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22 September 2020


Paul Emery

Sorry George. You did not write that but it was from the link you provided which imply that you support the opinion since you used it to reinforce your opinion.

Todd Juvinall

Trump is surging and this looks to me like a wipeout of the left at all levels.

Paul Emery

Huh Todd? surging-really. Can you provide some links?

Don Bessee

Why should he @ 1025, you dont read anything other than the talking points for lefties.

Now they are coming for your flag -



George Rebane

PaulE 1001am - From the 16sep20 Sandbox: "Critics allege mainstream polls over-sample Democrats and focus on registered voters versus likely voters, skewing the results." Although it's another one of your logical bridges too far, I'll accede that indeed I do agree that critics are making such allegations. And I also agree that if mainstream polls are conducted as alleged, then their results will be skewed. But exactly what "opinion" of mine does this citation "reinforce", since I didn't offer an opinion? Are you thinking clearly?

Bill Tozer

Re: BLM, LBJ, Dem run shitholes, and Radioactive Psycho Bitches from Hell.

Noticed that BLM has removed from its site the goal of destroying the nuclear family. That goal of destroying the nuclear family does not sit well with me. The family is the foundation of society and community. It’s the same goal that all the Marxists have professed for over a century. Khmer Rouge, The Cultural Revolution, the Russian Civil War, Lenin, Engles, Hitler Youth, East Germany. They have a new family for us to be part of. We are all orphans now.

Mr. Scenes has touched on the topic of the men in dresses being the most obsessed and ruthless when it comes to PC violations. Way worse than dropping the N word. J. K. Rowling’s books like the Harry Potter series have been removed from bookstores to provide a safe place for trans customers. And not for her writings as a feminist, but for her thoughts about biology. Born female stuff.

Makes sense that the co-founder of BLM spends so much time on lesbian and lesbian-trans issues and the heterosexual family structure is something that is an affront to her. Solution: replace family with the larger community which includes lesbians and transgenders and enlighten betters to nurture and teach us.

Yep, destroying the nuclear family is the by-product of LBJ’s Great Society. I believe it was Thomas Sowell who remarked when watching footage of a mob of black youths and black (mostly males) young adults looting, rioting, destroying stuff, and running amok on the streets, ‘The first that came to my mind is this a picture of fatherless black men.’...paraphrase. He used a different word than picture. Anyway, BLM took down that part after much criticism, but their beliefs remain steadfast, website or no website.
Radical lesbian trannies want to take over the world. Praise them or die. Take a stand, Y-T. You are either 100% all-in for us, or you are our enemy.

George Rebane

Well said Mr Tozer.

Bill Tozer

Paul and anyone:
Has anyone ever explained how the best and brightest polling outfits got it so wrong in 2016? I heard a lot of excuses and such, techniques used and such, but the only good explanation (in an objective manner) that makes perfect sense to me is that people lied to the pollsters....and pollsters are strangers. Like taking that survey of women and asking them if they have a firearm in the house. Of course the fine ladies would say, “No”.
What would you, as an educated women in your early thirties, perhaps a single mother with a violent ex in the same town, or just the living single in an apartment that has been burglarized recently if a stranger called you and asked if you had a firearm in the house? I would say between 200-300 and zero. Thank you for calling, no speak Ingles.

Why did the pollster get it wrong in 2016? Did they fix their errors by 2018? Not asking why Hillary lost, but how did they get it wrong and Trump’s internal polling nailed down Michigan and PA. Ohio was a no brainer, IMHO. So was Florida as the panhandle put the nail in that coffin.

paul emery


The pollsters did not get the total vote count wrong. They picked Hillary by 3 and she ended up with 2%. What they did get wrong was the total electoral votes which of course was won by Trump. Bloating due to California and New York and a couple others accounts for possibly 3% which distorts the national average.

Currently Biden is up by 6.5 in total vote averages and 4.1 in tossup averages which do not including bloating. That puts him in pretty good shape at this time.

Don Bessee

The final nail in the coffin of that fakenews -



Bill Tozer

Sweet. About time.

'Florida Governor Proposes Law That Protects Drivers Fleeing Mobs'

A portion of the proposal reads, “Driver is NOT liable for injury or death caused if fleeing for safety from a mob.


Don Bessee

Buying votes? -

Bloomberg pours $16M into Florida race to pay restitution for former felons to vote

Another cash infusion to the tune of $16 million is pouring into Florida from billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who pledges to pay the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 Black and Hispanic convicted felons who have been hindered from voting.



paul emery


Just helping those in need

Don Bessee

That's a headwind for creepy grampa joe -

Union leaders are trying to drag their members into Joe Biden’s column amid strong union support for President Donald Trump’s pro-worker policies, according to Politico.

