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01 September 2020


Don Bessee

Well that makes sound likely we will have one, id wonder if the states will resist the order to expedite vaccine centers? -

Kamala Harris a COVID-19 vaccine before election: 'I would not trust Donald Trump'
Medical professionals worry about the politics behind the vaccine, but Fauci says he’s not concerned



Bill Tozer

BTW, anybody notice that one day out of blue and for no particular reason, the news suddenly stopped dead in tracks gabbing and quacking about the caravans approaching from south of the border. Like, poof. Vanished.

Wonder if Trump had anything to do with that or the empowerment. zones going on to help distressed businesses with special government loans and programs. Mostly helping black businesses and neighborhoods. Showing results. Did you hear about that? I did not think so.

Controlled immigration helps the black community the most. So does empowerment zones to start/get some economic activity and jobs happening. Worth a shot. Comes with mentors from the private sector which was easy to get them on board.

The ones hurt the most by defunding or reducing LE’s present in crime ridden areas are the good poor black folks.
Recent poll said 80% of the American people support the police. It also said 80% of the blacks also support the police.

Like Scenes last night and Scott O tonight, I, too, ponder if the Dems have early considered the consequences of hitching their wagon to the extreme leftist agenda. The Blame America (Y-T America) First crowd. Have they thought it through? Really thought it out? What is the vision of life after socialized medicine and solar panels? Life after everything is nullified? What’s that like?

I cut them some slack because I know TDS is their burden to carry because hate blinds a man and contempt prior to investigation keeps a man in everlasting ignorance. As for their puppet master leaders, well those folks are evil and go evil intentionally.


and the beat goes on.

"It’s like a war zone in the residential area of SE Portland where antifa are rioting tonight. #PortlandRiots"

"#Antifa rioters throw a Molotov cocktail in direction of police in SE Portland. It lands next to people, setting one on fire. "

as per usual, the real story is the takeover of Portland city government, not it's streets.

"Video of antifa rioters in Manhattan yesterday smashing up property and businesses. The riot was co-organized by antifa group


WOW......looks like the bow tie wearing, lose with dignity patricians of the Old Party have been banished......maybe forever.



paul emery

How about this Trump campaign contributors! Look where you're money is going. He is indeed a Thief in Chief.

"President Donald Trump has commandeered an astonishing $58.4 million in campaign donations for legal and compliance fees, The New York Times reported Saturday.

The president has treated campaign coffers like his own “piggy bank,” sending millions to law firms for whatever battle he wants to fight, including some protecting his own interests, according to the Times.

The legal fees are in addition to the contributions that Trump is funneling into his own pockets by charging his campaign and the Republican National Committee for lodging, event space and catering. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort hoovered up some $400,000 in just two days for a campaign event earlier this year. As of last year, his businesses had collected nearly $17 million since he launched his first presidential campaign.

His campaign is also paying Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, $180,000 a year each for work, HuffPost has reported.

As for legal expenses, Trump had lawyers seek $1 million in damages from a former campaign aide who had accused another aide of sexual harassment and discrimination, the Times reported."


Scott O

Poor Paul - "Look where you're (sic) money is going."
Speak for yourself, Paul.
Are you going to request a refund?

George Rebane

PaulE 859am - You continue to ignore all the questions put to you and remain silent about the tsunami of leftwing iniquities. Yet you post myriads of allegations against Trump, launched by TDS-drenched publications like Huffpost, NYT, WaPo, et al. Of course for you and yours, a leftwing allegation serves as evidence. Were any of these campaign funds expenditures illegal, we would immediately witness the Left to point out chapter and verse in the federal election code where violations occurred, followed by countless investigations and leftwing prosecutor indictments.

paul emery

What are you talking about Scott? It's Trump that is pilfering his campaign coffers that you and the other RR's have contributed to.

paul emery


It was you who supported the "Lock her up" chants of the Trump campaign without any indictments let alone trials.

