anymore.....something about herd mentality in relation to the Coronas was discussed, SARS-CoV-1 (aka swine flue or Zika or Mad Cow or Ebola!, or the name of the last big one) does not cause much problems anymore even though it’s still around....due to herd (fill in the blank.). Took what, 3 years to come up with a vax? Maybe Punchy was just an audio cable runner then and not a News Director. Or same thing.

2) What can be said about facts being used as an excuse to lie for and lovin’ on Trump. Covering Trump’s ass with facts. I just don’t have the words. Facts make some sad and are hateful

Don Bessee

Who thought up that line, its going to insult the intelligence of the anti commie crowd in fla. and drive more votes to the prez? -



Don Bessee

You knew this was coming -

The video features multiple incidents suggesting that the former vice president was using a teleprompter during interviews, including a reflection of a teleprompter in a framed photo.

Other incidents in the video show Biden motioning for aides to scroll the teleprompter up or move it closer.

The ad also features video from Fox News host Brett Baier questioning Biden’s National Press Secretary TJ Ducklo about the issue.

Ducklo famously was unable to answer the question after Baier pressed him for a “yes or no” answer.




I bet Emery is going to vote for Harris as she and Joementia stump on promising to do everything Trump has already done.
"Vote for us! We will tax the shit out of you again"
How's that for a campaign slogan Emery? A real vote getter... Right?

Scott O

Look folks - Paul Emery got totally smoked by the Dems in 2008 and hornswoggled into voting for a total fraud. He loves to defend himself by saying he wasn't fooled again. Yeah - only fooled once.
Only half stupid.
Now he's sworn he'll vote for the Dem candidate no matter who or what.
It doesn't matter if they lie or cheat or fornicate more often than Trump. By golly, Paul has spoken and he's a man of his word.
He's so stupid, he vowed to vote for something of which he knows not.
So he'll keep it that way. He doesn't want to know anything about Harris or Biden.
Paul claims Trump isn't smart, but he also knows Trump would make mincemeat out of Biden in a one-on-one for 4 hrs.
So it's pointless to try to get Paul to defend the Dems or their platform or Biden or Harris.
All he can do now is pray Biden wins and is escorted out of the oval office as quickly as possible.


Scott. At least Emery can still smoke his legal weed in california.
And he pissed away his vote in Johnson to do so.

Scott O

Little brown girls don't matter so much -
Just remember who supports their presence in our country. Because it's part of the diversity and vibrance we need.
You won't see Harris rushing to her side to comfort her.
Harris is too busy looking for drug using rapists to comfort.
And Paul supports this.
And Paul - thanks for agreeing with me in advance.

paul emery

Show me

Six years in the reserves is a total term. Are you trying again to insult the million of Americans that have served in the Reserves? By the way why don't you use your real name and share with us your military service/

Don Bessee

I need to get me one -

“It’s a shame I have to do this,” said Oliveria. “I believe in the president. Obviously, people didn’t like it.”

Oliveria, a 20-year veteran of the Navy and member of the New Bedford School Committee, said he had enough and it was time to take charge of things after he filed two police reports about the sign thefts.

Oliveria told WJAR that a separate sign, which read, “Voice Your Vote. Vote New Bedford” was never removed.

Since he installed the 3-1/2 foot fence, the 54-year-old disabled veteran said his sign has remained untouched.

Oliveria was a lifelong Democrat who recently changed his party affiliation to Republican, and said he would never go around stealing signs for the opposing candidate.

“That’s what our country is about. Different opinions and voicing them in a fair and equitable manner. Taking a sign is not fair and equitable,” said Oliveira. “You have to be able to respect each other or we won’t be able to accomplish anything if we don’t. Don’t mess with my right to free speech.”



Bill Tozer

In case you missed it or already posted.....

REPORT: BLM Co-Founder Partnering Up With Pro-Communist Chinese Group



Wow Emery, you sure have Bush hell for the same time of service. Just etf makes you special all of a sudden?
And a porter for officers.(bag schlepper) right here in the states.

Show-Me Kid

C'mon man...Emery. you know as well as I that you used the reserves as a means to dodge the draft. And as the crack newsman at KVMR, you ask the most inane questions in candidate forums. You asked the GV council candidates about the potential of the opening of the mine. Even though the issue is before the Board of Supervisors and GV has no say about it. Get your facts straight, dumbass. What is next, asking the NC council if it's okay to sit in trees while the town burns down???