Under the headline, “Rank-and-file union members snub Biden for Trump,”




It's about time Emery start stating what he supports, and stop
trying to imply what others support. Give it a try Emery.
Your crickets have been stating your positions a lot better than you have.

Scott O

Paul 1:54 - "Nah
Just helping those in need"

Paul, you might just start to appear intelligent if you would actually read the whole article. Just 'helping those in need?' Total BS again from from KVMR news-idiot. From the article:

"“We know to win Florida we will need to persuade, motivate and add new votes to the Biden column,” according to a Bloomberg memo, the Washington Post reported. “This means we need to explore all avenues for finding the needed votes when so many votes are already determined.”
Hey folks - remember when the lefties all just ranted and raved about the 'rich' buying votes and how much they were against it?
Like all the supposed deeply held beliefs by the left - total BS.
That's one reason Paul won't come out of his closet to try to stand for anything. He knows within a few months he'd have to eat crow for suddenly forgetting all about his 'deeply held' belief.
One thing I will give Paul credit for in being consistent - he can be counted on for always having a supply of rocks to throw.

paul emery


So what? Is there something illegal? As far as I can tell no one is telling them how to vote.

paul emery

Here are the official RCP numbers-2016 showing the polling - final votes comparison.

Final Results -- -- 48.2 46.1 Clinton +2.1
RCP Average 11/1 - 11/7 46.8 43.6 Clinton +3.2

paul emery

In 2016 at this date Clinton had a 1.6 lead in RCP's averages
In 2020 at the same date Biden has a 6.6 lead.

these are both 45 days before the election and show Biden with a 5 point greater lead compared to Clinton on the same date 45 years before the election


paul emery

sp. 45 days before the election

paul emery


Here is Trump supporting violence against reporters. He really is a thug. This shows the character of the guy you support for President. Barry

"President Donald Trump on Tuesday glorified violence against reporters during a re-election campaign rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania.

“They were grabbing them left and right,” Trump said. “Sometimes they’d grab — they grabbed one guy, ‘I’m a reporter, I’m a reporter.’ Get out of here. They threw him aside like he was a little bag of popcorn.”

“I mean, honestly, when you watch the crap we’ve all had to take so long, we you see that it’s actually — you don’t want to do that — but when it, it’s actually a beautiful sight,” Trump insisted.
Defend democracy.

“It’s a beautiful sight,” he repeated."


Scott O

Paul 6:24 - "So what?"
I forgot I'm dealing with a complete moron.
You claimed that he was just helping those in need while the article clearly shows he is expecting to buy votes for the Dems.
I never said anything about illegality.
That is just a subtrifuge from you to attempt to deflect the fact that you were full of BS about Bloomberg.
"As far as I can tell no one is telling them how to vote."
This, from a man who complains about Trump being dishonest.
Better go back to your polls, Paul. It looks like thinking is a bit beyond your personal ability.

Scott O

Paul - "Here is Trump supporting violence against reporters."
No Paul, he isn't.
Good Lord - who dropped you on your head when you were just born?
Or has the TDS just destroyed what's left of your drug-addled brain?

paul emery


So you don't consider this violence? Direct Trump quote:

“They were grabbing them left and right,” Trump said. “Sometimes they’d grab — they grabbed one guy, ‘I’m a reporter, I’m a reporter.’ Get out of here. They threw him aside like he was a little bag of popcorn.”

Bill Tozer

I interrupt this program to bring you Daily Quotes, a meme maybe, and proof that great minds think alike when it comes to the BLM.

Political futures: “The judicial nomination dramatically expands the aperture of the 2020 election. Instead of Trump the raging Twitter personality versus the Joe Biden who has been around forever, you have a larger choice between the Republican Party, which is doing its duty, and the Democratic Party, which is threatening to alter the constitutional order.” —Michael Brendan Doughterty

Observations: “The left is disenchanted with our country, and especially its governing institutions, which it believes are shot through with racism and deeply undemocratic. Democrats have gone from assuming a few years ago that they have a permanent majority to assuming that they can’t possibly win under such a rigged system.” —Rich Lowry

Upright: “Let’s stop pretending like Dems’ threats to pack the court is only in retaliation to Republicans confirming a nominee. If [Republicans] don’t confirm, Dems will still pack the court.” —Allie Beth Stuckey

