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17 October 2020



Oooh... fresh litter!

"In my experience, “I believe in science” is just a shorthand way of admitting, “I have a degree in the humanities.”"


"Isn’t it a bitch now that the Europeans, held up by our Left as the paragons practicing proper pandemic public policies, are now also suffering the resurgence of Covid cases no matter how much they lockdown or not, distance or not, wear masks or not? "

You'd think that infectious disease would be better understood by know. You really don't even need to know much about the actual mechanism of passing it beyond a few coefficients in terms of airborne virulence etc. It might as well be magic so far as constructing a model is concerned, call it 'miasma' or something.

It's a real shame that this hit in the Realm of Trump. His opponents will walk a road of bones in order to achieve victory, so any old fact generation in terms of COVID will do.

Here's some fun links. Personally, I've decided that no one knows what they are talking about, it's a life simplifier.


Gregory: ""In my experience, “I believe in science” is just a shorthand way of admitting, “I have a degree in the humanities.”""

Is an education degree considered 'humanities'? One funny thing is that a modern person getting a degree in 'humanities' receives an education nothing like that same thing 100 years ago and probably is incapable of passing a Greek or Latin course.

In the age of rewriting the dictionary, I'm still waiting for 'science' to be redefined as 'the study of anthropogenic climate change'. 'Humanities' can then become 'the study of public policies to suit Critical Race Theory using "science"' .


George responding to my noticing that R. Giuliani seems a helluva lot smarter than the major Democratic figures:

"scenes 950am - Easy money Mr scenes. Giuliani is revealing and talking about what really is. The evil idiots are making up lies as they go along, while forgetting what they lied about yesterday. Doing that gives one a bit of a pause when trying to be extemporaneous - kinda like having a hitch in your verbal gitalong."

Operating without notes for an extended period always struck me as a good measure of a person.

An absolutely amazing thing would be to stick Maxine Waters on stage, no notes, no staff members and have her field questions on banking for an hour. Hilarity ensues as she's as dumb as a post, proof positive of the lack of value of a Congressional system that rewards only seniority, party, and fund raising ability. At least Guam wouldn't tip over as a result.

Bill Tozer

For Fish and others as well.

The most obvious thing we learned this week is that Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s blank notepad is smarter that all the Senate Democrats put together. Has there ever been a more eloquent and effective smackdown of political posturing than a blank notepad? In future discussions of jurisprudence among law professors, we might well think to observe that “this is the greatest assemblage of legal thinking since Amy Coney Barrett’s blank notepad sat alone.” Let the memes commence!


paul emery


Early voting is smashing all records. Dems up 2-1 at this point!!!

"More than 22 million Americans have already cast ballots in the 2020 election, a record-shattering avalanche of early votes driven both by Democratic enthusiasm and a pandemic that has transformed the way the nation votes.

The 22.2 million ballots submitted as of Friday night represents 16% of all the votes cast in the 2016 presidential election, even as eight states are not yet reporting their totals and voters still have more than two weeks to cast ballots. Americans’ rush to vote is leading election experts to predict that a record 150 million votes may be cast and turnout rates could be higher than in any presidential election since 1908.

So far the turnout has been lopsided, with Democrats outvoting Republicans by a 2-1 ratio in the 42 states included in The Associated Press count. Republicans have been bracing themselves for this early Democratic advantage for months, as they’ve watched President Donald Trump rail against mail-in ballots and raise unfounded worries about fraud. Polling, and now early voting, suggest the rhetoric has turned his party’s rank and file away from a method of voting that, traditionally, they dominated in the weeks before Election Day."


Don Bessee

Keep on suppressing your own vote. But -

"[T]he reality is that this race is far closer than some of the punditry we’re seeing on Twitter and on TV would suggest," Dillon wrote in the memo obtained by Fox News.

Dillon cautioned that polling showing Biden ahead may not be accurate.

“[E]ven the best polling can be wrong and that variables like turnout mean that in a number of critical swing states we are fundamentally tied," Dillon wrote.



George Rebane

The litmus test for PaulE really believing that Bumblebrain beats Trump is when he finally offers to make a $10 even bet. The rest is nothing but words, words, words, ... But then again, I might be wrong.

paul emery

Yes Trump can still win this. Don. Nate Silver has Trumps chances 12 in a 100. However that's far lower than the 28 in a 100 he had on election day '16.


It's an interesting question on voting. Which of Paul's allies is preferable here?

"What a choice for Portlanders: One who so desires approval from BLM that he lets his city burn for five months. The other a woman who venerates mass killers & aligns herself with a violent extremist movement that has murdered in her city. #PortlandRiots #antifa"



lol. A perfect example of Blue Mob News.