The reality is that Trump is up for reelection. He's being subject to a job review by voters as to whether we should "hire" him for another four years so everything he has or hasn't done is up for review. That's the way it should be.

Don Bessee

No confidence in creepy grampa joe -




And Paul begins the week by proving that the innumerate morons are everywhere. Do you realize, Paul that the $400k "hoovered" by Mar-a-Lago is a disgraceful .04% of the amount HRC is alleged to have wasted losing in 2016? And $17M is basically pocket change to Trump's billion or so? And don't you imagine Kimberly Guilfoyle probably made a lot more than $180k/yr working for Fox news? Sorry to piss on your parade, big guy...

George Rebane

PaulE 1102am - There's another allegation you made up - show me where I wanted Hillary incarcerated without a trial. And the rest of your comment is pabulum that abandons the thread you started at 859am and I called you on in my 939am. You make a continuing dialogue impossible by bringing up assertions you cannot defend and then skittering to another topic when you're called on it.


Posted by: paul emery | 06 September 2020 at 11:02 AM


It was you who supported the "Lock her up" chants of the Trump campaign without any indictments let alone trials......

Pearl Clutch Skill Level: Grand Master

paul emery


If Trump is so rich how come he charged all his personal legal expenses to his campaign therefore from the pockets of his supporters. Also that he personally profited. Here is the chain of cash flow. Donors support his campaign with cash- his campaign is charged for lodging, event space and catering at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort for $400,000-Trump personal business gets reimbursed for those "expenses".
By the way if that is challenged in court guess who pays the legal fees? Oh yeah, Trumps supporters.

Sleazy for sure.


The world Biden wants to bless us with.


GeorgeR: "PaulE 859am - You continue to ignore all the questions put to you and remain silent about the tsunami of leftwing iniquities."

I really had to think about that for a second. After his non-answer about how we might be convinced that Biden will protect us from AntifaBLM and Critical Race Theory more than Trump (response: it's just a Red Scare, the throw-away term used by the Left to dismiss something), I'm guessing that he thinks that.

. There is no leftwing sin, or at least that Republicans are immeasurably worse.
. There is no takeover of MSM by the Left.
. There is no takeover of schools by the left, and the extreme left at that.
. There is no leftwing violence going on.
. Even if this is all happening, it's not dangerous.

I'm gobsmacked, but frankly, you can't argue with that. There's no use trying. It's the kind of limited worldview you get from living and working within a 1 mile radius and scanning a few MSM websites for all your news.

Show-Me Kid

So sorry I took so long to reply, but I have a life and have better things to do than sit in front of my computer all day, constantly sending out untruths or taking facts and comments out of context, unlike the crack KVMR/NPR news team.

BTW Emery, did you happen to notice I said 20th Century wars and presidents? Did any of the incidents you mentioned occur in the 20th century?

And the USAF reserves in 1968-1974? That was where all the guys who either flunked out of high school signed on to or guys went there to dodge the draft and stay out of Vietnam. I notice that you left about a year after then ended the draft. Nice dodge. Yes, I was active duty, overseas, not a guy who went on weekend campouts once a month like a Boy Scout.

Comparing reserve duty in that time and veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam is not comparable.

Don Bessee

Well that sums it up nicely -



Scott O

Paul 9:40 - "What are you talking about Scott?"
Went right over his head.
I'll try again.
If you're upset about what Trump is doing with the money you sent him, Paul - then ask for a refund.

paul emery

Never sent him a dime Scott. What gave you that idea?

paul emery


I served my full 6 year term in the reserves.
What is your opinion of Trump who avoided the draft with a bone spur? None of Trumps sons, brothers, sisters or any family members served in the military.


You must be disgusted with Trump calling those who served in the military and Americans who died in battle "losers" and "suckers"



Posted by: Scott O | 06 September 2020 at 12:18 PM

Never sent him a dime Scott. What gave you that idea?

