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18 October 2020


Don Bessee

Why it really matters getting the notorious ACB on the court to protect the rights of our citizens of any color. That's why the pres is doing so well with our minority citizens and the socialist dems love their illegals! -


paul emery


I didn't see you stand up for the Democrats who have made hundreds of requests for "information from a federal agency/bureau/administration" only to be turned down under orders from Trump. In your view does fulfillment of such a request only apply to the Party that controls the White House?

Don Bessee

Elections have consequences so said the big 0.


George Rebane

PaulE 444pm - According to my lights, it has to work both ways, no matter who sits in the WH. And I didn't see you stand up for Republicans similarly denied.

paul emery

Are you referring to denials when Obama was President George?


"Google Program Manager on @Google election meddling:

“I’m like you’re playing selective God...”

“Trump says something; misinformation, you’re gonna delete that...if a Democratic leader says that, then you’re gonna leave it like that...”"

Don Bessee

Nothing to offer but another inane question @726. KVMR must be so proud of their pony tail of ignorance. LOL


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