"A high school teacher was decapitated for blasphemy in France—the most secular of nations—and the @nytimes frames it like this"

(For Paul's sake, since he doesn't 'do' twitter, requiring a click on a link and all, here is the NY Times Headline for the beheading done by the Islamic extremist)

"French Police Shoot and Kill Man After a Fatal Knife Attack on the Street"

Hey, at least they covered it. It isn't like the NY Times is going to mention Joey Finger's crackhead son's adventures in influence peddling.

paul emery


I will negotiate any potential wagers on the election off line.

By the way I am basing my information on poll numbers from established polling vehicles. They were right on the money last time concluding Hillary would win with a 3% margin in the overall general election. She ended up with a 2% margin only -1% off. Of course she lost the election but speculation now is strong for Biden since he holds almost a 10% lead in general election votes which would swamp any differences in marginal states that went for Trump in 2016.

Of course you can say the polls are wrong but what data do you have to justify a change in the legitimacy of the polls compared to 2016.


Emery. Hit up Dougy for a set of Depends. You may need them.

Proggy internal polls have them REAL NURVICE.
"Team Biden warned in internal memo that ‘Donald Trump can still win this’ despite polls"

You better educate the pony turd compacted melon about "internal" polling.


Well,,, no shit?
"Portland protests drive powerful Dem's Oregon district toward young Republican rival"

paul emery


I did a comparison with 2016 polls. The concept of internals is a digestive issue that inflict you, Todd and Gregory that and is not documented as a viable information source for this election. I welcome any documentation you might have.

Now if Trump starts making significant gains in the established polls you will have something to crow about. Might happen but no sign of it at this point.


Some great observations here. But as far as polls and voting stats it should be obvious to anyone paying attention...is that they’re pschyological political ploys to manipulate minds.

paul emery

I'm just making comparisons to 2016 Bonnie. Do you have any information that their veracity might be different from '16?

George Rebane

PaulE - haven’t gotten into the polls verity debate, only attempted to educate readers on how they propagate errors.

paul emery

I understand George. I am focusing on comparisons to '16 numbers which are established and speculations as to why their legitimacy should be different in '20.

Don Bessee

So says the failed prognosticator on his faith in his polls. Just when the biden campaign manager says dont believe it! ROFLOL !! You cant make this stuff up, did you hear the internet has changed the way we communicate and all that jazz-

Your comrades in the streets winning hearts and minds -




Yep, punch, it's all over but for the shouting. The "day" after the election will be the start of the reeducation of whoever lost.

Dems in Cali don't have to vote at all. In fact, no one has to... it remains a free country.

Don Bessee

One last week now another this week, should we expect 2 more by election day? -




It's good to see the the War Party is getting a head start on matters in case they win.

"Joe Biden has triggered a huge diplomatic row with NATO members Hungary and Poland after appearing to lump them in with Belarus as “totalitarian regimes”, with the Hungarian government demanding answers on his family’s alleged corruption in Ukraine."


Since those are the places that don't appear to be in favor of the blessings of diversity, I'd suggest that a new Biden administration invade both countries and forcibly bring in immigrants...kind of a two birds one stone kind of thing.

Don Bessee

For those that push creepy grampa joe out front of the mob, ask yourself just how he will deal with emperor xi when the chi coms are so comfortable making direct threats to foreign nationals? -



Don Bessee

The media wars -




OHHHH YESSSSS!!!! Come on "O"!!! Deliver the kiss of DEATH to Biden. Everyone you stumped for LOST.. Put another notch in your belt.

Don Bessee

At a free speech rally in the shit hole -



paul emery

Great for Biden Walt. Obama remains popular so it's a big plus to have him speak out. Who would you rather have speaking out for you Obama or QAnon who trumps applauds for their support.

Trump quote

"I don't know much about the movement, other than I understand they like me very much. Which I appreciate.

George Rebane

DonB 317pm - IMHO, that Blue Mob is just pure evil. After the socialists take over, these will be the moral equivalents of the little red book waving Chinese mobs of young people during the Cultural Revolution, harassing, beating, and yes, even killing their fellow citizens who were considered culturally incorrect.

paul emery


Are you inferring that that behavior will be condoned by Biden and the Democratic Party regulars?


LOL 😂 Emery, just who got elected after"O" made a speech for them?

paul emery


Obama led the Democratic sweep in the House two years ago. It was a total blue wave takeover of the House. If he were to run aqainst Trump for the Presidency Walt who do you think would win?


"Are you inferring that that behavior will be condoned by Biden and the Democratic Party regulars?"

