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31 October 2020



This is who the Commiecrats are really trying to elect as dictator.

"Axios released a report Friday morning citing how many on the left view Harris — a California senator and Biden’s running mate — as the face and leader of what Axios called “a post-Biden Democratic Party.”"

Barry Pruett

George. My wife bought us “The Gulag Archipelago” this week. After that we are going to read a book by Shafarevich called “The Socialist Phenomenon.” While in my youth I believed that such things could never happen here in America, over the past few years I am convinced otherwise. It is time to turn this franchise around. Thank you for your insight over the years.


A decent statement by Glenn Greenwald on T. Carlson.


I can't find a single thing to disagree with here.

The pro-police state Republicans have got to be feeling pretty silly at this point. The federal power structure never was your friend, it's simply a scorpion that chose a different set of people to ride.

re: “The Gulag Archipelago”. To the extent that it's an attempt to understand modern times by finding rhyming behavior in the past, I can't say that the 1917 Russian Revolution is a good model. OTOH, authoritarian governments tend to follow the same playbook so there is that value.

Barry Pruett

“authoritarian governments tend to follow the same playbook so there is that value.” Exactly.

Bill Tozer

Here’s Why Judge Sullivan Must Disqualify Himself From Michael Flynn’s Case
Sullivan’s apparent animus toward Flynn's attorney and his fixation on Flynn being punished demonstrate bias in this case — sufficient to require his disqualification.


George Rebane

BarryP 1017am - Thank you for the kind words. The fundamental schema toward autocracy now happening in the US is not new. I have seen it before (and the Rebanes are the only ones here who have contributed members to the USSR's population of zeks). Be sure you get all three volumes of the 'Gulag ...'.

And congrats on the new young un', happy sleepless days. However, there's always 'And this too shall pass.' ;-)

Bill Tozer

If you are not totally shocked, disgusted, fearful, apprehensive, upset, angry, and have the urge to go out and string up some members of the Industrial Jacobin Media Complex,
in the town square, then one does not realize the breath of the Greenwald bloodbath.

I see it as a watershed moment, a Kent State game changer or some incident that we can look back and say about Greenwald that this was indeed a pivotal moment on the road to no more freedom of the press and speech. It’s a terrible lost to our Republic when we have a one party press. Like a tin horn Banana Republic. Never a good sign.

Re: Glenn Greenwald, the man’s resignation letter. They had to rip up not one but a second separate contract for the Intercept to censor him. The first contract they cannot edit whatever he writes (final say) and the second contract says if the Intercept refuses to publish any of his articles, then he is free to share the article to some other media outlet. Wrote for Rollingstone Mag for a long time and left when he found the same stuff going on there. Left them . One Lefty I can respect, right or wrong.
‘Article on Joe and Hunter Biden Censored By The Intercept’
An attempt to assess the importance of the known evidence, and a critique of media lies to protect their favored candidate, could not be published at The Intercept
Glenn Greenwald
Oct 29

“I am posting here the most recent draft of my article about Joe and Hunter Biden — the last one seen by Intercept editors before telling me that they refuse to publish it absent major structural changes involving the removal of all sections critical of Joe Biden, leaving only a narrow article critiquing media outlets. I will also, in a separate post, publish all communications I had with Intercept editors surrounding this article so you can see the censorship in action and, given the Intercept’s denials, decide for yourselves (this is the kind of transparency responsible journalists provide, and which the Intercept refuses to this day to provide regarding their conduct in the Reality Winner story). This draft obviously would have gone through one more round of proof-reading and editing by me — to shorten it, fix typos, etc — but it’s important for the integrity of the claims to publish the draft in unchanged form that Intercept editors last saw, and announced that they would not “edit” but completely gut as a condition to publication:“......


George Rebane

Administrivia - please move your discussion of the Biden scandal to either Scattershots or 'Biden Family Scandal Debunked'. Keep the sandboxes for new or dated and rehashed issues; thanks.


Scary news on Halloween for the likes of Emery and Stevie.
The coming nightmare.

"Notable pollsters are cautioning Americans to refrain from getting too comfortable with polling predictions as Election Day approaches, suggesting polls may not account for “shy” or “hidden” Trump voters– those who are largely responsible for President Trump’s upset victory four years ago. In this election, the magnitude of such voters could be even greater."