For the record: “The week after President Jimmy Carter lost his 1980 re-election bid, he announced the judicial nomination of a close ally of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Ted Kennedy. The nomination sailed through the Senate, which confirmed the First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge 80-10 less than a month later, six weeks before Inauguration Day. That nominee, Stephen Breyer, now sits on the Supreme Court. … Another bit of history: In 1980, [Joe] Biden voted to confirm Judge Breyer.” —David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman

Hyper hypocrisy: “If Republicans go forward and reverse the precedent they set in 2016, the Senate will never, ever be the same. It will be changed forever.” —Senator Chris Murphy

Demo-gogues: “By all rights, by every modicum of decency and honor, Leader McConnell and the Republican Senate majority have no right to fill it, no right. … I worry for the future of this chamber if the Republican majority proceeds down this dangerous path. If a Senate majority over the course of six years steals two Supreme Court seats using completely contradictory rationales, how could we expect to trust the other side again? If, when push comes to shove, when the stakes are the highest, the other side will double-cross their own standards when it’s politically advantageous, tell me how this would not spell the end of this supposedly great deliberative body, because I don’t see how.” —Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

And last… “Yes, we should probably turn over the appointment of a Supreme Court justice, whose job it is to uphold the Constitution, to a group of people threatening to pack the court, impeach for pure politics, and add states willy-nilly. Can’t see the downside.” —Ben Shapiro
meme: https://patriot.imgix.net/3e31eeece9e996ad97810806064cd58dc55d95e4da3f34bb16052377d42dde7e.jpg?
Now the article which supports my argument against the organizational hierarchy of that vomit inducting America hating group, BLM. I posted my thoughts on the Psycho Bitches from Hell at 11:27 am....before I just found this article. Yes indeed, I am shamelessly touting my own horn. Great minds do think alike.

‘BLM Erases Its Own History‘

“Though BLM has yet to explain the change, we suspect the reason is a substantial drop in public approval for BLM. As it turns out, “disrupting” the family and touting Marxism while burning down American cities doesn’t poll well in suburbia.

As commentator Matt Walsh observes, “Considering that it is precisely the ‘disruption’ of the nuclear family in the black community that has contributed so heavily to the socioeconomic problems that plague it, BLM’s affirmation and promotion of this self-destructive trend is especially grotesque and dangerous.” Indeed, as our own Mark Alexander argued, most of the rioters — white and black — are fatherless youth.

Nothing disrupts the traditional family like the Rainbow Mafia, and much of what was scrubbed from BLM’s website dealt with its efforts to advance that agenda. It repeatedly touted support for “queer and trans folks” and decried “cisgender privilege” and the “heteronormative” structure of Western society.“

Bonus; another meme, yawn...



Ahhh.. "Raw story" .. Piss poor reporting even fake news refuses to report... But not Emery.

Scott O

Paul 7:56 - "So you don't consider this violence?"
Once again we see the miss-direct, the subterfuge.
First off - I repeat. I'm dealing with a complete moron.
Let's step through this.
Paul claims 6:46: "Here is Trump supporting violence against reporters."
Then I write: "No Paul, he isn't."
Paul then comes back with: see above.
There are several areas of fact in Paul's contention of "Trump supporting violence against reporters".
First of all - is Trump supporting the general notion of everyone committing acts of violence against anyone who is a reporter?
No. Trump is speaking of a specific incident.
Are reporters allowed to do anything they want during a riot?
Nope. They have only limited immunity.
Are there people during the recent riots who claim to be 'the press' and are not? Yep. Proven fact.
Did I ever, at any time, claim that there wasn't anything that can be considered 'violence' that was done by any of the officers at this particular riot? No.
Paul reads a headline in some lefty site and gets all het up.
Paul - you are suffering from TDS.
Get help.

Barry Pruett

Paul. Are you talking about the democrat reporter who used to work for Al Jazeera that got shot with a rubber bullet?

Scott O

BT 8:32 - "I interrupt this program..."
Well, how dare you - Paul and I are having a sporting good time while he stumbles over his own toger and I gently correct his vision of reality.


Well, Emery has identified himself as an anti cop "news guy".
You get into the line of fire, you get what's coming.
Stupid should hurt.

Scott O

Barry 9:36 - "Paul. Are you talking about the democrat reporter who used to work for Al Jazeera that got shot with a rubber bullet?"
Paul is simply regurgitating a headline from a left-wing web site.
He has yet to explain any detail of the incident.
I seriously doubt he has any idea of what actually transpired.