Just where in hell have you been Emery? It's been "condoned" so far! Not one disparaging word about the riots destruction, attacks on police. If anything your Proggys have encouraged it.

So O buzzard of Broad St. just what have your Proggys done to stop it? They are PRO ANTIFA, and sucking up to your Anarchists.

Your Proggy Mayors have set the ANTIFA free as soon as they get arrested, just so they can get right back on the streets.

Get informed..... Idiot.


Yup, Dementia has set in.


Really Emery?


Joe Biden gets the 'kiss of death' in Obama's endorsement


You don't do a damned bit of looking.... Do you Emery?


Just what is it with LIBS? Every one a ly'n bastard?

Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris (D) lied during a recent radio show interview, repeating the debunked claim that President Trump “refused to condemn” Neo-Nazis after violence at Charlottesville protests in August 2017.

The bitch can't tell the truth either? And this is the woman you want to be President 20 minutes after Biden takes the oath of office? (after six tries) ( on the outside chance Proggys steal the election.)


What swept the Dems into Kongress in '18 was the Mueller Report anticipation.

Don Bessee

IF you dont vote for me you aren't black man -

Gianno Caldwell: Trump has done a lot for Blacks — don’t say I ‘ain’t Black’ because I won’t vote for Biden
Biden thinks Black voters should vote for him simply because he’s a Democrat



paul emery

Gregory That's an original thought I've never heard before (Gregory 4:32). So advancing that theory do you anticipatate The Repubs sweeping the Congressional elections in two weeks?


So Emery,, just who did "O" help get elected? (answer) NONE!!

Don Bessee

If you want to lay in wait by an atm you are taking your life in your hands -





You have read it before cause I've written it here.

You feeling ok?

Don Bessee

The great pony tail of ignorance is feeling off because of the dem internals! LOL

The cops are ridiculing creepy grampa joes go to line -



Don Bessee

Too bad it does not go into effect until 2022, if the prez is reelected there will be a great need in 2021 -

Trump signs law designating 9-8-8 as universal number for national suicide hotline starting in 2022


Don Bessee

Ya got that right -

Anyone who still doubts that the elite media is out to destroy President Trump should watch his NBC town hall from Thursday night.

Savannah Guthrie, who moderated the event in Miami, was so hostile and irritating, it was really unbearable to watch her at times. She didn’t even pretend to be an objective journalist.

In stark contrast, President Trump was so calm, steady, and positive. It was one of his best performances. Indeed, he was presidential, not just a candidate seeking office. And despite — or perhaps because of — Guthrie’s almost maniacal hostility, President Trump’s composure should be encouraging to all Republicans and conservatives.

In other words, it was President Trump at his best — defending his indisputably strong record and agenda in a considered, controlled way. He just needs to keep it up.


What makes the president’s composure so striking is that he had the perfect excuse to get into a slugfest with Guthrie, who was on the attack the entire night.

Trump faces confrontational questions at NBC News town hallVideo
A town hall is supposed to be an event where voters ask questions. The moderator should just keep things running smoothly. That’s because, unlike a debate, a town hall provides the people the opportunity to engage candidates directly.

Trump town hall 'nodding woman' explains why she left Democratic Party Video

Guthrie, however, took the first several minutes to fire questions at President Trump -- essentially creating a mini-debate with the president.


Compare this to Joe Biden’s ABC town hall on the same night, during which moderator George Stephanopoulos went straight to questions from voters. No aggression. No attempts at “gotcha journalism.”

The difference had nothing to do with the moderators or the networks and everything to do with the candidates. I doubt Guthrie would have badgered Biden from the start.




Let keep the silence of the Emery going.
Your LIBSHIT feral facists trying to styfle fee speech again Emery.

"About one dozen conservative activists wearing “Make American Great Again” hats staged a Free Speech Rally and Protest on Saturday outside Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters building, the Associated Press reported. The group gathered to protest Twitter’s suppression of conservative speech.

One video shot as the protest fell into chaos shows a group of Antifa antagonists attacking a Black man who appeared to be shielding one of the white conservatives. As the video streams, a man wearing black bloc suddenly appears from the left side of the screen and punches the Black man in the face. The mob continues to chase the two men as they move to a police barricade for protection."

So Emery, you questioning if your proggy politicians are condoning these actions,,, well HOW BOUT YOU!!!??
A question asked SO many times, and NEVER answered.