One more think to think about Proggys... The turncoats within your ranks. Plenty of DEMS have been showing up at Trump rallies... And NOT to protest.


Barry... if you haven't read Cynical Theories, get it. You can't tell the players with old school Marxist tomes.

And... the guy I am most afraid of is Pete BUttigieg... son of Joseph, founder of the Gramsci Society and translator into English of a number Gramsci's works. Cultural Marxists at their core, and "Mayor Pete" is on Biden's transition team.

Pete B. learned much at the kitchen table.


Ronna McDaniel: Democrats and Independents Turning out in ‘Droves’ for Trump in Minnesota and Wisconsin


Barry Pruett

Greg @ 1212p. That book just made the list. A friend of mine told me to read “The Mew Jim Crowe.” I tried to read it but I only got about two chapters deep and I couldn’t do it anymore. I understand the theory and agree to a certain extent, but some of the historical underpinnings of the author’s theory were just plainly wrong. I grew tired of the historical inaccuracies as they were detracting from the ideas.



Pull down Marcus Aurelius and it's game on.

We really are living in Saint Leibowitz's time.

“Ignorance is king. Many would not profit by his abdication. Many enrich themselves by means of his dark monarchy. They are his Court, and in his name they defraud and govern, enrich themselves and perpetuate their power.” Walter M. Miller - A Canticle for Leibowitz.


Pull down Marcus Aurelius and it's game on.

More importantly pull him down and contract with me to haul him away....wink, wink...!


Because Dementia Joe can't make a decision on his own like Trump can.

Bill Tozer

Second chuckel of the day.

McConnell: Barrett Confirmation ‘Was A Wonderful Birthday Present For Hillary Clinton’



WOW!!! BOJO has really out did Biden.(Or Biden is riding his coattails)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a "circuit break" lockdown in England for the month of November as the nation struggles to contain the coronavirus.
The lockdown will commence Nov. 5 and end Dec. 2, when the country will return to the tiered system based on the latest data.

At least it's not a complete shoot on sight order.
"Residents will be allowed to leave their homes only for essential reasons, such as education, work, shopping and exercise. All non-essential businesses will be closed.

Pubs, bars and restaurants will close for general service, but can still provide takeaway services.

Schools, colleges and universities will remain open. "This virus cannot damage our children's futures more than it already has," Johson said.

Yet still less restrictive than Ca.

Scott O

Walt 1:10 - It's called 'leading from behind'. Something he learned from Obama. Basically, it's abdicating leadership and hiding out until the results are in. If it looks good, then claim authority and credit - if it bombs, blame it on some one else.
The China money power is already showing up. Don't expect Biden to do anything more than wave his hands and claim he doesn't want to make anyone angry.

Scott O

scenes 12:50 - Destruction and defacement are the hallmarks of the barbarians.
Eventually, they will be at the gates. We all know the outcome.

Bill Tozer

re Mueller Report, last paragraph

“In the end, none of the warning signs about the Steele dossier and the Clinton campaign's dirty trick stopped the FBI from continuing its investigation. And the evidence Mueller gathered showing Clinton ties to the smear campaign mostly remained secret until the last few weeks.”
‘Mueller gathered evidence suggesting DNC, Clinton camp manufactured Russia collusion story’
Memos show Clinton-DNC effort to tie Trump to Russia began as early as May 2016 in Ukraine, but Mueller didn't include in final report.

“Separately, in August 2016, a State Department official named Eric Schultz received from Konstantin Kilimnik — a trusted, longtime source in Kiev — similar intelligence about a Clinton campaign in Ukraine to tie Trump to Russia through Manafort.

"First, it is definitely HRC and her HQ who launched this shitstorm trying to use construction of "Putin = very bad, Putin = Manafort, Manafort = Trump, therefore Trump = Putin = very bad," Kilimnik emailed Schultz on Aug. 22, 2016 (around the time the stories that would force Manafort to resign as Trump campaign chairman started emerging).

