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05 October 2020



As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer you end up with the "Be Afraid, Very Afraid" scenario.


No one is stopping you from getting rich,, D-.. That's your own personal choice.
You must vote LIB.. Then you should have no gripe. THEY are the ones who love to write the regulations that make it a little more difficult to make that easy buck.

You can always sell weed.


One more thing D-.. Take Your hero Joe's advice.. "Learn to code."


Let's help Emery with his constipation this morning.

"The survey, taken September 22-24 among 1,314 registered voters, asked respondents who they believe their neighbors are voting for. A plurality, or 43 percent, said Trump, followed by the 36 percent who said Biden and 21 percent who remain unsure."

George Rebane

Walt 1047am - That's a great question to put on a survey, and a very revealing one at that - neighbors know best.

D 1034am - That the rich get richer and poor get poorer is especially true in jurisdictions that actively attract and import the poor, in addition to passing laws that purposely destroy its middle class either through fiscal evisceration or eviction.


Question for D-.
Ever see a poor person gainfully employ anyone?

Prefer Cuban economics? Or Venezuelan ? Now just who is "rich" there?

paul emery

Things are getting worst in the white House. How can the American voters trust Trump to deal with the Corona Virus for the whole country when he can't even control it in his own house. No excuses.

CNN correspondents reported on Monday that the spread of coronavirus at the White House has left the West Wing “effectively shut down.”

The news of the dire situation at the White House came after Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and at least two other staffers tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday.

“The West Wing is effectively shut down now,” CNN’s Brianna Keilar reported. “The coronavirus outbreak at the White House got worse. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and two of her aides reveal that they have tested positive.”



TROLL post Emery,, Desperate?

Bill Tozer

“Even COVID-19 picked Trump over Biden.”—somebody

“Donald Trump, diagnosed with the China Virus, STILL had more public appearances [yesterday] than Joe Biden.” —Charlie Kirk

And more quotes

Observations: “Biden can label antifa, the leftist movement responsible for the majority of violence, looting, and arson over past few months, nothing more than an ‘idea,’ and see no blowback. It was an interesting metaphor, because Joe Biden in 2020 is just an idea — a suggestion imbued with an infinite number of possibilities. Joe can be anything you want. What will the reality look like? I don’t know. You don’t know. He doesn’t know, either.” —David Harsanyi

For the record: “The people who advocate school closures are really the flat-earthers of our day.” —Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Upright: “Senate Democrats are demanding that the Judiciary Committee delay its confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett because President Trump, Sen. Mike Lee, and presumably several others have contracted the coronavirus. It is not safe to hold the hearings in person, given the risk of infection, argued Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and virtual hearings are not an adequate replacement considering the nature of the appointment. Well, if that’s the case, let’s just forgo the hearings altogether and skip to the vote.” —Kaylee McGhee

Dezinformatsiya: “Sick and in isolation, Mr. President, you have become a symbol of your own failures. Failures of recklessness, ignorance, arrogance. The same failures you have been inflicting on the rest of us.” —CNN’s Jake Tapper

Grand delusions: “Here’s how wrecked Trump’s credibility is at this point: I’ve got a cellphone full of texts from people who aren’t sure whether to believe Trump actually has covid. ‘He lies so much,’ one friend just texted. ‘Is he just doing this to get out of the debates?’ others are texting.” —MSNBC’s Joy Reid

Non compos mentis: “He’s an evil genius, and I raise the possibility of him lying about having COVID-19 to prepare us and counteract his game. He knows being sick tends to gain one sympathy. He’s not above weaponizing this.” —Michael Moore

Braying jenny: “Going into crowds unmasked … was sort of a brazen invitation for something like this to happen.” —Nancy Pelosi

The BIG Lie: “This threat is still very real. And the sad irony is that on the day that the president was admitted to the hospital with a very virus he called a hoax, the Supreme Court in Michigan undermined my emergency rule, my emergency orders that I’ve had to enact that puts us until the same state as all other states in this nation to save lives.” —Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Trump was rightfully lampooning the Democrats’ politicization of the virus.)
One more: “See Woody, in California they now call arson climate change”—-Buzz Lightyear

paul emery


In you opinion why do you think it is that the Biden campaign has had virtually and possibly no Covid cases and the Trump inner circle has ,as of now, around a dozen or so?

Don Bessee

Looks good in PA -

The Republican Party’s growing advantage among new voter registrants in Pennsylvania, a prime 2020 battleground, seems to indicate that the GOP and President Donald Trump are in a better position than most polls convey.

Since Trump carried the Keystone State narrowly in 2016, Republicans have seen their support grown substantially, according to a voter registration report released in June by Pennsylvania’s Department of State. That report found that between December 2015 and December 2019, the GOP gained approximately 258,705 new registrants. Over the same period, in comparison, Democrats only gained 85,779 new registrants.

Since Trump took office, Republicans have only seen their support grow across the commonwealth. Much of the GOP’s success both in voter registration and electorally seems to be coming at the expense of Democrats. In 2016, Democrats accounted for 49 percent of Pennsylvania’s electorate. Today, they only account for 47 percent. The defections have been most noticeable in western and northeastern Pennsylvania, where Trump’s populist appeal appears to be fomenting a political realignment.



