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29 September 2020



The AI paragraph is hilarious, why would anyone expect anything else? The breakthrough would be some other market mechanism that is even better at extracting cash from customers than those already discovered. Is there a link to a story somewhere?

The meta-strategy would be for the AI to learn oligopolic (is that a word?) behavior that is non-detectable by mere humans. I expect that the big story in AI in the future is hiding behaviors from the developers. A form of Conduct Encryption.

Just imagine the future for folks who want to build knobs on the sides of these things to result in predetermined outcomes. Lotsa $$$$ to be made. Local business non-profits take note.

George Rebane

scenes 1159am - Yes indeed. In a manner of speaking, these machines can already 'think thoughts' that we cannot, and recognize patterns forever hidden to us.

Bill Tozer

‘Media Gunning For Scott Atlas Because He Keeps Exposing Coronavirus Lies’

'Everything he says is false,' NBC News quoted CDC Director Robert Redfield as saying of Atlas. That's just not true, top epidemiologists told The Federalist.


" That's just not true, top epidemiologists told The Federalist."

Maybe that's one reason to vote for Biden, not that it matters in California anyway (BTW: why are there Biden signs here?).

Using the First Law of Emerianism, that the defeat of Donald Trump is worth any cost or any whopper, you can expect COVID policy to be politicized. Even though it's largely (mostly) a state issue, no quarter can be given if Trump appears to be in favor of some sort of way to handle The Plague.

This would also be true in a Trump victory. You simply expect four more years of BS impeachment attempts and screeching on MSM.

With Harris in the driver's seat, Trump's opinions won't matter and so they can actually look at what works rather than what wins elections.

Who knows, the Democrats might actually also call off their cop-attacking arsonists.

Good campaign ad. "Vote for Biden and we'll suddenly go sane".

The Estonian Fox

Doesn't AI apply to the use of non-human intelligence? Hence, parrots qualify.

Evidently most of the normally keen-eyed liberal news editors missed this follow-up to the (British) swearing-parrot story from the AP.

When contacted later in the day, Cardi B said -"Hey, I'm ___ off about it. Those were my ___ing African Grays that I donated. What happened to the 1st Amendment over there anyway? They were trying to steal my latest song too; don't they know WAP actually means Wild-___ Parrot?"

Bill Tozer

California, beyond the tipping point.

'Be Afraid, Very Afraid

George Rebane

BillT 1007pm - Thank you again Mr Tozer for digging out and linking to this important essay. We all should read it and be reminded of what California has become, and, of course, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

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