The story is legit, I will give Emery that much.

But don't look for any sympathy from me.(Emery)
"The Press" hasn't been all that less brutal on the cops.
Your "press" has been pretty much pro thug. Side with thugs get treated like thugs.

Barry Pruett

As the election gets closer, you will see polls tighten because the pollsters gave a reputation. ABC/WaPo has trump leading in Arizona and Florida (bigly).


Nothing to see here. Biden meddled, Trump meddled. Impeach Hunter? Oh, right, Biden is a private citizen.

"A pair of Senate Republican committee chairmen released a report Wednesday arguing that Hunter Biden’s board position with a Ukrainian energy company was “awkward,” “problematic” and interfered with “efficient execution of policy” for the Obama administration, but failed to demonstrate that it changed the administration’s policy toward Ukraine."

Barry Pruett

But Hunter got rich cashing in on his influence...


Just one of those odd things.

"Book: Obama DOJ threatened to prosecute FBI agent if he told anyone about Clinton emails on Weiner laptop. BTW, DOJ is still protecting Clinton."


Scott O

Duh 7:29 - Thanks for clarifying the left's new standards re bribes from foreign companies. Hunter did exactly what for the Ukrainian company? Ah - that's right - Hunter's daddy just happened to demand that the Ukrainian govt stop investigating the company. And Biden bragged about it. Just a total coincidence.
Certainly is 'awkward' and 'problematic'.
Golly - how embarrassing.


"Duh 7:29 - Thanks for clarifying the left's new standards re bribes from foreign companies. Hunter did exactly what for the Ukrainian company? Ah - that's right "

..and no doubt Papa Biden never ever made a teensy little phone call to help out the fruit of his loins.

I don't know if I liked Joey Fingers better as the Senior Senator from VISA or in his new superhero role as Dementia Man. They both had a lot to recommend.


Of course Democratic voters really don't care much. As long as Tammany Hall hands out goodies to the grasping little hands, everything is fine.


ooh, this should be exciting.



"Woman had a TDS meltdown over a MAGA street corner rally then proceeded to hit the vehicle in front of her while police were behind her"


paul emery

Yeah D the report was a dud for the Republicans. what a waste of time and money.

Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden

The report delivered on Wednesday appeared to be little more than a rehashing of unproven allegations that echoed a Russian disinformation campaign.


paul emery

Barry writes:

"But Hunter got rich cashing in on his influence..."

Just good old fashioned nepotism Barry. Nothing unusual about that.


re: Paul Emery@10:00AM

Did you read the report? No. Is the NYT partisan? Yes. Did you read the NYT article? No (it's paywalled). Do you simply scan Drudge for headlines that make you tingle inside? Yes.

Glad we cleared that up.

It doesn't matter anyway. The few swing voters will move based on arson by the Left and by the potential for changes in abortion law by the Right. Secondary issues might be Biden's gun restrictions or Trump making it harder to sneak your abuela into the country.

In the meantime:

"President Trump signed an executive order expanding a ban on government agencies receiving sensitivity training involving critical race theory to federal contractors."


Twitter Orange Man does what needs doing.


Scott @ 7:23 PM- That's not what happened. Actually, unable to tell the difference, the doctor simply spanked the wrong end with the results you see.

paul emery

No significant movement yet L toward Trump. Looks grim for your guy. Can you explain that? Latest polls show Biden leading in. virtually all tossup states. Remember Trump needs to virtually win them all or flip a blue or two to win the election.

Here's today's electoral college map based on consensus polling numbers.


Don Bessee

Still sticking with the losers @270towin? LOL

More bad news for the TDS set to ignore -



Don Bessee

Nothing to see here, move along, move along -



Scott O

Paul - "Just good old fashioned nepotism..."
No, Paul - that isn't nepotism. Biden didn't hire his own son. A company in the Ukraine handed Hunter a pile of cash in order to buy influence from his father. And it worked. Biden bragged openly that he was able to stop the investigation of the company.
Don't worry - I'm sure once Biden is POTUS, Hunter will have no trouble rustling up piles of dough all on his own with his world-famous paintings.

Don Bessee

The problem is minorities do not support defund but support more cops in their neighborhood. -



Don Bessee

Is she hiding in the basement with creepy grampa joe. They have a lot to be insecure about. -

Kamala Harris criticized for lack of press availability: ‘What are they afraid of?’

