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03 November 2020


Don Bessee




Worth reading (especially Punch):

"[Please], Democrats, look in the mirror and show a little humility. You're not nearly as self-evidently wonderful or widely loved as you'd like to believe. You are not destined to prevail anywhere. You share a country with a large group of people who hate your guts, and who aren't going to submit to your rule or go along with your giddy plans to remake the nation in your image. It's time to start acting like you understand this implacable fact and all it implies about the limits of your power and the parameters of the possible."



Posted by: D | 04 November 2020 at 02:47 PM

Great detective work.

Thanks (D)ugsKKKi……it's this kinda thing that makes it all worthwhile.

I'm feeling it….right in my ticker.


Posted by: D | 04 November 2020 at 02:58 PM

It's just extra special hearing someone like yourself carp about the intelligence of republican Wisconsin residents. Does Adult Services let you out of the home much (or just often enough to hose out your room)?

Bill Tozer

Twice in a row? First time was a mistake, second time it’s a habit.

‘Pollster Frank Luntz Says 2020 Election Results Are ‘Devastating’ for His Profession’

The conservative pollster said Tuesday night that “the political polling profession is done”

If memory serves me correctly, the first thing that came out of Punchy’s mid-morning mouth on the Bloody Day after in Nov, 2016 was, “Nevada County is Blue, Todd.” Blue , blue, blue.

This late AM today with Walt wondering when Punchy is going to come out and face the music......just about then, Punchy appeared to announce Nevada County is solid blue. Blue, blue, blue. Maybe it is true. All politics is local....but does that apply to News Directors. Like national news? That ‘local’ sure is a tiny world. One would think he would have picked a bigger bubble.

Nice diversion. Twice in a row! 2016 and 2020. “ And on the bloody morning after, one tin soldier said, “Nevada County IS BLUE. Blue. Is too, Gregory.”

When life gives you a big fat lemon to suck on, make lemonade....er....say “Nevada County is Blue.”


Regarding the NevCo numbers Punchy was pushing... looking them over (before he posted them) it did appear to be missing A LOT of votes... and the earliest votes were 2:1 for Biden, and the later votes, 2:1 Trump. And there were a lot fewer of the latter.

Putting two and two together... aha! It's not complete. Time to wait.

There is no hurry, and whether or not it's a Blue County, a Purple County or ever was a Red County means little to me. What does matter is there are a mix of people here and only the Blue Meanies are trying to push their neighbors OUT.

Stop it, Paul. Just stop it.


District wide, Denney is losing badly. 55-45, favoring LaMalfa. The election is district wide and Nirvana County doesn't have a veto over the winner... if it did, LaMalfa would have run a different campaign.

Perhaps in two years, if Audrey Denney runs a'gin, someone will ask her pointed questions about just what a "learning designer" does, and if she's an agricultural educator, just what she's teaching about it to who. Because she's not winning this time.

Don Bessee

Talk about burning a pile of money for nothing, fail to take the senate and contract in the house. -



Don Bessee

Its still interesting -

The Point: The White House was -- and is -- the big prize on Election Day. But don't underestimate how much Republicans' surprising strength in the Senate and House will matter in the months and years to come.



Don Bessee

You could have made a bundle if you bet on this, a loss of 10. -




Don and friends,, as for the Queen of the DAMNED, her yapping about how the Proggys "were sure to take the Senate and a supermajority of the House just didn't happen.

So just wait for the Marxist AOC to backstab her way into the Speakership.

Don Bessee

Looks like to globalists are upset -



Scott O

Gregory 3:17 - Wishful thinking. The Dems are well aware of starting to lose the not-white vote. Expect open borders next year. This one was pretty close - gotta gets more of the illiterate easy to manipulate type of voters for next time. Also - 'placement' is key.
Expect strategic insertion of brand spankin' new citizens from shit-hole countries in some of the states that need Dem Senators.
ie - Muzzies. Perhaps a bit of dust-up in the mid east can produce the proper flood of the proper sort of new citizens.
Ally-hoo Snickers Bar!

