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28 October 2020



George, Thank you very much!


George, as someone who has spent the last 66 years of my life in this state, I think you are asking too much of the governor... he can't change the spots he was elected with.

He knows down to the marrow of his bones that the fires we are experiencing are the result of fossil fuel caused warming and accompanying drought, and people like you (and me) need to be moved from fire danger.

He's wrong, but there's no use arguing over it just yet.

Bill Tozer

I can understand high wind fire potentials and safety power shut offs. What I cannot get behind is putting our faith in obsolete technologies such as wind and solar, which are unreliable and not up to the task. Of all the vehicles on the road today, electric cars make up 0.5%, a million electric cars. The environmental destruction of using the strategic materials such as cobalt is enough to turn me off, not to mention the materials used need to increase 1,500 % to meet Gavin’s goals, plus a ton of subsidies. Think Tesla and how they got rich.

The physics show that we can only get 17% more efficiency/energy out of future solar panels to max out and wind and solar will never satisfy the current demand needed in a growing state, not to mention adding millions of electric go-carts on the road.

Yes, I have veered off topic.
Bottom line: Gov. Newsome might as well go to Philadelphia and stand in the midst of smoldering rioted buildings and declare “The science settled.” Cut the power.


re: BillT@7:01AM

Energy efficiency is fairly straightforward to achieve, you simply up the density of human bodies. You just make it impractical to build single family homes, especially on acreage, and move everyone into an apartment block where they can do internet marketing and non-profit grant writing from their assigned unit. This will leave plenty of room for the magic of xenophilia to do it's work as we fill up the buildings with those from rapidly expanding populations.

Add a few monorails and state-owned farms and you've achieved nirvana.

Upper management will be assigned some Ladas with the occasional ZIL. They can be 'lectric powered of course.

As far as Newsom is concerned, he's just the mouthpiece for the forces that run the place, no surprise there. Act as if you are on your own and you won't be disappointed. There's simply too much inertia in the direction of higher taxes, lower power availability, and plenty of homeless and generally unmaintained property to burn everything down.

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