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04 September 2020


Todd Juvinall

Biden's presser this morning started off with the latest lie from The Atlantic Mag. The man is a true swamp scumbag. Paul Emery's favorite type of politician.

Scott O

Oh boy - more meat to sink our teeth into.
"The Great Divide draws nigh."
I do believe the great divide has been upon us for some time. I know George will possibly disagree, but the next general election will merely signal the rate of speed at which our nation sinks. Will the ship of state sail on for a bit further listing ever-more to port or will we be getting into the life boats (ala Titanic - won't be nearly enough for all passengers) sometime in my lifetime?
"Bumblebrain’s Big Lies continue"
The big news here is how paper thin (microns-thin?) so many so-called R's political convictions are. Pathetic.
"Trump on voting twice."
Well - good for George for at least providing the full text. The TDS set have their ears and minds shut and will see/hear none of it.
"School shutdowns are butt stupid."
This one is an excellent example of never letting a crises go to waste. Mostly this is the far-left school teachers unions trying to leverage the CV pandemic to get money and concessions they wouldn't normally receive. Oh yeah - and the bankrupt retirement system they have needs a wee bit of help.
Now all we need for the weekend's festivities are a few more young lads 'turning their life around' to pull guns on the police and off to the races we go!

George Rebane

ScottO 1117am - Just a reminder, on RR and its Glossary, I have always used 'Great Divide' to label the regional separation of our polarized citizenry in a manner where each has the ability to practice its ideology and principles of governance without interference from the other. This has yet to happen.

Scott O

re your definition - Then it would appear we are somewhat close in one regard. The left certainly seems able to do whatever they want with very little to no interference. The conservatives - not so much. I would say the 'Great Divide' by your definition will never actually happen. The left will never allow the 'other side' to operate without interference. That would require 2 separate sovereign nations.
My 'great divide' is the 2 separate realities that common citizens can exist in. I see looting, arson and violence and the left sees 'mostly' peaceful protests.

George Rebane

ScottO 149pm - Whether 'my definition' (actually shared by a number of writers) will ever occur is indeed problematic - i.e. low probability event - as I have described many times. Were it to happen, it would require at least a confederacy to define the two separate domestic political systems, with national defense, foreign policy, and trade to be defined at the national level. And that, of course, presents a bunch of high hurdles. To separate sovereign nations would be simpler.

Under its own topic, it will be instructive for us to discuss the structure and more restrictive provisions of a new constitution that will not permit the backsliding to socialism to occur again.

Bill Tozer

re: The Great Divide draws nigh

'Why the State Seeks to Abolish Both Tradition and History'


George Rebane

BillT 946pm - No study of this question required. A state needs to rewrite the people's past any number of times as it proceeds toward totalitarianism. A currently consistent view of the past prevents embarrassing queries from the sheeple, to which the state must reply with tendentious prevarications, more crowding of their gulags, or potentially destabilizing mass executions.

Robert Cross

adulterer, liar, chicken hawk, asshole-- Todd's favorite type of politician

George Rebane

RobertC 1046am - There you go again. And your contribution to the dialogue was what?

Scott O

Booby X - 10:46: Adulterer - OK, all of the Kennedys, Eisenhower, MLK Jr, Clinton, most all of Hollywood lefties, etc.
Chicken Hawk - Clinton, Clinton, Obama, Biden, etc.
Asshole - Robert Cross, Rbt Cross esq. Booby X etc.
Any more disqualifications you can think of, Booby?

Bill Tozer

‘The Left Doesn’t Really Want To Abolish The Police. They Want To Be The Police‘


Bill Tozer

re: 550 violent demonstrations in 3 months.

This piece reminds me of that jackass CNN reporter who went to border to prove there were no mass caravans invading the USA. Never mind that he was standing next to a legal port of entry and the crossing were where the fence ended 11 miles down the line. See, Trump lied. Nothing to see here.

This piece also reminds me of the whack job Lefty comments on the Union’s opinion pieces. Just because there are not riots and looting and smashed windows and retail outlets burned to the ground or tire shops mobbed and robbed in Nirvanna City means it does not exist. Sickening.
About another Paul...Krugman the loser: Another bubble boy.

‘Clueless Krugman Takes Morning Stroll, Sees No Destruction in ‘Cheerful’ NYC‘

"I went for a belated NYC run this morning, and am sorry to report that I saw very few black-clad anarchists. Also, the city is not yet in flames," the economist wrote on Twitter. "The political question of the day is whether Trump can win politically by hammering on a nonexistent crisis of order in America's cities. You would think not, but I'm not 100% confident."
A few ripostes by conservatives rounded up by Fox News:

"'I tested negative for coronavirus, therefore nobody has it,'" The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis quipped.

"I'm amazed by the spate of pseudo-thinkers and pseudo-journalists who are now doing the full Pauline Kael: if I didn't personally witness something on my morning jog, it isn't happening," Ben Shapiro wrote.


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