Being upset on behalf of others is a big part of Punchy’s moral superiority Scott.

Don Bessee

#sad @107



Paul Emery: "Never sent him a dime Scott. What gave you that idea?"

Oh well, someday you'll pay all of your income taxes in an honest fashion.

I guess we can add one new angle to the subtlety of Paul's politics at this point (from 1:05).


. Trump was mean to John McCain
. Trump isn't all-in with global warming (although it's mostly a Chinese issue at this point).
. Trump had draft deferment. (unlike, say, Clinton).

Well now, that shows some deep geopolitical thinking on the matter. Maybe you could write up a guest editorial for George. I'd be happy to proofread it.

Bill Tozer

Bingo @ 1:07 pm

paul emery


Do you believe Trump has paid all his "income taxes in an honest fashion"?

By the way, what do you know about my income taxes? How about we get together and I'll show you mine and you can show me yours. Let me know time and place and I'll be there.

Bill Tozer

Pretty much sums up the current climate of The Enemy of the People.

‘Journalism’s New Propaganda Tool: Using “Confirmed” to Mean Its Opposite’
Outlets claiming to have “confirmed” Jeffrey Goldberg’s story about Trump’s troops comments are again abusing that vital term.


3 anonymous sources close to the White House or DoD or the State Department have for years meant 3 journalists in a bar which is situated close to the White House, Pentagon, or Foggy Bottom. Gotta get the story out before the deadline.

paul emery


this is what Trump said about McCain:

"He was a war hero because he was captured," Trump said at the 2015 Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa.

"I like people who weren't captured," the current Republican front-runner told political consultant Frank Luntz, who hosted the event.

"He lost and let us down," Trump said. "I've never liked him as much after that."

"I don't like losers," the real-estate mogul, who has gone through corporate bankruptcy four times, added.


Bill Tozer

‘Anatomy of A(nother) Fake Scandal’

“The Atlantic does it Again”.



Paul Emery sez: "By the way, what do you know about my income taxes? "

That the likelihood of a bar musician reporting all of their income, unless the bar 1099s you somehow and there are no tips, is essentially nil.

lol. Come on dude, it's OK. I think most people would do the same thing.

Trump's taxes. Seeing as how he's probably audited every year, they're probably above board. Real estate developers have crazy financial worlds which regular people can't appreciate.

I wonder sometimes how much a small company could save if the government wasn't involved. Run the thing out of a cigar box. While people who actually do useful things for a living can be pretty sparse, it hurts to think of the overhead they incur when you pile on the taxes, laws, and regulations. I wouldn't be surprised if 100% (or more) of the increase in GDP over time can't be explained by simply looking at the friction of government and lawyers. By itself, that might explain why people are so poor.


BillT: “The Atlantic does it Again”.

I was thinking about how this stuff is metered out as the campaign progresses.

Obviously, there's a list somewhere of Trump gotchas and 'unidentified sources' all queued up and ready to go...but it's on some sort of schedule based on publication dates and desired effect.

At the end of the alimentary tract, the KVMR news crew is ready to push it out to the hoi polloi. It's a kind of timed peristalsis of propaganda. Our local Biden supporter actually thinks he's not being used.

Heck, as a Trump backer, all I have to do is put up links to live videos of the country burning. You don't have to plan anything in advance but it has the nice side effect of being true. A win-win situation.

Bill Tozer

I remember well Trump saying that about McCain before the primaries. McCain was a rather sub-par opponent (IMHO) and did a COMPLETE 180 on protecting AZ from the wave of people sneaking into our country like the lawless pieces they are. Thieves in the night. McCain was drawing 21% in AZ and would not have been re-elected. No way. And Fluke was in the mid-teens in AZ.

