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14 September 2020



re: California's fires.

The thing that's a crying shame here is that the 'global warming' message coming from on high is largely a result of the upcoming election. It'll basically give California leaders a chance to not do anything useful since the fires are Donald Trump's fault.

Heck, even if global warmingcooling is the cause rather than fuel build-up and folks living where they shouldn't, it isn't like the Governor is going to get the Chinese to quit burning coal. In the meantime, fracking is bad, nuclear plants are bad, moving an infinite number of immigrants to First World countries (where they can happily make more pollution) is the highest good.

Actions that are actually useful in lessening the probability and severity of fire will simply not happen for various reasons. Hopefully the high speed rail gets built though, that should help.


on the tiny chance someone hasn't seen this.



I suspect the largest single pool of employed college educated adults in California (and the country) are K-12 teachers. They enter college at the bottom of the University barrel and graduate in the same fraction.

As a whole (with spectatular exceptions) not that smart to begin with, and poorly educated. Solidly partisan Democrats.

George Rebane

scenes 113pm - Yes, and that's the Democrats' annual Big Lie in California, one on which they are doubling down in this election year - all wildfires today are due to preventable man-made global warming. To which they now add that California single-handedly can have a significant impact on global warming by putting in place more draconian economic strictures sooner.


" California single-handedly can have a significant impact on global warming by putting in place more draconian economic strictures sooner."

The beautiful thing is that it's never an open-ended set of policies, assuming you want to do something like reduce greenhouse emissions. The policies are predetermined and either (a)enrich you and your friends or (b) do something that sounds cool.

Of course, if you're a policymaker, none of the policies mess with your own life.

re: Gregory@1:17PM But teachers, when they're not running the school district for their own benefit, believe in anthropomorphic climate change, thus they believe in 'Science'. Checkmate. Personally, I'm kind of bored with 'Science' that is not very predictive.

Don Bessee

Like this -



Don Bessee

Could this be why creepy grampa joe thinks he can take the weekend off and hang in the basement with 50 days to go?? -




scenes 150pm

Most teachers have never taken a real collegiate science class... meaning physics or chemistry. The language physics is written in is mathematics, and the average teacher-in-training has problems with simple algebra, let alone trigonometry, logic, probability, geometry and calculus.

What is running k-12 into the ground is a dogmatic scientism, not science.

Don Bessee

It aint so creepy grampa joe -

In particular, Biden claimed the wildfires were caused by climate change, air quality was killing people, and air pollution and COVID was killing even more people. Scientists know that California is prone to extended periods of natural megadroughts. Without forest management, California will burn until there is nothing left to burn. Biden failed to mention forest management as a solution to the western wildfires. Research conducted by the Obama-Biden EPA proved that air pollution does not kill anyone or cause asthma. Biden’s empty promises of green jobs, electric vehicles and carbon-free energy production are pure pablum that have no basis in reality.”

With regard to Biden’s claim climate change was causing wildfires and the air pollution was causing the coronavirus to kill more people, Milloy tweeted a link to a new study from University of Washington and Stanford University researchers that debunks that claim with its finding air pollution does not make the COVID-19 virus worse.



George Rebane

DonB 525pm - Yes, all this evidence countering his Big Lies, but given the lamestream's self-censoring, how many of the great unwashed will ever hear any of it?

Don Bessee

Sounds like its the job of the millions of dedicated patriots to maximize all our networks across every city, state and the country.

We do after all have a couple of weeks to early voting and less than 50 days for the in persons.

Web posts, letters to all the local and regional paperd and online spreading the word especially in the neighborhoods!

That arms the clear thinkers with a data bank of facts to counter the approved talking points.


What with the poll numbers and creepy grampa joes latest issues they have had to go public with what we already knew.

So my question is will they sweep creepy joe for electronics at the debate or will he be gone and it will be whats her name?

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) may only be vice-presidential nominee on the Democratic ticket, but she’s already promising that a “Harris administration with Joe Biden” will be a boon to voters.