Paul Emery


Biden up by 8 in Arizona. Kelly up by 11 in the Senate. Looks like Arizona is turning BLUE.

Don Bessee

The pony tail of ignorance is turning into Duh , no supporting link, could that be because he got burned so bad by not reading the details that showed his breathless post was within the margin of error?? LOL


Bill Tozer

Cause it’s hard to get the virus when your social distancing includes hiding in the basementfor months and months on end. No meet and greet. Don’t want the voters to get the right impression. Does Biden and his staff go anywhere. He had AOC and Bernie on his transition team picking all the new officials, has his campaign manager calling in every outlet threatening them with reprisals if a reporter asks Joey Fingers a hard to answer question like “do you favor Court packing?”

Biden is on cruise control, always has been since before the Dem Debate Night(s). Now, if Jill let’s him out of the basement, he might catch something. Something bad, like a cold or a’ flu bug. Thus nobody lets Joe outside. Too risky at his age and decaying grey matter with swamp gas emitting from his mouth and ears. They got Joe on ice down in the basement storage room with keep out signs posted on the door. He needs his rest, especially after standing upright for a whole 90 minutes. That was a first in a long time.

So, Biden and Co are hunkered down in the bunker waiting for the all clear signal.

That is why Biden don’t catch the China Virus. He can’t risk doing out and campaigning, then croaking right now. We all know Joey Fingers from Scranton cannot survive even the regular seasonal flu. Not even a teeny weenie chance he will make it.

I do like Biden’s social distancing plan. Must of taken it from the Hermit Handbook, by Howard Hughes. “Back, unwashed human, back.” That’s close enough! Oh, that was Joe talking to one of his fans, some lying dog faced pony soldier young lady. Or, maybe he was talking to Jill after licking her fingers again, but this time in private.


Paul 'The Propagandist' Emery: "In you opinion why do you think it is that the Biden campaign has had virtually and possibly no Covid cases and the Trump inner circle has ,as of now, around a dozen or so? "

Bill Tozer: "Cause it’s hard to get the virus when your social distancing includes hiding in the basement for months and months on end."

Game, set, match. Obviously, the President of the United States has to be about the most connected guy in the world. I'm surprised they've gotten away with it so far even with what are probably absurd measures.


Can't catch anything hiding in your basement Emery.
When he does show up in public,, the public don't show.

Yup, a real winner ya' got there.

So.. Hows that water taste you hit?

paul emery

link for my 11:58. thanks for reminding me Don.


paul emery

So Bill, the dozen or so people that caught the virus was part of an inevitable process because they were more socially active in the campaign than the Dems. Are you satisfied that Trump and his campaign managers provided enough protection for his workers and staff?

Don Bessee

So pony tail of ignorance's poll says-

52 percent hold a favorable view of the president, with 45 percent holding an unfavorable view.

When asked who they believed their spouse or partner would vote for if the election were held today, 44 percent said Biden and 44 percent said Trump

The survey’s margin of error is +/- 4.2 percent.

So its still in the window and then you got the established 4% under polling.



Emery has bigger problems to worry about.

All those stoners of your constituency ain't getting their goods.

File a formal complaint with Homeland Security.

Scott O

Paul 12:37 - "Are you satisfied that Trump and his campaign managers provided enough protection for his workers and staff?"
I think you need to ask the staff, Paul. They are intelligent adults and have the ability to discern their own individual safety needs.

paul emery

Biden is on a roll-his numbers keep going up. He's currently at +8.5 RCP average over Trump, his highest numbers since July 29. No doubt he benefited by winning the debate.

paul emery


Did I hear you correctly? You are saying that it is the employees responsibility to provide a safe workplace not the employer? So if you work on a job is it up to you to provide information and procedures for health and safety on the job?

paul emery

link 1:42: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_biden-6247.html

paul emery

This is truly crazy. Trump must have lost his mind to say this!!

"Don’t be afraid of Covid," Trump added of the virus that has infected more than 7.4 million Americans and killed nearly 210,000. "Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”



Posted by: Scott O | 05 October 2020 at 01:09 PM

I think you need to ask the staff, Paul. They are intelligent adults and have the ability to discern their own individual safety needs.

I really enjoying that Punch is equating what Kayleigh McEnany does with the guy running the log rough cut saw down at the mill.

I'm glad I got it in September instead of January when the Flu will be about…..

Trump is 100% right….you can't "let it dominate your life".

George Rebane

Interesting to see people try to compare the infection rates between an operational government department and a loosely organized and geographically distributed campaign effort. Oh well, whatever turns them on.

Don Bessee

While by mail voting is underway in VA mail is being stolen in many places-




Trump kicked the virus's ass. Already set to get back to the W.H. Rest assured Emery, the rest of the President's men and women will pull through just as quickly.