Kilimnik was a Ukrainian businessman who worked with Manafort and Gates. He was routinely interviewed as a sensitive source by U.S. officials in the Kiev embassy. State Department officials told Mueller's team they considered Kilimnik to be one of the few reliable Ukrainians who helped the Obama administration.“


Bill Tozer

I bet after Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi is next.



re: BillT@10:15PM

Taibbi quite writing online for Rolling Stone and went to Substack in April, Year Zero. We'll see if he continues pushing the occasional piece to the print magazine.

It's smart for these fellas to set up their own brand as people become more accustomed to paying a small tithe and the MSM continues it's death spiral.

In other news...

"Many Seattle protesters arrested are white, from other cities, analysis finds"

"48% of suspects are white
18% of suspects are black
28% of cases race was undetermined or not listed
32% of suspects listed Seattle as hometown"

So, 68% are from out-of-town. Pretty good organizing for something that's just an idea.

I'm afraid that Brother Love's Travelling Pyromania Show is a real thing.


Biden voters doing what comes naturally.

"Shocking Video from Portland: Rioters recorded while smashing the windows of a business - rioters tried to assault and threatened the cameraman. "


"On Halloween 2019, a group of six antifa showed up at my family's home wearing paper print-outs of my face as masks. They tried to break into the house & taunted the security cameras. Portland Police never followed up with me after I reported the incident. "


"BLM-antifa rioters stole flags from the Washington State Patrol building in Vancouver, Wash. and lit them on fire. They chant about burning every precinct to the ground."


"Woman who wants to defund the police calls police on Trump supporters because flags scare her."



As a general question, you do have to wonder how much longer these people will put up with it all. I'm starting to think that Trump voters need to receive the Nobel Peace Prize as a group. In terms of civic stability, it does a lot to have the pro law 'n order folks be drawn from the competent fraction of the population.



...and finally.

"If your city is boarding up in preparation for Election Day, then you probably live in a liberal city."



There is an new game in Texas. Not cowboys and indians this time.
Conservatives VS Commiecrats... Guess who won?😂👍👌
Guess who got run out of town.. "Git!!,, Amscray!!"
Another priceless video!



Oh.. Here's another. Trump folk giving the Biden bus an escort into town.

They sure are friendly in Texas


Now we can't let a certain Nevada City dweller forget who he marched with.

Great company you keep.


Walt: "Oh.. Here's another. Trump folk giving the Biden bus an escort into town."

I'll bet you a sizable sum that the FBI will get called in to thoroughly investigate the evil Nazi pickup truck flag people. Maybe they can use the same team who thoroughly investigated the Bubba Wallace noose incident.

Your tax dollars at work.

Just imagine the number of thorough investigations the FBI would be called on to do under a Harris/Biden administration. Judging from modern college campuses and the Left's interest in doxxing/cancel culture, keeping one's head down will be the order of the day.

There's a bit of Red Guard in everyone and I'm afraid we know where it's coming from this time around. Without a bit of counterbalance from the Right and the remants of the sane Left we are screwed.


Walt: "Now we can't let a certain Nevada City dweller forget who he marched with."

Why do you think he gives a shit? You do have to admire the bloody mindedness that leads you to a destructive political movement in the middle of an epidemic.

In order to build a utopian omelette you have to crack a few eggs. That's always the way it goes down.


Right as rain Scenes,, I give you the Progressive base.
I bet he wishes he was there.


I did like this NYTimes tweet and the first response:

""Joe Biden has staked his entire campaign on his decency, his moral vision, his old-fashioned belief that one should love thy neighbor as thyself," "

"There’s also his competency, affirmations of democratic principles and institutions, collegiality, empathy, and the belief that public service should not be a vehicle for self enrichment."


Please, for the love of God, either Paul or D can make that case instead of just the steady stream of Trumphate. I'd honestly love to hear a well-reasoned argument.


Posted by: scenes | 01 November 2020 at 09:14 AM

I'd honestly love to hear a well-reasoned argument.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.....


fish: "I wouldn’t hold my breath....."

I think we have to let Joe Biden make his own case.



Sorry Scenes,,, all you will get is TROLL scours.


Posted by: scenes | 01 November 2020 at 09:22 AM

It’s little more than elderly abuse at this point.....


Well well.... LIB monkey business with? "late votes" gets shot down? But "vote by mail was THEIR idea.
"Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., said that in light of an 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling ordering Minnesota ballots received after Election Day to be segregated from other votes, she no longer wants people to vote by mail."


