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11 November 2020



George et al: Caught a wonderful analysis by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai last night, 70+min of analysis of the Michigan returns. Watching it was wholly convincing, but also illustrated perfectly the mortal danger to a society that doesn't understand numbers. This video is also on Facebook, but I don't do that venue, so lucky to find it. Well worth your patience and obviously Michigan is a fruit ripe for plucking.


There's a randomized study done in Denmark on mask usage... looking for a journal willing to publish. Apparently the result is very politically incorrect.

George Rebane

L 1122pm - Do you have a link?

Bill Tozer

‘From the beginning, the lockdowns were a policy in search of a rationale’



George, I found it on WUWT, "Statistics of Malfeasance, 10th reader comment by Sjaak. Not good at posting links, but the address given was: youtu.be/Ztu5Y5obWPK

Scott O

Here's an excellent example - "Joe Biden’s top priority entering the White House is fighting both the immediate coronavirus crisis and its complex long-term aftermath by embracing science,..."
Why not start copulating with it?
And, of course - drum roll, please - a 'massive' stimulus package.
Because printing money is certainly 'scientific'.
And it gets even better!
Old Zeke sez: “People can roll their eyes at that, but this is the stuff of real leadership: telling the truth, modeling the right behaviors like wearing a mask, only having small crowds, putting the scientists out there.”
Oh yeah - let's put ALL the scientists out there.
And they'll do all the science-y stuff. It'll be amazing!
Our country has been reduced to a kindergarten class.

George Rebane

L 859pm - thanks Larry. Here's the URL that takes you to the article.


I am curious if the party of “Science” will let me know when they come around to the fact that only two genders exist.


MikL, you're obviously ignorant of post-rational science.

Ateeq Ahmad

Dr. Rebane,
As an adoring student of yours and also an avowed Democrat, I cackle with glee as I read your ruminations.
Much Love!

George Rebane

AteeqA 945am - So good to hear from you Ateeq. You have always been and remain firmly ensconced as the Rebane family's favorite Muslim, one whose intellect and gentle nature gives lie to the broad brush with which Islam is painted today. I remember fondly our lunches during which we delved deeply into comparative religions, and during which you taught me so much about your faith. I would love to revisit with you to hear your commentary on how America's Muslim community relates to the more extreme and popularized fundamental elements of Islam. In this I am surely joined by all RR readers. Perhaps a byline by you ...?

Bill Tozer

Looks like Dougski is shit out of luck. Follow the science, really?

‘Biden COVID Advisor: Those Older Than 75 Should Get Vaccines Last’
American's should be deeply troubled that a man Biden is looking to for advice on COVID is someone who hopes to die at 75 and has publicly supported rationing care for the elderly


Bill Tozer

‘Major Study Finds Masks Don’t Reduce COVID-19 Infection Rates’

A high-quality, large-scale Danish study finds no evidence that wearing a face mask significantly minimizes people’s risk of contracting COVID-19. The randomized-control trial found no statistically significant difference in coronavirus infection rates between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers. In fact, according to the data, mask usage may actually increase the likelihood of infection.

“The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use,” the authors summarized their results.“



Now that Herr Gavin is BUSTED for LYING about his high priced dinner with close friends and family,,(Nope,, it wasn't outside like he claimed.) He only sorry he got caught. But the LIBS who voted for him will give him a pass... Well,, this is what the dictators do. Notice Lil' Bob, and the crew are stone cold silent on the lies and indiscretions on what those they vote for do?

Bill Tozer

‘Left Attacks Scott Atlas For Saying Same Things About COVID As The New York Times, Six Months Earlier’
Power-hungry elites seek to destroy Scott Atlas because he and the scientific coalition he represents makes it clear that these public health emperors may have plenty of masks, but no clothes.

“The evidence continues to accrue that the dominant policies sold to mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak were catastrophically wrong, yet those who pointed this out early on continue to be reputationally crucified by media and Democrat elites. A premiere case in point is White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Scott Atlas, who has been making science-based arguments against locking down healthy people since the earliest months of the pandemic.

Because he has courageously presented evidence that gums up the media’s goal of ending Trump’s presidency by using coronavirus to punish Americans, the knives have been out for the views Atlas represents since the beginning.”


Bill Tozer

‘Lockdown Addicts’
New data from Sweden show it’s safe to keep schools open, but Joe Biden’s Covid-19 advisors seem more interested in shutting down.



To all the armchair, anti-masker, Trumper "scientists" parading the Danish mask study around,

How did the participants behave when they were not wearing a mask? Did they all travel to the exact same places at the exact same time? Did they all interact with the exact same people? Did they all touch the exact same things? Did they all decontaminate themselves and their surroundings exactly the same way. Did some touch their faces, and so on. There are so many variables that were not controlled.

George Rebane

D 356pm - To all the armchair pro-maskers who don't understand science or sampling, the Danish study counted on there being an amalgam of normal social behaviors in their very large sample. They succeeded with that and were able to publish a result which describes the aggregate effectiveness of wearing masks. No such studies, controlled or uncontrolled, of wearing masks has been done. It's incumbent on our political controllers to demonstrate what the marginal effectiveness is between similar cross-sectional samples from a target population wearing and not wearing masks.

Bill Tozer

The reason the Danish study went around the web is because it was a large study of high quality such tobe not swept under the carpet with the wave of hand (or Omaha’s missing magic wand).

The school research and other research on public schools interests me more. It appears that the Wuhan Virus has difficulty jumping from a child to a healthy adult (teacher). So far, there was been zero of such cases. Distance learning, overall, has been o accompanied with a plummet in test scores. Not all children have stay at home Moms and there is such a lack of fathers that our fine single moms of school age children are filling in as Den leaders for Cub Scouts, coaches for soccer teams, boys baseball coaches, and, of course, the helicopter soccer Moms. But, most have to work, so distance learning may be latch-key learning.

Public education in CA since 1970 has steadily fine tuned the fine art of delivering less education for an increasingly higher price (inflation adjusted) with 7x the bloated staff. Today, 3 out of 4 blacks in CA (forget whether it is 8 grade or 10 grade or graduating seniors) are illiterate. 3 out of 4.

The Left’s mantra of if it saves just one life is in actuality destroying millions of lives and futures.

PS: just because I do not put all my faith in masks to keep me safe, that does not mean I am a mask hater. If N-95’s have to be carefully fitted each time and 90% of the those wearing N-95s are wearing them wrong. Virus door open around check bone opening. To be safe, I would have to dress up in a good hazmat garb that takes 2 people to get it own and about 20 minutes to do it right.

Rolling my eyes when someone says if we all wear masks then we can beat the Chinese Virus and get back to normal and rolling out the barrels again. Nope. Being a mask skeptic means I have to take my own precautions and am responsible to protect myself. I am high risk and cannot imagine flying on a jet airliner in an enclosed cabin with tons of strangers at the moment.. If I was not high risk, I would be jumping on that big ole jetliner to Maui, exactly like our Democrat Lawmaker Delegation from the Great State of California. Need to get away?

Open schools.

Bill Tozer

Clarification @ 5:48 pm

‘It appears that the Wuhan Virus has difficulty jumping from a child to a healthy adult (teacher). So far, there was been zero of such cases.” .....zero cases of a teacher death from catching the Wuhan Virus from pupils. It’s not like a school shooter walking the hallways.

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