What else ya' got to whine about "dog whistle" Emery?
Care to discuss all that rampant VOTER FRAUD you Proggys are orchestrating to try and win?

Bill Tozer

‘Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by 14 Points Nationally in New Poll’

“Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over Donald Trump, polling 14 percentage points ahead nationally, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll, which comes 12 days before the presidential election. Conducted after the final presidential debate, the poll finds the Democratic nominee leads Trump among likely voters 51% to 37%, a significant lead over the Republican candidate.”

12 days out? Odd.



“Watching left-Twitter the last few days, coming up with a new conspiracy/deception theories about every 15 seconds, it occurs to me that they’ve never realized that of course a Manhattan real estate developer would know how to live rent-free in their heads for four years. Rent control won’t help them now! And the great thing is, even if Trump loses the election, he will continue to haunt liberals for the rest of their lives.” (Sweet justice!)



Here Lefties,, Your ANTIFA LIBSHITS attacking a Black lady, and trying to take her American flag.


Yup, the mark of the Fascist Left.
Of course the Proggys here will stay stoned silent.


Looks like bringing up voter fraud, is Emery repellent.

paul emery

Looks like Trump Jr wants to rein his crazed dad.

Donald Trump’s erratic and reckless behavior in the last 24 hours has opened a rift in the Trump family over how to rein in the out-of-control president, according to two Republicans briefed on the family conversations. Sources said Donald Trump Jr. is deeply upset by his father’s decision to drive around Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last night with members of the Secret Service while he was infected with COVID-19. “Don Jr. thinks Trump is acting crazy,” one of the sources told me. The stunt outraged medical experts, including an attending physician at Walter Reed.

According to sources, Don Jr. has told friends that he tried lobbying Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Jared Kushner to convince the president that he needs to stop acting unstable. “Don Jr. has said he wants to stage an intervention, but Jared and Ivanka keep telling Trump how great he’s doing,” a source said. Don Jr. is said to be reluctant to confront his father alone. “Don said, ‘I’m not going to be the only one to tell him he’s acting crazy,’” the source added.


Don Bessee

Vanity fair and an anonymous source = BULLSHIT for the TDS set to lap up.


George Rebane

re PaulE's 546pm - Now there's a piece of likely fake news from an anonymous source through a very leftwing outlet with massive, long-suffering case of TDS. But since it all flies tight with the Left's anti-Trump narrative, it must be as reliable as the word down from Mt Sinai. No question about it.


Posted by: paul emery | 05 October 2020 at 05:46 PM

Gullible local journalist taken in by more cynical journalists! Film at 11:00!

paul emery

Typical George response to unhappy news is to go after the source. Vanity Fair has long been considered a credible news source with a reputation to maintain. Outlets of their category are correct in their sources the vast percentages or the time.

Trump is being buried in the polls and who knows what he may do when his handlers realize and inform him that he's beyond the point of no return and will lose the election. He has to make a move upwards almost immediately. Time is running out.

What has he done recently that will increase his standing? Anyone here have any ideas?

Don Bessee

There was a time actual news had to have 2 verifiable sources not one whisper from a TDS suffer.


Overall, we rate Vanity Fair Left Biased based on editorial positions that always favor the left and Mostly Factual in reporting, rather than High, due to a failed fact check.


You should have gotten the TDS salve when it might have worked ya po' ol' fakenewsman! LOL



🤣 "Credible news" MY ASS!! And you bitch about the daily caller? You start drinking at 11:00 today?

There are no anonymous sources where voter fraud is concerned.

You sure got your ponytail caught in a wringer when started claiming voter fraud was a myth. Vote early and often Emery.


That's it,, QUIT,, so you don't have to rat out your pals.
"U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas John Bash, who was tapped by Attorney General Bill Barr to review the practice of unmasking, resigned from the Justice Department on Monday."
One less swamp rat?


Posted by: paul emery | 05 October 2020 at 06:24 PM

Typical George response to unhappy news is to go after the source.

Says the man who whines about every source not "The New Republic or Daily Kos".

Why do you even still post here Punch? Do you get off on the constant ridicule of your beliefs, positions, politics! You're not changing any minds... most days you just look like a spastic, doddering old fool!


This little ditty is goin out to the "poll cat"!


Wonder if this will move his numbers at all!


paul emery

George's response to the NY Times expose of Trumps taxes was to go after the Times and not to seriously consider what their reporting revealed. One of many examples.


Paul Emery: "the Times and not to seriously consider what their reporting revealed."

Perhaps you could help me out here. I'm genuinely interested in seeing Trump's taxes. I'm assuming that you have a source somewhere since any good newsman would have such a thing.

I'm perfectly capable of reading a complex return, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks in advance.


Posted by: paul emery | 05 October 2020 at 07:05 PM

I'm a little disappointed…..I really expected another one of your patented open ended questions that buys you a little time to formulate a non ridiculous reply. But I guess the best I can expect is to to settle for your other specialty….the nonsensical sentence comprised of pure gibberish!

Oh well we take what we can get!