Scott O

re the barf bag update - this is why I said I'd read a book and go to bed on election night. Not to mention not paying a whole lot of attention to what goes on in the meantime. I had a friend who got disgusted at announcers of NFL games when the game went into the toilet. "They're starting to babble, Scott - turn to the other game."
Most of the politicos are just highly paid 'babblers'.
There are so many good books to read - why waste my life listening to people babble?

Barry Pruett


We love our math nerds at our house. Lol

Don Bessee

Ya about that @702 -

Biggs went on to say that Arizona’s presidential race should have never been called on Tuesday night, adding that those who have called the race for Democrat nominee Joe Biden should retract it.

“This race NEVER should have been called last night – before a single Election Day vote had been tabulated,” the congressman affirmed. “Those who have called Arizona for Biden must retract that prediction until all legal votes have been processed and tabulated.”

“I believe President Trump will win Arizona, giving him the pathway to a second term as our Commander in Chief,” added Biggs.



Don Bessee

Really? -

With almost all the votes tallied, more than 89 percent of all 3,684,726 registered voters in the state of Wisconsin apparently voted in the election. So far, 3,297,137 votes have been tallied in Wisconsin.

Such a turnout would be a more than 46 percent increase compared to turnout 32 years ago in 1988, when turnout hovered around 61 percent. Likewise, the turnout would shatter the 2004 turnout tota, when more than 73 percent of Wisconsin voters cast ballots.

Kimberley Strassel
Nov 4, 2020
Replying to @KimStrassel
3) True, Wisconsin has same day voter registration. But to be at 71%, WI would have yesterday needed 900k same-day registrations. ( If I'm doing my math wrong--please tell me. 3,288,771 divided by 4,588,771 equals 71% . 4,588,771 minus 3,684,726 =900k)

Kimberley Strassel
4) Is that possible/conceivable? That would be akin to increasing WI's registered voting population by up to 30%--in one day. It would also suggest that if those same-day registrations hadn't happened, WI would have had a ridiculously LOW turnout.



Bill Tozer

Let’s remember what Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) expected:

‘Election Forecaster Nate Silver On Fox News, AP Calling Arizona For Biden: ‘Should Be Retracted Now’

“FiveThirtyEight election forecaster Nate Silver called on Fox News and the Associated Press to retract their early projections that Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden would win the state of Arizona, saying that the race is getting very tight.

Silver wrote, “I don’t know, I guess I’d say that Biden will win Arizona if you forced me to pick, but I sure as heck don’t think the state should have been called by anyone, and I think the calls that were previously made should be retracted now.””


Don Bessee

Jumped the gun? -

But throughout the day on Wednesday, some of the network’s pro-Trump personalities seemed either oblivious or unwilling to accept their colleagues’ Arizona analysis, which was later matched by the Associated Press. (As of Wednesday evening, AP and Fox were still the only two outlets to have called Arizona for Biden. Most other outlets still considered it too close to call.)



Don Bessee

It gets worse for botox nancy -

McCarthy said, “We’re going to have more women Republicans in Congress in the history of the Congress. We’re going to double the size this next election. Every pundit said we would lose somewhere between 15 to 20 seats. The opposite happened. We’re already ahead in — we’ve won seven seats by the AP, and we’re ahead in 11 more.



Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes and a link

Upright: “The American polling industry is broken. Either intentionally broken or out of incompetence broken. It was still showing an 8- to 10-point national lead for Biden Tuesday morning. Many pollsters were reporting a blue-wave landslide. That’s not happening.” —Gary Bauer

Political futures: “GOP holds the Senate, makes gains in the House, flips one state legislative House and holds its others. That’s not a bad night even if the White House slips away. They’ll be able to redistrict now too.” —Erick Erickson

For the record I: “Democracy needed a landslide, a cleansing. It won’t get it. Even if Biden wins, we’ve lost something tonight.” —Ron Fournier

