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03 October 2020


The Estonian Fox

George, you are the eternal optimist. Publishing data that differs, and refutes, what the Liberals have been spouting - shame on you!

You can try to teach them, but you can't understand it for them. That basket was taken off the table a long time ago.

We still have a long way to go to get back to economic normal. Printing a year's worth of GDP-money from air doesn't fit into any capitalist market theory that I am aware of. Does any economist, politician, entrepreneur, know where it ends up?

George Rebane

Eesti Rebane 229pm - Agreed, of course. And I do take some comfort in that you, whom I consider an astute reader, see some optimism in my anti-collectivist screeds. And BTW, I harbor no hope of reaching our liberal brethren. Wiser heads than mine (e.g. see my conversation with Victor Davis Hansen) have also sought in vain for any middle ground that could serve to launch a profitable conversation. We are terminally divided.

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