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14 October 2020


Scott O

What difference would it make? If Durham put out a damning report before the election the Dems and the LSM would line up to say it was a political hatchet job and the major electronic outlets would simply ban the info from their platforms. The TDS set like Paul would ignore it because there are no convictions.
We already know the previous admin weaponized various fed govt agencies to first try to suppress conservative political entities and then go after Trump on false charges to dog his admin with BS about 'collusion' with Russia.
And we know that many in the FBI have and are lying about what happened and what they knew.
So - at this point, who is going to change their vote? No one.
Hell - look at how many have already voted.
Biden is out there still running for 'congress' and Paul and all the other nit wits in this country can hardly wait until he is voted into office and we can have the socialist dream that Cuba and Venezuela currently enjoy.
I gave up on Durham months ago. He had an excellent record coming in, but his pace of investigation turned out to be nothing more than running out the clock.

George Rebane

ScottO 721pm - Silly me, I still believe that Durham coming out with evidence of criminality in a timely manner, evidence that will now result in indictments, will indeed change some mid-road minds. If such evidence will not, then we are lost and your dire assessment will be on the mark. And if he still has nothing to show after all this time, then he is clearly incompetent and Barr should shut him down.

paul emery

Well, the reality is that they had nothing to report. Just typical Trump lies that perpetuated tho whole phony investigation. Barr is looking for the door cause he knows Trump is going to lose. All are rats jumping ship as it sinks.

Scott O

Paul - "Well, the reality is that they had nothing to report."
The former head of the FBI claiming he couldn't remember anything about an investigation of a sitting president?

paul emery

It was only a couple of weeks ago Trump our Liar in Chief was spreading these lies around:

"President Donald Trump's history of accusing political rivals of illegal activity reached a new level on Thursday when he called upon Attorney General Bill Barr to indict Joe Biden with less than a month to go until Election Day.

"These people should be indicted," Trump said during a Thursday interview with Fox Business' Mornings With Maria. "This was the greatest political crime in the history of our country. And that includes Obama, it includes Biden."

Trump said Barr had enough evidence to indict both his Democratic presidential opponent and former President Barack Obama for allegedly spying on his 2016 campaign. "We got plenty. You don't need any more," Trump said he told the attorney general. The president also questioned why Hillary Clinton hasn't been indicted for the email controversy that began during her time as secretary of state in Obama's administration."


Scott O

George - "ScottO 721pm - Silly me, I still believe that Durham coming out with evidence of criminality in a timely manner, evidence that will now result in indictments, will indeed change some mid-road minds."
Sadly to say, George - you are being silly.
"mid-road" minds these days exist only in the minds of "mid-roads" such as Paul and that local cartoonist fella.
The last 'good' news about Durham was from National Review who praised him as the savior of our Republic.
They are currently rather silent on their golden boy.
And - "evidence that will now result in indictments..."
Next January?
Maybe a few days before they swear Biden in as our next senator?
Sorry to be sour, but we live in an age where folks with an ability to access the internet tell us solemnly that white folks adopting black children from Haiti are racist.
Your mileage may vary.

Don Bessee

So that would make it a yes the sitting VP met with crooks that paid his drug addled brat lavishly -



Scott O

Paul - "It was only a couple of weeks ago Trump our Liar in Chief was spreading these lies around:..."
But what he said was true, Paul.
Where is your proof this was a lie?
You offered no proof whatever.

Scott O

Don 8:29 - Not necessarily. It wasn't on the calendar and they only said they weren't ruling out the 'possibility'.
You must learn to lie like a lawyer, they make the best liars.
Shakespeare had something to say about that.

Paul Emery

No evidence no indictment all based on lies. Show me that is true Scott. Just because Trump said it is true? Is that what you believe?

Scott O

Paul 9:08 - "Just because Trump said it is true? Is that what you believe?"
No Paul, not a thing based on what Trump said.
You claim he is lying - where is your proof?
You made the original statement in your 8:24 - now where is your proof?
Or are you backing down?


Paul Emery sez: "Just typical Trump lies that perpetuated tho whole phony investigation."

lol. Wait, wait. Are you claiming that Trump was dealt with by the outgoing administration and the intelligence bureaucracy in a wholly legal and upright fashion?

Good God man, hopefully that turnip truck isn't too high off the ground.