McCain was a hero, not in combat but as a POW. In the Hanoi Hilton, the guards literally broke his back. Big ouch. When he could have been released because of his daddy (who saved his bacon like he did with that aircraft carrier debacle which should have made John never pilot a plane again in any capacity for the USA.). John McCain refused to be released solo and elected to not walk out without his buddies. That’s one nobody can never take that away from McCain of the Keating Five scandal. He came through in the clutch at the Hanoi Hilton.

Something happened to McCain later in life. The bran tumor got to his mind. He did not even show up for work in Washington for 5-6 months and refused to relinquish his seat.

War hero or not, McCain was not my favorite person during his brain tumor days. Now Punch, trying to tie Private Citizen Trump words in 2015 with the Atlantic’s unverified and now largely discredited fake story in 2020 is apples and bananas. Every witness, even non-Trump supporters, say he never said it (the Atlantic story).

Ah, what do you expect from the newsman who rabbles on and on about 17 intel agencies agreeing and doing the “I believe her” hoax that Judge Kavanaugh ran a serial gang rape ring in high school.

The only thing that Kamala Harris has said that I find true is Kamala said she “believes Biden’s accusers.” Finger licking good.

Don Bessee

Should have stayed in moms basement -



Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 2:02 pm. The last paragraph is for you.


“Should we believe the story, reported by the Atlantic’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg, that President Trump made disparaging comments about American soldiers who died in Normandy? I don’t. Trump has a very nasty side, but I doubt he made the nasty comments Goldberg’s attributes to him.

For one thing, it’s not Trump’s practice to disparage people who haven’t disparaged him. Sure, he expressed a lack of respect for John McCain’s war heroism. But that was because McCain was a political enemy. Trump has no beef with soldiers who died in Normandy many decades ago.

Moreover, John Bolton, who was present when Trump supposedly made his disparaging comments, says it didn’t happen. Bolton is not friend of the president. In fact, his memoir of his time at the White House paints a disparaging picture of Trump, and includes reports of statements that cast the president in a very negative light. The fact that Bolton has gone on the record defending Trump in this instance is telling.”.....

“Like Goldberg’s hit piece, CNN’s bogus report was “confirmed” — in that case by MSNBC and CBS News. In both instances, anonymous sources whispered something to a media outlet hostile to Trump and the same anonymous sources, or their friends, whispered it to other outlets.

One of our readers, a distinguished conservative journalist, finds another, even more apt, parallel to Goldberg’s hit piece — Dan Rather’s “fake but accurate” claim that President George W. Bush shirked his National Guard duty during the Vietnam War.

Rather’s story appeared at almost the exact same point in the campaign cycle as Goldberg’s — shortly after the Republican incumbent had an unexpectedly successful convention that produced a bounce. Both stories involve allege disparagement by the........”


Bill Tozer

Donald Trump: The Second Most Arrogant President Since 2008

George Rebane

BillT 239pm - Well said Mr Tozer.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. Not as good as Walter E. Williams or MLK could say it. :)

‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Nonsense’ by Walter E. Williams



Scott O

Paul -"Never sent him a dime Scott. What gave you that idea?"
I'll give you a few more days to think about why I had that idea.

BTW, Paul - what gave you the idea I sent him any money?
Is this another in a continuing series of things that you make up?

paul emery

You are such a solid Trumper Scott, never had a negative thing to say about him I just assumed you were going to put your money where your mouth is. Correct me if I'm wrong

Scott O

Paul 4:44 - "You are such a solid Trumper Scott, never had a negative thing to say about him"

Ah - more of Paul's bullshit.
And another of his 'assumptions' that have no basis in reality.

Don Bessee

You could say it went up in smoke -




Ooooh......you've an ally Punch.....someone who likes you (shudder) and is actively working to protect your delicate sensibilities!

Don Bessee

First they denied it and now they brag about it -



Bill Tozer

“You are such a solid Trumper Scott, never had a negative thing to say about him I just assumed you were going to put your money where your mouth is. Correct me if I'm wrong”

If I’m wrong? No, he didn’t say IF he was wrong, did he??!!? I assume, there I AM wrong.