Vanity Fair has been unbalanced by truth since Comrade Hitchens breathed his last.

paul emery


Why don't you read the NY Times news stories? They have direct access to his returns and wrote the story.

Don Bessee

#sadoldtdssputtering @725 Debunked by tax experts and so why, why, why didn't they actually show the taxes? Oh it failed to support their cliffs notes version that was mainlined by yall TDS suffers! HA! Did you hear the internet has changed the way we communicate??



re: Paul Emery@7:25PM

Let me get this straight, please correct my timeline if something is wrong.

. Some (probably NY) enforcement agency is on a fishing expedition and gets Trump's taxes
. Someone in that office illegally leaks a copy of Trump tax returns to NYT
. Magically, this happens just before an election.
. NYT, hardly a disinterested party, writes stories by cherry picking the returns and presenting a little bit of information about them to people who don't understand tax law
. Paul Emery reads the NYT headlines, since he doesn't pay for access
. Paul Emery reads other news sites who read the NYT articles (since they purchased access) and cherry pick the cherry picked information.
. I'm supposed to care what any of this means since I'm not allowed to see the original information.

Somehow, this seems so typical of you that it's almost the textbook example.


Posted by: scenes | 05 October 2020 at 07:39 PM

Sigh.....a much better dressing down than I’ve been offering as of late!



re: Taxes.

A least Joe Biden puts up his taxes. Here's one example.


But, I almost immediately ran up against some mysterious things called the 'Celticcapri' Corporation and the 'Giacoppa' Corporation where the fundage appears to swirl into mysterious waters.

I naturally expect the Bidens to get some of that sweet Clintonesque money you get from overpaying for speaking fees, overpaying for book deals, overpaying for teaching a class a month at some university (naturally, it's all probably influence peddling, but that's just an opinion), so you hit the typical articles.


As usual, it's all (probably) quite legal and the 'loopholes' have some reasonable argument at their base.

To tell you the truth, I've never considered what a 'fair' tax system would look like. The gubmint has metastasized so much since the early days that the system was always bound to get ridiculous. Like the way that the financialization of the economy has redirected assets (and human talent) to largely non-useful overhead, and so much of new investment goes into non-useful internet and communications technology, you can see how the average person is left in the dust.

Maybe a reset really *is* the best thing.

Bill Tozer

The NYT says it, I believe it, end of story, right? More anonymous sources about 17 Intel agencies? Oh my, the walls are closing in on Trump. Anyway......



Defund Walter Reed? Another item on the Democrat’s long wish list. Their hope chest is,getting full.


Bill Tozer

“You ain’t black if you ain’t stocking a grocery shelf for Joe Biden.”

Biden suggests people were able to quarantine because 'some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf' in viral clip



re: BillT@7:58PM October 5, Year Zero

I'm really enjoying J. Rubin's twitter feed.

Honestly, I should probably stay away as she, like Paul Emery, just reinforces my views on the anti-Trump zealots. I'd be better off reading something convincing that I don't agree with.


Bill Tozer

California Dreaming

‘Gavin Newsom’s Art of the Diversion’

Which areas of the country are worst for African Americans? “At the bottom,” Kotkin argues, “are mostly deep-blue metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, and San Diego.” It just so happens that four of these worst cities, the least amenable to African-American economic growth, household ownership, and upward mobility, are located in the most progressive state in the union: California.

California’s “draconian anti-climate-change regime,” as Kotkin describes it, has negatively impacted working-class minorities. Before the pandemic, one in five Californians lived in poverty, while gas and electricity prices soared way above the national average. Kotkin observes that this “energy poverty has risen most among the minorities and the poor, particularly the heavily Latino working class.” Meanwhile, key industries for the working and middle classes — manufacturing, energy, and construction — have continued flounder. “Amid the wealth generated by the tech sector,” Kotkin writes, “85 percent of all California jobs have been in the low-paid service sector. California’s ability to create middle-income jobs ranks among the lowest in the country.”

Did this suffering benefit the environment? Will those bearing heavy economic costs see anything in return for their penury? According to Kotkin, nothing much has changed since the state’s mini Green New Deal. “California has accounted for only 5 percent of the nation’s greenhouse-gas reductions,” Kotkin states, and it “ranks a mediocre 40th in per capita greenhouse-gas reduction over the past decade.” Worse yet, California’s landmark environmental legislation may have had the opposite effect than what was intended. “State policies,” Kotkin claims, “may be increasing total emissions by pushing people and industries to states with less clement climates.

Governor Newsom, however, still believes that failures — over which he presided — can in fact be sold to Californians forever. Failure in his state can be repackaged as a task force on reparations, or a ban on gas-powered vehicles. Why help the homeless population in San Francisco — 37 percent of whom are African American — and address skyrocketing rent and housing prices, when one can social-engineer utopia with the price of a woke task force, and reparations à la Ibram Kendi? Why help the homeless when one can simply blame Trump? Or, on the issue of the 2020 wildfires, which have now burned “well over 4 million acres,” why revamp forest-management and firefighting services when one can score progressive points by blaming climate change and Trump for the destruction?