For the record II: “Democrats in Washington are waking up to an abject disaster, and there’s no other way to explain this.” —Politico’s Jake Sherman

World’s smallest violin: “We wanted to see a repudiation of this direction for the country. And the fact that it’s this close I think — it hurts. It just hurts.” —Van Jones

Braying jackass: “What scares people is that if … somehow [the Trump campaign stumbles] into the Supreme Court. Do any of you guys trust Uncle Clarence and Amy Coney Barrett and those guys to actually follow the letter of the law?” —MSNBC’s Joy Reid

Alpha jackass: “This is about white people who saw a president who was corrupt and sexist and violent and mismanaged an entire pandemic that’s killed over 230,000 people by the election and they said, ‘I want some more of that.’” —MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson

Race bait: “If Trump wins re-election, it’s on white people. No one else.” —Jemele Hill (Actually, Trump expanded his margins with blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.)

Leftmedia personified: “[Florida] is a state that has been increasingly difficult for Democrats to win in statewide. You can feel the hopes and the dreams of our viewers falling down, and you can hear liquor cabinets opening all across this great land.” —MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace

Village idiot: “It’s insane what our fears are if we lose, compared to their fears if Biden wins. like we will prob all die or be handmaids and they’re worried about bathroom safety.” —Chrissy Teigen

And last… “Imagine what [today] would be looking like if media hadn’t lied about Trump for four+ years. Heck, if they had been merely honest about how close this race was in the last four months rather than pushing fraudulent polls.” —Mollie Hemingway
‘Shalala out, Lamb behind, Klacik falls short, Issa's return still alive in high-profile House races
Shalala was a Clinton Cabinet secretary, Lamb was supposed to return western Pennsylvania to Democrats.’



Trumpers are whining and crying and chanting the usual vote tampering conspiracies.

Trump demands the vote count ends while he is ahead in some states.

Don Bessee

It ain't over till the fat lady sings but the Senate held and cocaine mitch is back in the saddle and if you refer to my 757 you see the house may see an 18 seat flip to the republicans. No small feat.


Don Bessee

So it begins -

Live Updates: Activists march in US cities after Election Day; Oregon National Guard activated





Trumpers are pulling out all the stops,



Posted by: D | 04 November 2020 at 08:38 PM

Trumpers are pulling out all the stops....


I would expect much more of this (D)ugsKKKi.....can’t let you guys have all the fun.


Posted by: D | 04 November 2020 at 08:38 PM

Oh crap.....that’s all you’ve got? I make it a point of not clicking on your lefty twaddle but I thought you might have posted something vaguely ANTIFA like.....a prayer ....somebody praying for Trump?!?! That’s all you had?!

At the risk of having George shitcan another one of my gloriously pithy responses you have to be F-ing kidding me!

NC Right Wing Watch

Gregory Goodknight, you are such a f-ing baby. Soo defensive about the purple/blue discussion, soo triggered by everything Paul does and says. But the way you talk to him like a Trumpian dictator is simply funny. Ooh, "stop it Paul, just stop it". Such a manly, strong thing to say Greg. I am sure Paul is paying attention. lol. No, actually he's not going to stop it and neither will anyone else who speaks truth to this right wing board.

The tears are going to flow soon here and we progressives cannot wait. But its become a comedy show with Rudy and Orange Man acting like crazed dictators. Those tweets today were just perfect comedy fodder.


Soon the whole world will see the evidence for the Democrats crimes are on Hillary's emails which are on Hunter Biden's laptop which mysteriously went missing when Tucker Carlson shipped it through Benghazi and somehow everyone who knew the truth about this died from windmill cancer from a company that Hillary started with Jeffrey Epstein and George Soros with the same pen used by the king of Kenya to sign Barack Obama's birth certificate.
Gulliani has the evidence recorded on his mic, he just needs to get it off...


"NC Right Wing Watch" sure sounds like Michael P Anderson, aka agent mandersonation.

Long time no see, Mike.

Bill Tozer

Iggy Zoothorn and his salt pepper cold peter @ 9:13 pm.