'It’s bad for our system of governance... and has a foul stench of insecurity,' a reporter said



Don Bessee

They must be having snow ball fights in hell again -

King Salman of Saudi Arabia applauded the administration of President Donald Trump at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday for its role in helping Arab states normalize relations with Israel.

The Saudi head of state also appeared to definitively declare the Obama-era Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or 2015 Iran nuclear deal, a failure.

“The Kingdom welcomed the international efforts to deal with Iran’s nuclear program, but time and again, the entire world witnessed how the Iranian regime exploited these efforts in order to intensify its expansionist activities, create its terrorist networks, and use terrorism,” Salman said, “and in the process squandering the resources and wealth of the Iranian people for the purpose of its expansionist projects which produced nothing but chaos, extremism, and sectarianism.”

“Our experience with the Iranian regime has taught us that partial solutions and appeasement did not stop its threats to international peace and security,” King Salman added. “A comprehensive solution and a firm international position are required to ensure fundamental solutions to the Iranian regime’s attempt to obtain weapons of mass destruction, and its ballistic missile program, and its interference in the international affairs of other countries, and its sponsorship of terrorism.”

The king also appeared to support U.S.-led efforts to maintain strict sanctions on the Iranian regime, although here he did not mention Washington or President Trump.

“If we intend to win in our battle against terrorism, we must not waiver in facing the countries that sponsor terrorism and sectarianism, and we must stand firmly in the face of these countries that promote transnational extremist ideologies, which rely on false political slogans to hide their extremist, chaotic, and destructive nature,” he said.



George Rebane

Kamala Harris is hiding from the press. I note with great interest how Kamala's tactic viz media mirrors and even surpasses that of Bumblebrain, who is actually more courageous in letting the country take the measure of his mental lapses. What equally corroborates the lamestream serving as DNC lackeys, is that none of them take note of her absence; it's only FN that pays attention and reports on her unavailability. We also note that none of our liberal leaders care to comment on this anomaly.


You can't quit. We own you.
"A Michigan auto worker filed a federal unfair labor practice complaint Tuesday alleging that the United Auto Workers union continued charging her membership fees after she dropped her membership."

Don Bessee

They back the wrong horse -

A USA Today/Ipsos Poll that shows that a majority of the country is disgusted with the Antifa/Black Lives Matter rioters and the national media.

This poll has not received the attention it deserves.

Gee, can’t imagine why.

After nearly four months of rioting at the hands of the left’s Brownshirts — the domestic terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, a full 64 percent of those polled said “they believe protesters and counter-protesters are overwhelming American cities.”

And by “American cities,” we of course mean “Democrat-run cities.”

What’s most interesting is nearly half of Democrats polled, a full 48 percent agree with that sentiment, compared to 83 percent for Republicans.

What’s more, a whopping 59 percent of urban dwellers agree with that, compared to 71 percent of those who live in rural areas (where there are no riots because riots only happen where Democrats are in charge).

More bad news for the Democrats and national media who have encouraged and stoked this unprecedented violence… More than half — a full 56 percent — “believe the government should deploy more police to get protests and unrest under control.”

Wait, it gets even better…

A clear majority of 54 percent “say people should arm themselves to protect private property during protests.”

And now we get to my favorite number…

When asked what is causing the violence or what “factors Americans say make protests more dangerous,” the institution at the tippy-top was the fake news media.

“Six in 10 Americans say the mainstream media has made the protests more dangerous,” the poll tells us, “followed by the Black Lives Matter movement at 59% and President Donald Trump at 54%. A majority of Americans say Antifa (53%), conservative militias (52%), and conservative media (51%) contribute to protests becoming more dangerous.

Only 29 percent say Rapey Joe Biden has made the protests more dangerous, but how much damage can an enfeebled old man do from his basement while watching Matlock reruns?

Think about that… a full 60 percent of the country blame the media for increasing the violence, more even than the actual terrorist group responsible for the violence, Black Lives Matter.



Don Bessee

Ooopsie bloomberg size -

"[Under Florida law] it’s a third-degree felony for someone to either directly or indirectly provide something of value to impact whether or not someone votes," Gaetz told Fox News' "Hannity." "So the question is whether or not paying off someone’s fines and legal obligations counts as something of value, and it clearly does."




No matter who the nominee will be, the first LIB salvoes will be directed at the person's faith. The will try and discredit on being Christian alone.


The new and improved way to steal elections.
"Three card Monte" at the ballot box. When getting the most votes means nothing.


Our special ed governor has taken it upon himself to ban the sale of gasoline powered automobiles, beginning in 15 years. Climate change, you know.


re: Gregory@2:52PM

Huh. That's interesting.