Newsom’s diversion politics cannot hold for much longer. Something must give. People are leaving California in droves. Newsom’s “alliance of the rich and the dispossessed,” as Kotkin sees it, “may not prove sustainable.” But for the time being, Newsom will showcase his art of the diversion, as the AB 3121 Task Force is set to disband in July 2023. 2023, then, might be the perfect year for Newsom to launch his bid for president, should Trump win in November. While his “nation state” crumbles, Newsom would gladly pack his bags and flee for the White House. There, he would surely preside over another yet progressive disaster, marred by diversion and delusion.“


Don Bessee

The law will neuter the socialist dem agendas at the end of the day but right now too!

South Carolina is the latest in a string of states to side with President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in upholding voting laws ranging from ballot harvesting regulations to Election Day deadlines.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with state Republicans in reinstating a South Carolina voting requirement that absentee ballots have a witness’s signature, a mandate federal courts had deemed an unnecessary imposition because of coronavirus.



Bill Tozer

“I guess it’s okay to spread conspiracy theories and hysterical quotes so long as you work at Vanity Fair and not InfoWars, and include the appropriate amount of wink-wink, nudge-nudge hedging in your copy.

Juliette Kayyem didn’t even do that. She is a national security analyst for — what else — CNN. Here she is on Twitter making yet another ridiculous, completely unsubstantiated Russian collusion claim. Again, note the retweet numbers.....”
‘Corporate Media Is Vomiting Trump Coronavirus Reporting All Over The Bed’
The latest news cycle over President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis illustrates yet again how destructive the U.S. corporate media are to national unity and a clear understanding of reality


Bill Tozer

A peek into today’s institutions of higher learning.

‘Radicalized Antiracism on Campus—as Seen from the Computer Lab’


Don Bessee

OH my -

Joe Biden to Girls: I Want to See Them Dance ‘When They’re 4 Years Older’



The Estonian Fox

BT @ 10:18PM-
Great link to Stuart Reges's article. He gives actual data proving his point. I suspect he will be forced to resign his position (30 years teaching Comp Sci classes) soon.

He presents his data in a table based on the following:

"Because the pandemic forced us to switch to online teaching in the spring quarter, I was able TO TRACK HOW MUCH TIME my students spent watching each of the lectures. Lecture-watching was highly correlated with course performance, as the table below attests."

Grades were monotonically decreasing along with the % time watching his lectures. Is technology racist or what!?


re: Stuart Reges

That got me to checking out the UW student newspaper, which is filled with about what you'd expect. It's fun to read the crazy though, it's a shame that our local Blue Mob steers clear from the topic but basing your online screeds on being exclusively anti-Trump is ever so much simpler.

In any case, I was struck by a phrase. In: http://www.dailyuw.com/opinion/article_860ccf00-013c-11eb-b6c7-7711833b717b.html , which has no surprises, it finishes with this:

"In the efforts to diversify the UW Greek Community, only time will tell how much change will genuinely occur. Reforms are important and could possibly enact changes, but it’s also very possible that things may just cycle back to the system staying the same — a return to the status quo — and abolition may be necessary."

'abolition may be necessary'.

That's really the heart of the thing. 'Abolition' means different things to these folks and none of them are pretty.


EF: "Is technology racist or what!?"

I'll say.

Just imagine all the woke folks at Google/Facebook/Twitter madly turning knobs to get the desired result.

Sometimes I feel left out. Being in the middle of something like 'decolonizing mathematics' and running a gigantic jape on society like that has to be an invigorating situation. There's some money to be made which can be well-used to outfit your cabin in Wyoming while the world goes crazy. I'd say that Elon Musk has it right in his efforts to get off-planet, but who's to say if the mind-virus follows.

Paul Emery

Here we go:

Trump campaign discussing plans to appoint its own state electors — no matter the results: report

Trump campaign officials and legal advisers are reportedly preparing to appoint their own state electors as a way to secure victory in a contested election, a move that would precipitate an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

The country will in all likelihood not know the outcome of the presidential election on Election Day. It is likely, given a raft of threatening public statements from President Trump, that he will reject unfavorable results.


Paul Emery

Good Morning RR's
Here's a breakfast treat for ya

A CNN poll published Tuesday reports that a majority of likely voters surveyed, 57 percent, prefer Biden, while 41 percent favor Trump. The previous version of the same poll, conducted in late August and early September, did not survey likely voters but showed Biden with an 8-point lead among registered voters, 51-43 percent.

The latest CNN poll was conducted last Thursday through Sunday, after the first presidential debate last Tuesday night and mostly after Trump’s public announcement last Friday that he had tested positive for Covid-19. He was discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returned to the White House on Monday evening.




Here we go.

"Three hours from San Francisco, cultural divisions are on stark display in this idyllic town, cropping up online, spilling into the streets and becoming part of residents’ daily lives"


Check the byline. Absolutely no surprise there.


re: CNN polls.

"Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters, a new ABC News tracking poll shows."


What does it all mean? Who knows?


Exclusive scoop.