Well, if Hunter did not pay taxes on his foreign income, that’s not good. And IF the Big Guy ‘China Joe’ got kick backs from using his office and government (taxpayer) policy to enrich his son in Russia, Ukraine, and China, well that is not something one sweeps under the carpet. Time will tell. China Joe has to go.

I would not spend too much time defending Joey Fingers. Afterall, there was only one name on the ballot this year. It all got down to being for Trump or hating Trump. Biden himself was just background noise and, in a weird way, wasn’t even a consideration when millions upon millions were filling out their ballots.

Hmmm. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe we live in Biden County, just like Nevada City is Hillary Country. Defend your man and pay his/her sign language translator double. Last one up and quit after being unable to sign what Corrupt Joe of the Biden crime family said..



Yes, we know. You are watching us and you will not forget. What is it that makes you bed stains so charming? A great mystery. And, yes, punk, you do not get no respect. Yes, we are dissing The Pony Tales of Ignorance and I you. Now, assume the prison hand gestures and cry aloud, “You disrespecting me? You disrespecting ME!!

Respect is earned, not given, soap on a rope boy.

Scott O

NCRWW 9:03 - "I am sure Paul is paying attention. lol. No, actually he's not going to stop it and neither will anyone else who speaks truth to this right wing board."
Too funny - the truth is that Paul is the biggest idiot on this blog with a possible 5% correct track record. Even with that he can't even back up his shit.
But you have your own reality complete with a comfort pony and a big box of crayons and some bunny slippers.
Can hardly wait until Biden waves his magic wand to rid the country of covid.

Bill Tozer

Let’s see here. The Dems projected they would win ten statehouses, instead the R’s flipped one state house lower chamber.

‘Disgraced Pollsters And Media Didn’t Get the Blue Wave They Prophesied’

“So much for the Blue Wave. As Rachel Maddow put it last night, there weren’t even ripples in the pond. The media lost their minds last night as it became apparent that this election was not turning out the way they’ve claimed it would for months, with a double-digit landslide for Joe Biden and coattails that pulled in one battleground victory after another, cementing a Democratic majority where ending the filibuster, packing the court, and adding two new states was just a question of when, not if.

Instead, it turns out Donald Trump is a lot more popular with a lot more people than polls would indicate and the media would like to believe. It turns out the “Shy Trump” voter, rather than a fiction pollster bros laugh about on Twitter, absolutely exists. It turns out that the polling industry is laughably bad at getting things right. And it turns out the Republican Party, with what looks to be double-digit gains in the House and a strong hold on the Senate, is now far more diverse than it was in the pre-Trump era.“......

“But Maddow is an opinion host, so she at least can argue she was fighting the good fight. The pollster bros have no such excuse. The New York Times’ Nate Cohn went off the other day on how he doesn’t trust the RealClearPolitics averages any more, that they were too pro-Trump and included too many R-leaning polls. As it turned out, you could actually argue based on the outcome that the RCP battleground averages were insufficiently pro-Trump, given that he overperformed by as many as 7 points in Ohio, 6 points in Wisconsin and Iowa, 5 in Texas, and 4.5 in Florida, only underperforming the average in Arizona and Minnesota, both by about 3 points. But Cohn is surely a consummate professional who would never allow his personal biases to infect his analysis of polls.

So we should not expect the media to learn anything from this. They will pretend it didn’t matter. The New York Times, Washington Post, Atlantic, CNN, MSNBC — none of them will feature anything but the most hand-waving approach to acknowledging they did anything wrong, or that they need to feature voices emerging from the vast voter base established by the Trumpian GOP, a party that is more socially conservative, fiscally moderate, and judicious in foreign policy instincts than the one that came before.”


Bill Tozer

The CA elections intrigue me. So, hit it again. Once around the park, James. MLK would approve.