LOL!! Proggys are SOOOOOO dramatic. "attempted homicide"
"This is a traffic violation and attempted homicide. Why hasn’t anyone been arrested?"
In reference to the "Trump Train" escort of the Proggy bus.

Sorry deary,, we ain't ANTIFA or Black lies matter.


America’s Paper of Record commenting on (D)ugsKKKi’s peeps.....

U.S.—Business owners in Democrat-controlled cities are boarding up in preparation for an onslaught of mostly peaceful demonstrations should Trump win the election Tuesday.

The real concern is that the party of love and tolerance loses the election.

"We just want to make sure our businesses will be safe from the sudden outpouring of peace, love, and tolerance," said one frightened business owner in Los Angeles as he frantically boarded up his hookah lounge. "You know, too much peace can sometimes intensify and end up destroying millions of dollars of property. You know, from all the peace."

"Can't be too careful when there's roaming bands of people spreading peace."

Many business owners are even arming themselves with firearms to protect themselves from all the peace.


Trump signs new EO so he can fire employees for disloyalty.
Then, they head to the re-eduction camps.


"In creating the new category, called “Schedule F,” Trump would basically take employees whose jobs are nonpolitical and are protected from, for instance, a president who doesn‘t believe science is real, and make them “at will,” while at the same time, giving political appointees the very job protection he’s stripping from civil servants. That would obviously be extremely bad under a scenario in which Trump is elected to a second term—as the Washington Post puts it, “think of the Federal Aviation Administration employee evaluating whether an airliner is safe to fly” or “the Food and Drug Administration employee evaluating the efficacy of a vaccine”—and there isn‘t a single person left in the federal government who is qualified or non-corrupt."

"The order…would strip civil service protections from a broad swath of career civil servants if it is decided that they are in “confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating positions”—a description previously reserved for the political appointees who come and go with each change in administration. It does that by creating a new category for such positions that do not turn over from administration to administration and reclassifying them as part of that category.

The range of workers who could be stripped of protections and placed in this new category is vast, experts say, and could include most of the non-partisan experts—scientists, doctors, lawyers, economists—whose work to advise and inform policymakers is supposed to be done in a way that is fact-driven and devoid of politics. Trump has repeatedly clashed with such career workers on a variety of settings, ranging from his desire to present the COVID-19 pandemic as largely over, to his attempts to enable his allies to escape punishment for federal crimes, to his quixotic insistence that National Weather Service scientists back up his erroneous claim that the state of Alabama was threatened by a hurricane which was not heading in its direction."


Paper of Record, fish? You mean The Scooper?


Douchey running out of vinegar? Complaining about how an employee can be dismissed?
You mean like what happened to you?
Funny, coming from a dudette who believes rules don't apply to it.


Douchey really enjoys the gas lighting the Proggy Press has been giving him. Just look at the gas byproduct he gives off here.


Waldoucheyness, Cry baby cry

George Rebane

Do we really continue to believe that there remain non-partisan civil servants who don't put their finger on the scale when drafting or enforcing regulations to implement government policies?


LOL Douchey,, Desperation setting in? Bad news Biden going down in flames?
Nothing of substance out of you except TROLL drool.

It GREAT that shitty gov. workers get kicked to the curb.
(like crappy teachers.... Like someone we know)

Repubs gave us the EPA. Proggys turned it into a tool cripple the economy with.

Now why don't you join that idiot in the tree in Nevada City? At the same time complain about PG&E not doing enough.

robert Cross

who can explain the difference between trump supporters surrounding and harassing a Biden campaign bus in Texas and brown shirts harassing Jewish owned businesses and business owners in pre war Germany?


OH poor Cross Bobby.. Cry us a river.
So a Proggy bus was given a peaceful escort. Not one window cracked. Not even an attempt to run it off the road.

Can the same be said for the JEWS you bring up? Trying to make Hitler look good?

Now how bout this A-HOLE?
"Police declared a march against capitalism and police violence a riot in Portland, Oregon, after demonstrators smashed the windows of businesses and threw projectiles at cops."

What did those businesses do to them?