Bill Tozer

My condolences to Brother Ben of the Emery twins:

‘Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Green Party Ballot Bid, Greenlights Immediate Start To Mail-In Voting’

“Wisconsin is one of the few states where third parties play an outsized role in presidential elections. In 2016, five third party candidates were on the state’s presidential ballot, including Libertarian Gary Johnson and then-Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.

Stein, left-leaning critics argued after Trump won the 2016 presidential election, likely cost then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a win in Wisconsin. Trump beat Clinton by around 23,000 votes; Stein, who more than likely pulled from Clinton, got 31,000 votes for president.

Johnson, who more than likely pulled from Trump, got 106,000 votes.

Go you off-the-res teens, go!

‘Washington Post Gets Conservative Teens Banned From Social Media, Flagged As ‘Troll Farm.’ Teens Hit Back’

“It’s sick that The Washington Post and Twitter are working together to take away my right to free speech.”


Now we have to go to the Washington Compost and play, “Mother May I?”

The new liberals are soooo illiberal. In fact, they are not even in the same universe as true liberals. Gone with the Wind.

Show-Me Kid

And no Emery, I am not insulting those who are serving in the reserves. Serving in the reserves now and serving in 1968-1974 are two different animals. In your era, the reserves were used as a means of not going to active duty. Now, if you are in the reserves. there is a real possibility of going active duty.

Scott O

Well, well, well - that poster child of success in fighting CV19 is now begging for money.
Who'd a thunk?
"Gov. David Ige made the announcement Wednesday, saying reopening the doors to trans-Pacific travelers is critical to getting tourism-dependent businesses reopened and people back to work."
You mean like Sturgis?
They aren't begging for tourists.
Gee - I thought folks flying around in aircraft caused global warming.
Turns out you really can't have it both ways. Enjoy your CV-free paradise, Hawaii! And don't ask us for bail-out money.
Tourism causes global warming and brings CV19 to the Islands.
So - no more tourism.
Oh - wait.
Obama is building a new mansion there on the coast. You know. The coast where the sea will rise and flood all the homes.
I just love to hear the left talk. They betray their own so-called principles every time they open their mouths.

Bill Tozer

Feel good story of the day.

Trump Defends CNBC’s Cramer from Woke Twitter Mob, Says ‘No Pandering’

“President Dontald Trump, in a hilarious troll of the Twitter mob, defended Cramer: “Jim, you didn’t make a mistake. It’s true, and that’s why you said it. No pandering!””....

The leftist Daily Kos tweeted out a ridiculous hit piece with the caption: “Calls for CNBC host's resignation after he used a misogynistic slur live on-air to Nancy Pelosi.”

“Loony actress Bette Midler seethed at Cramer and wanted Pelosi to punch him out: “Jim Cramer called #NancyPelosi ‘Crazy Nancy’ to her face on his show, then said he was just imitating Trump. Nancy should punch him in the teeth and say she was just imitating Rand Paul’s neighbor.”

Stay classy, Bette.

Disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill screeched: “When he condescendingly says ‘you know what I mean’ after insulting her - he’s every dude who says something horrible and sexist and then goes ‘you know I was just joking.’” Hill is probably not the best person to raise moral issues”


Nevada City Truth Teller

hey Gregory, this is a simple question for you since you decided to disrespect our friend Ben Emery.

We really want to know who changed your dying wife's bedpan way back in those dying days, ha asshole? Was it a nurse or did you do it yourself? It seems a fitting job for a person like you who's only accomplishment best anyone can tell is being a pretend airman and crashing his own plane without proper training. Good job you phony scientific dickhead.

Scott O

BT 9:40 - "Hill is probably not the best person to raise moral issues”
What morals are you referring to, Bill?
Paul Emery's morals?
At least 2 gals can't get each other preggers.
That morals deal is a slippery thing.
There's evil Trump morals and there's St Paul, The Pious and his morals. St Paul is very pious - he's never sinned.
Nor has any of the pols he's voted for. Ever.
They never lie and they never get 'handsy' - unless they do but it doesn't count because they're not Trump.
It's complicated. Paul can give us the straight dope.

Don Bessee

Thank you for your service show me.