Colorblind California
The defeat of Proposition 16 is a blow to elites obsessed with racial-identity politics.
(by Heather Mac Donald)

“The presidential election may be a muddy mess, thanks to newly permissive policies on mail-in voting. One outcome, however, is beyond dispute: Californians’ resounding rejection of racial quotas. A ballot initiative that sought to reintroduce racial preferences throughout state government has lost by a margin of 12 percentage points. For now, elites’ goal of a permanently race-divided society will have to wait a few more years.
The losing initiative, Proposition 16, aimed to repeal an earlier ballot initiative, Proposition 209. In 1996, Prop. 209 changed the state’s constitution to require California’s government to treat all individuals equally. The text of Proposition 209 was an insult to proponents of artificially created “diversity.” The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, Californians “on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin,” reads the post-209 state constitution.
This allegedly offensive language led to an ugly battle in 1996. The initiative’s opponents anticipated our current obsession with “white supremacy” by comparing advocates of colorblindness to the Ku Klux Klan. Nevertheless, Proposition 209 passed handily. Repealing it quickly became a dominant goal of California’s political and educational elites. Some institutions took matters into their own hands. The state’s public college systems devised admissions and hiring policies that allowed them covertly to reintroduce racial preferences under the guise of “holistic review.” But the state’s universities and colleges still wanted their publicly allowable quotas, feeling a twinge of conscience in going full-bore against meritocratic standards in hiring and admissions.”.....

“Predictably, elites are charging those voters with racism. A writer for the FiveThirtyEight blog, Matt Grossman, calls the defeat of Proposition 16 a “sign of the limits to Americans’ liberalizing attitudes on racial discrimination.” This idea—that to oppose racial discrimination is in fact to favor racial discrimination—has always been the cheekiest claim on the part of the identitarian Left. During the last five months, the airwaves were dominated by the message that white supremacy is the very DNA of America, to be extirpated by any means necessary, including riots. For now, at least, that message has failed to carry the day. Americans still understand that the best way to fulfill the promise of this nation is to treat one another as individuals, not as fungible members of warring tribes“



from Don B's article:

"With the 2020 presidential race still too close to call and activists marching in cities across the U.S., Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has activated the state's National Guard in an effort to help local authorities with "widespread violence" that erupted in Portland, according to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office."

Now that's a funny thing. Up until now, the 'mostly peaceful' riots rarely required the National Guard and certainly didn't need any federal law enforcement (ie. brownshirt Nazi guys) to guard federal facilities.
Sept 4 (KATU ABC) "Gov. Brown maintains stance to not bring National Guard in to Portland protests"
(Wash. Times) "Oregon governor says National Guard isn't needed to quell riots"

Sept 1 (Associated Press) "Oregon governor resists using National Guard in active role

Aug 26 (New Indian Express) "On Tuesday, President Donald Trump renewed calls to have Gov. Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler call in the state’s National Guard...Brown responded on Twitter to Trump’s demand, calling it “political theater.”"

etc. etc. etc.

With the election over, I guess that the Blue Mob Army needs to be redirected to other uses, although their political control is uncertain I suppose.

It's a good general question. What's the best use to make of BLMAntifa with the general election done/dusted assuming a Trump defeat (more likely than not I think)? As some form of shock troop for visiting the occasional Red County? In a less kinetic role as thought leaders for struggle sessions?

Even our local Blue Mob has to admit that a Trump-free world will result in a huge drop-off in funding and bureaucratic/media backing for their favorite charities. Is there enough legs in this crazy-person religion for it to become truly organic? or are we just seeing a simple recapture of the reins of power by the bureaucracy, War Party, and large business?

Barry Pruett


Most important part of 2020 election. 👊


Manderso Right Wing Watch: "Soo defensive about the purple/blue discussion, soo triggered by everything Paul does and says."

While the NC Blue Domination is intended to sound vaguely threatening, thus far it's just unemployed kids and well-meaning retired people with signs. No worries. It's attention has mostly turned to the guy up in the treehouse shitting in a bucket so life continues in it's typical humorous vein.