Your silence will be golden.(as always when it's your LIBshit verman doing the damage.)
That must be just fine with you since you never have a CROSS word to say about it.


OK,, Your boy "O" just ain't what he used to be.
"Barack Obama Suffers Microphone Malfunction While Addressing Tens of Supporters"

Yup,, that's election winning at it best.

roberty Cross

In the 'put your money where your mouth is' category: trump must think he will lose as he isn't putting any of his own money into the campaign. In 2016 he posted up $10 million in the last days of the campaign for last minute ad buys. This year no personal last minute cash. “We’re very smart with our money. We don’t frivolously spend it, and we don’t need to have the president cut a personal check. That’s unnecessary,” Lara Trump said.

I guess, at this point, the trump Org. thinks investing in the Don is a frivolous bad business decision. Even though Biden has twice as much money to spend in battleground states the 'smart with their money' trump's aren't going to pony up a dime. Have they given up?

Bill Tozer

“who can explain the difference between trump supporters surrounding and harassing a Biden campaign bus in Texas and brown shirts harassing Jewish owned businesses and business owners in pre war Germany?”

A more fitting question is, “Who wants to take the time to explain to Roberta Cross the difference? We are not talking parallel universes here. Like, whats the difference between your nose and your big toe?

Life is too precious and short to waste the time explaining it to Ms. Cross. But, the great news is that all Biden campaign stops in Texas have been cancelled by his campaign team. Problem went away. It’s like it never happened.

I must say I do like the idea of Trump car rallies. Seems kinda fun. Even seen some folks stick an American flag in the back of the pickup or family car and head out on a Sunday drive. It doesn’t even have to be organized. Just get word of a car rally drive somewhere and join the rolling thunder. And social distancing is adhered to. Kind of a fad that’s catching on. Honk and wave...what could be more neighborly that that?

People are out there expressing themselves. Great to see. No hiding in the basement. You can always tell the bad guys. They are the ones flying American flags tootling down the road, have big grins and happy smiles on their faces, and for some unexplained reason, they obviously attract the best looking and articulate women of all ages. Never get tired of winning.

Didn’t take much to scare Biden away. No more questions, the lid to the cone of silence has been lowered. That bus has a big basement.

Now Trump is a different story. Right after Trump won the nomination and Hillary’s Convention was going on, I watched Trump give a speech (which drove the Libs nuts because of the unwritten protocol that you don’t campaign during the other party’s nomination). Anyway, Trump appearing breathing hard and out of breath, hair and tie a little messed up as he gave his first words. I definitely knew he was out of breath. What I did not know was the Jacobins had surrounded the front and sides of the building with a full blockage going on. Trump’s driver circled around back, Trump and his secret agent jumped out, climbed over some barbed wire farm fencing, raced across the field, and ran into the back, door opens, and Trump kept running straight to the podium. No wonder he was trying to catch his breath.

Now, could you ever ever ever imagine Trump being deterred by some cars on a freeway? Ha! Hardly. Hurry up fellas, Joey Fingers is late for his nappy-pooh.


Ms Cross: "Even though Biden has twice as much money to spend in battleground states the 'smart with their money' trump's aren't going to pony up a dime. "

You have to go back to Bush v. Kerry to see roughly equivalent spending.

Since then, Team Blue spends about 2x as much as Republicans. (per opensecrets).

Funny thing that Big Money follows Democrats, perhaps there's a clue in all of that.

All politicians are corrupt, but some are more corrupt than others. We are living in Animal Farm I'm afraid.

Perhaps your NSAGoogleFBIFacebook Lords and Masters can come up with a better talking point next time.


Ahhh.. No response from lil' bob Gotta change the subject.
Any damage to that Proggy bus lil' babs? Other that being butthurt? Joining the ANTIFA fun and games? Will private business fair the same as your bus bitch?

Your turning out to be just as cowardly as the feral LIBs who dress all in black. Gotta run in packs, but on your own, you stand in a yellow puddle of your own making.

Runa away lil' babs,, that's the Proggy way.


This is for M.I.A. Emery.(he on a ventilator? His polls not going his way?) He's a Queen and country kind of guy,
Better follow the Queen's law.


Now look what I found lil' babs,,, I love it when proof just "shows up".
Lone LIBSHIT runs when the heat barely starts to rise.....
Just like you.