As they used to say, “No shit, Dick Tracy.” Or “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

Bill Tozer

Don @ 2:24 pm.

That comrade best hot foot it back to Mommy’s basement. Hop to. Best for him to stay away when there is a riot going on. Time for piling on.

‘Riot declared on 100th day of Portland violence, police attacked with Molotov cocktails’

Officers help put out man whose feet caught fire

"Portland Police note that persons on Southeast Stark are engaging in tumultuous and violent conduct thereby intentionally or recklessly creating a grave risk of causing public alarm This is a riot," the Portland Police Department tweeted shortly after midnight EDT. "Police are giving announcements to disperse People are throwing Molotov cocktails."

A few hours later, the police reported other violent behavior. "People in this crowd have repeatedly thrown rocks at vehicles and police throughout the night," the department tweeted.

The Oregonian reported the violence got so bad Saturday night and into Sunday morning that police used tear gas for the first time this month.

Here are some of the tweets from police:


You are such a solid Bidenette Paul, never had a negative thing to say about riots I just assumed you were going to put your money where your mouth is. Correct me if I'm wrong”

Silence is violence.

Bill Tozer

Trigger Warning.

‘When Wish Replaces Thought ‘

Here is the indigestible truth for the Democrats. Donald Trump has had the most successful first term of any president in memory, maybe ever.

By Roger Kimball • September 5, 2020


Bill Tozer

Ok, one mo’ for the road. A few minutes on polls and Barb from Minnesota. We get by with a little help from our friends on the dark side of the street. Thanks Dems, don’t ever change.



There's a lot to like in this picture.

"Photographer @FordFischer captured this photo of the BLM-antifa armed protest in Louisville, Ky. yesterday. Notice the insignia on the heavyset woman carrying the rifle."


best response: Exercise is fascism.

Show-Me Kid

Great Emery, you spent six years going camping one weekend a month and then summer camp in the summer like the Boy Scouts? Did you earn merit badges too? And then you got out of the Reserves after the threat of being drafted was over by 1974. There is only one major league and a lot of players spend their careers in the minors. You never even got to Triple A. Besides that, what was your duty assignment in the USAF Reserve? Playing in the marching band?

The closest you ever came to a real fight was probably fighting the Battle of the WestPac Widows. Some of you will know what I mean by that.

Paul Emery

Bad news on the way for Trump and the Repubs

‘This is only the beginning’: Atlantic editor tells Trump more is to come over his soldier insults

"Atlantic editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg warned that more could be coming in the story about President Donald Trump’s attacks on American soldiers. Trump was exposed for calling those who died in battle “losers” and “suckers.

“I would fully expect more reporting to come out about this and more confirmation and new pieces of information in the coming days and weeks,” Goldberg told CNN Sunday. “We have a responsibility and we’re going to do it regardless of what he says.”

Trump’s campaign has attacked The Atlantic story, saying that it cites anonymous sources and as a result, it can’t possibly be real. The problem, however, is that Fox News, the Associated Press, the New York Times and CNN have all confirmed the sources are real."



James Howard Kunstler speaks:

"I have news for you: the colleges and universities are going down hard and hardly just because Covid-19 has interrupted their business plan. Rather, because of the stupendous and gross dishonesty that higher ed has fallen into. The racketeering around college loans was bad enough but the intellectual racketeering around fake fields of study, thought-crime persecutions, and an epic sexual hysteria has disgraced the very mission of higher ed, turned it into something no better than a sick cult, and infected the rest of the culture by seeding many institutions and business enterprises with cultist graduates bent on subjecting the whole of American society to a never-ending Maoist struggle session."


paul emery

show me kid

there are over 400,000 current reservists serving their country at this time. You have insulted all of them with your childish ignorant post. Shame on you.

No wonder you don't use your real name. You are a coward .