Now, Paul triggering, I can give you an answer for that. Rebane's Fight Club is obviously open to all lacking the censorship of the local Blue Folk Blogs, but I think Paul has a special place. Unlike the other cast of super villains (or heroes), he actually is in a position of public trust. The rest are welcome to say what they like. As a news director for a radio station with it's own federally issued monopoly to a frequency (51% of the Community Radio!), I would expect a certain amount of research, careful thought, an even hand.

Instead everyone is treated to blind partisanship. We should all feel a little violated with every jab.

Bill Tozer

Scenes beat me to it.

‘Finally, After Election, Oregon Dem Gov Asks For National Guard To Stop Portland Rioters’

“By 7 p.m. rioters were seen vandalizing buildings, including breaking the windows of a St. Andrea Bassett Church which helps those who are homeless, experiencing poverty, mental health issues and substance abuse. They also broke ATMs. An American flag was also set on fire in the middle of a downtown street,” Fox 12 reported.“


Sidebar: Candace Owens is joining the Daily Wire.


BP @ 6:52 Referring to general Team Red results in the election:

"Most important part of 2020 election."

I think that's whistling by the graveyard to a certain extent although some difficulties might be presented to the Mob.

What you lose with a Presidential flip (likely) are the things I would consider most important. Some limitations to mass immigration. A respect for our history. 2nd amendment rights. and most importantly a stick in the spokes to the War Party and the Surveillance State.

This last was beautifully set up by having Trump become the enemy of the intelligence service warlords and social media hucksters, dunno if the President started out having a dog in that fight.

The Executive branch is well set up to unilaterally twiddle the knobs on these matters and I expect the worst.

Bill Tozer

“Instead everyone is treated to blind partisanship. We should all feel a little violated with every jab.”

‘Nevada County is Blue’ is the last refuge of a scoundrel


I am sorry... I forgot about the self styled blogwatcher known as Kenney Jones, who lives in Ventura county.

Kenney, is that you hiding behind the new Right Wing Watcher?

Obligatory disclaimer... I am not "right wing", have never registered GOP and have been a registered LIB for four decades. Voted for JoJo the day before yesterday, which makes me a radical moderate centrist.


Sanity check, help me out here, folks:

On election night I turned off the TV a bit after 10PM 'cause the CNN crew, with long faces, had just announced that Trump had WI, MI and PA (as well as GA, NC and IA. Per pre-election agreement with Hillary, they hadn't announced the outcome, but their attitude said it all...

By Weds AM, they had apparently uncalled WI, MI and PA, putting it all up for grabs.

My question: Am I the only one who saw this? And if not, why is everyone so quiet about it?

Scott O

Gregory 8:27 - "Voted for JoJo the day before yesterday..."
Harris, you mean.

Bill Tozer

“The Executive branch is well set up to unilaterally twiddle the knobs on these matters and I expect the worst.” No doubt.

While not about the election results, this meme has been floating around for about 2-3 weeks and it is the most haunting memeI have seen in many moons. Sure, been too busy to seek out memes like I used too, but still, it’s so haunting to me it’s stuck in my mind. See all Dem policies now through the prism of the charming C-Word spewing name calling gal....and all the Left.



L - climb out of your Spidey hole and get down there, All Votes Matter!

"Pro-Trump protesters gather around Maricopa County, Arizona, counting center
Some in the 300-strong crowd chanted "count the votes" and "Fox News sucks" after the TV network called the state in Joe Biden's favor."

Bill Tozer

Well, I'll be darned. Thats the same dude who told off some city council. I remember watching that improv speech.

'Republican Mark Robinson Becomes NC’s First Black Lt. Governor After Giving Impassioned Pro-Gun Speech'



SO 924am

If I'd voted Harris I'd not have written JoJo.

Bill Tozer

L: The reason we are quiet is because we have been fully forwarned as to how this would play out weeks in advance and it is now playing out exactly as the watchpersons on the tower told us what would happen next. Trump will fight the fraud to the bitter end with much gusto.
Buck Sexton

The people who lied for four years about the president being a traitor who stole the election with Russian help do not get to lecture anyone now about the sanctity of the system and the need to avoid conspiracy theories

Wear their contempt like a badge of honor


Bill Tozet

Lets see here. There is a news blackout of saying anything negative about voter fraud and just about every single post Trump tweets on the subject has been removed/blocked by Twitter.

