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08 October 2020



I think the problem is that, given the opportunity, Uncle Joe will cheat at every turn. He will have all the questions ahead of time, have written answers and be able to read them off a teleprompter unless opposite party umpires are present. And it won't be Chris Wallace and Fox moderation but one of the openly Marxist networks who will manage to exclude any neutral observers.

Besides, as you said, Trump isn't contagious and Joe just looks like the coward he is.


Harris was flip flopping like an epileptic.
She for get the new thing called video tape? She is on record for being far Left, then in the debate tries to pass herself off as moderate. Not to mention the flat out lies.

As for packing the court, "elect us and find out".
Now where did we hear that before? "Gotta pass it to find out what's in it" And we ALL got screwed.

Don Bessee

Just sayin'



Don Bessee

Now that's one way to rig a poll -

USA Today apparently forgot about Vice President Mike Pence Wednesday night, when the newspaper tweeted a poll asking who won the vice presidential debate and listed only “Kamala Harris,” “Joe Biden,” “the pesky fly” and “I didn’t watch” as options.

The mistaken tweet was posted shortly after the end of the debate, which was moderated by USA Today's Washington bureau chief Susan Page.



Don Bessee

The peoples agenda sure sounds like socialists pushing creepy grampa joe, and he does not even know whats in his platform!



Don Bessee

OUCH even the left biased wapo said she was bullshitting about Lincoln and the SCOTUS -

According to Lincoln historian Michael Burlingame, Lincoln told his aides he wanted to delay his Supreme Court confirmation process because he was “waiting to receive expressions of public opinion from the country," though the Post noted, "that didn’t mean he was waiting for ballots so much as the mail."

"The overarching effect of the delay is that it held Lincoln’s broad but shaky coalition of conservative and radical Republicans together," the Post explained. "Congress was in recess until early December, so there would have been no point in naming a man before the election anyway. Lincoln shrewdly used that to his advantage. If he had lost the election, there is no evidence he wouldn’t have filled the spot in the lame-duck session."

The Post concluded, "So Harris is mistaken about Lincoln’s motivations in this regard."



Don Bessee

Its the economy stupid's -

Poll: 56% Americans Say They Are Better Off Now Under Trump Than Four Years Ago Under Obama-Biden



Bill Tozer

I've been hacked! No, I ain't Joy Reid saying that somebody released screen shots of my homophobic posts. Call the FBI. I done got hacked! Its was those racist Trump supporters colluding with the Russians!


Embarassing when when you get caught calling a full blown antiTrump hater looking for something to slime with. Anything will do.

Embarassing? Only if you got caught and you are a disinterested third party debate moderator from CSPAN. Didn't Steve Scully work as a Dem staffer before CSPAN?

Only embarassing if you can't be shamed like most lefties. A pure tell-tell sign of a psychopath..


Good call.


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