Bill Tozer

@ 9;16 pm
Speaking of colleges and universities doing down hard...but not without a fight. Sorry kids, no refunds.

Northeastern University Offers No Refund After Dismissing 11 Students For Having A Party


Hell's Bells, what kind of university bans parties?? Thats what being a freshman, sophmore, and college experience is ALL about. Weekends start Thursday night, back in class Tuesday.

Bill Tozer

“Bad news on the way for Trump and the Repubs”. Oh goodie, I can’t wait. Are we there yet, are we there yet?
Well, I hope the story is as riveting as the bad news about Trump hiring Russian harlots to urinate on the Moscow hotel bed that the Obamas sleep on. Brilliant idea. Yellow shower. Urine is sterile and Trump is a germaphobe. Why didn’t I think of that. Now it all fits. That Trump is something else, I tell ya. And those ladies of the night....well, the Russian women are knock out gorgeous. Breathtaking. But, they do kinda talk and write funny.
Show Me Kid: I could be wrong, but I don’t think the BSA passes out merit badges for baggage handling. H/T to Brother Walt.

Barry Pruett

The press and Biden are trying to do to Trump the same as Biden did to Bork/Thomas/Kavanaugh. They will lie all day long. Unless somebody puts their name in it, nobody believes any of this shit.


'“Bad news on the way for Trump and the Repubs”. Oh goodie, I can’t wait. Are we there yet, are we there yet?'

One can only hope.

Hey, it's a tough gig being that last hayseed node on the Public Innuendo and Slander System, but somebody has to do it. Harris/Biden 2020 demands it and the once-a-week cycle has to be kept to. Like the Nazis and their trains, this is one thing the Democrats can keep on schedule.

No need for the Republicans to invent stuff this time around. All you need is footage of (D) get-out-the-vote efforts in (D) cities. Fire makes for great video if an imperfect cleanser.

Speaking of which, the Blue State Boogie continues.

"Far-left protesters march to the @PortlandPolice north precinct, start a street fire & begin dancing. They’re playing their new “F— Ted Wheeler” rap song."

At least the power is still on for a bit. I always assumed that California would morph into Latin America given unchecked immigration, but we seem to have managed it on our own. A China virus no one knows what to do with, problematic electricity, overpopulation and poor forest management keeping insufficient fire suppression busy, home insurance slowly but surely going away, Communist Anarchists (a thing I've never wrapped my head around) marching in the streets as part of an election, grumblings from the patriots, drug money running a great deal of the local economy. Welcome to South America.

Scott O

scenes 7:02 - "Communist Anarchists (a thing I've never wrapped my head around)..."
Oh it's simple - think 'green libertarian'.
It's a situational sort of philosophy. When you are dealing with other people you don't like, you're a full-on govt control freak. When you want to do something - you just do whatever you want and trash that same govt.


James Howard Kunstler speaks:

"The abiding mystery of the 2020 election is how come the Democratic Party, wishing so zealously to win back power, took pains to nominate a candidate weaker than the ghost of Millard Fillmore. Resorting to Occam’s Razor, one might have to conclude that Joe Biden was simply the best they had — a surefire case for the party’s necessary extinction.

The Labor Day starting-gun kicks off the high campaign season and Ol’ White Joe wobbles forth from his lair under a rock somewhere to dazzle audiences of six or eight sympathetic journos posed in “social distancing” formation while the party’s Antifa and BLM shock troops soften up voters elsewhere across the land with vote-winning riots, arson, and looting. There’s a recipe for political success!

You have to wonder how the claque of DC deep state players behind this fiasco could come up with a game-plan so stupidly inept… but there it is! Apparently, they’re laying further plans now to bum-rush Ol’ Joe into the White House by main force with a “color revolution” — that is, an orchestrated fake popular revolt as in the Ukraine Maidan regime change operation of 2014. In fact, as Revolver News reports, the same wrecking crew of US State Department officials, intel spooks, contract insurrectionists, and George Soros-sponsored NGO intriguers is behind the US 2020 “Transition Integrity Project” aimed at launching a US post-election coup against Mr. Trump, no matter how the election actually goes."