Don Bessee

Since the po' ol' fakenewsman is having trouble with the dem internals upsetting his internals this should help clear him out -

As Breitbart News recently reported, over a dozen polls in October 2016 also showed Clinton with a sizeable lead over Trump nationally. Several showed the former secretary of state holding a double-digit lead:

1. PRRI/Brookings Poll released on October 19: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 15 points

2. NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll released on October 10: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 14 points in a one-on-one contest and 11 points in a four way race

3. AP Poll released on October 26: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 14 points

4. Monmouth University Poll released on October 17: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 12 points

5. ABC Poll released on October 23: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 12 points

6. Atlantic/PRRI Poll released on October 9: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 11 points

7. Saint Leo University Poll released on October 26: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 11 points

8. USA Today/Suffolk University Poll released on October 27: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by ten points in a one-on-one race and by nine points in a four way race.

9. Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll released on October 6: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by ten points

10. SurveyUSA/Boston Globe Poll released on October 14: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by ten points

11. CBS Poll released on October 17: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by nine points

12. Bloomberg Poll released on October 19: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by nine points

13. CNBC Poll released on October 27: Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by nine points

Notably, Trafalgar Group, which Tom Bevan, co-founder and president of RCP, has referred to as “one of the most accurate polling operations in America,” has recently had Trump and Biden statistically tied in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania



George Rebane

Errata - PaulE is my friend whose wayward ideology and attempts at logic I freely tolerate and forgive. So it is incumbent on me to admit that Paul and I do have a bet of a substantial amount on the outcome of this election. He has indeed put his money where his mouth is, and I'll leave to him to disclose details as it suits him.

Bill Tozer

“I'm just making comparisons to 2016 Bonnie. Do you have any information that their veracity might be different from '16?”

Let’s just cut to bottomline. After the 2016 election, polling companies and their pollsters from coast to coast went into a big self introspection of how they could get it wrong. Outfits with good track record overnight became the ire of the Hillary voters. How could they get it so wrong? What happened? “What the hay happened“ said the pollsters, predictors, poll watchers, and the public.

“I'm just making comparisons to 2016 Bonnie. Do you have any information that their veracity might be different from '16?”

Punchy, perhaps a better question to be asked, while you are just making comparisons to 2016, is “Do YOU have any information that their veracity might be different than 2016?”


George. PLEASE tell us he bet his ponytail.


Walt: "So Emery, you questioning if your proggy politicians are condoning these actions,,, well HOW BOUT YOU!!!??
A question asked SO many times, and NEVER answered."

I wouldn't sweat it, you'll just get some Tyrannosaur arm waving about how he doesn't approve of violence.

No matter what anyone says, the essential truth of the matter is this:

The Democrats are threatening to continue to burn buildings, pull down monuments, terrorize the occasional suburban area, march and march and march, unless you vote for Biden.

That's really all there is to it.

Just go with the program and your house will be safe. Maybe not your job of course, that requires a bit more kneeling on your part.

paul emery


Just a reminder I will not discuss any details of our private wager on this blog.

Don Bessee

The fighters love the fighter and the guy with the great kick knockout is a black guy -

Joaquin Buckley’s impressive knockout kick against Impa Kasanganay at UFC Fight Night 179 caught the eyes of President Trump, the fighter revealed Friday night.

Buckley told TMZ Sports that UFC president Dana White called him about Trump being impressed with the finish. Buckley said he was flattered.

“He's the world leader at the end of the day. If anything, that's good to have a person like that on your side,” Buckley told the gossip website.




Leaving town if you lose Emery? Hell you refuse to answer any question.

Don Bessee

Blue wave? Really, it seems more likely that botox nancy a shaky handle on the house with all the unexpected reactions to the summer of socialist dem riots. Can you say 1968??? -

Portland protests drive powerful Dem's Oregon district toward young Republican rival
Rep. Peter DeFazio's district came just a fraction of a percentage point away from supporting President Trump in 2016



Bill Tozer

re: This Sandbox’s opening commentary by Dr. Rebane:

“[I’ve been writing about the contrary Covid counsels coming from science, with each political side finding plenty to support their respective positions on correct response policies. Isn’t it a bitch now that the Europeans, held up by our Left as the paragons practicing proper pandemic public policies, are now also suffering the resurgence of Covid cases no matter how much they lockdown or not, distance or not, wear masks or not? Brings out a chuckle or two when I note how the lamestream is trying to hide all this from their double dummies. gjr]”

‘The America Lasters Face Europe’s Second Wave’


paul emery

Here's a basic question George

Trump ran on the slogan to "Make America Great Again". So now four years later is America "Great" yet? Is it even "greater" than it was in 2017 when Trump became President?

Don Bessee

Lets ask as non partisan question, is it really a bet if the pony tial of ignorance only has 5 hairs left to bet?