Despite the one party media, things have a way of getting around the blockade.


Oh look, they just happened to find 25,000 more ballots out of nowhere as they approached the final count in Georgia this morning. Totally legit, nothing to see here.



Here's an interesting tidbit about the county election count... from KNCO yesterday

the totals from Tuesday evening are 30k

but about 37000 ballots remain uncounted.

Another count will be released tomorrow (Friday) and at least one next week

Scott O

Gregory 10:11 - Sorry! Thought you were referring to Joe B. You meant Jo Jorgensen.

Don Bessee

Cheat by mail -




Don Bessee

Closing the barn door after the horse got out -



Don Bessee

Surprised? -





Don Bessee




Trump induced incompetence,

"More than 150,000 ballots were caught in U.S. Postal Service processing facilities and not delivered by Election Day, agency data shows, including more than 12,000 in five of the states that have yet to be called for either President Trump or his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden."


Bill Tozer

“Yeah, but for Democrats blaming the voters is so much more satisfying.”



Just imagine how much angst there was in the New York Times newsroom when they wrote this headline, let alone the copy that followed in the body of the story:

“Even as urban and suburban areas moved in large numbers toward Democrats, many Hispanic voters in the south abruptly exited the Democratic coalition. . . The Rio Grande Valley shifted decisively toward Mr. Trump, as heavily Hispanic areas along the border with Mexico, including Hidalgo, home to McAllen, delivered enough votes to help cancel the impact of white voters in urban and suburban areas.”

The left isn’t taking this well at all. Take Charles Blow, a Times op-ed columnist. Yesterday he offered his first pass with a Tweet and a demented column:



NC Right Wing Watch

Oh my Gregory Goodknight. I simply pointed out that you are so very easily triggered, and so, so paranoid about your public perception, and sha-zam, immediately you become all triggered and paranoid once again, worrying and wondering about the people portraying your public commentary. You are such a tool. Its not even funny. Its sad. No one really cares about your opinion Mr. Science.

Let the triggering begin anew.

Don Bessee

So the question is who gives a fuck about you trolls that are not so under the radar in real time @ 941?

Did ya hear your about your failures in the legislative branch and down ticket races were a unmitigated disaster for the socialists?

ROFLOL!! Do you want a box of whine with your cured meat and cheese plate?



Yes, another data point screaming Kenney Jones at 941pm


So one thing we get to look forward to if Biden wins is Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter.
Oh, and batshit Rudy and orangutan Trump aren't going away either.

Bill Tozer


Amen, little brother. Investigate the Bidens and then investigate them some more and more. With such a delicate matter, I believe a Special Counsel must be appointed to get to the bottom of this, immediately. Someone above the fray with unassailable character. A mirror image of Robert Mueller and his Dream Team of rabid anti-Trumpers. We know the evidence is there....we just got to find it. :). Might take some time, but there is an impeachable offense in there somewhere.


Impeaching and convicting Bides should be possible, but the problem is it doesn't change a thing. If put up against the wall, Fingers will simply resign to avoid a possible crimminal prosecution when he's out of office, causing an outcome we already expect without the trouble of hanging the slimy bastard...

Recommend team Trump go after them by all legal means possible everyplace evidence exists and that looks to be plenty of places.

The problem of who counts votes badly needs solving, as we know that dishonesty is the indispensable characteristic needed to be a Demo.


Anybody know the last time a presidential re-election bid without losing seats in the House? Certainly can't remember it happening in my lifetime, and I suspect the answer is "never."

Don Bessee

No joy for the new green deal -




Going forward... I'd like to see a repudiation of "ballot harvesting", bringing back local polling places and an end to universal mail out ballots.

Call it the One Day Election Results Act of 2021.

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