Donald Trump seen leaving Walter Reed Hospital.


Bill Tozer


Doing the job that all but a few Americans refuse to do, RealClearPolitics co-founder and president Tom Bevan is keeping up with the news as transformed and transmitted by CNN. Tom is, shall we say, a knowledgeable and sophisticated consumer of media. This morning he declares CNN the winner in a stiff competition for media bias. I think Tom is unfairly slighting CNN’s many competitors among the Democratic Party’s media adjunct, but I respect his judgment.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 October 2020 at 07:47 AM

It astounds me that a geriatric hippy like you is still this obsessed with politics. At least when you are molesting your guitar you get a smidgen of exercise…..but the constant obsession with democrat politics and questionable polls is pathological.


Bill Tozer

‘Against Fear’
President Trump’s handling of his coronavirus diagnosis models positive masculinity—rational and unbowed.
Heather Mac Donald
October 5, 2020

“The long-known facts about the distribution of mortality risk from the coronavirus—relatively high at the upper age and illness range, negligible in the young—have made no difference to the tyranny of fear. On average, the coronavirus is, according to new WHO data, not more deadly than the flu, yet the conflation of cases with deaths is now absolute. When California State University, Long Beach, a campus of 37,000 students, shuts down because five students tested positive for the virus, we are in the realm of hysteria. When the New York Times portrays a 101-year-old military veteran as a coronavirus fatality, as opposed to someone who died of old age; when the Milwaukee coroner does the same for the death of an 89-year-old male with dementia, hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and chronic renal failure, you know that the media and public-health establishments are looking for any excuse to inflate the death numbers”

Last paragraph:

“Last week, Trump gave a debate performance embodying what the Left likes to call toxic masculinity. Today, anticipating his departure from the hospital, Trump tweeted: “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.” The mainstream media blew its top, calling the tweet “dangerous,” “gross,” and “almost impossible to believe.” Let them fume. Trump is now modelling masculine leadership at its best: upbeat, rational, and unbowed.”



Posted by: scenes | 06 October 2020 at 08:08 AM

Exclusive scoop.

Donald Trump seen leaving Walter Reed Hospital.


Paul Emery

Yeah Trump is a real stud Bill. Just ask the 20 or so close associates and staff members who now have covid because they believed in him. As you quote he's " now modelling masculine leadership at its best: upbeat, rational, and unbowed.”

George Rebane

NYT fake news: Here's just one list of "controversies" (aka fake news) involving NYT reporting for those liberals who believe the newspaper is the journalism's paragon of truth, goodness, and light.

Paul Emery

Just off the press!

Trump up by 4.1 in battleground averages. Highest lead in two months. Remember he has to win all the battleground states plus a little to win the election. Grim especially combined with his wacko last couple days which have yet to calculate in the polls.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 October 2020 at 08:48 AM

Not wallowing in fear like that certain someone…….

Really Punch…..you need to find something else to do with your time!


Trump up by 4.1 in battleground averages. Highest lead in two months. Remember he has to win all the battleground states plus a little to win the election. Grim especially combined with his wacko last couple days which have yet to calculate in the polls.

Bill……you want to correct Punch over his switching of Trump for Biden a third time or should I?

Really….he gets just so excited over his polling.

Paul Emery

George re NYT
this is from the past 100 years or so. Many involve simple corrections and clarifications. Thst's typical for all media. What print journalism source do you recommend for readers?

Paul Emery

I guess I'm politically dyslexic fish. What a hoot. Doesn't change the fact that "Biden up by 4.1 in battleground averages."


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 October 2020 at 09:24 AM

And whatever will you do with yourself when Biden occupies (however briefly) the White House. I assume that you'll go completely silent on deficit spending and debt even though he has promised to deficit spend trillions on the Green New Deal. Biden has throughout his entire career been in the pocket of the banks so I guess you'll have to bite your lip over that too. Make sure you report all that change you collect in your guitar case….taxes are going up…..of course maybe people will stop throwing any to you when the economy grinds to a halt! It'll really be interesting if Biden gets us involved in another military action……I'll be watching to see how you spin "he's a danger to the country and the planet" when old senile Joe is "in charge"!


Oh yeah Punch…almost forgot.…will your obsession with "pussy grabbing" wane when Grandpa Badfinger... sorry….President Badfinger is the one doing the grabbing or will the most moral man in Nevada City just stare at his feet and check his watch multiple times prior to disappearing?

Paul Emery

Silent on deficit spending fish? Where have you and all the Tea Party types been while Trump has been racking up a likely 7 Trillion deficit in only 4 years?

By the way you seem to have conceded the election to Biden when you write things like this:

"And whatever will you do with yourself when Biden occupies (however briefly) the White House."


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 October 2020 at 09:50 AM

Silent on deficit spending fish? Where have you and all the Tea Party types been while Trump has been racking up a likely 7 Trillion deficit in only 4 years?