Its still no surprise that the pony tail of ignorance is innumerate @716. It is also a self talk problem in his pool of self hating/guilty lefties. Did you ever notice how big our therapy crew is in this little county?

Ask the black mommies, ask the Hispanics blue collar, ask the native born minorities? AS IF you know any people like that punchy. ROFLOL!!



my swag on the Electoral College count:
321 Trump
217 Joe Fingers

That is all for now...

Don Bessee

So creepy grampa joe and his suggestions to blast a shotgun thru your front door if you are concerned we now have the cops saying shut the fuck up to creepy grampa joe-

Law enforcement groups blasted Vice President Joe Biden for again suggesting training police to shoot suspects "in the leg" is a viable way to avoid fatalities, decrying the proposal as dangerous and ignorant.

During an ABC News town hall Thursday, Biden gave the shooting advice while talking about broader police reforms, which have been on the public conscience since the killing of George Floyd sparked nationwide racial unrest.

"There's a lot of things we've learned and it takes time, but we can do this," Biden said. "You can ban chokeholds ... you have to teach people how to de-escalate circumstances. ... Instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg."

Police officers and law enforcement groups pounced on the suggestion that officers would train to shoot someone in the leg rather than "center mass," the largest part of the body that has long been the firearms training target.

John Evans, president of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, told Fox News that Biden's suggestion is "absolutely ridiculous" and "incredibly ignorant."

"The guy's clueless," Evans said. "And I know he's just trying to appease his left-wing base but it's a really foolish statement."


Joe Gamaldi, vice president of the national Fraternal Order of Police, dismissed Biden's suggestion as "completely ridiculous, "unrealistic" and a "pandering talking point."

"Shootings are dynamic situations and we shoot to stop the threat," Gamaldi told Fox News. "It's incredibly difficult to hit a moving target."

The Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed President Trump.




Where the hell have you been Emery?(asked again)
Hell yes America is GREAT. Trump dragged it out of the shithole your boy "O" and Biden put it in.
Trump did exactly what he said he would do. Things would still be humming along id it weren't for the fucking Chinese letting virus loose.
You too Rabidly LIB to understand that?

Bill Tozer

‘Pennsylvania has rejected nearly 375,000 mail-in ballot applications so far’
Nearly 90% of rejected applications were duplicate requests.

Shades of 2016?

‘Battleground state polling shows tighter Trump-Biden race than national polls’

In the RealClearPolitics polling averages on Thursday, Biden led Trump by 9.4% nationally but just 4.9% in key battleground states.


Sorry fellas and fine classy lady. Remember those PSAs about saving money and putting aside something every week or month? The theme was Feed the Pig....as in piggy bank. I apologize for bring up polling and feeding our local pig.

Scott O

Paul 7:16 - "Here's a basic question George"
How about Paul answering a question?

Don Bessee

OH MY Scott O you are so funny, as if the pony tail of ignorance is able to answer a question. Just a putin party parrot. Poor thing. ROFLOL


Scott O

Don - yeah, I know. The little poodle keeps jumping up and down with the same little yap.
He actually thinks that if Biden wins it will make him intelligent.


You just know that the Blue Mob has accomplished something when the Archbishop of San Francisco performs an exorcism on the site of a protest.


I hate to imagine how much holy water Broad St. would need.


A series of nice videos showing the World of Joe Biden at work.


you'll likely have to press 'view' since twitter loves to censor this kind of thing.

Note to Paul who doesn't 'do' twitter'. Don't bother, it's just some more Peace 'n Love from your peaceful friends.

George Rebane

PaulE 407pm - Yep, just like they've supported it for the last 6-7 months. The mobs' behaviors will be the same, only in the future there will be hundreds of thousands of communist thugs on the streets looting, burning, and killing. Remember that Bernie, AOC, the Squad, BLM, Antifa, et al will consider Biden's victory the beginning of their finest hour - it's then or never. Given that they didn't do diddly-shit since spring, what do you think the DNC will do then when they really feel empowered?


Posted by: Scott O | 17 October 2020 at 08:13 PM

Paul 7:16 - "Here's a basic question George"
How about Paul answering a question?

Today it’s, “Here's a basic question George", last week it was “This is the core question George....!” Next week I’m sure Punch will have another, “clearly George the most important question is.....”, for the board.

I do so enjoy it when Punch dons his cape & tights and pretends to be “Serious Political Analyst Man”!

The Estonian Fox

Exactly how did the Chinese go from leading the league in the number of virus deaths early in the year to being out of the top 25 countries now? And I'm still waiting for an accurate report detailing how many Chinese really died from the Wuhan virus.