You are correct that it is a very different world that 0 and creepy grampa joe left us.

I saw that those mutha mullahs were bitching to their parliament today that they went from 120 bil in oil revenue to 20 bil in oil revenue after they got Trumped.

Way out of proportion to the per barrel fluctuations.

Look at it this way, our prez over the years has blunted the creepy grampa joe teams appeasement and those mutha mullahs were acting like drunken sailors on shore leave from 0's largess. No longer sustainable you jihadi bitches!!

God bless all our brave sworn in people of every service!

You are out there in the real world and we have your back!


Don Bessee

Reality check -

"Name one successful organization or institution where the lowest level employees' decisions are deemed sacrosanct -- there aren't. There aren't any letting the most junior members set the agenda," Barr said. "Letting the most junior members set the agenda might be a good philosophy for a Montessori preschool, but it's no way to run a federal agency."



Bill Tozer

Buck on a roll. Like here, the nervous nellies are coming out of the woodwork and acting like pycho bitches from hell.


In related Crazy Nancy news, LA opened up the hair salons so the women folk could finally get their hair done after all these months. Quite the rush for business. The mayor of LA had no choice but to open up the beauty parlors after the outcry over the stunt The Crazy Botox Queen pulled to get her hair "blown" in the Poop City by the Bay, lol. Thank you Queen Nanny.


Nevada city bullshitter 958pm

Your friend Master Ben got my vote by lying,
That he was in Nursing school earning top grades... so I gave him a pass on education, in that he had nothing besides a high school diploma. But he wasn't in nursing school yet, on a waitlist. A long wait, apparently.

A minimum for my vote for a House seat is a bachelor's degree in a serious subject... nursing counts, ag education does not.

I've been a certificated pilot since 1974, instrument rated since the early oughts. The crunch of my PA-28 on takeoff on a hot day was found to be a mechanical failure by the FAA and NTSB, not pilot error, and I'm a named inventor on patents from my work at US Robotics and Cisco Systems. You?

Hmmm... more braggadocio might be called for... I was first trumpet in the Pomona College symphony as a freshman at Harvey Mudd College majoring in physics, and had a ball playing 1st trumpet for Werner Klemperer's debut as a conductor the same year in a local community symphony.

I picked up an MSEE along the way after starting my career on the technical staff of Hughes Aircraft. So, no phony scientific dickhead here... I'm the real deal scientific dickhead.


showmekid, old school reserves were popular as a way to avoid going to 'Nam? And bone spurs?


More lies and exaggerations by Trump on vaccine progress and mask wearing. Trump really needs an alternate reality to be believed by his poorly educated base by Nov. 3.


random twitter events.

retweeted by Eric Weinstein:

"Incidentally, I don't mean to imply that the Right does not have its own strain of anti-science BS. But no honest person could ever deny the fascist, grotesque, anti-science quackery that is being promulgated by the Left. Be honest."


.......Avigdor Loeb@AvigdorLoeb Sep 15 Replying to @GadSaad

Even the very #VoteForScience hashtag has a quasi-religious bent. Ever been asked “do you believe in Science?” Pretty creepy.

.......Drunk Frank@_DrunkFrank Sep 15

That's because that's exactly what it is...

Any good ruling body needs to have been given its power through higher channels than man himself...

Now that religion is out, they'll use 'science' to excuse away any abuse of power.

"It's not that we WANT to, science compels us."

The Estonian Fox

Banning art because it isn't 'realistic'.

Artwork has been exhibited since 1899. Now covered up because someone complained.

Oh great- for the next month now we will have to put up with the Hollywood elites telling us that these have to go too:
-Chris Ofili's Virgin Mary painting using elephant dung;
-Piss Christ, a crucifix in a container of urine, by Andres Serrano;
-Any of Picasso's later works.


Our long national nightmare is over...

"Columbia University Marching Band dissolves, confessing to being founded on racism and sexual harassment"

...not really. Leftist politics continues apace as a kind of a mass auto-immune disease.

George Rebane

Re D 650am - We note the usual liberal tack of baseless charges with no citations or substantiation. As witnessed over the years at all levels of leftwing apologetics - their allegations serve as fully functional proxies for evidence, nothing more is needed to indict.


oh well, so much for that theory.

"COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor's office show disturbing revelation"

My usual take-away.