You know darned well it's part of a larger plan. Making older cars impossible to own. Strong phase-out of natgas delivery to homes. Giant push for 'lectric mass transit.

Gotta wonder how the power is going to be generated. Magic solar panels I guess. Maybe the hoi polloi can be induced to run their house via pedal-driven generator, let's say 1000 hours to fill up your Tesla.

Don Bessee

He's got that right -




Gavin Nuisance must have never heard of the Interstate Commerce laws. Where is Emery? Hey Emery,, this is the kinds shit dictators do.


The 'mostly peaceful' keep on keepin' on.


Walt: "Gavin Nuisance must have never heard of the Interstate Commerce laws. "

It wouldn't surprise me if it's possible to simply not allow registration of non-electric cars.

The other mechanism is simply to make the emissions standards so high (at least the emissions that actually come out of the vehicle) that only electric meets the requirement. They're halfway there already with how insanely complex a brand new car is to get small gains on the margin, you can pretty much count on your 2021 car not being around in 10 years due to impossibly high repair costs.


Life in these Blue Mob United States. Louisville Edition.



For yer viewing pleasure.

"BLM Harassment [UPDATED]"


The Austin Zone might be fairly decent tonight.


Bill Tozer

What you sow is what you reap. Sometimes Karma comes slowly, sometimes quickly. How quick?

WATCH: Woman Driver Taunts, Flips Off Trump Supporters. Then She Plows Into The Car In Front Of Her.


George Rebane

re scenes 339pm - so what should the response of local law-abiding citizens be when their neighbors import violent 'protestors' and the local police stand down in enforcing the laws protecting private property, public access, and rioting? Do they just stand and watch their town being trashed, and then later go through the formal process of petitioning government to do its lawful duty? That has never been the American way throughout its history. Or don't we want to talk about it?


And out Lefties want to trust the U.S. Mail for a fair election?

More than one Trump hating postal delivery will just say "HELL NO... This is a Repub neighbourhood.." And pitch the ballots.


It's getting preeettty screechy on Austin Zone.


GeorgeR "Do they just stand and watch their town being trashed, and then later go through the formal process of petitioning government to do its lawful duty? "

That's really the heart of the matter, or at least one heart. So far you've seen areas where the police were forced to stand down by *extremely* left wing city officials where any civilian self defense is viewed as terrorism and heavily stepped on....and areas where the cops made sure nothing started containing less easily cowed civilians (plus places where nothing happens at all, probably a good place to invest in real estate).

As Biden's Army expands to the suburbs, you'll run into the edge conditions. That's where it gets interesting. Locally, I'd say that we tend heavily towards favoring the mob, although no doubt the rank and file LEO are on the side of law and order. It really hasn't been pushed hard yet, so I dunno.

This is all a 'Red Scare' of course, so I'm speaking hypothetically.

Bill Tozer

This will not sit well with the banned one Pig Wiggley or whatever her flavor of the month name is.

‘Trump Nominates Former Nunes Aide as Intelligence Community Inspector General’



and so it goes (h/t Linda Ellerbee).

"Update 2145ET): The situation has grown more tense in Louisville after a Metro Police Officer was shot downtown according to an LMPD spokesperson, who offered no further details. There are unconfirmed reports that a second officer was shot as well."

"Elsewhere, police officers stood guard with guns drawn as protesters heckled them."

"Both the FBI and National Guard have been deployed:"


This is a pretty brilliant tactic. What Team Biden really wants is 1 or more martyrs, hopefully female. Simply randomly shoot cops from a crowd, and you'll get your wish. It's similar to the notion of getting a bunch of Palestinian kids to heave rocks at Israelis, eventually someone shoots back, you just need to make sure it was done in front of the press.

Bill Tozer

‘ Then They Came for Beethoven’

The hosts even accuse Beethoven—whose democratic ideals are well-known to anyone who has studied his life story—of empowering colonialism. Says one, “I can almost even see the sort of stride of empire, colonialism, industrialism, all those things that have sort of that same built in narrative of triumph and conquering.”

Really? That’s what you imagine when Beethoven’s 5th begins? I would be scared to imagine what flits though his mind during a performance of Wagner’s Parsifal.



""Here, have a nice souvenir""


I want one.

Bill Tozer

Taking credit, shifting blame.


The Estonian Fox

Finally, someone (Gov Ron DeSantis FL) taking a common sense approach to ensuring freedoms for the common citizens. Skip to the 1:30 mark to bypass the reading of names of chiefs of police.