OK Lefties,, This who you want voting your way? Or are you voting theirs?
“ELECTIONS NO REVOLUTION YES!” was spray-painted in red capital letters across the garage door, and the traditional socialist hammer-and-sickle emblem was painted on the driveway.

Have the brass ones to admit it?

Don Bessee

Fake news to the end -

CNN's Tapper called out for failing to fact-check Biden campaign's fracking claim




"The Associated Press Stylebook was amended this week to discourage the use of the word “riot” to describe violent protests, instead expanding the definition of “protest” to include violent demonstrations."


“‘Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.’” G.O.

Don Bessee

A serial fire starter who never learned his lesson from previous convictions should be locked up as a threat to society. -




A "new" sporting rifle to be had.. But NOT in Kalif.
.950,,,Really? Yes,it needs wheels and a hitch.
OK Scott,, this one is one you can get, and bag the Moose, the next state over.


Biden voters and glaziers create a common cause.

"Fuck your windows.

Stay mad about it. Don't bother replacing them soon "



A vid from Scene's post. Priceless.

Trump people can stop traffic too.


OH!! They get better?
See the ANTIFA strapped to his hood like a trophy deer?


Biden even losing on the Lefty Youtube vote. 2.1K to 2.4k(down votes)


Posted by: D | 01 November 2020 at 10:39 AM

Paper of Record, fish? You mean The Scooper?

UR funny...when you lil arms wave.

George Rebane

robertC 1122am - You really don't know, do you?


Poor buttsore Proggys.. It's OK when YOU do it. False reporting is a CRIME.
"12:10 p.m. — Multiple callers from locations throughout the county reported reckless drivers associated with a Trump rally, as well as “obnoxious” loudspeakers and inappropriate signs.

Any businesses vandalized? Cars with Biden stickers set on fire? Anyone with a Biden T-shirt beat to within an inch of their lives?

I have seen the kind of "inappropriate" signage of YOURS
as your block the sidewalks and street corners, with YOUR loudspeakers.

Bill Tozer

“Not Joe Biden, apparently. In his latest campaign brain failure, Biden touted his longstanding association with Philadelphia by pointing out that he was wearing an Eagles jacked. Only he wasn’t:”


Like Gavin wearing a Cal Bears jacket with Winnie the Pooh on it, lol.


A decent article...


...but I think he is whistling by the graveyard.

In the long run, I'd say that the most likely result of the Left's revolution and the death of the American nation (as opposed to 'country') will be competing autocracies. Will a movement based on freedom and merit be enough to counter the Blue Mob? or do you simply end up with a Red Mob? It's early days yet and the crystal ball is cloudy.



"Historians of the future, pan-frying sowbugs over their campfires, will recollect in wonder and nausea the election of 2020 and the attempted controlled demolition of the USA by the Woke Rebellion and its incongruous avatar, Joe Biden, the Holy Ghost of Grift and Gaslight. All the forces of empire were arrayed in his support, as behind some sacred effigy of an obscure saint in a church processional, and yet all the voting public saw was a pitiful figure ranting at an audience of cars, an old dog barking pointlessly in a parking lot in the gathering darkness.

And then there was Trump… one word, Trump… no honorifics, as the Woke Legions spoke of the hated POTUS… Trump, who violated all their norms, threatened their perqs, and disputed their laughable identitarian shibboleths of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia… the Golden Golem of Greatness summoning the deplorably un-Woke in their ghastly red hats from the hills and hollows by the thousands to hear him speak of “rounding the corner” and watch him do that charming dance thing to the disco tunes of his boomer youth, and the sheer high spirits of it all worked to dispel the Woke curse cast upon him by the legions of angry suburban wiccans, till we arrived at the electoral reckoning of November 3 — and then the real contest began. ..."



Just one of those things you run into.

"Federal Employee Activist Tactics For Sabotage In Bureaucracy"

George Rebane

scenes 709am - Good article Mr scenes. Can you please expand on your vision of a "Red mob", their membership and provenance. Thanks.

robert cross

George 5:29 --that is the point.. there is no difference. Trump's thug army is no different than Hitler's brown shirts. Their sole existence is to harass, demean, and denigrate the 'enemy'.. democrats.. just like the brownshirts did to the Jews. and you and yours are part and parcel of this growing cancer by your failure to objectively recognize and repudiate such abhorrent unpatriotic behavior for just what it is; the road to fascism.