. No one really knows what they are doing with this stuff.
. COVID makes a handy-dandy political tool.
. It's probably Trump's fault

Bill Tozer

“The Columbia University Marching Band will not continue to exist in any capacity and will no longer serve as a Columbia spirit group,"

No spirit group allowed. No fun? The marching band? No more big smiles, high spirits, feeling elated.....just sulking in a corner self abasing oneself for deeds not committed but guilty of?

If there is any proof needed that the Biden voters are a glum lot, this is it. The party of Debbie Downers. The party of darkness, No happy thoughts allowed until life time penance is made.

I am not a Catholic, but it is apparent that being a Lefty today means living in eternal Purgatory. Biden voters, as evidenced here, are the most unhappy group I have ever seen. And I have see a lot.

Bill Tozer

More tales from the Dark Side.

‘Leaked 2016 Call Reveals Joe Biden Risked National Security To Sabotage Trump’
Joe Biden exercised incredibly poor judgement, placing a highly classified counterintelligence operation at risk, and undermined the incoming administration.

“A recently leaked phone call between then-Vice President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko directly after the 2016 presidential election shows that Biden sought to sabotage the incoming Trump administration before Donald Trump even took office, and much worse.

During the course of the call, Biden badmouthed the incoming administration, saying, “The truth of the matter is that the incoming administration doesn’t know a great deal about [Ukraine]” and that they were unprepared for the transition. This in itself is inappropriate, but it was meant to set the stage for Biden’s next statement and future plans.

Biden then told Poroshenko, “I don’t plan on going away. As a private citizen, I plan on staying deeply engaged in the endeavor that you have begun and we have begun.” In a matter of moments, Biden undermined the incoming administration, branded them as not knowing anything about Ukraine, and attempted to set up a foreign policy backchannel for himself after he left office as a private citizen, which could violate the Logan Act.

The Logan Act bars private citizens from engaging in U.S. foreign policy, although its constitutionality remains questionable and no person has ever been convicted of violating it since it was signed into law in 1799. Ironically, this is the same act that, at Joe Biden’s suggestion, the FBI accused National Security Advisor Michael Flynn of violating as a result of a discussion Flynn had with the Russian ambassador to the United States around nearly the same time as Biden’s call with Poroshenko.“


Who cares? I do.

George Rebane

BillT 910am - of similar scumbag plumage is former SecState Kerry whose compromising 'diplomatic forays' as a private citizen are now a matter of record.


re: GeorgeR@9:32AM September 17, Year Zero

"of similar scumbag plumage is former SecState Kerry"

Oh well, not so different from Jimmy Carter or N. Pelosi travelling to Syria during the Bush administration. You can argue that a Lockheed salesman is pushing the edge when he's off getting the Saudis to buy shiny things.

You'll always have prominent people, typically people prominent purely through their ability to convince others rather than outright control or ownership, off doing their thing. It's fun if nothing else. You might as well just get rid of the law.

The Flynn case was simply a tool for toppling a Presidency just beginning, not dissimilar to the planning going on for impeachment *before* the inauguration.

"After no evidence of collusion or a crime by Flynn was found by the end of 2016, Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Yates, and perhaps even Obama retreated to that last refuge of the prosecutorial scoundrel, the Logan Act, under a theory that an unconstitutional crime is still better than no crime at all."

Opposing the nomenklatura is always a tricky matter, JFK learned that the hard way.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes. Walter Williams nails it.

Upright: “[Instituting] a national lockdown, stay-at-home orders, is like house arrest. Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history. … Most of the governors do what bureaucrats always do, which is they … defy common sense. They treat free citizens as babies that can’t take responsibility for themselves and others.” —Attorney General William Barr

Political futures: “Increasingly, the message of the Democrats appears to be ‘Biden or no peace.’ … As an attorney general, I’m not supposed to get into politics. But … I think we are getting into a position where we’re going to find ourselves irrevocably committed to a socialist path. And I think if Trump loses this election, that will be the case.” —William Barr

For the record: “It’s very necessary to vote for President Trump.” —Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno

Observations: “Just last year, Netflix threatened to boycott Georgia if a pro-life law went into effect. Legalized abortion perpetuates the myth that there are ‘no consequences’ to engaging in sex outside of marriage, and it is often used by sexual abusers of children to cover up their crimes. By releasing the film ‘Cuties’ to its viewers, Netflix is now actively participating in the sexual exploitation of minors.” —Tony Perkins

Verbal gymnastics: “‘Cause if you could take care, if you were a quartermaster, you can sure in hell take care runnin’ a, you know, a department store, uh, thing, you know, where, in the second floor of the ladies department or whatever, you know what I mean?” —Joe Biden (Actually, we have no idea what Biden means.)

