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25 October 2020



(from GeorgeR's link) "Underrepresented communities are defined in the law as people who identify as Black, Latino, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, native Hawaiian, or native Alaskan. "

'identify as'...well, that's extra-special legalistic language.

Serious question for Paul 'n D, since they are the only people posting here who might consider this reasonable. How on earth do you determine this?

Can Talcum-X be a board member, or at least fill the affirmative action seat for black members of a board? Can I (having about as much sub-Saharan admixture as your typical Viking)? I could promise to be whatever identification that you like, as long as I don't have to wear too much makeup.

I can imagine the results from a few court cases. Pantone colors for skin tones? Provable lineage to the slave trade? Does ancestral slave ownership kick you out of the cool kids (like Ms. Harris)?

My choice for a change in business law. Board membership is a non-paid position.

-scenes who identifies as them/what/who?

Scott O

Here's a great (and hilarious) example -
"Trump intensifies fracking assault on Biden in Pennsylvania"
So your fav politician is caught lying through his teeth and the opposition is pointing it out. What to do?
Saying that pointing out the lie is now an "assault".
And he's 'intensifying' it.
Poor Joe - he's the victim!
"C'mon, man - stop assaulting me with the truth!" cries out poor Joe!
Won't you help?
Call 1 800 I believe Poor Joe.

Scott O

Oh wait - I forgot the link and the money quote:
"In a late gambit to win the battleground state of Pennsylvania, President Trump and his GOP allies have intensified attacks on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over fracking."


Rob't Cross

You're absolutely correct about journalism's lurch to the left. What you leave out is the massive lurch to the right that preceded it. CNN, for example was started by Ted Turner as a "balance" to the so-called left leaning of CBS and Walter Cronkite and NBC's Huntley-Brinkley. With the consolidation of media outlets during the 80's and 90s, news became a commodity to be sold rather than a public service. The 'news' people got/get is billionaire corporate news. Do you think for a minute they would attack themselves or. their owners. Media scholars call it the '50 yard line' theory. The 50 yard line has moved right to the 30. American politics has moved with it. What is now considered middle of the road is actually 20 yards to the right. It was Nixon who put forth the EPA, title IX, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and numerous other pieces of legislation that Republicans are now trying to eliminate. Your 'lame stream' media is nothing more than billionaire owned corporations responding, as much as they can to maintain some modicum of credibility, to the tens of thousands of Trump lies and distortions.

George Rebane

Rob't 1122am - Another interesting perspective demonstrating the total absence of common ground.

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