Why haven't Dem governors done this?


The business with having the government dictate a technical solution, this time requiring electric cars, has been grinding at me.

Besides the oddity that plug-in hybrids produce less CO2 than all-electric cars in nearly all grid architectures (https://afdc.energy.gov/files/u/publication/ev_emissions_impact.pdf) there's the unfortunate fact that you are messing with a highly intertwined ecosystem.

What gets dragged along with this is a huge, mandated, investment in grid, charging stations, power generation, power storage, changes in waste disposal, etc. It's the kind of thing that the free market excels at, so long as you avoid village commons problems, and the gubmint is bad at.

E-cars are coming nicely along on their own, thank you, although I'd prefer to see any subsidies dropped...they are set up to benefit the more wealthy. When you live in what is becoming a metastasized banana republic, that's to be expected.

No doubt some real fortunes will be made in the upheaval, luckily I expect the Governor has plenty of friends ready to take advantage.


Biden's Army is still up to it's hijinks nationwide.

"Seattle: Antifa rioters assault a cop who was knocked to the ground from his bicycle. A person then uses a metal bat to strike him on the head. This is in the middle of the former “CHAZ.”"


"Watch: A rioter at the BLM-antifa Portland riot throws a large Molotov cocktail at


"Larynzo Johnson is in police custody on suspicion of shooting two Louisville Metro police officers overnight at the #BlackLivesMatter riot. He's charged with wanton endangerment & assault of a police officer. "


first response: "The bullets were 93% peaceful though."

Bill Tozer

Estonian Fox @ 5:21 am

There is a reason AOC’s mom picked up and moved to FL. Mom was paying about $12,000 a year taxes on her small abode in NYC. Could not afford it once she retired. FL? About $850. Anyway....

‘New Yorkers Flee for Florida’


Bill Tozer

Burn it down, then take it down.


“The Democrats’ vow to “burn everything down” if they don’t get their way is allegedly being fulfilled. Last night in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, unknown arsonists attacked the home of two Trump supporters, burning the family’s garage and several vehicles and destroying a large Trump sign in their yard:”



re: BillT@8:48AM

I got busy looking up state tax intakes and spending for each and should have just looked at the article.

The funny thing is that New York is where Taibbi's Vampire Squid mostly lives (it's brother lives in DC), you'd think all the money they sweep in from the rest of the country would lower New Yorker tax rates.

I suppose when you run governments that push taxes to the limit leaving the citizens on life support, any new money that comes in simply gets turned over to Leviathan.

Bill Tozer

“The business with having the government dictate a technical solution, this time requiring electric cars, has been grinding at me.”

Chaps my hide as well. Burr in the saddle, messing with my peace of mind and serenity. And the crazy thing is in CA there is no way no how the state can even supply enough electricity to charge millions of electric cars. Notice the recent rolling blackouts and brown outs that are NOT due to wind and fire, but to lack of electricity?

Q: What did the Greenies use before candles? A: electricity.

Idiots. Complete nincompoops. The science is settled so give two of the most clean, reliable, inexpensive, and low carbon footprint sources of electricity generation (natural gas and nuclear power) dirty names. Complete morons. I need to get a Thesaurus and look up moron and idiot because I am being too redundant. Need a new word that means friggin idiots. Who cares if the roads, freeways, and bridges are crumbling. Mass transit will make those Twentieth Century ideas obsolete. Imbeciles, knuckleheads, half-wits, and dullards. Grunt sandwiches.

Bill Tozer

Guess this should go under Evil or The Great Lefty Divide, or Scattershots, or when all else fails, try the Sandbox. Repost, different source.


To these I now want to add Professor Morson’s First Things essay “Suicide of the liberals.” Drawing on his knowledge of Russian history and literature, Professor Morson observes the weakness of liberal reformers in the face of the revolutionary terrorists and their cadres to the left of the liberals. Professor Morson observes, for example:

“How did educated, liberal society respond to such terrorism? What was the position of the Constitutional Democratic (Kadet) Party and its deputies in the Duma (the parliament set up in 1905)? Though Kadets advocated democratic, constitutional procedures, and did not themselves engage in ­terrorism, they aided the terrorists in any way they could. Kadets collected money for terrorists, turned their homes into safe houses, and called for total amnesty for arrested terrorists who pledged to continue the mayhem. Kadet Party central committee member N. N. Shchepkin declared that the party did not regard terrorists as criminals at all, but as saints and martyrs. The official Kadet paper, Herald of the Party of People’s Freedom, never published an article condemning political assassination. The party leader, Paul Milyukov, declared that “all means are now legitimate . . . and all means should be tried.” When asked to condemn terrorism, another liberal leader in the Duma, Ivan Petrunkevich, famously replied: “Condemn terror? That would be the moral death of the party!”