Posted by: robert cross | 02 November 2020 at 08:45 AM

Spoiled white Antifa LARPers burning major American cities all summer long and Bertie gets her panties in a bunch now because somebody followed Joey Fingers campaign bus.

Quick....to the fainting couch!


" Can you please expand on your vision of a "Red mob", their membership and provenance."

It would surprise the heck out of me to see a Right Wing that goes down the path of the destruction of businesses, burning of government buildings, marching through neighborhoods threatening the hoi polloi. lol, can you imagine the uproar from Ms. Cross if anything like that existed?

OTOH, it's probably easier for the Right to organize if they detect a threat, real or imagined. They share stronger affinity than the Left's loose coalition of special interest groups that want to squabble over the carcass of the Republic. Choosing a time of plague in order to tear down what was isn't a stroke of genius, but it's not a bad move.

So, how do you build a Red Mob. Places like Portland and Seattle are showing that government, especially the suborned variety, is insufficient to keep the peace in some cases. You can see what has happened in other places where authority has lapsed. Rodney King riots, Hurricane Katrina, it's quite natural to put together ad hoc militias if you want to keep your home unburnt and your family unmolested. Unlike the Left, these aren't expansionary movements but can certainly be prone to violence if threatened. These are normal people responding to extraordinary circumstances.

If it goes over some minimum level, it would be easy to see Lebanon-style mini-states as people become more irate. Naturally, how you look is as easy a way as any to sort humanity so the Left's attempt to seize power by sorting everyone by race rather than class might result in an ugly affair.

Frankly, I'm just assuming an autocracy going forward. Lacking a unifying culture, countries with the blessing of diversity always end up there. They can be tolerably moral (like Singapore) or not (like the Soviet Union), but the latter seems more normal than the former.

George Rebane

robertc 845am - with that comparison you again reinforce the major tenet of RR that our polarized nation has not only its own widely varying opinions, but also its own facts, history, mores, values, sense of justice and evil, interpretation of current events, ... . We share little and are now two nations living and chafing within a common border. We have arrived at the Great Divide; what remains is to sort out how it should be implemented politically.


Good Morning, I came across a great news site I know you will be interested in. All the news the way you want to hear it.

Who cares if it is true, it will feel so good,



Here is a cute little clip where Rudy makes claims about Bidens "palatial" homes.
Then, underneath is the link that debunks the BS being spewed by lap dog Rudy.

Republican lies, lies, and more lies.




Posted by: D | 02 November 2020 at 09:17 AM

(D)ugsKKKi……you should check that out….GeT baCk to Us WiTh a ComPLetE RepoRT….

George Rebane

scenes 909am - From your description, "Red Mob" seems like an unfortunate choice of labels.


Republican lies, lies, and more lies,



LOL Douchey.. All those "Republican lies" always come out as fact at some point. Now tell us again what those "LIB facts" actually turned out to be. You know(lies),, Trump colluding with the Russians and all.....


re: Hunter Biden flip

That just sounds like a 4chan post.

It's pretty obvious that young Hunter has the protection of the bureaucracy and that the whole tawdry episode will get memory-holed regardless of who wins the election.

It's funny how up in arms people get with the occasional Putin offing of a political opponent but something like the Epstein situation fades without trace.

Truth is, if you want less corruption you need two things.

. Smaller government with less tendrils into all matters.
. Common culture that values hard work, honesty in dealings, all that boring stuff.

Not gonna happen. We're really not that far from having Senators nailing the hands of their political rivals at the Rostra.


Posted by: D | 02 November 2020 at 09:29 AM

Whine, whine and more whine! TEAM D invented the bogus photograph scam. I guess I can see you being upset at them running "your" scam.


Call Bill Barr! The FBI is investigating the Biden Bus Incident! Trump is flipping out!



American ISIS! Democracy is on the line!



"From your description, "Red Mob" seems like an unfortunate choice of labels."

Well, "Red Army" doesn't have quite the right ring.

What does one call a self-organized extra-legal group? A 'militia' supplements the established order.

