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11 October 2020


Don Bessee

They know their constituencies are to dumb to know the difference between packing and then there is this -

Biden takes heat after saying confirming Barrett would not be 'constitutional’
Biden is facing pushback to his claim that Republican efforts to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court are not 'constitutional'


Barry Pruett

I doubt the socialists will discuss Catholicism during the confirmation hearings. Nearly three-quarters of citizens think that there should be no religious litmus test for judges and justices. I do credit the American people for understanding freedom of religion. I don’t know what the other one- quarter thinking but 3/4s are getting it right. Just a lot of first pounding trying to avoid the inevitable - a court that will leave policymaking to the legislative bodies and refrain from judicial policymaking which is the antithesis of our constitution.


Pubber shenanigans, "...since 2016 the state has been gripped by partisan warfare between Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and a Republican legislature that has limited his power to defy them. In the past 10 years, Republicans drew maps and passed voting laws that repeatedly have been struck down as unfair, with one map judged to have targeted Black voters “with surgical precision.” North Carolina has become a microcosm of America: Cities and suburbs have grown bluer, White rural areas have grown redder, and, when one party wins, it makes the place inhospitable for the other one."



Pubber court packing attempts,


"Pubber shenanigans"

'Pubber' is a tell
For crack newsrooms who produce
Opinions from sand


WaPo Scenes, can't handle the truth unless Fox tells you, I guess.

Bill Tozer

Our temporary solution to a temporary problem has become a permanent problem

Bill Tozer

re: Court packing. Like everything else that is necessary for the Leftinistas to continue with their evilness and deception, words must be hijacked, skewed from the original (and proper) Precise meaning, and redefined into something different. The bastardization of language.

‘Media Dutifully Runs With Biden’s Faulty Redefinition Of Court Packing’

Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden completely misrepresented the definition of court packing on Monday

Bill Tozer

re: America is sleepwalking into soft totalitarianism.”

'What did YOU do in the Great Culture War, Daddy?

The British public will not stay forever silent as their values and beliefs are attacked.

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