Referenced article:


paul emery

So Barry you are outright contending that the Atlantic article is a lie and all the sources are lying. Keep in mind that includes Fox News. So far five news services have verified the Atlantic news report. By the way they are now saying:

"Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, said his magazine's story about Trump calling Americans who died in battle "losers" and "suckers," was just the tip of the iceberg.
"I would fully expect more reporting to come out about this and more confirmation and new pieces of information in the coming days and weeks," Goldberg told CNN's Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter on "Reliable Sources" Sunday. "We have a responsibility and we're going to do it regardless of what he says."



Punchy, are the walls closing in on Trump?

I know you've been waiting for that to happen.

Bill Tozer

When you can get Scott Adams to vote for the first time in his life (purely for self defense purposes) something “verified” is landing like a lead ballon. Nobody is listening to another Dem thud.

Scott Adams
Remember how much blowback I got for saying Trump supporters would be "hunted"?

I don't hear much about that lately.
Scott Adams

Time to turn off the government of California and try something else. Maybe let Antifa take a run at it. Can't be worse.



Has anyone read Mary Trump's book? I am curious about Cohen's upcoming book. These two are insiders with many first person details not known to the general public.

Bill Tozer

Favorite new sport



Where do these military service braggarts like the Show Me Kid come from?
It's as if all they have are memories of the 'glory days'. Time to move on Kid.

paul emery

The walls are closing in on Trump Gregory. The clock is ticking and no noticeable improvement on the Electoral count.
By any estimation Trump has to carry all the toss-up states and flip on or two blue states to win. Could happen but no noticeable movement in that direction for the last couple months. tick-tock tick-tock

paul emery

A couple of links for you Gregory



George Rebane

Administrivia - for topical coherence, please continue your relevant comments under 'Labor Day 2020 Laments'. Thanks.


re: Paul Emery@10:39

Gotta love that political prognosticatin'

Paul Emery@4:30PM Sept 15, 2016
"O gregory you missed out. Not to worry, the powers that be sill never let Trump win. It will be the establishment as usual in the end."

Don Bessee

More bad news for the TDS set especially at 922 -



paul emery

Thank you scenes for republishing my post from four years ago. I'm truly flattered.


I thought the Fab Five and even Mr. Frisch might like to see this one. I fully agree with Ms. Senum about these assholes.

This is Steve Frisch. Steve Frisch is the Executive Director of The Sierra Business Council, an astro-turf organization. The SBC has quietly been taking over many Big Money county contracts including the Economic Resource Council, (ERC). Steve Frisch is involved in a sophomoric FB page run by Mike Mooers, aka, Finklestein, called the Beautiful Poetry of Reinette Senum. The same Finklestein that started NCScooper dot com (now BroadstreetBeacon dot com), the cowardly website that has been attacking me since 2014 Yes, that's right, and Executive Director of SBC, who is bleeding this county dry, is harassing a community member... just like Mike Mooers has been doing since 2014. Good job, Steve, nice to see your real colors. And no, I'm not anti-semitic, but I am anti-Zionist.... something you obviously are not.


"Thank you scenes for republishing my post from four years ago. I'm truly flattered."

No doubt there will be more.

Predicting politics with a note of certainty is a dangerous business.

Personally, I just assume dead heats in Presidential races simply due to the nature of marketing to the masses. They've gotten a lot better at it due to the surveillance (and analysis) technology that has been put into place in order to sell soap.

Any chance you're being manipulated by click-bait headlines? targeted ads? friends who are swayed by software that knows more about them than they know about themselves?

No way, huh?

Don Bessee

Piling on the bs atlantic -




"I thought the Fab Five and even Mr. Frisch might like to see this one. I fully agree with Ms. Senum about these assholes."