Not just lawyers, teachers, doctors, and engineers, but even industrialists and bank directors raised money for the terrorists. Doing so signaled advanced opinion and good manners. A quote attributed to Lenin—“When we are ready to kill the capitalists, they will sell us the rope”—would have been more accurately rendered as: “They will buy us the rope and hire us to use it on them.” True to their word, when the Bolsheviks gained control, their organ of terror, the Cheka, “liquidated” members of all opposing parties, beginning with the Kadets. Why didn’t the liberals and businessmen see it coming?”

That question has bothered many students of revolutionary movements. Revolutions never succeed without the support of wealthy, liberal, educated society….


Darn. I should have posted this under Ruminations; Red Scare.

George Rebane

BillT 1040am - Mr Tozer, there is no need to restrict a comment to appear under only one commentary. Please feel free to post it wherever you feel it is relevant.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe just loves the basement and you can see why -








Bill Tozer

What can I say. Pick a card, any card. Page 5 of so was interesting


Congratulations. The Lamestream media has surpassed used car salesmen, waiting at the DMV, and almost caught up with root canals on the list of things people least enjoy. Pop those bottles of bubbly.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the R's have an awesome "ballot harvesting" force for California. We may gain back up to seven congressional seats and maybe more. The democrats have no idea what they have created. WOW!

Trump is moving way up in the polls as well. Checked the NYT's poll and it is total crap today. 500 registered voters for the whole state of Texas? Jeeze.

Bill Tozer

Aftermath of Kenosha. Video, not long.


FYI, Orson Welles was from Kenosha.


It should be an interesting month what with everyone saving their good stuff for now.


Don Bessee

Here we go -



Don Bessee

Missed one @1103 -



Don Bessee

And another -



paul emery

Todd writes:

"Trump is moving way up in the polls as well."

Show me the polls Todd, put your money where your mouth is. RCP averages shows almost no movement and Biden is virtually at the same level of 50.3 % since June.

You made that up as you always do.

RCP Average today Biden 50.3 Trump 43.3 Biden +7.0
Average June 23 Biden 50.2 Trump 42.4 Biden +7.8


Don Bessee

Drank so much koolaide @1156 he cant read all the information on this thread! -



Regina Trumpler

Tucker Carlson today said that he is the Joseph Goebbels of America and that the biggest lies are the best lies and he isn't afraid to tell gigantic whoppers if it helps his buddy trumpler.


Well,, we see what little it takes to get Emery to come out of hiding.

How bout that ballot mischief Emery? Is that "fair" in your opinion? All those Repub ballots turning up in the trash, and ditches
I guess we will wait and see what your crickets have to say.


More subpoenas get issued to "O"'s inner circle.
The Senate Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday voted to authorize subpoenas for former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, and other Obama administration officials as part of its broad review into the origins of the Russia investigation.

The committee on Wednesday held a business meeting to authorize committee Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., to issue notices for taking depositions, subpoenas, for records, and subpoenas for testimony to individuals relating to the panel’s “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation, the Justice Department inspector general’s review of that investigation, and the “unmasking” of U.S. persons affiliated with the 2016 Trump campaign, transition team and the Trump administration."

The conspirators and subversives are going down.

reginia Trumpler

so stupid at 12:07 that he thinks he is smart.


"jon" is back.

Bill Tozer

I interrupt this programming to bring a special link for Walt. You can read it later. Your ancestors called my ancestors salvages and then turned around centuries later and done ate up a couple of my forefathers up on Choctaw Ridge....er....Truckee Lake just below the Donner Summit. Savages.

Hey Walt, your ancestors were right. We are “wretched ones”, sir. :) welcome to home convalescence. Kinda like being under the Chinese Virus lockdown here in the ‘peanut gallery’(a now banned location and noun.

‘Vikings in America’
Centuries before Columbus, Vikings came to the Western hemisphere. How far into the Americas did they travel?

“According to these two sagas, the Vikings encountered a group of indigenous Amerindians, whom they called Skraelings, or ‘wretched ones’. The Norse traded red woollen textiles for animal pelts. That exchange marked a turning point in world history: it is the earliest documented encounter between the peoples living on opposite sides of the Atlantic.”


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