By the way you seem to have conceded the election to Biden when you write things like this:

I think that I've mentioned on a couple of earlier occasions that I think that the full weight of the propaganda arm of the DNC (the MSM), 17 intelligence agencies, COVID lockdown, and the St George of Floyd riots were probably enough to tip the thing to Biden. Its also why I never was terribly interested in your breathless daily delivery of poll numbers except to note that the behavior made you look even more ridiculous than usual.

Where have you and all the Tea Party types been while Trump has been racking up a likely 7 Trillion deficit in only 4 years?

Tea Party was ridiculed out of existence by you and your brethren Punch! Remember?

And there was no distress from you when Obama was spending his 8 trillion to save the banks but when it was Trump then you suddenly became a deficit hawk. From your tone I can guess that once Biden is in office it won't bother you anymore. So you got that going for you….which is nice!

Plus if he had spent a penny less you would have just whined more about how "Trump just doesn't care…."

See Punch….we both get something from a Biden administration! You get an old mans peace of mind! My wife and I remain reliably employed as we both work in industries dealing with managing business/government regulations!

Bonus for me….I also get to see you confirmed as a complete hypocrite regarding government spending!

Good when we can find common ground eh Punch?

Bill Tozer

President Biden will try to enact the day of birth execution ritual. Baby is born, put on the steel rolling medical table, then a discussion is made with the mother if see wants to keep the human or toss it in the medical waste bin. That’s what the Left calls “no restrictions”. Or, if that seems to graphic and hate mongering or makes one uncomfortable and scared, just call it a woman’s right to choose up to the day of abortion, very late term style.

Punchy, like most Americans, are ok with 13 weeks, first trimester. Some are ok with 2nd trimester. Biden, Harris, Bernie, Hillary, Nancy, Chuckie the Clown, Warren de Blasio, and 99% of the far left extremists that run he Democrat/Media Party are all open to “no restrictions, up to the moment of birth.”

Fortunately, the Dem position is out of the mainstream, off kilter what the majority of the American populace think and believe. 13 weeks ok for abortion, infanticide not ok. Ironically, the biggest believer in infanticide since Margaret Sanger is that black face baby doctor turned politician, good old Governor Ralph Northam of the Commonwealth of Virginnie. Odd, he tested positive for C-19 too.

With President Biden (and AOC, Dirty Cop Harris, and wackos running the show), Punchy will have to support day of birth abortions and ‘evolve’ his current beliefs, roflmao. It’s for the children. Listen to the children. David Hogg gave a very moving speech. You should listen to him.

Bill Tozer

The media freakout over President Trump’s 1) contracting COVID, 2) quickly recovering, apparently, from COVID, 3) returning to the White House, and 4) urging Americans not to allow our lives to be devastated by the virus, has likely been unprecedented in its absurdity. There is no point in dissecting all or any large number of the ridiculous press accounts (although you should check out CNN’s prize-winning entry), but I will offer, without comment, this contribution to the dumbing-down of America by a local news outlet



Did Emery complain when so many got fucked by his boy "O" saving GM? "O" screwed over bond holders and handed GM to the UAW union Voided stocks and printed new ones.
All to pander to Proggy unions.
Remember that Emery? Where was your complaint then?

You need to get the facts right. Your boy "O" spent more than ALL Presidents combined.

Fast forward to today.. Been paying attention to the spending spree your Queen of the DAMNED has been trying to rack up?
Go to blame that on Trump too? Trilions Emery,, Trillions.
Now why don't you act like a "news man" you claim to be, and take a good look at what that bitch is trying to piss away money on.


Some news for Emery.
Portland OR. "300 businesses permanently CLOSED"(and counting)
You can thank those "peaceful" riots and looting.

Bill Tozer

CNN Reporter Complains About Trump Taking Mask Off; Trump Campaign Shows Her Taking Her Mask Off Inside WH

CNN should not have gone after FOX. FOX was already turning lefty anyway. But, noooo.

‘CNN’s Chris Cuomo slammed for coronavirus hypocrisy after ‘off-the-wall rant’ attacking Trump’

'This was from the same guy who was caught breaking his own quarantine while he was still contagious,' critic says

-CNN Melts Down Over Maskless Trump: WH is ‘Chernobyl;’ Trump ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Saving Lives!

-CNN's Berman: 'Don't Even Put It [Trump not wearing mask] on the Screen! That's Going to KILL People!'

-CNN Compares Trump Release from Hospital to ‘Dear Leader’ Autocrats

The trouble with the NYT is they purposely hit the Holocaust during WW2 with all their might, save a random and infrequent two paragraph blurb at the bottom of page 23 or 36. They haven’t changed a lick. Strike that. They got worse.


Here Emery,, some law news from LIB town.

One of the city's gripes.
"City and state law enforcement officials said the deputations will allow federal prosecutors to charge anyone who attacks an officer with assaulting a federal officer — a charge that brings a harsher penalty than the state equivalent."

Well now.. I guess assaulting police is acceptable.

Nope We ain't charging criminals.
"Portland police officers have made relatively few arrests for assaulting an officer during more than four months of protests for racial justice in the city. But they’ve made scores of arrests for interfering with a peace officer, a low-level misdemeanor that police have applied loosely during demonstrations, and a charge Schmidt has said he likely wouldn’t pursue."