Mind you, this is after four f'ing years of claiming Trump's secret life as a Russian spy. No doubt in your mind the USS Maddox was subject to a VPN sneak attack.

Scott O

You see, George?
Paul claims it's all lies.
And this is the middle of the road kind of guy that would end up changing his vote because of what Durham would find in his investigation.
Durham could find photos of Biden in bed with a 10 year old and Paul (and all Dems) would still vote for Biden.
At this point, I would advise Durham to just fold his tent and go home.
He's worthless to our nation.

Scott O

scenes - Paul's only claiming that Trump is lying. But you (and all of us) notice that Paul can't back up his BS.
Paul has sworn he will vote for Biden and he will, no matter what.
So Paul will ignore the facts and show up here with his lies and BS to try to justify his idiot position.

Don Bessee

This is the differentail kind of support that does not show up in the polls no matter how hard the pony tail of ignorance burns druid incense -

Johnny Rotten: Sex Pistols star claims Trump is ‘only sensible choice’ in US election


Its not your creepy grampa joes electorate, 42 percent Hispanic likely voters in FLA? OH MY!

Did you hear the internet has changed the way we communicate!! ROFLOL!!


Bill Tozer

I do understand the frustration, disappointment, and anger with the pacer of the Durham investigation. I am not as angry as many of my colleagues because I kinda reasoned a few months ago that Durham would not conclude his investigation quickly. If a preliminary report was not forthcoming by July or August, then it ain’t going to happen in October. Various reasons, but Durham simply has not concluded his investigation into the origins of the Russian Collusion witch hunt, hoax, cover up the spying on Trump scandal and biggest politically motivated deception pulled on the American people in the recent memory.

Durham is known for his methodical (and painstaking slow time consuming) leave no stone unturned. He is very thorough. He seeks the truth and justice, not conviction. He is tasked with getting to the bottom of it. Congress has been adding more to his plate. There is soooo much to uncover.

Thank goodness Durham’s team is NOT leaking like a sieve. Always a silver lining. What a refreshing relief from the way the previous administration operated. They say there are no secrets in Washington, yet Barr and Durham are playing it close to the vest. Heck, all of Washington knew that John Podesta’s campaign e-mails had been compromised before it made the front page news. Was it April that I knew just by reading and hearing from various sources.

With all that common knowledge aside, the report will protect the innocent, will not speculate or jump to conclusions or get into the gray areas with open ended questions, innuendo. and totally unlike Weissmann and Mueller and Adam Shiftlips,, Durham will seek the real truth as much as humanly possible instead of predetermined outcomes.

Barr has repeatedly said that Obama and Biden are not under investigation in the probe....unless something is uncovered that would warrant going there. Love the caveat. Wait and see.

Bottomline: The Durham report, if released today, will not change one vote. The Hunter Biden’s hanky panky will not change one vote. Creepy Joe’s enriching himself and family by selling his soul out to China will not change one vote. The real undecideds are a small fraction this year.

In defense of Durham, Barr, and the wheels of justice turn slowly....with the Chinese Virus slowing everything down and the obstructions of Justice thrown up by all who find it in their best interests to run out the clock, hoping Creepy Sleepy Joe wins in November.
‘The Gordian Knot Protecting Obamagate Secrets’



re: [email protected]:00AM October 15, 2020

Good post and article.

As you say, the hope is to run out the clock. All investigations would be shut down toot sweet with a Harris victory. Corrupt officials would breathe a sigh of relief, MSM would celebrate their victory, the War on Deplorables could ramp up.

Speaking of media, this line: "One result is that about half the American public now believes the media is a branch of the Democratic Party. Actually, everyone does, but only half thinks it’s a bad thing."

made me consider the real value of the whole situation. Conservatives and sane liberals are having their noses rubbed in several facts. Traditional media has a strong POV that they are willing to abuse, the federal bureaucracy runs it's own policy largely based on self-interest, schools and some boardrooms have been successfully taken over by an insane new religion.

This is useful knowledge. In the final analysis you are on your own. The Blue Mob represents an existential threat to you and your family, but don't sweat the traditional US institutions as it's too late. In short, don't really trust anyone beyond a small circle. These times in history happen now and again and using reality as a tool for planning is not such a bad thing.

Scott O

scenes 8:38 - That pretty well sums it up.
All we can hope for is a Trump victory. If Harris wins, Durham just pissed away a lot of govt dough. By waiting until after the election, his 'findings' won't mean squat.

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