Wow. I couldn't find that post offhand, but what I ran into is a Facebook group set up exclusively to mock Reinette Senum.

Our Fight Club here is one thing, it's basically just a USENET style continuous argument, but there's a special circle in hell for the people who do things like that. In some ways the internet is more curse than blessing.

Bill Tozer


“You too can have a decrepit grid like this when you pay twice the national average for electricity that doesn’t work when you need it.”


Don Bessee

And the bad news keeps piling up for the TDS set. Get thee to thy fainting couch oh great pony tail of ignorance -

President Trump is regaining his footing in Texas as Joe Biden (D) slips in the polls nationwide, a recently released Dallas Morning News/UT-Tyler poll showed.

According to the survey, taken August 28 to September 2, Trump is strengthening in the Lone Star State, leading his Democrat opponent by two percentage points, 48 percent to 46 percent. According to the Dallas Morning News, that represents a significant shift in the president’s direction, given that he trailed the former vice president by five points in July.




Anyone excited about either of these two major party candidates is certifiably nuts.

You are 100% part of the problem.

If we had commissioned an artist to create a piece that epitomizes the disconnect the Republicans and Democrats have with the average disgruntled, disillusioned, and disenfranchised people of the USA they could not have done any better than the two old senile predators that top the ticket of their party.

Trump is a silver spoon bigoted bully who has never in his life identified with average working stiffs in his entire privileged life that was funded from screwing over the poor in NY City and New Jersey.

Biden is as entrenched DC Beltway establishment candidate as one can get. Possibly even more so than Hillary Clinton.

The only plan that makes sense is both major parties are so disappointing that there is no clear mandate for reforms since not enough people will participate in this shit show circus we call elections in the USA.

Gloria La Riva and Howie Hawkins will most likely be receiving my poll vote for President. Senators and representatives at both state and federal level will come from all parts of the political spectrum as usual.


Posted by: BENJAMIN EMERY | 07 September 2020 at 12:53 PM - "the cowardly website that has been attacking me since 2014"

BENJAMIN, I had no idea you have been harrassed by The Scooper!


Hey, is this Todd Juvinall?

Scott O

BE 3:43 - "...the average disgruntled, disillusioned, and disenfranchised people of the USA..."
As if this 'group' is just one big homogeneous glob.
I think most of the good folk you are actually referring to are people that have made one bad decision after another in their life and now want the rest of us to make it all OK.
Sorry - Neither myself nor my bank account can fix your sad, sorry, F'd up life.
Take 12 Jordan Peterson vids and check with me in the morning.
Good luck.

Scott O

Been Jammin' Emery brings up a salient point.
"...since not enough people will participate in this shit show circus we call elections in the USA."
Has it ever occurred to folks like BE that popular elections are supposed to be messy?
There are many other types of highly organized govts and they avoid the 'shit show' by many means. Every one of them is completely un and non democratic.
We have to elect somebody. At least for now. Maybe in the future we'll have a robot running on the 'robots' rights' ticket.
That person is a human and has problems. Since they want to run for office the chances are they have a lot of problems. I dunno. Anyway - that person is not going to be my choice as the best. It won't be your choice either. You can't tell me the DNC thought Biden was their first choice. But for various reasons, he's their guy. He's the not-Trump. And Trump is the not-insane guy I'll vote for. Not-insane is a pretty low bar, but who else is there that has a chance? The Dems have absolutely no idea what to do but just let the govt take over everything at various rates of speed. The R's (as a party) have no idea of what to do at all (beyond get elected).
I'll vote for Trump. His track record is the best out there. Yes - he probably can shoot someone in the street. That will still make him the better choice than anything else out there.
But better than any other kind of governance that I've seen.


well spoken guy. Turns political about 5 minutes in.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bl0BYmmAdI (warning: talking head alert)

Don Bessee

Worth repeating -



Bill Tozer

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