So Emery and LIBS in hiding, It's your feral LIBshits turning what used to be beautiful cities into 3RD world shitholes.


LOL!! Eating guidelines from GOV. Nanna..
"“Going out to eat with members of your household this weekend?” an Oct. 3 tweet from the governor’s office says. “Don't forget to keep your mask on in between bites.”


Tough talkers Trump and Gov. Christie run to hospital in fear for their lives at a positive Covid test - then go all John Wayne machismo so as not to be owned by the LGBTQ.

Bill Tozer

‘Intel Sources: CIA Director Gina Haspel Banking On Trump Loss To Keep Russiagate Documents Hidden’

Haspel is hoping Trump loses his re-election bid so she can run out the clock on Russiagate document declassifications, multiple intelligence community officials told The Federalist


Now, a review of the above article:


“As Scott has written repeatedly, it seems likely that we will never get entirely to the bottom of America’s worst scandal. If Trump loses, as now appears quite possible, investigations will be shut down permanently, and whatever is hidden will remain hidden. Still, I think the outlines are very clear, and the key facts are not in doubt. History will not be kind to either the Democratic Party or the federal bureaucracy. Assuming there is any difference.”


Someone(s) do not want to be humiliated. Embarrassed is too gentle of a word.

Bill Tozer

‘State Dept. officials told they broke law by monitoring Americans during Ukraine scandal’

Revelation undercuts impeachment testimony; conservative watchdog claims coverup

“The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch first raised concerns earlier this year that the U.S. embassy in Kiev run by then-Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch had created an "enemies list" by ordering the monitoring of social media accounts of prominent Americans last year when the Ukraine scandal about Joe and Hunter Biden first surfaced.

After a protracted legal fight, the State Department released memos to the group last month confirming the embassy did in fact monitor the accounts of 13 Americans, including Fox News personalities Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Lou Dobbs, the president's son Don Jr., his lawyer Rudy Giuliani as well as this reporter, whose articles in The Hill first shined a light on the Bidens' possible conflict of interests in Ukraine.”


Darn those Russian bots. You gotta pry those docs out of their cold cold hands. They act like they own the store.
'Deliberate coverup.' Nunes says CIA withheld information from Russia collusion probe
Nunes says that the intelligence community is overrun by Obama/Clinton loyalists who withheld the truth from Congress

McCabe drops from testifying at Russia hearing Tuesday, citing coronavirus outbreak
McCabe says it would be unfair to testify remotely and dangerous to testify in person after three senators tested positive for COVID-19

Joe Biden defense of his son's overseas business deals conflicts with public evidence
Documents tie Hunter Biden to Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina and a $3.5 million payment despite Joe Biden's denial.


Gotta go with the ones with the proven track record of truth.


Awwwww D- mad because Trump went to the hospital.
And the real pisser, out in 48 hours.

Trump is out being a President, while your geezer Biden had been hiding in a basement all tis time...

What a joke! Biden buys a train for just him! Now there was a waste of money. Funny,, only DOZENS show up... LOL!

Don Bessee

Well lookie there they knew the whole time -

EXCLUSIVE: Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday declassified documents that revealed former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s purported “plan” to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server” ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Fox News has learned.



Bill Tozer

Walt @ 12:05 pm

Looks like Ozzie Mmm still hasn’t gotten over his Daddy issues. Carries it everywhere he/she goes.


re: DonB@12:12PM

I'd read that was going to happen but hadn't seen the actual text.

From John Brennan's personal notes:

“We’re getting additional insight into Russian activities from [REDACTED],” Brennan notes read. “CITE [summarizing] alleged approved by Hillary Clinton a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service,”

lol. It's an expected outcome of course.

Question: How do you found and maintain a useful intelligence agency that doesn't, in time, consume the country it is supposed to 'protect'. Bush Sr. was the US version of Andropov. This mechanism can't depend on 'good' people since there's no guarantee of their existence.

Stalin managed by ginning up a conspiracy and killing/imprisoning the top brass every decade or so, and Khrushchev really cleaned house after the Man of Steel keeled over. Darned harsh thing to do though.


re: moi@12:41

From BillT's link:

"Nunes added he believes an "absolute clean up" of the spy agencies is the only way to save U.S. intelligence from going the way of "third world countries."

"All these seniors officials have to be let go," the congressman said."

Absodamnlutely. I wonder sometimes what the result would be if several of the three letter agencies were simply shut down. Would there be any real difference in the long run? Perhaps setup a new sort of NSA that is concerned with privacy rather than violating it.

Don Bessee

Do tell?




Emery, and D- should have plenty to say about all their Proggys LYING to Congress. From "O" on down committed criminal acts against the people. The only thing the Proggys are sorry about is getting caught.

See Emery? All those "anonymous sources" you relied on to
attack Trump were LIARS, or nonexistent.

Three years of lies and deceit from the House and your Queen of the DAMNED.

Yes LIBrats stay good and quiet.

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