The California lawmaker, whom the former vice president said he chose as his running mate last month because of her readiness “to lead on day one,” told a group of Latino small business owners from Arizona on Saturday that it was vital they made the right choice this November.



Bill Tozer

re: update “ Now the lamestream’s silence on this and their continuing to trumpet Trum-caused climate change as the reason for this wildfire season is just evil, and intended evil at that.”

Hmmm. Evil and vile.

Vile CNN Cheers Biden’s ‘Pointed,’ ‘Powerful’ Speech on ‘Climate Arsonist’ Trump

NBC’s Guthrie WAILS to Woodward: You Should Have Trashed Trump Sooner!
DUMB: Tom Steyer Told CNN ‘Only Solution’ to Wildfires Is Electing Biden

Scott O

Speaking of 'politicizing' CV19 - Here's the latest -
So apparently this is the evidence.
I'll be the first to admit it's way past my pay grade.
I can read it and understand what she is saying, but it will be up to those who are in that field of bio-science to determine its legitimacy.
We already know China is a bad actor and has lied and covered up something about the origins of the 'novel' virus, and it's tempting to go with this story.
It remains to be seen how other countries will react to the revelation.
I'm sure the NYTs will run a big, big feature on this.
And put it on the front page for weeks.

Bill Tozer

The Washington Post reports on statistics released today that show “the coronavirus is killing Hispanic, Black and American Indian children at much higher numbers than their White peers.” According to the stats, more than 75 percent of children killed by the virus are Hispanic, Black and American Indian children. Yet, these groups represent only 41 percent of the U.S. population.

The most significant finding here, though — the only truly significant one, really — is the exceedingly low number of deaths in the U.S. among people under the age of 21. From February to July, apparently there were only 121 such deaths attributed to the coronavirus.

That’s a finding one could build an important article around. But the Post’s William Wan decided to build his article around the racial angle. To the surprise of no one.“


“About 75 percent of those who died had at least one underlying condition, and the most frequent were asthma and obesity — two conditions that disproportionately occur in minority youths.”

What we have here is a friggin obesity crisis in the land of plenty.

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

re: “The other even more stark explanation is that their college educated constituents matriculated in majors and courses of study that long ago abandoned scholarship for collectivist ideological indoctrination – in short, these people are dumber coming out than going into such institutions” —Dr. Rebane

Why Does the Left Hate the Humanities?

“This is why the Democrats have become suspicious of the Humanities. Philosophy is a very dangerous discipline because it could teach schoolchildren how to think for themselves. Again, it was Scruton who saw it coming, pointing out that hatred for the classical world is not to be sought in the laboratories, but “in the universities and cultural institutions, where a kind of morose antipathy to the Western inheritance accompanies a deep suspicion of all those who wish to teach it and to build on it.” From there, the ideological battleground has shifted. In the end, all those who fail to win in the field of ideas end up declaring war on grammar, but savagely, as if instead of a university it were a Democratic Congress.

After all, some people may argue that the Humanities discourse is beautiful but not very pragmatic if what you want is to reach the end of the month with food in the fridge. In the end, I am a writer; I cannot give any lessons on how to live comfortably by devoting oneself to bloody bohemianism. A friend of mine, the Spanish writer and director at the Instituto Cervantes in London, Ignacio Peyró, often says that writing is our most expensive vice. However, it could be that the times are changing. A British Academy report published this year will undoubtedly make contemporary philosophers very happy, after years of looking in the mirror and asking “why?” — I mean: “Why on earth did I study this career?”....

.....”No, perhaps the Humanities cannot find the vaccine against coronavirus, but it can find it against stupid rationality, moral sclerosis, nihilistic pride, or the Chinese totalitarianism that paved the way for the pandemic. And, in any case, whatever happens, it will always be better for the soul to read Homer or St. Augustine than that famous self-help author, Paulo Coelho, who wrote in 1988, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” It does not work. I’ve been wanting something hard since 1988, but Coelho is still publishing his books.


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