Natural immunity finally developed? Secret vaccine given out? Draconian shut-down procedures enforced?

And who (not WHO) is going to hold them accountable, at least monetarily?

paul emery

Nate Silver sums things up on the election as of today

"President Trump is running out of time. Joe Biden leads by double digits in national polls, and state-level polling is only slightly closer. In fact, Biden’s lead is so large, traditionally red states like Georgia, Iowa, Ohio and Texas might now go blue. We’ve still got a little over two weeks to go before Election Day, and Trump needs the race to tighten during that time — we’re way past normal polling error territory for Trump to close the gap. Still, Trump has a meaningful chance per our forecast — a little worse than the chances of rolling a 1 on a six-sided die and a little better than the chances that it’s raining in downtown Los Angeles. "

Barry Pruett

Paul. Frankly I am not that nervous. 🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸


Emery.. the one trick pony. OCD on worthless polls.
How bout those feral LIBS running wild in the streets your proggys condone? You must condone it to since you refused to answer the simple yes or NO. Since your a BLM marcher,(now fellow cop hater like the rest,, yes guilt by association)) your content with the violence.

George Rebane

Walt 1012am - I was a bit confused by your comment. Did you mean your last sentence to read 'Since you're a BLM marcher,(now fellow cop hater like the rest, yes guilt by association)) you're content with the violence.'? I didn't understand the double use of the possessive 'your'.

Bill Tozer

The communist left is ramping up to the Cultral Revolution standards. Can you say Khmer Rouge in the streets and behind the Iron Curtain running the show?

'Twitter Refuses To Unlock New York Post Account Until Outlet Deletes Hunter Biden Coverage Tweets'


WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper Ends Interview With Lara Trump After She Mentions Biden’s ‘Cognitive Decline’


paul emery


Are you confident Trump is going to win?

Don Bessee

The swamp at work -

Facebook’s global policy manager for content regulation, Anna Makanju, advised Joe Biden on Ukraine policy during his time as Vice President. She also defended Biden from charges of wrongdoing with regards to Ukraine in a comment to the Washington Post last year.



Don Bessee

Note to the TDS set, it ain't over till the fat lady sings -



Don Bessee

Et tu Nevada? Aren't there a bunch of hispanic voter there? -

Though Trump lost Nevada in 2016, he performed better than Mitt Romney in 2012 or John McCain in 2008. The state also has has a higher percentage of noncollege educated whites, who have made up the base of his electoral support, than in many other pivotal states, including Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Recent polls suggest that Biden is ahead in Nevada, though some show narrower margins than others. But the state has a strong independent streak and is notoriously difficult to poll. The hospitality industry, including the gambling-resort hub of Las Vegas, has a significant slice of night and shift workers and a highly transient population moving in, out and around the state.



Don Bessee

A little late for that -




I've one dollar that says JoJo wins...
Enough votes to keep LIB on the ballot in all 50 states.

If the Dems lose the upcomin', they may splinter into neo-progressive/regressive Cutural Marxist and what used to be called Left-Liberal wings. The Libertarian Party could win big by being the only classic liberal rational modern Enlightenment Lockeans around with ballot rights.

That won't happen until BLM,Inc. and friends aren't 'cool'.

The forecast of 321 electors for Trump was based on a scan of the RCP map... and putting in a 4 or 5% fudge for Trump shy voters, which might be as high as 10 or 11% by some estimations. "Internal polls", where poliical campaigns pay good money (begging is hard work) for hard reality and not for smoke blown up their arses, are good but the lying liars telling us about their secret polling can't be trusted, and this is true about both sides.

But I tend towards believing GOP claims of good internals more than Dems at the moment.

paul emery

Unbelievable that we have a President who supports "locking up" the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer who has just survived, thanks to the FBI a conspiracy to kidnap and possibly execute her from a well organized tight wing gang.

"On Saturday, when the crowd took up the chant, Trump laughed and responded, "Lock them all up."

That is direct support for the gang that planned to kidnap and possibly execute the Governor


paul emery

sp right wing gang

Don Bessee

The deterioration of the TDS suffers is on display here every day -

The pony tail of ignorance says -

That is direct support for the gang that planned to kidnap and possibly execute the Governor

No, its called a joke

A joke is a display of humour in which words are used within a specific and well-defined narrative structure to make people laugh and is not meant to be taken seriously.

What a marron!


Don Bessee

Still not denying it so it can be construed as a yes.



Don Bessee

Why biden and whats her name are not winning it with the folks on the ground that were 2x 0 voters and flipped to Trump -

The words “abortion,” “guns,” “marriage,” “religion” and “immigration” weren’t uttered at all. Which was odd, because these are the issues that animate millions of voters.

