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24 October 2020



"The takeaway to date from all this is that the Left’s political agenda is to promote the narrative that President Trump has mismanaged the nation’s C19 response."

It's hard to tell what the 'response' even is or was. It's a big place, national plans are silly, it's just an ad hoc affair.

The obvious moves (wash yer hands, hefty asthmatics and the old should probably stay away from crowds, outside is safer than inside) could have been written by a gas station attendant. While tugging at his nipple rings, Gov. Cuomo blew it be worrying so much about ventilators and shooing sick people into convalescent hospitals. People think that bandanas are super-magic talismans of health.

This man probably thinks that Trump killed 200 billion people... least when he's not sniffing the help.

Our ancestors would have laughed their asses off at the lot of us, once they got over the wonderment of a man bun tree sitter.

George Rebane

scenes 223pm - Agreed. Never meant to imply that "the nation's C19 response" was either unified or coordinated, it simply was the federated polyglot that the several states decided to implement. But what almost all people don't understand is that it will be ONLY herd immunity that stops this and all other infectious diseases in a population of any modicum density - vaccines or no vaccines. The only remaining decision is how exactly to let herd immunity develop.


I've been having something of a tête-à-tête with Don Rogers on this very subject, out in the open on The Union viafoura comment pages.

Apparently, the evidence for masks is so ubiquitous that he can't possibly point to one place. And I'd see it if I'd just open my eyes.


"Apparently, the evidence for masks is so ubiquitous that he can't possibly point to one place."

I was looking at this...

which is utterly full of 'we don't know', although of course cloth masks involve proper fitment, donning, and daily washing with soap and water....

but liked this paragraph from a different article:

" Two key findings are that (i) the surgical masks, unvented KN95 respirators, and, likely, vented N95 respirators all substantially reduce the number of emitted particles, but that (ii) particle emission from homemade cloth masks—likely from shed fiber fragments—can substantially exceed emission when no mask is worn, a result that confounds assessment of their efficacy at blocking expiratory particle emission. Although no direct measurements of virus emission or infectivity were performed here, the results raise the possibility that shed fiber particulates from contaminated cotton masks might serve as sources of aerosolized fomites."


@2:23pm Not so sure Big Fredo blew it. I think Il Duche Cuomo knew exactly what he was doing. He's a media whore and saw an opportunity to damage the President's brand while at the same time getting NYS legislative lackeys to grant him unequivocal power and leverage pandemic fear for all it's worth for federal bail out.


I did like this article.

"When the coronavirus first reached Argentina, Andrés Bonicalzi steeled himself for the sacrifices to come. A lawyer in Buenos Aires, he started working from home, canceled his weekly visits with his parents and vowed to keep his son inside. The government announced one of the world’s strictest lockdowns. The next few weeks would be difficult.

But those hard weeks have turned into seven months, and much of Argentina’s quarantine, believed to be the world’s longest, is still dragging on.

So much sacrifice, Bonicalzi sometimes thinks, and for what? The South American country has become one of the coronavirus’s most explosive breeding grounds. In early August, fewer than 200,000 Argentines had contracted the virus. That number has since surged to 1.1 million — 1 out of every 44 people — and 28,000 are dead."

Perhaps the KVMR Crack Virology Staff, the ones who think that D. Trump should have done some unspecified thing differently, could give some insight on this.

Bill Tozer


Someone in Oregon’s Public Health Authority thought it would be a neat and nifty idea to dress up as a clown to announce the latest COVID statistics in the state. As Yogi Berra might say, you have to see it, not to believe it. You only need watch the first 20 seconds or so of this two minute video to grasp the scene:

The Estonian Fox

BT @ 3:16 PM.

How much crap would have been dumped on the Repubs had they done something as stupid as this 'presentation'? Do the Dems celebrate Halloween earlier than everyone else? Maybe the earlier you vote, the earlier you get to dress up in costume.

So Joe says to Hunter - "hey, you've always liked clowns, haven't you? Give her a call".


just something to consider.

George Rebane

scenes 120pm - Before we get all excited about all this new evidence about the performance of masks, remember that in the 21st century, in addition to our opinions, we each can also have our own facts, evidence, ... . To progressives, this is all incomprehensible and meaningless, or at best, another rightwing ruse to have us stop following 'science' in the fight against C19.

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