Braying jackass: “Let me be clear: I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump. And at this moment the American people can’t either.” —Joe Biden

Alpha jackass: “Trump has more in common with Castro than with Churchill.” —Joe Biden

And last… “Today’s leftists, socialists and progressives would bristle at the suggestion that their agenda differs little from those of Nazi, Soviet and Maoist mass murderers. Keep in mind that one does not have to be in favor of death camps or wars of conquest to be a tyrant. The only requirement is that one must believe in the primacy of the state over individual rights.” —Walter Williams

paul emery


I need to remind you that Trumps 'diplomatic forays' have led to Syria now being a permanent Russian outpost, something they have sought for decades.

"Russia has waged a military campaign in Syria that helped shore up Assad’s hold on power and allowed his government to reclaim control over most of the country following a devastating civil war."

paul emery

RE Show-Me Kid | 16 September 2020 at 09:20 PM

Who ever you are the truth is that there were four AF reserve units such as mine on the west coast and two were activated during the Viet Nam War. You are completely wrong that the Reserves were a way to avoid military service. Also not a word from you on Trumps rich kid deferment from the Draft for a minor sports injury.

Als there is no way the latest Idaho Mine project will ever be built without Grass Valley's approval and support. Such environmental details as roads, air quality water quality on the City of Grass Valley for a start. Everyone knows that. Of course you won't use your real name because it would be embarrassing to be associated with such stupid comments.

How about using your real name? Why are you afraid to do that?. One more thing please let us know about your military service.

Thanks in advance.


Speaking in a geopolitical vein, Paul sez: "I need to remind you that Trumps 'diplomatic forays' have led to Syria now being a permanent Russian outpost, something they have sought for decades."

lol. Just what was the relationship between Russia and Syria you might ask, but don't. I'll just use wikipedia since it's easy.


I mean, sometimes I'm just gobsmacked by the stuff that gets written here.

Don Bessee

Get woke go broke -




Emery. How long was the qualification course for shining officers shoes?
You had to know someone to get a gig like that.

Paul Emery


You are insulting the millions of Americans that are or have served in the Reserves. You should be ashamed of yourself How about Trump dodging the draft because of a minor sports injury? What is your opinion of that?

Paul Emery


Did you actually read the link you provided? If you did you would have read this which I assume you support since it was done under the Trump administration without a protest :

On 18 January 2017, Russia and Syria signed an agreement, effective forthwith, whereunder Russia would be allowed to expand and use the naval facility at Tartus for 49 years on a free-of-charge basis and enjoy sovereign jurisdiction over the base.[23][24][25] The treaty allows Russia to keep 11 warships at Tartus, including nuclear vessels;[26] it stipulates privileges and full immunity from Syria's jurisdiction for Russia's personnel and materiel at the facility.[27] The treaty was ratified and approved by Russian parliament, and the relevant federal law was signed by president Vladimir Putin by the end of December 2017.[28][29][30]

George Rebane

PaulE 1138am - Were you to look more closely, you'd see that Putin was already ensconced in Syria before Trump took office. And further to that 'strategic foothold', Russia has now inherited a hornet's nest in the Levantine. Given their Afghanistan excursion of the 1980s, their treatment of Chechen Muslims and history with Caucasian regimes, no one trusts the Russian bear, least of all the Turks with whom they've already gotten bloody. Russians have been the neighborhood's bullies since the czarist days. Only liberals like Obama were ignorant enough to try and placate the Syrians cum Russians. Given his re-election,Trump will triumph diplomatically in the Mideast, a process now well under way. In time Syria will come to heel without US troops, Israel will be glad to help. The Harris/Biden team will restore SNAFU in the region.

But don't feel bad Paul, the school of foreign policy to which you subscribe has had a dismal history from which you have been shielded. You have an excuse.

Don Bessee

They are what they are -



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