And as I traveled the country for three years reporting for my book, “On the Road in Trump’s America: A Journey Into the Heart of a Divided Nation,” I learned that Democrats are increasingly seen as being out of step with residents of rural and industrial America because of their positions on these cultural issues.

One day last fall, I listened as the chairman of the Democratic Party of Erie County, Pennsylvania, explained why his county had voted for Donald Trump in 2016 after twice supporting Barack Obama for president.

He said that many blue-collar and rural residents there had voted for Trump because “they’re caught up in what I like to call the ‘non-issues.’”

I asked him what those “non-issues” were.

“The guns and the abortion thing,” he said. “It’s a heavily Catholic area.”

“But are those really non-issues?” I asked. “They’re important to those people.”

“Well not for those folks they’re not non-issues,” he said. “I call them ‘non-issues’ because it’s not health care, it’s not the economy. It’s not the things that we really need to be talking about right now.”

The chairman’s casual dismissal of issues such as guns and abortion spoke volumes and highlighted a trend.

In Macomb County, Michigan, former Obama voter Catherine Bolder explained that the Democrats’ embrace of late-term abortion and race-based identity politics pushed her to support Trump.

“I was always pro-choice,” she said when I interviewed her in 2018. “I still am. But with New York and Virginia approving them to abort babies after they’ve been born — look, if you carry a child for nine months and only then decide you don’t want it …” she said, trailing off then shaking her head in exasperation. “[The Democrats] have become radical on a lot of issues.”

In Howard County, Iowa, Joe Wacha told me his swing from Obama to Trump had been prompted by the Democrats’ leftward drift on cultural issues. “The reason I didn’t vote as a Democrat, and I am a registered Democrat, was I felt like they’re no longer the party they were thirty years ago,” he told me.

Today’s Republican Party “is more like the way the Democratic Party was thirty or forty years ago,” Wacha, who is in his early sixties, added.

In Robeson County, North Carolina, a plurality of voters are members of the Lumbee Native American Tribe. Their overwhelming support for Trump in 2016 proved crucial to his winning the county and state.

Trade was an important factor. One researcher estimated that Robeson County lost as many as 10,000 jobs due to NAFTA — more than any other rural county in America. So, Trump’s abject hostility toward NAFTA made him an attractive candidate.

But in talking to scores of people throughout the county, it was clear that social issues mattered most.

Jarrod Lowery said Republicans’ social conservatism and emphasis on law and order resonate with the Lumbee, whose values focus on faith, family, and traditional mores. “When the Democratic Party in America took that hard left on social issues, Lumbee people started backing up,” he explained.

I met with Virgil Lowery and McDuffie Cummings, Lumbee elders who I was told had a better sense for local politics than just about anyone in the area. “The Democrat party is too left for the grassroots people,” said Cummings. “They’ve gone with all these liberal ideas.”

“You saw it with [Joe] Biden,” Virgil added. “He used to be a moderate on abortion. Now he’s moved all the way to the left with AOC…. We have a lot of conservative people in this county as far as their morals on homosexuality.”

Even Channing Jones, executive director for the Robeson County Office of Economic Development, emphasized the supremacy of social issues. When I met with him in late January, he told me Robeson’s economic indicators were “tremendous” and called the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the NAFTA replacement that Trump signed into law on the very day we met, “a great thing” for his county.

Even so, he said that Trump’s positions on “some very significant moral issues, faith-based issues” would be the most important factors working in the president’s favor.

“Remember, we’re in the Bible Belt down here,” Jones said. “And it’s going to be hard for many people to not think about that when they go to the polls.”

Each of the counties mentioned above twice voted for Obama before turning to Trump. Based on my research in these counties and others like them, Democrats will have a hard time winning them back this year.

That’s because around the time of Obama’s election as president, the Democratic Party began to embrace positions that only a couple of years earlier had been regarded as extreme, even among Democrats.

Once-fringe positions – including race-based reparations for slavery, decriminalization of illegal border crossings, government confiscation of certain types of guns and defunding of police departments – have suddenly become not only mainstream but almost mandatory for any candidate running for high office in the Democratic Party.




re: DonB@2:06PM Octoboer 18, Year Zero.

It isn't like Biden even has a 'policy' or philosophy on any of this. He's just a half-witted figurehead for a committee of some sort. Latest news is that there's a Biden Lid until Thursday down in the Bidenbunker.

I mean, seriously, it's just flat embarassing.

In other news, there's science and there's science. If it's the wrong science, well, it's not science. Thank God for twitter telling us all what to think


Believe me folks, there's plenty of studies on masks showing their lack of value...and obviously there's masks and then there's masks. If you question the magic value of wearing a bandana, damn it, you're a Nazi.