Given the amount of organization, I'm not sure that 'Blue Mob' is the right moniker either.

You also have the problem of describing an expansionary group vs. a self-defense variety.

The right phrase doesn't spring to mind.


From the 'you're on your own department':

One thing the .gov is actually good at is protecting itself.

"The White House on lockdown: A federal law enforcement source tells NBC that beginning tomorrow, crews will build a “non-scalable” fence to secure the WH complex, Ellipse and Lafayette Square.

250 National Guardsmen have been put on standby, reporting to Metro Police officials."

Although I'm surprised that the DC government (like Portland) hasn't demanded the fence being torn down. The better to eat you with, my dear.


d: "The FBI is investigating the Biden Bus Incident! Trump is flipping out!"

moi @8:59 November 1, Year Zero:

"I'll bet you a sizable sum that the FBI will get called in to thoroughly investigate the evil Nazi pickup truck flag people. Maybe they can use the same team who thoroughly investigated the Bubba Wallace noose incident."

Got it in one. (thank you thank you [bows to crowd])


Posted by: D | 02 November 2020 at 09:41 AM

American ISIS! Democracy is on the line!

Quick….to the urine soaked fainting chair….I saw a crap ton of these guys in Auburn this past Saturday!


One this for sure. "our" mob can shoot better than "their" mob.

Barry Pruett

The elections going to be over by 7 o’clock. Trumps going to win Pennsylvania and Michigan and he’s going to explode the blue wall. Done

George Rebane

scenes 943am - Good points. If we consider BLM and Antifa to be organized revolutionary organizations bent on fundamentally transforming our Republic, then I would not call them Blue Mobs. However, such organizations can support and launch Blue Mobs, which are a type of shock troops that gather and rampage in our cities. They may have other revolutionary units doing or preparing other work to bring down the US, units to which we have yet to be introduced.

I would mirror those comments for the Right, save I'm not aware of any rightwing organizations that support large wholesale mobs rampaging concurrently through multiple cities. The best the Left can point to are the relatively mild opposition of a few independent and sparsely populated bands. The two sides don't really compare. However, that does not mean that the Right cannot in short order form such an overarching organization that can summon, form, and support organized militia units. But, I can't really see such a rightwing organization launching equivalent rioting, looting, and burning mobs as are and have always been common from the Left. Were they to attempt such mirrored operations, they would instantly lose their raison d'etre and widespread support.


Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?



Posted by: D | 02 November 2020 at 12:43 PM

Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Of course I'm better off (D)ugsKKKi…..four years ago, if you recall Darth Menopause was going to be President. That never happened, therefore I am "better off".


Looks like Trump planned for a one term presidency.

"Republicans, Not Biden, Are About to Raise Your Taxes
President Trump built in tax increases beginning in 2021, for nearly everyone but those at the very top.

By Joseph E. Stiglitz
Mr. Stiglitz, a university professor at Columbia, is a Nobel laureate in economics."



Posted by: D | 02 November 2020 at 01:44 PM

Mr. Stiglitz, a university professor at Columbia, is a Nobel laureate in economics.

There is no such thing as a Nobel laureate in economics.

….ask your minder for another dose.

George Rebane

re D 144pm - What Stiglitz isn't telling us (and D doesn't understand) is that the only way the 2017 tax cut bill was going to pass Congress without a Democrat filibuster in the Senate (51R,49D) was with the proviso that the tax cut would be temporary. It was a Democrat demand that the Columbia sumbich is hiding from the light thinkers. Trump and Repubs took the deal so that it would kick economic growth out of doldrums (which it did), expecting to win in 2020 to make the cuts permanent. The Dems bet against that hoping that they would win and raise taxes even more. Now the Dems and their local lackeys are floating the narrative that it was all big plot by Repubs to enrich the rich. Their Big Lies and bullshit are never ending.

Robert Cross

In the category of "voter suppression by republicans fails'... the Texas Supreme Court threw out a lawsuit by republicans attempting to negate 127,000 early drive-through votes in a mostly black democratic party leaning neighborhood of Houston. What will those nasty republicans try to pull off next to rob people of their vote? Stay tuned to Reality Show Politics, the new replacement for the Kardashians, brought to you by the Trump Organization.

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