Paul Emery, the 'Good Soldier Švejk" of Nevada City sez:

"Unbelievable that we have a President who supports "locking up" the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer who has just survived, thanks to the FBI a conspiracy to kidnap and possibly execute her from a well organized tight wing gang."

c'est la guerre.

"Governor Gretchen Whitmer displayed an "86 45" sign during her TV appearance.

86 can be shorthand for killing someone.

Whitmer is encouraging assassination attempts against President Trump just weeks after someone sent a ricin-laced package to the White House."


Perhaps the Secret Service needs to make a visit.


The racists show their true colors.
"Shortly before a Free Speech Rally and Protest in San Francisco, event organizer Philip Anderson can be seen in a video tweeted by Chester Belloc helping a white man walk through an angry counter-protest filled with Antifa anarchists. As they walk through the crowd, a man wearing all black (black bloc) comes up from behind Anderson and punches him in the face."

And they are Leftists.

Don Bessee

Keep counting your chickens oh great pony tail of ignorance -




Absolutely no surprise.

"In a recent interview with Revolver, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon admitted that he's the architect of a coordinated roll-out of the Hunter Biden laptop contents, and that there's much, much more to come."


I think it's absolutely a riot how the TDS folks have backed themselves into such a corner that it simply doesn't matter what Biden has been up to.

Don Bessee

If the protesters weight causes the rotten tree to fail who has liability? The property owner who let them on their property. You can bet if one of the tree huggers is hurt they are going to look for someone elses liability insurance! LOL

The days are now officially numbered for Nevada City’s giant Blue Atlas cedar tree. City Councilman Doug Fleming says a city-commissioned arborist’s report confirms a previous report commissioned by PG and E that it has what’s called “very significant heart rot”…



Don Bessee

Funny the last time they didnt endorse a dem was John Edwards -

Cal Cunningham is now the first North Carolina Democrat Senate candidate in 22 years not to receive the Charlotte Observer’s endorsement.

The Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh News & Observer on Saturday declined to endorse Cunningham. This makes Cunningham the first North Carolina Democrat Senate candidate to not receive an endorsement from the Charlotte Observer since John Edwards in 1998.






They just announced the FBI has located the bidens brats laptop with the crack smoking with a hooker having sex video. OH MY


Don Bessee

NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH The bidens fall guy turned over his emails account. LOL!

In the meantime, however, Cooney—who is serving his sentence in federal prison—reached out to Schweizer via conservative journalist Matthew Tyrmand and provided written authorization to access his Gmail account. He provided the password and username, and written authorization to publish emails because Schweizer says he believes he was the “fall guy” for the Biden family’s corruption and that he believes the public needs to know what really happened in Hunter Biden’s universe. The first article on these emails was published Friday afternoon, and detailed how Hunter Biden and his partners secured meetings with senior White House officials in November 2011 for Chinese Communist elites—including, as the Chinese elites who were present revealed, a secret meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden himself. The Biden campaign has not responded to requests for comment about this from Breitbart News.



Don Bessee

Can they exorcise a whole state? -

The archbishop of San Francisco performed a short exorcism ceremony Saturday outside a Catholic church where protesters had earlier toppled a statue of Father Junipero Serra, saying the ceremony was intended to drive out evil and defend the image of Serra.




Oh.. Look who's bitching now.. They didn't seem to have a problem when THEY had judges who believed the way they did.
Hell. They were even legislating from the bench to make LIBS happy. Has anyone reminded them of that?
So it's our turn.

"A U.S. District Judge in San Diego who has issued rulings in two separate lawsuits challenging California’s strict gun control measures will take up another weapons-related case on Monday, sparking criticism from gun-control groups who pro-gun advocates have been given an unfair advantage.

Judge Roger Benitez has twice ruled in favor of gun rights: in a case that challenged California’s ban of high-capacity magazines, and another case mandating background checks for buying ammunition, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

On Monday, he will oversee a case challenging several state laws regulating and defining assault weapons. He is overseeing another case challenging the state’s prohibition on owning batons, billy clubs, and blackjacks."


Be careful of who you throw under the bus. It just came back to bite to bite the Biden crime family in the ass.

Uh,, YES,, Joe' be LY'N!
And social media is turning on their own.

Don Bessee

Did she juicy herself? -


Self hating American liberals -

One-in-Four Democrats Favor Hiring Foreign Workers over American




The real Nazis... ANTIFA. And Bat aria cops let them win.


Crap... "BAY". Haven't got my new spectacles yet.

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